This Mexican Dog Has His Own Instagram Account And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Nowadays it’s fairly common to see people’s pets with their own social media accounts, and there’s one dog in particular who is killing it with his artsy Instagram posts. He goes by the name of Käifän and is a Mexican hairless dog who is all about ✨aesthetic✨.

You might recognize this dog from the Pixar movie “Coco,” and that’s because they’re both of the same breed: Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolo for short).

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The Xolo is Mexico’s ancient Aztec dog of the gods. The coat of this dog not only makes them hypoallergenic, but also serves as proof of evolution. And as you can tell by Kai’s pose in the picture, these dogs are very confident in their hairless coat.

What makes Käi stand out in the doggie internet world is that he has a great sense of style.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

When it comes to fashion, Käi pays great attention to detail. It’s all about combining colors and getting creative with accessories.

He never misses an opportunity to throw on a statement necklace.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

TBH, this dog has a better sense of style than me.

In addition to accessories, Käi’s closet of clothes is also filled with lots of colors and beautiful patterns.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay, this dog definitely belongs on a fashion runway.

And since Käi is always looking extra cute, he never misses a chance to catch a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he passes by a mirror and catches his reflection he says, “Damn, who’s that good looking stud looking back at me?”

Sometimes, Käi likes to strike the candid pose, as if he has no idea his picture is being taken.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

His tiny almond-shaped eyes are the cutest! ????

One of his best features are his pointy, bat-like ears.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he’s happy, alert, or attentive, you’ll see his ears pointed straight up into the air.

And when it comes to the background of all his insta pics, there’s never such a thing as boring.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The design in this picture is beautiful!

Some of Käi’s hobbies include having outdoor picnics…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

I’ve never seen a more aesthetically pleasing picnic picture.

Shopping for rad music…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay so, who wants to have a jam-out sesh with this cool doggie?

And taking afternoon strolls throughout his neighborhood.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This dog is living the best doggie life!

Käi loves to shop for all of his looks in the streets of downtown LA.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Even his leash is on fleek!✨

When it comes to having fun, Käi’s favorite plush toy is this stuffed Tapatío bottle.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is the *hottest* plush toy I’ve seen.

One of his favorite games is hide-n-seek.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

He may not be any good at this game, but he sure does look cute attempting to hide.

On his more relaxing days, Käi likes to snuggle up in bed with his paws up to his chin.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is absolutely adorable.

And sometimes these snuggles lead to cozy afternoon naps. ????

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Awwwwwww ???? My heart!! ????

Even though Käi was a bit shy at first about taking pictures and posting on social media…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Baby Käi is the cutest. ????

He now slays every photo he takes and is a star on Instagram.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okayyyyyy Käi, I see youuuuuu. ????

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Meet Manuel Mendoza, The Winner Of Netflix’s Cannabis Cooking Competition Show


Meet Manuel Mendoza, The Winner Of Netflix’s Cannabis Cooking Competition Show

lil_manofrom18th / Instagram

Netflix and Kelis teamed up to create a cooking competition show all about cannabis cooking. “Cooked with Cannabis” is giving cannabis chefs a chance to shine with some friendly competition and the ever-popular cannabis.

Kelis is here with a new kind of cooking competition show officially changing the game.

“Cooked with Cannabis” is elevating the use of cannabis in the kitchen. It is no longer something used by stoners and only stoners. “Cooked with Cannabis” makes cannabis a sophisticated and respectable ingredient in the kitchen. The show offers some insights as to the differences between different strains of pot that many of us just never understood.

The show has six episodes in the first season and there is a new cast of chefs every episode.

The premise of the show is three chefs battling it out for three judges to show what they can do with the cannabis they are given. The recipes look like culinary works of art and seem equally as appetizing. The winner of the episode is given $10,000 as a prize and that’s pretty grand.

One of the winners this season is Manuel Mendoza, a cannabis chef from Chicago.

Mendoza works for Herbal Notes, a Chicago-based cannabis collaborative project. According to the website, Herbal Notes hopes to destigmatize the practice of using cannabis in cooking by highlighting the medicinal properties of the natural ingredient. Herbal Notes is also trying to empower communities long vilified for their use of cannabis.

Mendoza won using the cannabis to create some deliciously relevant foods.

Mendoza won by giving the judges some pot leaf-shaped chilaquiles and marijuana-infused pupusas. The use of Mexican and Salvadoran foods not only highlights our community but also his own upbringing in Chicago as a Salvadoran kid. Mendoza is proud to say that he was raised by Pilsen, the famed Latino community in Chicago.

Congratulations, Mendoza. It is a victory well deserved.

Mendoza’s start in cannabis cooking came when he had a eureka moment with iced chocolate milk. The chef was fresh out of culinary school and was eager to try new things, including cannabis cooking. The cannabis cooking trend was just kicking off and he just wanted to play around. When he created that iced chocolate milk, Mendoza knew that he was on to something and the rest is his culinary career.

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Man Arrested For DUI After Police Chase With His Pit Bull Driving Down The Freeway

Things That Matter

Man Arrested For DUI After Police Chase With His Pit Bull Driving Down The Freeway

Jennifer C. / Flickr

A man was arrested for a DUI after police chased the man down the freeway while his dog was “driving.” The man, identified as Alberto Tito Alejandro, was arrested after the car he was in crashed. The incident happened in Lakewood, Washington, about 40 minutes south of Seattle.

During a statewide lockdown due to COVID-19, a 51-year-old man led police on a high-speed chase.

The chase down Interstate 5 reached more than 100 miles per hour. The police attempted to pull Alberto Tito Alejandro over after he hit two cars on the freeway without stopping. The man continued to drive down I-5 until police were able to corner the 1996 Buick and bring the high-speed chase to a stop. Police said that several people had called 911 to report the driver driving erratically.

When the police tried to corner the car, they made a shocking discovery.

Police noticed that the pit bull was in the driver’s seat as the dog’s owner was in the passenger seat steering and working the pedals. According to police who were there for the arrest, the man claimed that he was just teaching his dog how to drive. Police described the pit bull as a “very sweet girl.

The discovery is something that even the police did expect.

“I wish I could make this up,” trooper Heather Axtman told CNN. “I’ve been a trooper for almost 12 years and wow, I’ve never heard this excuse. I’ve been in a lot of high speed chases, I’ve stopped a lot of cars, and never have I gotten an excuse that they were teaching their dog how to drive.”

Watch the video of the high-speed chase below.

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