This Is What Millennial Michael Jackson Would Have Sounded Like

@michaeltrapsonofficial / Instagram

This Michael Jackson impersonator is giving us a glimpse of what millennial Michael could have been like. He goes by the moniker “Michael Trapson,” which if that’s not clever enough, dude also dresses, sounds and kinda looks like the king himself. He’s got the glove, the loafers and a pretty sick moonwalk.

Youtuber and trap rapper, OG Cano, who now goes by “Michael Trapson” is showing us all what MJ may have sounded like if he were a millennial.

Credit: Michael Trapson / Youtube

He even recreated the classic music video for “Thriller,” in an epic 14-minute music video, complete with trap, dance and monsters.

His videos have started going viral on Facebook and Instagram and he recently dropped a new song on iTunes.

The artist, who used to go by “OG Cano” described himself on this artist website as half Dominican and half black (“best of both worlds,” he says), has gone through several evolutions. He started as OG Cano, before playing with a Michael Jackson persona and eventually impersonating Prince as well, but it seems like MJ is working out best for him.

Although his sound is mostly trap, he has sampled some Michael Jackson songs.

Credit: Michael Trapson / Youtube

Most recently on the song “Out The Bong/Don’t Stop ‘Til You Smoke Enough” which Trapson released just after 4/20, he samples the classic hit “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” Smoking is a common theme in his music, indicated by his song “High” where he has used a sample from the song “Human Nature.” The song features the lyrics “smoking loud, in the night time,” which if you sing it, it’s a perfect blend of what music has become and where it’s come from.

Another song where he imitates Michael’s sound is on his song “Peter Pan” where he uses the rock guitar sound from “Bad.”

The song may be the one that ultimately turns true fans away as he’s clowning on Michael Jackson’s history with children. In the song, Trapson sings “now I don’t sleep with little boys…”

Although he is sampling only some of Michael Jackson’s music, it’s MJ’s essence that he’s mostly imitating.

Credit: Michael Trapson / Youtube

He’s totally capitalizing on the entire look, using MJ’s lingo, his style of speaking and pulling off some killer dance moves. Namely, he’s using the exclamation “shimone,” throwing lots of “hee-hees” around and moonwalking like a pro.

And, if you can do your best to not be hurt that someone is impersonating the undisputed King of Pop, it’s music you could actually party to.

Credit: Michael Trapson / Youtube

The music video looks just like what you’d expect from a dope trap song. And the music itself is no different from music being released by trap and mumble rap artists like Migos and Lil Yachty, and lots of people are jamming to that.

The artist was featured in a Complex News segment called “Shit We Can’t Unsee.”

Although they had a good laugh about it, Joe Budden reluctantly co-signed him, saying “I’m just happy they know who Michael Jackson is.”

Hey, as long as he’s keeping Michael Jackson alive, and we can all have more opportunities to shout shimone! and hee-hee!, it’s all good.

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This Spanglish Canción With Juanes and Kali Uchis Will Get You Off Your Butt


This Spanglish Canción With Juanes and Kali Uchis Will Get You Off Your Butt


What do you get when you mix two hot Colombians? This is not a joke, by the way. You get Juanes and Kali Uchis. They just released “El Ratico,” a hypnotic dance song you won’t get enough of.

We knew these Colombian cuties were up to something back when Kali posted these pictures of them chillin’ at the studio eight months ago.


Obviously, they were working on music, but we had no idea it’d be this intense:

Credit: JuanesVEVO / YouTube

The single is on Juanes’ forthcoming visual album, “Mis Planes Son Amarte,” his seventh album since his 2000 solo debut. Aside from his collaboration with Kali, Juanes also worked on a single with Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca.

Juanes has already released videos for “Hermosa Ingrata,” “Fuego” and “Angel.”

Here’s the official trailer for the album.

Credit: JuanesVEVO / YouTube

As you can see by the trailer, there’s a consistent narrative weaved throughout the album. According to Billboard, the album “centers on the story of a Colombian astronaut searching for the woman of his dreams.” Billboard also reported there’s an HBO feature film associated with the album. What?!

Clearly, this new video with Kali is a piece to the puzzle. Is she helping him find the woman of his dreams? Is Kali Uchis the woman of his dreams?


What we’d pay to be a fly in the middle of that table.

Last year, Juanes wrote on Instagram about this single with Kali: “Parcera, it was a pleasure making music with you. We’re going full force to Mars. Very inspired with your talent and attitude.”

On Friday, Kali once again expressed her gratitude to Juanes via Facebook: “My video and song just dropped with Juanes thank you for letting me be apart of your amazing album// movie.”

We’ve been praising Kali for a hot minute because we’re in love with her soulful/R&B vibes.

Credit: Kali Uchis / YouTube

Can’t wait to hear more from you, Kali!

But back to the video, did you notice the weird twist at the end?


Guess this video is “To Be Continued…”

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