Who Did Brujeria On Mexico? And Other Social Media Reactions During The Sweden Game

The final matches for Group F were full of drama, close calls and sooo much stress. Mexico was able to advance to the Round of 16 despite falling to Sweden in a 3-0 final score.

Here are the nailbiting reactions El Tri fans had while watching the game. It was one that came down to the wire thanks to a 2-0 game in which South Korea came through and knocked out defending world champs, Germany.

1. People were ready to watch the game (and make up excuses for their long work breaks).

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Nice execution. Take notes, folks. This is the kind of smart thinking that keeps you employed and informed on the World Cup.

2. Like, there were soo many plans to use work breaks to watch the game.

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World Cup fans were not going to let anything stop them from watching the game. Bosses? Who are they? Fútbol fans don’t know them.

3. It’s called culture. Look ???????? it ???????? up. ????????

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This wasn’t just a game. This was a match against Mexico and Sweden in every sense—even YouTube personalities. ???? 

4. It did start out nice enough.

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The game started out with Mexican fans believing in Chicharito’s words from an interview that resurfaced this week. He clapped back at a journalist asking if Mexico had what it took to be first in its group. People imagined. People believed. 

5. Then Mexico got one of the worst records in World Cup history.

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Mexico received a stat no team wants to get: the quickest yellow card in World Cup history. Jesus Gallardo received one of the dreaded yellow cards in just 15 seconds. Seconds. From there, it was raining yellow cards for El Tri.

6. Of course the hate from fans fell on the refs.

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Why couldn’t Mexico have nice things? That’s how fans felt about the calls the referee was making a few minutes into the game.  

7. Ochoa was definitely trying his best to keep Mexico in the game.

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Goalkeeper Memo Ochoa maked two big saves for El Tri during the game, and fans noticed. 

8. The Swedes were dropping like flies (or baby goats).

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The Swedes were lying on the floor, grabbing their shins and faces to earn sympathy from the referee. Unfortunately for Mexico, it worked.

9. As the game progressed, depression settled over all of the Mexico fans in the world.

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How could this be happening? Mexico was losing 1-0 and the second half wasn’t over yet. People were devastated.

10. The cards kept on coming.

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Yellow cards were being handed out like champurrado at a posada. There was just no stopping the penalties.

11. The penalty kick brought back some bad memories for Mexico fans.

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A tale as old as time…a penalty kick that could cut Mexico’s hopes and dreams early. #NoEraPenal came in at the 61st minute of the game.

12. It was a really tough moment for El Tri fans.

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Everyone was thinking this, but this Twitter user actually said it. That penalty call NO ERA PENAL!! #NeverForget


CREDIT: @Smi_Ley21 / Twitter

What was going on? Why did the fútbol gods not smile on Mexico during the game? *puts on some Vicente Fernandez as the game clock starts winding down* 

14. It wasn’t long until Mexico fans started to realize their fate.

CREDIT: @cornbreadbb / Twitter

The first goal hurt but the third goal was like a dagger in the heart for El Tri fans. ???? ????

15. But there was still hope…and its name was South Korea.

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With a dismal score of 3-0 in the Mexico vs Sweden game, fans started to pray that South Korea could keep holding on to the 0-0 score. All Mexico needed was Germany’s loss. Get that rosary out.

16. It was time to change the channel because Mexico fans had another team to support.

CREDIT: @WorldsCup2018 / Twitter

The last six minutes of injury time in the second half of the simultaneous South Korea vs Germany game was agonizing for El Tri fans. Basically everyone (even people in the stands) stopped watching the Mexico game and started paying attention to the South Korea vs Germany game.

17. It was uncomfortably close.

CREDIT: @xomontse / Twitter

Somehow, in some beautiful sports miracle, South Korea managed to get not one but two goals in injury time of the second half. Did anyone else feel like they aged 10 years during the last 10 minutes of the #MEXSWE and #KORGER games? *Goes grabs anti-aging face mask*

18. Before you knew it, Koreans were royalty among Mexico fans.

CREDIT: @YSeokk / Twitter

El Tri fans will forever love Memo Ochoa, but da real MVP for today was South Korea’s goalie, Cho Hyun-woo. He was the man Germany just couldn’t get passed—and the one who gave Mexico an extra life for the knockout round. ???? ???? ???? All the prayers, love and blessings to South Korea!! <3 El Tri fans

19. This recap was everything for only using 280 characters.


“For those that didn’t see #MEXSWE live: ‘There were referee fails. Didn’t you see the game? The referee helped Sweden out a lot, he let a lot of time pass on made-up fouls, besides the fact that Sweden plays a dirty game. Didn’t you watch the game?”

We watched the game and we were sweating it out. 

20. In the end, rules are rules and South Korea was Mexico’s saving grace.

CREDIT: @RafaelRanero / Twitter

After South Korea’s stunning upset against Germany, El Tri stans were still sending messages of support to their team. The hard work Mexico put into the first two games could not be forgotten.

“Mexico national team passed with its six points. Let’s not downgrade its performance! Mexico won and did well in the first two games. No South Korea. The rules say the first two pass. Today was just a bad day [for Mexico].”

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Mexican President Criticizes DEA For Role In Former Army Chief’s Arrest

Things That Matter

Mexican President Criticizes DEA For Role In Former Army Chief’s Arrest

Hector Vivas / Getty Images

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized the historic role of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Mexico after a former Mexican army chief was arrested Thursday in Los Angeles on drug charges at the request of the DEA.

The former Mexican Defense Minister was arrested by the DEA on drug charges.

Salvador Cienfuegos Zepedas was the secretary of National Defense in the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto from 2012 to 2018. President Lopez Obrador claims that the arrest is proof of corruption from past governments.

President Lopez Obrador used the arrest to criticize the U.S. government and the DEA.

President Lopez Obrador, speaking at a press conference in Oaxaca, claimed that there is a double standard. While Cienfuegos Zepedas has been arrested by the DEA, the president claims U.S. officials have not been held accountable for trafficking arms into Mexico to track them to the cartels. According to the president, Mexican officials are being held at a higher and harsher standard than U.S. officials.

“Why is it that it’s just the people in Mexico who took part in these acts being accused or implicated, and (the DEA) aren’t criticizing themselves, reflecting on the meddling by all these agencies in Mexico,” Lopez Obrador said at the press conference. “They came into the country with complete freedom, they did whatever they wanted.”

The former defense minister’s arrest sent shockwaves through Mexico.

Cienfuegos Zepedas was the first high-ranking Mexican military official to be arrested in the U.S. with drug-related corruption. He was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport and will be facing drug and money-laundering charges. It’s been less than a year since Genaro Garcia Luna was charged with taking bribes from the Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

President Lopez Obrador wants to protect the military’s reputation.

Lopez Obrador also said he hopes that the armed forces aren’t blamed for this scandal and that Mexico must take care of institutions as important as the Secretary of National Defense. Mexico does not currently have an ongoing investigation of the retired general and will await the result of the U.S. investigation, according to the president of Mexico. 

Cienfuegos Zepedas is due to make a court appearance related to four charges in California on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.

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Showtime’s ‘Bad Hombres’ Is A Documentary Highlighting The World’s Only Binational Baseball Team


Showtime’s ‘Bad Hombres’ Is A Documentary Highlighting The World’s Only Binational Baseball Team

tecolotes_2_laredos / Instagram

Sports have a way of bringing people together. The experience of rooting for your team is a unifying feeling that transcends borders and culture. Showtime is exploring the importance of sports through the lens of the Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos.

“Bad Hombres” is a documentary highlighting immigration under President Trump through baseball.

Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos are the only binational professional baseball team in the world. The team splits their home games between stadiums in Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Director Andrew Glazer wanted to highlight the immigration issue through a sports lens to offer a different layer to the narrative.

“Most of the people trying to come into the U.S. are families and children trying to escape horrible violence in Central America,” Glazer told CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “That story has been told, so what I wanted to do was show people in a way that I thought would be relatable to what life is like on the border. What life is like on those two sides and how interconnected they are. The thing that struck me to be honest is that initially in Laredo, Texas was how pervasive Spanish is spoken.”

The documentary shows the struggles of the baseball team trying to make sense of the volatile U.S.-Mexico border relations.

The Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos split time playing their home games between two stadiums in the U.S. and Mexico. The Trump administration’s constant battle with Mexico and threats to close the border put the team’s season in jeopardy. A first look teaser shows team managers trying to coordinate the release of game tickets in time with the ever-changing immigration announcements from the Trump administration.

“Bad Hombres” speaks politics without directly addressing politics.

“Even though my film has an overarching political message, the players are not covertly or overtly political in any way,” Glazer told CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “They are baseball players and they are living their lives and a lot of them are trying to make it to the majors and some of them were in the majors and are now finishing their careers. There wasn’t a whole lot of political discussions.”

Glazer made sure to highlight the depths and complexities of the team members dealing with the political climate without politics.

“Inherently, what made the team fascinating is you had players from the U.S. who were Anglo-American players and Mexican American players who had a different perspective,” Glazer told DJ Sixsmith. “Then you had Mexican players and some Dominican players and Cuban and people from everywhere else. There were different languages and different perspectives. Seeing how that developed over time was pretty fascinating.”

“Bad Hombres” is streaming on Showtime.

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