Colombian-American DJ, Alex Sensation Is About To Blow Up As An Artist in 2017, Listen to His First Single

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If you’re a fan of reggaetón and lived in NYC back when it was first starting to explode, you almost certainly have this man to thank: Colombian-American DJ, music producer and most recently, recording artist, Alex Sensation.

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Well known in NYC and the reggaetón community, Alex Sensation’s mixtapes are the summer heat you spent all winter waiting for.

The man knows how to put together a playlist.

A pioneer in promoting reggaetón in NYC night clubs, he was DJ’ing at the Copacabana when approached with a weekend radio position.

credit: AlexSensationVEVO/ Youtube

Spinning ’til he’s winning – the DJ position at La Mega 97.9, one of the most popular stations for Latino music in NYC, was a turning point for Alex Sensation’s career. Sensation, who was only 19 when he got the gig, has been mixing for La Mega for nearly a decade.

Now, with support from his celebrity friends, he’s poised to skyrocket.

Love him @marcanthony ??❤thank you for another amazing concert??

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Marc Anthony + Alex Sensation? This is a collaboration I’d pay to see! With fans around the world, and celebrities like Pitbull encouraging him to make his own music, he’s ready to go from being the DJ Khaled of Latino sounds to the Kanye West, producing and performing his own music.

In a recent interview with NBC, Alex Sensation credits his family and the señoras he’d dance with as a kid, for firing up his interest in music:

"When I started in radio, Latin radio, there wasn't any urban music that young Hispanic kids could identify with."Meet one of the most successful Latino DJs and now artist, Alex Sensation. He was one of the earliest boosters of reggaeton. MORE: http://ow.ly/9LL8309Ieib

Posted by NBC Latino on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sounds like he’s grinding. Pa’lante!

Check out his first single, featuring Gente De Zona, “La Mala y La Buena” from his debut release, set to drop sometime in 2017.

credit: AlexSensationVEVO/ Youtube

While the lyrics and video, may not be age-appropriate for everyone, that bass bumps though!

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Michael Peña Says His Brother Actually Named One Of His Kids 'Angelina Jolie Peña'


Michael Peña Says His Brother Actually Named One Of His Kids ‘Angelina Jolie Peña’

Michael Peña, one of the leads in the upcoming comedy “CHiPs,” stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and showed why he’s one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Although some may peg him as a dramatic actor — some of his recent films include “The Martian” and “End of Watch” — the 41-year-old’s razor-sharp comic timing was on full display in his conversation with Kimmel.

Here, Peña hilariously recounts his experience with “CHiPs” co-star Dax Shepard, who is *very* comfortable with being nude.

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“He was at like zero percent body fat the first week. He did like… He was naked the entire week!”

Peña also took a moment to tease his brother, a correctional officer, for refusing to appear in “CHiPs.” Oh, and also for naming one of his kids Angelina Jolie Peña.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube

“One of the kids is named Ariana, you know, and I didn’t know that it was like, after Ariana Grande. Which is totally cool, you know. The other one is Anthony Michael, like Anthony Michael Hall. And then the third one, he just pulled the trigger. He’s like screw it. Angelina Jolie. Peña. Angelina Jolie Peña,” joked Peña.

“CHiPs” opens next week. If the movie does well, could it lead to Peña being the sole lead of a comedy? We’ll have to wait and see.

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