Mexican Theater Chain Opening Two Kid-Friendly Theaters In The U.S.

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With home entertainment becoming more high tech and accessible every year, movie theaters are being forced to come up with inventive ways to attract customers. Some theaters allow patrons to enjoy adult beverages and food during the movie, while others have figured out how to make the overall experience more immersive.

In an attempt to lure families to their theaters, Mexico-based movie theater chain Cinepolis has done the unthinkable: turning the theater into a giant playscape for children.

With Cinepolis Junior, children can chill and watch a movie, or they can get buck on the kid-friendly playscape.


In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Cinepolis representative Adrian Mijares Elizondo said, “It’s really intended to make kids feel welcome and comfortable. The whole idea is to make it easier for parents to take their kids to the movies and let the kids have more fun.” Children will be allowed to work out their zoomies before the movie begins, and after it ends, they will be allowed to play again for a limited time.

For parents looking to get some relaxation at the theater, beanbag seats are definitely the way to go.

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Nothing like a giant beanbag chair to make Lego Batman that much better.

There are even some laid back lounge chairs for kids to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.12.26 AM

The entire front row is pretty much a playscape.


This isn’t your parent’s movie theater.

For parents in the U.S., Cinepolis is opening two Cinepolis Junior locations starting March 16th.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.21.29 AM

So far the Mexico based Cinepolis has tested out their Junior theaters in foreign markets, like Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Spain, but now two are now being introduced in the Southern California area. Next week, parents can check out the Cinepolis Junior experience at Pico Rivera, in the Los Angeles area, and the Vista just north of San Diego.

The Los Angeles Times points out that tickets will likely cost more than your normal viewing experience, which is why Cinepolis is testing the waters with only two locations for now. It costs Cinepolis roughly $500,000 to turn a single theater into a kid friendly environment.

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Check Out These Hilarious Memes About Barcelona's Miraculous Comeback


Check Out These Hilarious Memes About Barcelona’s Miraculous Comeback

If there’s one word to describe yesterday’s UEFA Champions League match between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, it’s “UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE.” After losing the first match against PSG with a score of 4-0, the only way Barcelona could win the 16th round was if they scored at least five goals in their second match. In the second match, Barcelona cut it close, as they started off the game scoring three goals. But everyone thought it was over for Barcelona once PSG scored a goal, which put Barça in a losing position unless they scored a total of 6 goals. Just when the game was coming to an end, Barça tied it up with a total of 5 goals (with a controversial penalty). Then Barcelona scored a sixth goal right in stoppage time to win the game.

The comeback was INSANE, and everyone was going crazy about Barça’s victory… well, everyone except PSG and Real Madrid fans. ? Check out some of the memes that people on the internet are posting about PSG and Real Madrid. Might make you laugh — or cry.

As soon as PSG scored, everyone thought it was a done deal — there was no way Barcelona would bounce back. Real Madrid fans couldn’t wait to clown ’em:

They really thought the game was over for Barcelona.

But then, THIS happened:

In stoppage time, with the referee ready to blow the final whistle at any moment, Barcelona scored a miraculous game winner.

It was so dramatic that the music from “Titanic” fit perfectly:

It almost makes you want to cry.

Barça’s comeback was so good, it had people analyzing their own goals and aspirations in life.

If Barcelona can make a comeback like that, then anything in the world is possible.

It also had people wishing that they could apply this comeback to failures in their own lives.

It sure would be nice if you could turn all F’s into A’s.

But even though there were a lot of people who were super proud and happy, PSG and Real Madrid fans were feeling a little different…

They really couldn’t believe it.

But question is, which fans are more hurt about Barcelona’s big win?

Chances are, they’re both equally salty about Barça’s win.

When you talk to PSG fans, you probably can’t even mention the numbers 6 and 1 in the same sentence.


So. Devastating.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid fans are sitting around with a fake smile, pretending not to be hurt.

Sometimes you just have to be strong and pretend like everything is alright.

When in reality, they feel like this:


And those who bet money on Barcelona losing, probably feel even worse.

What hurts Real Madrid fans even more, is they can’t really talk any crap about Barça.?

Until the end of La Liga, where Real Madrid currently sits in second place. If they win the closely-disputed title this year, the sh*t talking will resume.

Even though some Madrid fans blamed the referee for helping Barça win…

Were Madrid fans right? Or did they just need an excuse to call the game unfair?

…truth is, this was probably the best comeback in Champions League history.


Barcelona fan or not, you have to give props to this amazing comeback.??

And every Barcelona fan couldn’t be happier. ❤️?

FC Barcelona – PSG: #Wedidit – Let’s see how you did it!

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Posted by FC Barcelona on Thursday, March 9, 2017

Comes to show you that with hope and perseverance, anything is possible. Congrats to Barca!

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What are your thoughts on this comeback? Comment and hit the share button below!