‘Y Soy Rebelde’: We Recast The Popular Show With Today’s Latino Stars

In 2004 Mexican telenovela powerhouse Televisa released a remake of the successful Argentinian show “Rebelde Way.” The plot was simple but compelling: a group of privileged Mexico City kids attend a boarding school for the rich and beautiful. Of course, intrigues, mishaps, musical numbers and plenty of melodramatic moments. Of course, it also offered some insights into the deep class division that permeates Mexican society, with some students being less better-off

“Rebelde” also launched the careers of stars like Anahí and Dulce María, who have continued on the spotlight of Latino celebrity culture. Come on, sing along:

“y soy rebelde
Cuando te quiero hasta rabiar
y soy rebelde
Cuando no pienso igual que ayer
y soy rebelde
Cuando me juego hasta la piel”

However, what would a version of the “Rebelde” cast look like today with millennial Latino talent?

1. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Anahí as Mía Colucci

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla de Velasco has continued her career after her appearance in this telenovela. She is currently married to the governor of the Mexican State of Chiapas, who has been often mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in future elections. She constantly appears in glossy magazines in her native Mexico.

We would cast: Bella Thorne

Credit: bella-thorne-wallpapers-26464-7935015. Digital image.StMed

We just can’t get enough of this singer and actress, and she would add some spice to Miss Colucci, the epitome of the posh girl. Her father (who died tragically in 2007) was Cuban, so she has that Latino sass running in her veins. She has that old wisdom in a young woman’s body vibe going on.

2. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Christopher Von Uckermann as Diego Bustamante

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

The now vegan activist has continued his acting career and is now of the Netflix roster of Latino actors, where you will be able to see him in the horror show “Diablero.”

We would cast: Blake Jenner

Credit: Tumblr_ok9y5s9e4I1r4ezfzo1_1280. Digital image. Glee TV Show Wiki.

His mother is Cuban and he broke into the mainstream after playing Ryder Lynn in Glee, a role he got after an audition in “The Glee Project.” He was raised in Miami and would bring plenty of sabor to the show. He has the looks and the voice, doesn’t he?

3. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Dulce María as Roberta Pardo Rey

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

She became a fiery icon of young rebellion in Latin America and Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. A legacy that is hard to follow as she became a sort of Avril Lavigne for Latina girls.

We would cast: Audri Nix

Credit: audri-nix-viva-interview1-640×587. Digital image. Vibe.

We believe the boricua rapper Audri Nix would be a great Roberta: she is fiery, she is talented and ready to rock and wreck havoc!

4. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Ninel Conde as Alma Rey

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Alma Rey was a famous music diva who could afford to send her daughter to the exclusive boarding school. She was unlike the uptight parents, which made for some pretty cool telenovela moments.

We would cast: Sofia Vergara, obviamente

Credit: Modern Family. ABC.

OK, this Colombian goddess is not strictly a millennial, but she embodies the curvaceous body, humor and intelligence of Ninel Conde’s character. And she does look a bit like Audri Nix, who would be her onscreen daughter in our imagined remake.

5. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Christian Chavez as Giovanni Mendéz López

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

He was one of the first actors in the heteronormative Televisa universe to come out as gay. He has since been a proud representative of sexual diversity in Mexico, a country that is still reluctant to fully come to the realization that LGBTQ people must have the same rights as everyone else.

We would cast: Justin Suarez

Credit: justin-mark-indelicato-ugly-betty-5062269-481-640. Digital image. Spoiler TV

He charmed us as the younger brother of the lead character in Ugly Betty, mostly because of the fabulous way in which he embraced his sexual identity. We can’t thing of a prouder representative of queer Latinos.

6. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Alfonso Herrera as Miguel Arango Cervera

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

He is a Mexico City native and attended the world famous Edron Academy in London, where many Mexican stars have learnt the trade, among them Gael Garcia Bernal. After Rebelde he continued his telenovela career to much success.

We would cast: Omar Avila.

Credit: Digital image.

This Cuban-American actor has appeared in high profile productions like The Punisher. He has also appeared in several telenovelas and even in an episode of House M.D. 

7.2004 “Rebelde” had: Maite Perroni as Guadalupe “Lupita” Fernández

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

She was the epitome of the good Mexican girl. She was bullied sometimes but found her inner Mean-Girls-Lindsay-Lohan to fight off her mean classmates.

We would cast: Becky G!

Credit: Instagram. @Iambeckyg

The American singer of Mexican heritage has the looks and the talent to fulfill the role of the cute Lupita. It would be great to see her in a more tame persona where she can let us see her more vulnerable side.

8. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Angelique Boyer as Victoria Paz

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Angelique Boyer is one of the most successful Rebelde alumni. She has continued a successful telenovela career… and been involved in a scandal or two.

We would cast: Soni Nicole Bringas

Credit: soni-nicole-bringas-1. Digital image. Famous People.

This American actress of Argentinian heritage was AMAZING in Netflix’s Fuller House and we just can’t get enough of her. She would be a classy addition with an air of the old world.

9. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Estefania Villareal as Celina Ferrer

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Viewers in the Spanish-speaking world fell in love with Estefania. She embodied body positivity in a day in which the idea of beauty involved super skinny models and thin bodies that even led some countries to legislate against the glorification of unhealthy habits. Estefania was proud in her body and let everyone know.

We would cast: Jesenia

Credit: asset-1441817034972. Digital image. Jesenia Comedy.

She is a kickass Latina comedian that could very easily enter the Rebelde world and give a touch of wittiness to the sometimes lame dialogues.

10. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Zoraida Gomez as José Luján Landeros

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

One of her greatest assets is a musical talent that is perhaps unrivaled by anyone else in the Rebelde cast.

We would cast: Jessy Bulbo

Credit: Cover art. Digital image. Jessy Bulbo.

Jessy Bulbo is an amazing singer who has become a cult figure in hipsterland. Her androgynous looks would give a very contemporary feel to our show.

11. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Eddy Vilard as Teodoro Ruiz Palacios

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Every high school needs a nerdy and charming kid, and Teodoro fulfilled this Harry-Potteresque role in the Rebelde universe. Eddy Vilard was charming without being a pushover.

We would cast: Rico Rodriguez

Credit: rico-rodriguez-527392792. Digital image. CBS DFW

We can’t play casting directors without considering the incredibly talented Rodriguez, a Texan young man who we have seen grow in Modern Family, where he plays the super smart Manny Delgado. Plus, it would be great to see him share the screen with Sofia Vergara in a different show.

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A Twitter User Shared His Cousin’s ‘Rebelde’-Themed Going Away Party And Latinos Were Here For It


A Twitter User Shared His Cousin’s ‘Rebelde’-Themed Going Away Party And Latinos Were Here For It

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the teen telenovelaRebelde” first aired on Televisa. At the time, who would have thought that the Mexican soap opera would become an international sensation? As a refresher, “Rebelde” was a Spanish-language soap that ran from 2004-2006 for three seasons. The story focused on Elite Way School, a prestigious Mexico City prep school. The plot revolved around a group of students trying to form a pop band (RBD). At the time, Rebelde” was Touted as “Beverly Hills: 90210” with songs.  The show was so successful that it had teens wearing loose dress-ties and short plaid skirts all across Latinidad. “Rebelde” paved the way for “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Little Liars”, and the legacy definitely lives on. 

On Sunday, Twitter user @EseGueyBeto revealed that his cousin threw a “Rebelde”-themed going away party, proving that the dearly-departed teen soap is still very much a part of the zeitgeist.

@EseGueyBeto posted a video of the “Rebelde”-themed party, and it did not disappoint. The 16-second video shows a group of people by a pool dressed up in very authentic-looking Elite Way School uniforms. The party-goers wear maroon blazers, unbuttoned dress shirts, loosened dress ties, and skirts short enough to shock your abuela. “Dawg my cousin from Mexico had a going away Rebelde party,” @EseGueyBeto captioned his Tweet.  “I just know Mexican Twitter is here for this”. And boy, was he right. 

@EseGueyBeto followed up his Tweet with another video of the party-goers group singing “Sálvame” while waving sparklers in the air. “The answer is yes,” @EseGueyBeto said. “They did play sálvame at the end of the night”. As he also eloquently put it, everyone was ready to create a “whole ass fire hazard” in order to “be on their feels for sálvame”. Can we blame them? That definitely looks like a party we would have loved to be invited to. 

Currently, @EseGueyBeto’s tweet has racked up over 23,000 retweets and almost 80,000 likes.

Latinos flocked to the Tweet to express their admiration for the theme party. One glance at the thread shows that the video has sparked quite a few people’s imaginations — people were planning on stealing the idea for everything from quinceañera themes to Halloween costumes. The tweet reignited peoples’ interest in the rousing discography of RBD and brought a much-need dose of nostalgia to Latinos who came of age in the early 2000s. 

On @EseGueyBeto’s Twitter thread, “Rebelde” fans from all over the world are coming together to reminisce about the good-old-days, sharing their memories from 2004 and revealing how much they loved the show in their youth. It seems that the great uniter amongst Latinx countries is actually the love for “Rebelde” (the Spanish language is a close second). 

The Twitter thread seemed to reanimate RBD’s dormant fandom, and people responded to the Tweet with unparalleled enthusiasm. 

It seems that the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is ultimately true. We don’t know if the desire to attend a “Rebelde”-themed party would’ve been as strong among Latinxs back in the early 2000s, but it seems as if the passage of time has made the show a hot commodity. Back in the day, many Latinxs thought of “Rebelde” as a silly telenovela without much substance. Now, people idolize the show because it reminds them of simpler times.

This Latino made it clear that @EseGueyBeto’s tweet inspired him to throw his own party.

We have a feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot more “Rebelde”-themed parties on the internet from now on. 

This Latina was filled with Mexican Pride at seeing a bunch of people dressed in Elite Way school uniforms.

If this doesn’t make you proud of your heritage, we don’t know what would.

This Latina was impressed by the realism of the party-goers’ outfits.

Back in the day, that forehead star was the epitome of cool. Now, our feelings are a little bit more mixed on that particular fashion statement.

This Latina explained that “Rebelde”-love was not just reserved for Mexicans.

Even though “Rebelde” was actually a remake of an Argentinian show for Mexican audiences, its appeal was widespread across Latinidad. And let’s be honest: soapy teen dramas are a universal guilty pleasure. 

As for us, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on social media for the inevitable “Rebelde”-themed parties that will be sweeping the nation in the next coming months. Here’s to hoping that we’ll be attending some of our own!

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Your Zodiac Sign Says If You Were A Telenovela Star You Would Be…


Your Zodiac Sign Says If You Were A Telenovela Star You Would Be…

Telenovelas are funny things. We make fun of our moms, hell and even dads, for being so addicted to these melodramatic storylines but we can help but binge them ourselves. However, we admit that they don’t make telenovelas like they used to. If we had to pick a golden era of telenovelas we would say it is between the 90s and mid-2000s. The lead characters were classic beauties with strong personalities that we identified with — especially when they stood for building their squads over arranged relationships. Here’s what telenovela lead you are most like according to the stars and moons that align with your horoscope sign.


You are a rebel at heart. Te vale lo que piensen los demás because it’s your life to live after all. You are a natural-born leader and you know how to take charge of a team. It makes sense that the telenovela character you are most like is Roberta from “Rebelde.” The RBD singer was constantly pressured by her mom to get into a relationship with Diego who wasn’t exactly the best match for her. Like yourself, Roberta always stood up for herself and her squad and that’s what your friends love most about you.


You are a giver who has a heart of gold. People tend to judge you by your cover, whether it’s by your physical looks or your introverted personality. Once people get to know you, they are immediately attracted to you and cannot get enough of you. You are most like Betty from “Betty La Fea” because of your FIERCE determination to succeed and selfless heart.


Geminis have a bad rap. They’re often frowned upon for having a double personality but Geminis know that you are multi-faceted. You know how to code-switch based on your environment and that always gives you a leg up. This is why you are most like María from “María la del Barrio.” She never let insults get to her instead, she hustled her way to the top and was able to overcome even the most ruthless villains, Soraya. No matter what hurdles come your way you are able to conquer it all.


Cancer, you are such a powerful sign you don’t only take one character, you take the entire “Amigas y Rivales” crew. Like these ladies, you are invested in self-care and you love to be in personal sanctuaries. Usually, these safe spaces are in the presence of your homegirls who have your back no matter what. You would be lost without your girls and they wouldn’t be the same without you. They are blessed to have you in their circle.


Rubí has to be the FIERCEst telenovela character of them all. Like you, Leo, Rubí always strived to do better. You never settle and always work your hardest to get to the top. Aside from your ambitious qualities, you are also known for your charming persona that attracts everyone around you. One other thing that no one can deny is your beauty and how well you rock a bold, red lip.


Virgo, you are known for being cool and disciplined. You know how to use your intelligence to get through difficult situations and that’s why you are very much like the smart kids of “Clase 406.” As smart as you are, you also don’t take yourself too seriously. You know how to use the other side of your brain and enjoy a good time with your besties.


“Marimar” is a classic because she was loved by many as you are. You are both very free in spirit and always look out for your loved ones. Both of you have been misunderstood at times and even treated unfairly but you always stand up for what’s right y no te dejas. People always know that they can lean on you for support and that is a very unique quality that is not found in many. You are a special one, Libra.


You are a savage one, Scorpio. You go to great lengths to get what you want and sometimes that intimidates other people. If you don’t stand up for yourself, who will? That’s why you are most like Paola and Paulina Bracho of “La Usurpadora.” You always come up with a killer masterplan to tackle any problem that gets in the way of your goal.


You are a big-time dreamer and that’s why it makes sense that your telenovela sign is the “Soñadoras” squad. Like any young adult you are struggling with parents not understanding you, complications at work and your significant other being a pain sometimes. However, you can’t help but dream up scenarios where you see yourself thriving. This is what makes you such a pleasure to be around — you never let things get to you, you always look past your obstacles and imagine ways to get past them. What makes you most like the “Soñadoras” is that you are an intellect.


They say, “esa hembra es mala” but we say they just don’t understand that being ambitious doesn’t always make you a bad person. This is why you are most like Teresa. Your persistent traits lead people to believe that all you care about is yourself and your finances, but much like Teresa you know very well that you look after your loved ones. Ambition aside, people in your circle know that when you love, you love hard and this includes your family, friends as much as your significant other.


You are known for being a big thinker, much like “El Clón.” You are independent and mysterious, so it takes a while before people get to understand who you really are. Although you are introverted you are friendly and you enjoy being in a light-hearted environment. Like “El Clón” your heart is torn at the moment but trust, you will find your way. You are loyal and those who you trust most will guide you on the right path.


Pisces, you have learned a ton from your mistakes. You have been through friends who have betrayed you, painful relationships with significant others and not the best time at work. However, what they say about building strength through your tribulations is true. That’s why you are most like the favorite “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino.” You’ve been through it all and through your journey, you have matured into someone who knows how to make better judgment even when you face a fork in the road. You’re maturing and your glo up is something beautiful to witness.

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