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Rapping Is Hard, Imagine Doing It Without A Voice: This Voiceless Rapper Is Doing It


Isaiah Acosta, a 17-year-old Arizona native, was born with a rare condition called situs inversus that caused his organs to grow inverted and formed no pathways for oxygen to enter his body. His jaw never fully grew and his speech never developed, but he hasn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital produced a mini-doc about Isaiah and his family.

Credit: CMN Hospitals / YouTube

It details their struggles with the condition, how doctors doubted he would survive, and the importance of music as Isaiah’s form of expression.

Isaiah also released a video, “Oxygen To Fly,” which features fellow Phoenix rapper Trap House bringing Isaiah’s words to life.

Credit: CMN Hospitals /  YouTube

The idea to bring Isaiah’s song to life through another rapper started as a collaboration with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The song was released as a single for sale on iTunes. Proceeds of the song will go towards children’s hospitals.

Isaiah may be just starting out, but his message of perseverance in the face of adversity shows wisdom beyond his years.

Credit: CMN Hospitals / YouTube

Life has forced a very serious condition on Isaiah, and he takes it in stride, laughing, dancing and rapping. Nothing will stop him from his dreams.

Based on his lyrics, the documentary and his music video, it’s clear that Isaiah draws great strength from his family, his faith and his own ability to keep it pushin’.

Credit: CMN Hospitals / YouTube

And if that doesn’t make him a real rapper, I don’t know what else does. Yeah, boi! ✊?

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I Accidentally Risked My Girlfriend's Life With A Bag Of Flamin Hot Cheetos


I Accidentally Risked My Girlfriend’s Life With A Bag Of Flamin Hot Cheetos

Twitter: @random_jinxed / Instagram: @dennisgarcia

My girlfriend ate only Hot Cheetos for an entire day. All three meals. These were the consequences. Dun dun dun!

The whole thing started with a tweet:

To which I replied: “How would you know, you’ve never had them.”

Game Of Thrones / HBO
CREDIT: Game Of Thrones / HBO

This back and forth went on for months – her saying they’re overrated, me loving them openly – but all that changed…

One day while working from home under some tight deadlines, the only thing she could find to eat was my unopened large bag of Hot Cheetos.

cuntlyff / Tumblr
CREDIT: cuntlyff / Tumblr

Yep, she went for it.

She opened the bag and tried them. From there, she ate nothing but Hot Cheetos for all three meals.

everybody-loves-to-eat / tumblr
CREDIT: everybody-loves-to-eat / tumblr

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As you can imagine, she endured red tinged fingers that she couldn’t get clean no matter what she did.

She wanted to give me a shoulder rub… “Um, let me think about that, baby, okay? ?”

She felt like she had BECOME a Hot Cheeto (not sure what this means, but I think Katy does).

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IDFWU *drops mic*

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Is this what she meant? She became an orange doody?

She saw this in the toilet for days – she thought she was actually dying.

Her poop had turned pink. I told her to call a doctor, but she actually didn’t mind the colors.

Now she gets sick just thinking about them.

Sad Jim Carrey GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I feel the same when I think about how she didn’t leave me any.

But, she’s a trooper and is still interested in trying Flaming Hot Funions.

Explode Dave Chappelle GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Who am I to stop her? I’ll just write about it again.

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