His Name Might Be Bad Bunny, But These Pictures And Videos Are Proof That He’s Actually A Sweetheart

If you’re a fan of Latin trap and reggaeton music, you might recognize Bad Bunny’s deep voice in songs like “Sensualidad” and “Mayores.” While he may appear very serious and tough in his music videos, surrounded by expensive cars, money and women, he’s actually a total sweetheart. And we have some cute pictures and videos of him to prove it. If you follow the musician on social media, then you know that he has no problem dropping throwback pictures. Here are some of the best.

Here’s a picture of Bad Bunny in his blue-striped overalls and curly hair that will immediately make you want to say, “Awwww.” ?


But if Bad Bunny in overalls isn’t cute enough, here he is accompanied by a little puppy.

His curly hair is so adorable.

Just like any other kid who grew up without iPhones and iPads, Bad Bunny had his fun with crayons and coloring books.

Still can’t get over his precious curly hair. And that smile makes my heart melt.

But if it wasn’t crayons and coloring books Bad Bunny was having fun with, then it was this classic toy car.

#tbt ? Fast & Furious! Desde chiquito ando montao ?? Lindo día gente ??los amo

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Who didn’t love rolling around in this thing?

This cuteness overload then carried on through Bad Bunny’s elementary school years.


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This was the stage of childhood crushes and overly dramatic heart breaks.

Here’s Bad Bunny in his high school days with a bit of added swag.

This is young Bad Bunny in the making. ?

And as he got older, that swag only increased.

Those sunglasses and Ecko Unltd t-shirt are ultimate swag.

But no matter how tough Bad Bunny may try to pose in any photo, deep down he’s a total sweetheart – just like you can see in this video:


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OMG my heart. ?

In addition to being a sweetheart with kids, he’s also very kind with the elderly.

This is so damn cute.

No matter how many years go by, some things just never change.

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Same old Bad Bunny.

From childhood Benito to Latin trap Bad Bunny, he retains the same goofy and sweet personality, and there’s no hiding it.

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Obsessed with these side by side photo transformations. Bad Bunny ain’t so bad after all. ?

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