Wilmer Valderrama Wants To Make Sure That All Americans Know How To Cut Mangos

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There’s just something about a freshly cut mango from a street vendor that can’t be beat. Part of that is the joy, and wonder, of watching them cut the fruit in front of you.


But how do they cut it so quickly while not chopping off one of their fingers? Cutting any fruit properly is truly an art form.

According to the National Mango Board, a recent survey finds that nearly half of American’s not only don’t know how to cut a fresh, whole mango but they consider it to be the hardest fruit to prepare.

Wilmer Valderrama understands the struggle, which is why he’s teaching his followers how to do it right.

Valderrama teamed up with the National Mango Board on Valentine’s Day to show people how to “undress a mango.” You can finally learn how to cut a mango like a pro.

“This Valentine’s Day I’m going to get flirty and really strip down and undress …. this mango (what were you thinking about?! Wow! Relax),” Valderrama writes. “Do you know that nearly half of American’s don’t know how to cut a mango? C’mon it’s a mango, don’t be that person at a mango party not knowing how to dance.. hahah Join me in undressing … this mango! (Again! I’m talking about the Mango!) #UndressAMango @mangoboard partner (and a lover of mangos, since I was 4 years old back in Venezuela!)”


1. On a cutting board, position the mango so the stem is on top.

CREDIT: The National Mango Board

Slice each side just past the seed.

2. Cut vertically 1/4 inch away from the midline of the mango.

CREDIT: The National Mango Board

Make the same cut on the other side.

3. Lastly, cut the flesh in a grid like pattern without going through the skin

CREDIT: The National Mango Board

Y presto!!


Mango happiness!

The only thing you need now is a little sal, chile y limon.

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25 Vicks VapoRub Inspired Products For Bath Bomb Night


25 Vicks VapoRub Inspired Products For Bath Bomb Night

If there’s one lesson from my childhood that I could pass along to my future children it’s the power of Vicks. Thankfully Vicks healing powers still apply in adulthood, so next time life’s got you down or you’re just in need of a “you” night, try out these bath bombs, soaps and more to help you unwind.

1. A VapoRub bar will infuse your shower with next-level aromatherapy.

BelaDoceSkin / Etsy.com
CREDIT: BelaDoceSkin / Etsy.com

This soap isn’t just Vicks inspired it has it encapsulated INSIDE. Now you can tackle your dry/itchy skin all at once. Literally, slather up and get rid of your cold at the same time.

2. These Vicks-inspired bath bombs are perfect to use when you’ve maxed out your Lush gift card

CallieNicoleCarlile / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CallieNicoleCarlile / Etsy.com

Who needs flower and glitter bombs when you can fill your whole bath with the smell of Vicks? ??

3. Abuela doesn’t understand veganism, but I’m pretty sure she would stand for these vegan Vaporú bath balms.

CREDIT: FairyLillyCreation / Etsy.com

I know that Vicks does everything better, but it’s got flowers and its vegan okay?!

4. This poster that acts as an ode to Vicks is all the deco we need to set the mood for girls movie night in.

PepeTeAdoroArt / Etsy.com
CREDIT: PepeTeAdoroArt / Etsy.com

Love that it’s doing a shout out to the sage and savila we were taught to worship.

5. Beach mobile.

HomeSweetCoast / Instagram
CREDIT: HomeSweetCoast / Instagram

Honestly, abuela taught me many things. Still, I’m not sure she ever got this creative.

6. But nothing gets the spirits up like some sweets… Vicks flavor.

@bakersnom / Instagram
CREDIT: @bakersnom / Instagram

YUMMM! Have your Vicks and eat it too.

7. Or you can just wear Vaporú’s calmness on your sleeve.

Pinetration818 / Etsy.com
CREDIT: Pinetration818 / Etsy.com

Whatever suits your fancy, but bets are on that this plus a Vicks-inspired bath bomb pic will make you Insta-famous.

8. These natural and homemade Vicks Vaporubs

@maria_ecofreshop / Instagram
CREDIT: @maria_ecofreshop / Instagram

This one comes made with coconut oil. I would literally go ham on these pretty bottles. 

9. And of course, it’s not girl’s night without a Vapo-Candle.

@ashgarth / Instagram
CREDIT: @ashgarth / Instagram

I’m all about striking up the matches for some ~mood lighting~.


LaBodegaDeMama / Etsy.com
CREDIT: LaBodegaDeMama / Etsy.com

This natural version of your mom’s beloved Vivaporú is made with all the amor you’ll need to get rid of your nasty cold and ailments. The rub contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Clove for the ultimate bruja.

11. More Vaporú’s calmness for your attire.

AREA787 / Etsy.com
CREDIT: AREA787 / Etsy.com

This Vicks pin will have you styling and breathing easy. Rock it on your leather jacket for the coolest look.

12. Chill out with some massage oil.

CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com

Anyone who has ever had a backrub with Vaporub knows the power Vicks can have on those kings in your back. Wouldn’t hurt to have this one take you to the next level.

13. And light it up with some candles.

candlelynn / Etsy.com
CREDIT: candlelynn / Etsy.com

I can only imagine how powerful the smell of Vicks gets once you put a wick in it and light on fire.

14. These Vicks Vaporub wax melts.

BigWhiffCandleCo / Etsy.com
CREDIT: BigWhiffCandleCo / Etsy.com

Put these bad boys in a wax warmer and guaranteed the smell will spread through your house better than any vintage jar abuela whips out. 

15. Shower Steamers.

574Creations / Etsy.com
CREDIT: 574Creations / Etsy.com

Yeah I’m for SURE Plopping these bebes in my next bath.

16. A tin collector from an original Vicks salve!

aunteeker / Instagram
CREDIT: aunteeker / Instagram

This vintage tin can is the perfect thing to pop in your bag to keep it organized. It’s the perfect pill box!  

17. Get lit with this soy scented candle.

AllOilEverything / Etsy.com
CREDIT: AllOilEverything / Etsy.com

That old familiar smell you love comes straight out of this soy scented candle. 

18. This Vaporub for babies

MotherTurtleHerbals / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MotherTurtleHerbals / Etsy.com

This is made with natural ingredients. Of course, while Vicks has always been abuelita approved I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt to try something that was all natural. 

19. Shower Steamers.

NorthernPineSoapCo / Instagram
CREDIT: NorthernPineSoapCo / Instagram

No doubt your showers will be all the more invigorating with these steamers. Pro-tip: reviewers suggest adding this to the opposite side of your shower head.

20. Roller bottle blends for your headache.

HaywardHappy / Etsy.com
CREDIT: HaywardHappy / Etsy.com

Vicks has always been great for getting rid of and helping headaches. Pretty clever of this Etsy brand to turn the original concept into a roller bottle. 

21. Vapor tablets for the shower!

SunnyBungalow / Etsy.com
CREDIT: SunnyBungalow / Etsy.com

You really just can’t go wrong when you take the Vicks concept and put it in shower tablet form. 

22. Mentholated “Goose” Grease, rub!

MMarvelousMedicinals / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MMarvelousMedicinals / Etsy.com

Reviews for this product say the Mentholated Goose Grease is perfect for chest congestion and stuffy noses. Instead of using goose though, the brand uses coconut oil. So PETA lovers can enjoy! 

23. Or you can just wear Vaporú’s calmness on your sleeve.

LizasBoutique / Etsy.com
CREDIT: LizasBoutique / Etsy.com

Not sure if your grandma would totally love this necklace or wear it like an azabache token. 

24. Body Spray

MelsCandlesMore / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MelsCandlesMore / Etsy.com

For that Latinx who loves the smell of Vick’s as just a perfume, spritz this tone on all of your scent points. 

25. This Rub that’ll make you breathe easy.

CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com

Get ready to go to town on your heels with this shea butter infused product.

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