This Mexican Dog Has His Own Instagram Account And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Nowadays it’s fairly common to see people’s pets with their own social media accounts, and there’s one dog in particular who is killing it with his artsy Instagram posts. He goes by the name of Käifän and is a Mexican hairless dog who is all about ✨aesthetic✨.

You might recognize this dog from the Pixar movie “Coco,” and that’s because they’re both of the same breed: Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolo for short).

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The Xolo is Mexico’s ancient Aztec dog of the gods. The coat of this dog not only makes them hypoallergenic, but also serves as proof of evolution. And as you can tell by Kai’s pose in the picture, these dogs are very confident in their hairless coat.

What makes Käi stand out in the doggie internet world is that he has a great sense of style.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

When it comes to fashion, Käi pays great attention to detail. It’s all about combining colors and getting creative with accessories.

He never misses an opportunity to throw on a statement necklace.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

TBH, this dog has a better sense of style than me.

In addition to accessories, Käi’s closet of clothes is also filled with lots of colors and beautiful patterns.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay, this dog definitely belongs on a fashion runway.

And since Käi is always looking extra cute, he never misses a chance to catch a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he passes by a mirror and catches his reflection he says, “Damn, who’s that good looking stud looking back at me?”

Sometimes, Käi likes to strike the candid pose, as if he has no idea his picture is being taken.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

His tiny almond-shaped eyes are the cutest! ????

One of his best features are his pointy, bat-like ears.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he’s happy, alert, or attentive, you’ll see his ears pointed straight up into the air.

And when it comes to the background of all his insta pics, there’s never such a thing as boring.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The design in this picture is beautiful!

Some of Käi’s hobbies include having outdoor picnics…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

I’ve never seen a more aesthetically pleasing picnic picture.

Shopping for rad music…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay so, who wants to have a jam-out sesh with this cool doggie?

And taking afternoon strolls throughout his neighborhood.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This dog is living the best doggie life!

Käi loves to shop for all of his looks in the streets of downtown LA.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Even his leash is on fleek!✨

When it comes to having fun, Käi’s favorite plush toy is this stuffed Tapatío bottle.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is the *hottest* plush toy I’ve seen.

One of his favorite games is hide-n-seek.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

He may not be any good at this game, but he sure does look cute attempting to hide.

On his more relaxing days, Käi likes to snuggle up in bed with his paws up to his chin.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is absolutely adorable.

And sometimes these snuggles lead to cozy afternoon naps. ????

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Awwwwwww ???? My heart!! ????

Even though Käi was a bit shy at first about taking pictures and posting on social media…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Baby Käi is the cutest. ????

He now slays every photo he takes and is a star on Instagram.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okayyyyyy Käi, I see youuuuuu. ????

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People Came Together And Raised The Money To Help A Mexican Engineering Student Make It To NASA


People Came Together And Raised The Money To Help A Mexican Engineering Student Make It To NASA

@dvillegass / Twitter

There are a few moments when our dreams are actualized. For Daniela Villegas, that time is now. The Mexican engineering student earned a spot in a NASA program with her brains. Then, the community came together and raised the money she needed to follow her dream.

Daniela Villegas is a Mexican engineering student chasing her dreams.

Villegas is one of 60 people in the world chosen to participate in the International Air and Space Program. The program is a major educational opportunity for students in engineering and aerospace studies. Now that she has been chosen, it is time for her to pay the money in order to attend.

An online community came together and raised the money she needed to get to the NASA program.

What a wonderful moment for the young woman, and Mexicans everywhere. After all, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. We are all here rooting for you, Daniela. You can do it, mija!

Villegas is bringing so much pride to Mexico and Mexicans around the world.

Daniela Villegas is studying mechatronics engineering, which is a specialized engineering field. Mechatronic engineering is where mechanical, electrical, computer and robotics engineering come together. Mechatronic engineers are the ones who help to create all of the smart technologies that we use almost every day to make our lives easier.

The TecNM – Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo student needs our help and we can make her dream happen.

TecNM – Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo is located in the middle of the state of Sonora. Villegas raised $3,500 to get to the program in Huntsville, Alabama, and any little bit helped. It also wouldn’t be bad if she raised more so she can fully enjoy her time in the program making the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Chihuahua ‘Sweet Pea’ Is Reunited With Her Owner After Being Lost For 5 Years

Things That Matter

Chihuahua ‘Sweet Pea’ Is Reunited With Her Owner After Being Lost For 5 Years

Credit: Getty Images

Miracles do, indeed, happen. Just in time for the holidays, a Chihuahua who was reunited with her owner went viral because of the time it took for her to find her way back home: five years, specifically.

The Chihuahua, whose name is Sweet Pea, was discovered by the Humane Society on Tuesday afternoon in Covina–almost 30 miles away from her owner.

Sweet Pea went missing in Compton, California in 2015 and her owner, Ursula Lopez had long giver up hope of ever finding her. But a few days ago, Lopez received a call from the Inland Valley Humane Society that they had found Sweet Pea wandering around in Covina–almost 30 miles away.

The long-awaited reunion was captured on video by a local news station.

In the video, an animal handler brings out Sweet Pea as Lopez waits patiently on a nearby bench. Lopez appears to be emotional as Sweet Pea is brought closer to her. After the handler places Sweet Pea in Lopez’s arms, the reunion is complete.

When asked what it means to her to have Sweet Pea back, Lopez said: “It means the world to me.”

Sweet Pea was a little worse for the wear, looking a bit grey around her face, her nails long and haggard. But soon, the pup was packed into Lopez’s car, looking cozy and comfortable on a doggie bed.

Lopez’s parting words about Sweet Pea were truly heartwarming: “She’s ready to go home.” We bet she is.

The Inland Valley Humane Society was able to located Ursula Lopez because Sweet Pea had been microchipped.

Microchipping is a procedure in which a small radio-frequency transponder that is the size of a grain of rice is injected under the loose skin of your pet’s shoulder blades. Rescuers can locate a pet’s owner if the unique ID associated with the chip is registered in a national pet-recovery database.

Every year, roughly 10 million pets become lost from their owner. But if a pet is microchipped, they are approximately 50% more likely to be reunited with their owner.

We’re glad that Lopez has her doggie to snuggle up with during the holidays. We hope she holds on to her tight.

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