Yo-Yo Ma Sends Message Of Unity By Playing Cello On Both Sides Of US-Mexico Border

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World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma is most known for his musical talents. The 63-year-old Ma recently brought his cello skills to the U.S.-Mexico border to make a statement about global unity. The musical performance was a part of an event – called Day of Action, celebrating the relationship between Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. For Ma, the performance went beyond just music but a call to action urging people to “build bridges, not walls.”

The performance is part of Ma’s Bach Project, where he performs music by Sebastian Bach in various locations around the world.

Ma played Bach’s Suite No. 1 in a park across to the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge, one of the bridges that connects both U.S. and Mexican cities. The bridges are significant not just for where they’re located but their role in U.S-Mexico relations.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, 37 percent of the $612 billion in exports and imports between the U.S. and Mexico last year came through Laredo’s three international bridges. The bridges are also one of many ports of entries along the border where asylum-seekers and other immigrants can go to request entry in the U.S.

“As you all know, as you did and do and will do, in culture, we build bridges, not walls,” Ma said in a speech at his performance. “I’ve lived my life at the borders. Between cultures. Between disciplines. Between musics. Between generations.”

When performing on the Mexico side, Ma played the same songs and gave a similar speech on that end. Despite having a translator for him, Ma tried his best to speak Spanish to the crowd.

Many at the performance couldn’t help but feel inspired my Ma’s work.

Mateo Bailey, 16, who lives in San Antonio, also plays the cello and is the son of Grammy award-winning cellist Zuill Bailey. He told NPR News that Ma’s message connected to him because of his Mexican-American background.

“I’m half-Mexican as well as half-American,” Bailey told NPR. “For him to connect cello with what’s happening in the world is like, it’s a cultural bridge that was just built, and it’s amazing.”

For Ma, the performance is a reflection of what he wants to see in this world during divided times. Music is universal to so many people and is a way various different cultures unite as one.

“We live in a world of boundless possibility, but we also face daunting challenges, even to our very survival,” Ma says about his Bach Project. “I believe that during times of stress, confusion, and insecurity, we should share sources that offer comfort, purpose, and meaning. Bach does that. When his music touches us, it reconnects us to our common humanity.”

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FX's "Pose" Season 2 Has A Premiere Date And Fans Are Voguing With Excitement


FX’s “Pose” Season 2 Has A Premiere Date And Fans Are Voguing With Excitement

FX / Pose

FX has announced a release date for Season 2 of “Pose” and the fans are screaming “mutha!” The critically acclaimed show features the largest cast of mostly trans, and almost virtually all LGBTQ actors of color.

The first season is set in 1987-88 New York. The show gives us the raw, the real, the queer Latino representation we need. All the while, “Pose” is telling the painful story of the AIDS crisis that decimated the community through the vibrant and enticing ballroom scene.

The men and women of “pose” who we have come to love so dearly will be back on our TV screens on June 9.

CREDIT: @AnnisAnnismhdi / Twitter

Naturally, Twitter erupted with screams and delight. Not only are fans gagging over the news, but so many people are also clambering over each other to shout their excitement the loudest.

Mark your calendars.

CREDIT: @theebillyporter / Twitter

Billy, will clearly be ready to welcome all of you back, hunny. Obviously, all eyes are going to be on the upcoming costumes since they were just to die for the last season.

Legit, all of queer Twitter was fist-bumping with sheer excitement and anticipation.

CREDIT: @ChristeenAEer / Twitter

It’s still two months out, but the actors are already getting together for rehearsals for the first time in over a year. It’s almost like they want their fans to get so hyped.

Season 1 gave us all things gaudy and ’80s.

CREDIT: @_AHSCentral / Twitter

So far, people know that Season 2 is going to jump into the ’90s and they can’t wait to see what creator Ryan Murphy has in store. Hint: It’s going to be a little less pink.

Who’s returning?

CREDIT: @poseonfx / Twitter

MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Billy Porter, and Indya Moore will obviously be sporting bright colors all season long. Next season will look a little more like this.

The teaser trailer promises a more *electric* flare to Season 2.

CREDIT: @glambergirlblog / Twitter

The teaser gives us Dominique Jackson, MJ Rodriguez, and Indya Moore striking all the poses in a very Madonna “Vogue”-esque way.

Seems like the cast has been keeping the secret pretty well.

CREDIT: @lconjurer / Twitter

MJ Rodriguez posted, “Cats out of the Bag! Get Ready for Season 2 of @poseonfx#JUNE 9th on #SUNDAYS at 9pm eastern Standard Time so excited!!! #THANKYOU @deadline @fxnetworks”

Here’s what we know about the upcoming season.

CREDIT: @thatgrapejuice / Twitter

Indya Moore confirms what we all are gathering: “New looks. New attitude. New season.”

Murphy says the season will start the day Madonna released ‘Vogue.’

CREDIT: Madonna / YouTube

That was in March 1990, which means that the show will be doing a one-year time leap, landing us right into the early ’90s. That also means we’ll start to see people participating in “Act Up” and caring about the AIDS epidemic.

We expect to see writer Janet Mock continue directing some episodes.

CREDIT: @janetmock / Twitter

Janet Mock is the lead writer for the show, which, unlike “Transparent,” means that the entire show is scripted by an actual person of trans experience. Murphy begged her to direct an episode in Season 1, and since then she’s been recruited to direct an entire Netflix series.

People can’t wait to see the houses battle it out as we transition to a completely new decade of fashion and music.

CREDIT: @ChaseStein_ / Twitter

If you recall, Blanca just won the Mother of the Year trophy and is now an iconic House legend. We’ll continue to see her live with HIV.

It’s important to Mock to show characters who are living with HIV.


She’s tired of seeing an LGBTQ person introduced in an episode to learn that they have AIDS and die by the end of the show. Nope. That’s one part of the reality, but we don’t have many depictions of what it’s like to truly live with the terminal, stigmatized disease.

Hunnies, don’t think we underestimate how important it is we all tune in on June 9.

CREDIT: @AshleeMPreston / Twitter

Did we mention the season airs on June 9th yet? Yes? Okay. Well. There you go.

Then there’s this major conflict of interest:

CREDIT: @blackqueerpretty / Twitter

We’re queer. We care about Broadway. We want to see Lin-Manuel Miranda win all the trophies. Why is this the Sophie’s Choice of the year? :'(

One Twitter user made this bold claim:

CREDIT: @iamjordanu / Twitter

Do you agree? It is pretty intense that they would want to try and compete against the Tony Awards.

That means people are going to hype this show like nobody’s business.

CREDIT: @jhangcarlo / Twitter

People are craving representation. That is what this show is offering to a part of the LGBTQ community that is often ignored by the white, cis LGBTQ community.

Be sure to follow all our favorite Latino actors to get some backstage glimpses at the next season.

CREDIT: @outsiderscvlt / Twitter

Your girl MJ Rodriguez is @mjrodriguez7. Indya Moore is protesting and glamming up runways left and right @indyamoore.

So watch out, mi queer familia.

CREDIT: @youngestdonut / Twitter

This show is coming for you. It’s stealing rainbow hearts everywhere.

We’re all hoping we get more duets with MJ Rodriguez and Billy Porter.

CREDIT: @FlowersDrowning / Twitter

Because we didn’t cry enough last season. :’)

Mark your calendars, mijas!!

CREDIT: @one2_al / Twitter

It’s going down! Be sure to share your hype on social. We’re going to stay vigilant for every show that elevates and employs Latinxs with dignity. Join us.

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