‘Y Soy Rebelde’: We Recast The Popular Show With Today’s Latino Stars

iambeckyg / Instagram / Rebelde / Televisa

In 2004 Mexican telenovela powerhouse Televisa released a remake of the successful Argentinian show “Rebelde Way.” The plot was simple but compelling: a group of privileged Mexico City kids attend a boarding school for the rich and beautiful. Of course, intrigues, mishaps, musical numbers and plenty of melodramatic moments. Of course, it also offered some insights into the deep class division that permeates Mexican society, with some students being less better-off

“Rebelde” also launched the careers of stars like Anahí and Dulce María, who have continued on the spotlight of Latino celebrity culture. Come on, sing along:

“y soy rebelde
Cuando te quiero hasta rabiar
y soy rebelde
Cuando no pienso igual que ayer
y soy rebelde
Cuando me juego hasta la piel”

However, what would a version of the “Rebelde” cast look like today with millennial Latino talent?

1. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Anahí as Mía Colucci

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla de Velasco has continued her career after her appearance in this telenovela. She is currently married to the governor of the Mexican State of Chiapas, who has been often mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in future elections. She constantly appears in glossy magazines in her native Mexico.

We would cast: Bella Thorne

Credit: bella-thorne-wallpapers-26464-7935015. Digital image.StMed

We just can’t get enough of this singer and actress, and she would add some spice to Miss Colucci, the epitome of the posh girl. Her father (who died tragically in 2007) was Cuban, so she has that Latino sass running in her veins. She has that old wisdom in a young woman’s body vibe going on.

2. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Christopher Von Uckermann as Diego Bustamante

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

The now vegan activist has continued his acting career and is now of the Netflix roster of Latino actors, where you will be able to see him in the horror show “Diablero.”

We would cast: Blake Jenner

Credit: Tumblr_ok9y5s9e4I1r4ezfzo1_1280. Digital image. Glee TV Show Wiki.

His mother is Cuban and he broke into the mainstream after playing Ryder Lynn in Glee, a role he got after an audition in “The Glee Project.” He was raised in Miami and would bring plenty of sabor to the show. He has the looks and the voice, doesn’t he?

3. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Dulce María as Roberta Pardo Rey

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

She became a fiery icon of young rebellion in Latin America and Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. A legacy that is hard to follow as she became a sort of Avril Lavigne for Latina girls.

We would cast: Audri Nix

Credit: audri-nix-viva-interview1-640×587. Digital image. Vibe.

We believe the boricua rapper Audri Nix would be a great Roberta: she is fiery, she is talented and ready to rock and wreck havoc!

4. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Ninel Conde as Alma Rey

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Alma Rey was a famous music diva who could afford to send her daughter to the exclusive boarding school. She was unlike the uptight parents, which made for some pretty cool telenovela moments.

We would cast: Sofia Vergara, obviamente

Credit: Modern Family. ABC.

OK, this Colombian goddess is not strictly a millennial, but she embodies the curvaceous body, humor and intelligence of Ninel Conde’s character. And she does look a bit like Audri Nix, who would be her onscreen daughter in our imagined remake.

5. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Christian Chavez as Giovanni Mendéz López

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

He was one of the first actors in the heteronormative Televisa universe to come out as gay. He has since been a proud representative of sexual diversity in Mexico, a country that is still reluctant to fully come to the realization that LGBTQ people must have the same rights as everyone else.

We would cast: Justin Suarez

Credit: justin-mark-indelicato-ugly-betty-5062269-481-640. Digital image. Spoiler TV

He charmed us as the younger brother of the lead character in Ugly Betty, mostly because of the fabulous way in which he embraced his sexual identity. We can’t thing of a prouder representative of queer Latinos.

6. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Alfonso Herrera as Miguel Arango Cervera

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

He is a Mexico City native and attended the world famous Edron Academy in London, where many Mexican stars have learnt the trade, among them Gael Garcia Bernal. After Rebelde he continued his telenovela career to much success.

We would cast: Omar Avila.

Credit: Digital image.

This Cuban-American actor has appeared in high profile productions like The Punisher. He has also appeared in several telenovelas and even in an episode of House M.D. 

7.2004 “Rebelde” had: Maite Perroni as Guadalupe “Lupita” Fernández

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

She was the epitome of the good Mexican girl. She was bullied sometimes but found her inner Mean-Girls-Lindsay-Lohan to fight off her mean classmates.

We would cast: Becky G!

Credit: Instagram. @Iambeckyg

The American singer of Mexican heritage has the looks and the talent to fulfill the role of the cute Lupita. It would be great to see her in a more tame persona where she can let us see her more vulnerable side.

8. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Angelique Boyer as Victoria Paz

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Angelique Boyer is one of the most successful Rebelde alumni. She has continued a successful telenovela career… and been involved in a scandal or two.

We would cast: Soni Nicole Bringas

Credit: soni-nicole-bringas-1. Digital image. Famous People.

This American actress of Argentinian heritage was AMAZING in Netflix’s Fuller House and we just can’t get enough of her. She would be a classy addition with an air of the old world.

9. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Estefania Villareal as Celina Ferrer

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Viewers in the Spanish-speaking world fell in love with Estefania. She embodied body positivity in a day in which the idea of beauty involved super skinny models and thin bodies that even led some countries to legislate against the glorification of unhealthy habits. Estefania was proud in her body and let everyone know.

We would cast: Jesenia

Credit: asset-1441817034972. Digital image. Jesenia Comedy.

She is a kickass Latina comedian that could very easily enter the Rebelde world and give a touch of wittiness to the sometimes lame dialogues.

10. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Zoraida Gomez as José Luján Landeros

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

One of her greatest assets is a musical talent that is perhaps unrivaled by anyone else in the Rebelde cast.

We would cast: Jessy Bulbo

Credit: Cover art. Digital image. Jessy Bulbo.

Jessy Bulbo is an amazing singer who has become a cult figure in hipsterland. Her androgynous looks would give a very contemporary feel to our show.

11. 2004 “Rebelde” had: Eddy Vilard as Teodoro Ruiz Palacios

Credit: Rebelde. Televisa.

Every high school needs a nerdy and charming kid, and Teodoro fulfilled this Harry-Potteresque role in the Rebelde universe. Eddy Vilard was charming without being a pushover.

We would cast: Rico Rodriguez

Credit: rico-rodriguez-527392792. Digital image. CBS DFW

We can’t play casting directors without considering the incredibly talented Rodriguez, a Texan young man who we have seen grow in Modern Family, where he plays the super smart Manny Delgado. Plus, it would be great to see him share the screen with Sofia Vergara in a different show.

21 Latinos Who Are Still Available For You To Marry


21 Latinos Who Are Still Available For You To Marry

We all know that being single is hard, especially when all of the amazing men in the world are either married or in relationships. So, as a public service here are 21 of the most eligible Latino men in the world. While these men are quite famous and very difficult to reach, it’s okay to hope and dream. Especially when those hopes, and dreams are most plausible when all parties involved are single and ready to mingle. (cheesy lines aside.)

It is not uncommon for fans and celebs to be able to interact through social media. So, who knows maybe one of these men is your prince charming just waiting to sweep you off your feet.


Instagram @Pitbull

A multi-platinum award-winning recording artist is not only single, gorgeous and excessively talented but he also has given back to the Latino community. He helped to open a charter school in his hometown and he even had his private plane used to transport cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United States to receive treatment after the destruction Hurricane Maria caused in 2017. That is 100% husband material.

Besides, who doesn’t want a man who parties like a rockstar, looks like a movie star, plays like an all-star, and… you get the idea.

Wilmer Valderrama

Instagram @wilmervalderrama

He’s funny, flirty and he’s the Fez. Wilmer is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors and he has the dating history to prove it. Google his list of exes’ and you will find a who’s who of entertainment industry starlets. His relationship with Demi Lovato lasted from 2010 to 2016 and he’s still not married. Maybe there is hope for some lucky lady out there after all.

Mark Sanchez

instagram @mark_sanchez

This NFL quarterback is another celeb with a highlight reel of a dating history. He doesn’t just make plays out on the football field. He is not only in great shape but also serves as ambassador to Inner-City Games Los Angeles, a program that provides at-risk youths with alternative activities. So, he’s a star athlete and he helps his community? How is he not married?

Gael Garcia Bernal

Twitter @GaelGarciaB

Gael is a star of the highest caliber. His career as an actor, producer, and director is extensive, and he is surprisingly single. He has starred In role films such as Y Tu Mama Tambien and Letters to Juliet. Also, he played Hector in Disney’s Coco. He is practically a Disney Prince. Who doesn’t want to marry a Disney Prince?!

Diego Luna

Instagram @diegoluna_

Luna also starred in Y Tu Mama Tambien alongside Bernal. Like his co-star, he has a long filmography and a career that has spanned over two decades. He is incredibly handsome and with Bernal received the Washington Office on Latin America Human Rights Award, for their organization Ambulante A.C.

Edgar Ramirez

Instagram @edgarramirez25

Actor and philanthropist, Ramirez is the quintessential Hollywood hunk. He not only has starred in major motion pictures, but he also has his hand in many organizations dedicated to the prevention of violence and helping children and the disabled. He is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. So he’s sexy, talented and obviously cares a great deal for children. Too good to be true.

Edwin Carlos Colon

Instagram @13rw2liv

Colon is a former WWE superstar and second-generation wrestler. He is one hell of an athlete and he is really easy on the eyes. Between his look and his athletic prowess, he is the total package. Have you seen those trunks? Yep, total package…

Jose De Leon

Instagram @jdl__87

Former Dodger and current Ray, De Leon is an athlete through and through. He super-hot and has had a great career so far and he is single. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2017 and is currently in Florida. Any beach with him on it is one that is totally worth a visit. Just sayin’, look at those pants.

Tony Revolori

Instagram @tonyrevolori

Tom Holland’s co-star, Revolori plays Flash Thompson in Spider-Man Homecoming and the upcoming Spider-Man Far from Home. He may portray a jerk on the big screen, but this hottie is totally single and quite the looker.

Christopher von Uckermann

Instagram @christophervuckermann

Remember Rebelde? Remember Diego? Uckermann is a total hottie and even after he dominated a good portion of the world’s televisions, it’s shocking that he is still not hitched.

Diego Boneta

Instagram @diego

Actor, singer, and songwriter. Boneta is a man of many talents. He will be starring in a biopic called Luis Miguel La Series. Next year. Between his acting ability and musical talents, he should have been someone’s husband some time ago.

Tyson Beckford

Instagram @tysonbeckford

Beckford is the personification of eye-candy. He is a tall glass of water that most would drool over. The model and actor still being single is a crying shame.

Andrade Cien Almas

Instagram @andradealmas

This current WWE superstar is the beefiest of beefcakes and it very surprising that no one has swooped him off the market yet. His Muscles are rippling, and he is excessively handsome. Someone needs to hurry up and lock him down.

Don Omar

Instagram @donomar

The retired King of kings regarding reggaetón is a catch. PERIOD. He is drop-dead-gorgeous and has talent and artistic ability oozing out of his pours.

Carlos Edwin Colon Jr.

Instagram @luchalibre_boricua

The older Brother of Primo AKA Edwin Carlos Colon, Carlos has a presence and charisma that is not common in wrestling and even rarer outside of the wrestling business. Also, his hair is so cute.

Henry Cejudo

Instagram @henry_cejudo

Olympic gold medalist and UFC fighter and single. Look at this photo. That is all.

Wilson Cruz

Instagram @wcruz73

Former Rent star, Cruz Performed as Angel in the original stage production of the Broadway musical. He has also known for his roles on My So-Called Life and Star Trek Discovery. Muscular and handsome, he is single and is openly gay.

Carlos Valdes

Instagram @cwtheflash

Carlos plays Cisco Ramon on CW’s the Flash and Arrow. He is a particularly secretive kind of celebrity. His dating life is a very well-kept secret and there does not seem to be any sign of a significant other. He’s a witty and charming kind of hot that highlights his good looks and gorgeous locks.

Arturo Castro

Instagram @arturocastrop

Castro is a most well-known for his role on Broad City as James Castro. He also received a role in season three of the Netflix series, Narcos. He has some of the most enticing eyes in all of Hollywood. Have you seen how intense his gaze is?

Raul Mendez

Instagram @raulmijomendez

Raul is known mostly for his chameleonic acting ability. He has been nominated for his work in Mantando Cabos where his talents were first highlighted. He is by some miracle still single. With looks that could kill, it is shocking that he hasn’t been snatched up by now.

James Rodriguez

Instagram @ jamesrodriguez10

James is known for being one of the best futbol players of his generation. He currently is playing for Bayern Munich. He is currently single after a six-year marriage. That means, this hunk is back on the market.

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