Vin Scully Brought Out Mexican Baseball Legend Fernando Valenzuela And Dodger Stadium Went Nuts

Last year, legendary Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully retired after 67 seasons with the team. The Dodgers had a chance to make it to the World Series that season and send Scully off in style. Unfortunately, the team lost in the NLCS to the eventual World Series champs, the Chicago Cubs. This year, the Dodgers have a chance to win their first World Series in 29 years, so they brought Scully out of retirement to throw out the first pitch at game two.

Scully walked out on the diamond to thunderous applause and proceeded to crack a few granddad jokes. Once he took the mound, former Dodgers great Steve Yeager came out to catch Scully’s pitch. Just as Scully did his wind up, he stopped and said he had shoulder issues. “Like all the managers in this game, I’m gonna have to go to the bullpen. I need a left-hander to come out and help me,” said Scully.

The 89-year-old looked toward the Dodgers dugout and out walked Fernando Valenzuela, the former Dodgers pitcher who gave L.A. “Fernandomania” in the early ‘80s. Nicknamed “El Toro,” Valenzuela won a World Series, a Cy Young Award and the Rookie of the Year Award with the Dodgers. He’s credited with sparking the love affair between the Dodgers and the Mexican/Mexican-American community in Los Angeles, which has a complicated history with Chavez Ravine, the land where Dodger Stadium is built.

Here’s a perfect example of how much love Valenzuela continues to receive in Los Angeles:

Once Valenzuela threw out the first pitch, Scully, Yeager and El Toro came together to continue a Dodgers tradition.

Vin’s still got it.

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Cardi B's Engineer Apologized For Revealing That She's Teaming Up With Beyoncé On A New Track


Cardi B’s Engineer Apologized For Revealing That She’s Teaming Up With Beyoncé On A New Track

@beyonce/ @iamcardib/ Instagram

Cardi B is having an amazing year. She’s hit number one on the charts, beating Hot 100 Billboard juggernaut Taylor Swift and Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation “Despacito.” (Remember that song?) Cardi followed that up with performances at the VMAs and on late night comedy shows. She’s just everywhere and we can’t get enough of her. With an album around the corner, how much better could things be getting for the Dominican-Trinidadian rapper from the Bronx? A lot better, it turns out — with a capital “Bey.”

This week, Twitter account “@TheBeyHive” sent out this screenshot from Cardi B’s sound engineer Michael Ashby.


The image is a screenshot from Ashby’s Instagram story (@ashbymix), showing what appears to be a track called “Cardi B N Beyonce Demo.” The image is accompanied by the caption “Wow this feature is big ?.” The picture isn’t quite confirmation that Beyoncé will appear on Cardi B’s forthcoming album — it was later deleted from Ashby’s Instagram story — but it has given fans hope that the collaboration is fact and not fantasy.

Furthering fans’ hopes is an apology Ashby sent out shortly after.

Cardi B, who met Beyoncé earlier this year, told the Associated Press: “I’m surprised Beyoncé liked me. Ah! I met Beyoncé!” She also mentioned that her album was scheduled to drop in October but said she was considering pushing it back to November due to the mounting pressure to get it perfect.

What could make her album more perfect than a Beyoncé feature?


We’ll just have to wait and see.

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