This Mexican Dog Has His Own Instagram Account And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Nowadays it’s fairly common to see people’s pets with their own social media accounts, and there’s one dog in particular who is killing it with his artsy Instagram posts. He goes by the name of Käifän and is a Mexican hairless dog who is all about ✨aesthetic✨.

You might recognize this dog from the Pixar movie “Coco,” and that’s because they’re both of the same breed: Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolo for short).

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The Xolo is Mexico’s ancient Aztec dog of the gods. The coat of this dog not only makes them hypoallergenic, but also serves as proof of evolution. And as you can tell by Kai’s pose in the picture, these dogs are very confident in their hairless coat.

What makes Käi stand out in the doggie internet world is that he has a great sense of style.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

When it comes to fashion, Käi pays great attention to detail. It’s all about combining colors and getting creative with accessories.

He never misses an opportunity to throw on a statement necklace.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

TBH, this dog has a better sense of style than me.

In addition to accessories, Käi’s closet of clothes is also filled with lots of colors and beautiful patterns.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay, this dog definitely belongs on a fashion runway.

And since Käi is always looking extra cute, he never misses a chance to catch a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he passes by a mirror and catches his reflection he says, “Damn, who’s that good looking stud looking back at me?”

Sometimes, Käi likes to strike the candid pose, as if he has no idea his picture is being taken.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

His tiny almond-shaped eyes are the cutest! 😭

One of his best features are his pointy, bat-like ears.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Every time he’s happy, alert, or attentive, you’ll see his ears pointed straight up into the air.

And when it comes to the background of all his insta pics, there’s never such a thing as boring.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

The design in this picture is beautiful!

Some of Käi’s hobbies include having outdoor picnics…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

I’ve never seen a more aesthetically pleasing picnic picture.

Shopping for rad music…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okay so, who wants to have a jam-out sesh with this cool doggie?

And taking afternoon strolls throughout his neighborhood.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This dog is living the best doggie life!

Käi loves to shop for all of his looks in the streets of downtown LA.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Even his leash is on fleek!✨

When it comes to having fun, Käi’s favorite plush toy is this stuffed Tapatío bottle.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is the *hottest* plush toy I’ve seen.

One of his favorite games is hide-n-seek.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

He may not be any good at this game, but he sure does look cute attempting to hide.

On his more relaxing days, Käi likes to snuggle up in bed with his paws up to his chin.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

This is absolutely adorable.

And sometimes these snuggles lead to cozy afternoon naps. 💤

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Awwwwwww 😍 My heart!! 😭

Even though Käi was a bit shy at first about taking pictures and posting on social media…

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Baby Käi is the cutest. 💞

He now slays every photo he takes and is a star on Instagram.

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image

Okayyyyyy Käi, I see youuuuuu. 😎

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This Little Girl Went Missing And A Teacher Blamed Her Parents And Mexican Culture

Things That Matter

This Little Girl Went Missing And A Teacher Blamed Her Parents And Mexican Culture


It seems that these days, we’re inundated with horrific stories of children suffering abuse, going missing, or suffering at the hands of an adult that they placed their trust in. But, it’s less common to hear about a teacher’s opinions about those stories. Well, one teacher decided to weigh in on a recent abduction – and while we’d like to think that most teachers would share words of wisdom in a troubling situation, it seems that this teacher needed some education herself.

Let’s start with the abduction.

Instagram / @empressempire144

Five-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez went missing from a playground in Bridgeton, N.J., in broad daylight on September 16. It was sometime around 4pm, when Dulce and her three-year-old brother were playing together at Bridgeton City Park, after getting ice cream with their mother, Noema Alavez Perez, and a younger family member. They had only been at the park for ten minutes, when the little boy ran back to his mother, crying. It was then that Noema realized something was wrong, and went to look for her daughter. “We thought that she was just hiding, playing around and we went looking for her but we couldn’t find her,” she said in a recent interview with CBS Philadelphia

As soon as the girl’s disappearance went public, the online trolls came out.

Instagram / @hklawfirm

While Noema had notified police of the situation shortly before 5pm, she has faced intense scrutiny in the aftermath of her daughter’s disappearance. Revelations that she was 14 when Dulce was born, that the girl’s father lives in Mexico, that she once smoked marijuana and that she ate a slice of pizza after accepting her daughter’s disappearance all invoked the wrath of both online and offline critics. Because heaven forbid a mother take a break and grab a bite to eat while the police search for her daughter.

If you think matters couldn’t get any worse – this is where the teacher comes in.

Instagram / @ad12590

It was in the midst of this whirlwind of criticism against Noema that one teacher decided to join the fray on Facebook. Jennifer Hewitt Bishop, an elementary school teacher in South Jersey, responded to a post that questioned why Noema sat so far away when her children were playing in the park with, “They’re Mexican, it’s their culture. They don’t supervise their children like we do.”

The school board of where the teacher works, has taken her off of her post.

Instagram / @bring_kids_home

Once officials from Vineland Public Schools became aware of Bishop’s post, they launched an investigation into the matter, and Bishop was promptly taken out of the classroom. It’s not clear whether her absence is simply forced leave, or a suspension. However, it seemed that the school board overseeing Bishop’s position would decide on the matter this coming Wednesday. The president of the Vineland Education Association, Lou Russo, seemed reluctant to publicly condemn Bishop’s remarks, saying that comments online are “often misunderstood and taken out of context by a virtual crowd that rarely takes time to think and reflect or seek clarification before they react with verbal attacks of their own.”

Rest assured, the Twitter community also took the teacher to task.

Twitter / @dogz005

Some were quick to identify that ignorance isn’t really an excuse when it comes to racist remarks – and that Bishop should be fired. And, in fairness, racism is something that is not innate, but learned. It unequivocally doesn’t have a place in the classroom – ergo, there’s no need for racist educators, please and thank you.

Many pointed out that they shared similar parenting styles – allowing children to develop.

Twitter / @trillian215

Others were inspired to defend Noema’s parenting, in light of Bishop’s unfair commentary. In the same way that we shouldn’t blame victims of sexual assault for being assaulted, it’s not a mother’s fault if her child is kidnapped. At the end of the day, the fault still lies with the person who commits the crime – not someone who was unable to prevent the crime.

While others pointed out the teacher’s bigotry and noted it needed to be punished.

Twitter / @CopperSiren

This user smartly pointed out that people who are in positions of authority should not be perpetuating discrimination – and that it’s important to challenge bigotry when it does appear from people who wield power.

The thing is, the real focus should be placed on finding Dulce Maria Alavez – not ridiculous online commentary from a member of the community who should know better. The only positive that can be taken from this situation is that, hopefully, the teacher’s comments and ensuing media coverage can continue to keep Alavez’s profile in the spotlight while she’s missing. On that note, reports say that a light-skinned man with facial acne was seen leading Dulce away from the playground on that fateful afternoon, to a red van with tinted windows. Anyone who has information about the incident is to get in touch with either the Bridgeton police on 856-451-0033, or the State Police Missing Persons Unit at 609-882-2000, ext. 2554.

Some People Tied Fireworks In This Puppies Mouth And A Mexican Vet Performed Life Saving Surgery Giving Him A Second Chance

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Some People Tied Fireworks In This Puppies Mouth And A Mexican Vet Performed Life Saving Surgery Giving Him A Second Chance

Warning: The images contained in this story are graphic.

Braveheart was just three months old, living in Sonora, Mexico, when a cruel individual decided to tie fireworks inside his mouth. Then, the person lit the fireworks and watched as Braveheart’s nose and jaw were blown to pieces. Unfortunately, animal abusers are abundant and veterinarians are already familiar with the types of injuries Braveheart sustained, which allowed them to make the educated guess that Braveheart’s injuries are consistent with an explosion inside his mouth.

“My first instinct was to have the poor dog put down,” Tracy Lystra, founder of The Saving Huey Foundation, told the Daily Mail. Instead, she found Dr. Briseno, a veterinarian in Mexico, who was up to the task of reconstructing a whole new jaw for Braveheart.

Dr. Briseno and a U.S. charity have given the now one-year-old pup a new lease on life.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

A good samaritan found Braveheart and rushed him to a vet, hoping that he could be saved. Of course, the kind of resources required to build a prosthetic jaw, and care for a vulnerable animal are extraordinarily expensive. The vets called non-profit group, The Saving Huey Foundation (TSHF), in California and secured funds and long-term care for the puppy. That’s when they named him Braveheart.

We don’t know how long Braveheart lived like this before the Good Samaritan found him and brought him to Dr. Briseno.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

Dr. Briseno had to perform four separate surgeries on little Braveheart, the first simply to remove the necrotic tissue from the nose and nasal cavity and sew it all back together. Tracy Lystra, the founder of The Saving Huey Foundation (TSHF), told the Daily Mail that the vets, “sent me a picture of him and my first instinct was to have the poor dog put down. I had never done any rescue in that area so was unsure of the vets out there but a friend told me about Dr.Briseno, who thought he could help.”

Braveheart stayed at Dr. Briseno’s practice in Mexico for two months until he was well enough to travel to California.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

Braveheart’s second surgery reduced the size of his upper jaw to match his new lower jaw, which will allow him to eat. His third surgery was to close the hole in the upper portion of his jaw, which ended his tube-feeding regiment. TSHF was founded by Tracy Lystra in 2014 after meeting Huey, a pit bull used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. Huey was spiritually and physically battered but made a full recovery. TSHF is committed to giving animals who have been severely abused or neglected a second chance at a happy life. Today, Lystra’s California home serves as a sanctuary to the animals that have recovered under TSHF’s care.

Lystra admits that she will, on occasion, have “awful thoughts” about what she’d do to the people that tortured Braveheart.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

“I would be lying if I said that late at night, I didn’t have awful thoughts as to what I would do to the people who commit such crimes,” she told The Daily Mail. “I am able to take a lot of what I see and hide it from my emotions, but there are times it definitely catches up with me.” Lystra has received criticism for rescuing Braveheart, one person telling her that she’s just as “bad” as the people who tied fireworks to Braveheart for keeping him alive. To those people, she tells them to look at his recovery journey, and the long life he has ahead of him. “While Saving Huey Foundation does not condone suffering, we do want to offer second chances to the lives that can sustain such an offering,” she said in a statement to The Daily Mail.

Today, Braveheart is living it up at a sanctuary in California, where he’s receiving the proper medical attention he needs.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

“He’s crazy hyper tonight!!!,” TSHF posted to Instagram. “Brave Heart is doing amazing and is clearly feeling good this evening! He is so full of energy and love. He’s happiest when he’s lathering us with kisses. We are still waiting for him to finish one more dose of de-wormer before we schedule his next (and hopefully last) surgery!”

The next thing on Braveheart’s list: learn not to jump when he gets excited.

Credit: Saving Huey Foundation / CATERS

Same, Braveheart. Same. Congratulations, little buddy. We’re all hoping you find the perfect forever home.

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