This Is How Panama Celebrated Its First World Cup Goal

Over the weekend, Panama played its second Group G match in the World Cup, ultimately losing against England in a 6-1 final score. Despite the loss and elimination of the national team from the World Cup, Panamanian fans still celebrated with the pride and joy that comes with seeing your country play on the world stage for the first time. These are some of the most heartwarming reactions across social media supporting La Marea Roja (The Red Tide.)

1. Of course, there was some national anthem love.

_capitanes_ / Instagram

During the country’s first game, defender Roman Torres could be seen crying during the national anthem. Instagram account Capitanes captioned its photo, “The tears of Roman Torres, ones for history, to tell the new Panamanian generations that if they go after a dream, don’t stop fighting until they accomplish it. Today Panama is debuting in a World Cup.”

2. Felipe Baloy scored the country’s only World Cup goal and it’s all the country wanted.

pinbaloy / Instagram

Goalscorer Felipe Baloy took to Instagram and Twitter to say thanks to all his fans after his historic goal.

“Thank you God, thank you to my family and thank you Panama, a historic goal for my country, dreams come true with work and effort.”  

3. Baloy’s number one fan went crazy in the stands.

plenaygolespty / Instagram

We know Harry Kane was the official Budweiser Man of the Match, but for Panama, da real MVP was team captain Felipe Baloy. The team captain scored the country’s first goal ever in a World Cup and his number one fan was there to watch it all happen.

His wife told radio show Plena y Goles, “God knows to reward the one who waits patiently.” 

4. Fans cried tears of joy after Panama’s first World Cup goal.

@julioalvaradop / Twitter

Julio Alvarado’s tweet gives you ALL THE FEELS. *grabs tissue*

“This is how I cried of pride. ‘The First Goaaaal of my Panama’ in a FIFA World Cup.” 

5. Sooo..does that mean he should have 11 boys?

@Lupi0523 / Twitter

“Us Panamanians are so proud of you Baloy! Have many kids so they can be genetically perfect like you.” 

6. People couldn’t stop thanking Baloy.

@EnithzabelC / Twitter

“Thank youuuuu, a thousand times thank youuuuu! Panama will never forget that yell, thanks to you we were one voice: GOOALLLLL!” 

7. Mission accomplished, indeed.

@profedcamposjr / Twitter

“Mission accomplished Captain!” 

8. Red Tide, Red Tide, Red Tide

@WyznickOrtega / Twitter

“To my Red Tide there…what emotion…what dignity…what pride…England, listen to Panama. It made a goal against you, you didn’t leave us with zero, and we sang GOAL.” 

9. Fans are so happy that Panama left the World Cup with at least one goal scored.

@guardi_g / Twitter

“I still haven’t stopped crying from the emotion to see my kids cry and cry full of emotion. Priceless. One is worth more than six.”

10. It’s all for the Motherland.

@massiel1181 / Twitter

“That’s it. My kids screamed and cried with emotion. That is love for the Motherland.”

11. It was happiness that the world admired.

@ritamo12 / Twitter

Rita Morena wrote a delightful ode to the team on Twitter, saying “Long live Panama, long live the national team and long live our happiness that the whole world admired. We went to the World Cup, we got a goal, we suffered, we vibrated with emotion and national pride—what more can we ask for?” Not much more is needed, Rita. 

12. #WeAreAllPanama was everywhere on social media.

@DetouroperPty / Twitter

“To be Panama is to lift our flag with pride regardless of the results. Today and always #WeAreAllPanama.”

13. Panamanians were so proud of their team.

@Nubia2018 / Twitter

“Let it hurt for who it needs to hurt. If we didn’t win, we were there with pride. Good for Panama. Several teams wanted to go and participate in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.” 

14. Fans explained the importance of what many see as just one goal.

@Rolysterling / Twitter

“Why do Panamanians celebrate one goal so much losing 6 to 0? Simple, because the Panamanians know from history and from experience that always after suffering and hurt we manage to get to great victories! That is Panama.”

15. It felt like getting into the next round.

@luofel / Twitter

“For us that goal is as if we would have qualified for the next round.”

16. There is also so much pride in hearing your national anthem played on a world stage.

@adavis2772 / Twitter

“Thanks to you and your teammates for allowing me to hear my national anthem during a World Cup and to see that first goal I didn’t think I would ever see.”

17. Oh yeah. There is no time for haters because this is a true celebration.

@Itza507 / Twitter

“You deserve it Capi. Thanks for this happiness. Your haters can suck it.”

18. A lot of the praise went to the captain.

@JorgeLAlmengor / Twitter

“Amazing Captain! With class you demonstrated the quality of excellent player that you have strived for, who has fought and sacrificed a lot for his brilliant career. Today the soccer gods gave you the magic wand to make a country happy with that necessary example!”

19. Congratulations, Panama.

jonathandavissg / Instagram

“Thank you, you are a champion, God bless you @Pinbaloy your goal made a whole country tremble and made us cry from emotion. THANK YOU!!!!”

yaarii0909 / Instagram

“Congratulations Baloy that goal is for a whole united country. Blessings.”

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