They Announced Their Love On Valentine’s Day And Social Media Went Bonkers

Fans of comedian Eric Andre and actor Rosario Dawson were given an unexpected surprise earlier this week. On Valentine’s Day, the duo took to Twitter to show off a few romantic pics of their newly forged relationship. Though there had been rumors, nothing was confirmed until Valentine’s Day, when Dawson and Andre began posting the pics. The response on social media was divided, to say the least, as the pairing of Andre and Dawson caught many off-guard.

When Andre started posting pics to his social media accounts, jaws dropped.


Fans of Andre love his absurd and bizarre approach to comedy.


Andre takes all the rules of comedy and pretty much turns them upside down and then back up again.

And Dawson has built her career on some very captivating roles.

Puerto Ricans In Paris / Focus World

Not someone to be trifled with.

So, many Twitter users spent most of the day trying to wrap their heads around the Andre-Dawson show of affection.

?Happy Valentine's Day to the ? LOoooVE OF MY LIFE! ? ?@rosariodawson ❤️❤️❤️ ?: @withreservation

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Some people on Twitter were excited for the sweethearts. ?

Others not so much. ?


A few guys saw this as a victory for average dudes everywhere.

Let this be a lesson to all you guys out there: if start doing stand-up comedy, you can achieve anything*.

*not true at all.

Chance the Rapper was convinced it was prank, which Andre is known for.

The darling couple — a.k.a. Dawndre — responded to Chance’s skepticism with more proof.

Then they went a little too far with the “proof this is a real relationship” thing.

I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank. ???

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Or not far enough. Who are we too judge?

Now here’s the question all of our moms are asking: when are they going to have kids?

Nightmare fuel or a match made in heaven?

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FIERCE LGBTQ Couples Are Sharing How They Met And It’s The Sweetest Thing


FIERCE LGBTQ Couples Are Sharing How They Met And It’s The Sweetest Thing

Charles McQuillan / Getty

As we highlight Pride month, we wanted to share beautiful stories of LGBTQ+ love. To do so, we recently asked our FIERCE readers on Instagram to tell us how they met their partners and the results were not only hilarious but deeply inspiring.

Love is love and we love this kind of love.

Check it out!

The old slide in trick.

“I slid into the DMs.” – joanacanna

On their start to being ~educated latinas~

“My girlfriend and I met at the end of our first year of law school. She would say that I curved her for a few months before we became close. Almost three years later, we are both attorneys and looking forward to where life takes us.” – legalricanmujer

These two lovers who met while pushing for a joint interest

“We met in boot camp! 10 years ago (we’ve been together 2 /1/2 years, married 1 yr.” –hey_itsaj18

Chicas who started out on the same path and stuck together.

“We met in Nursing school we graduated together. That was 4 years ago, she’s a psychiatric nurse and I’m a geriatric nurse.” – m_a_r_i_a__j_o_h_a_n_n_a

They found love in a pandemic place.

Love in the time of Corona, thanks to Hinge!” – bienvenidarealidad__

Turns out the internet is the ultimate matchmaker.

“On the HER app. The same day she liked my profile she ended up coming into my job. I saw her but she didn’t see me. I ended up messaging her that night when I got off of work & we have been inseparable ever since. 3 years later and everyday I fall in love with her over & over again.” – _yourfavoritepoet_

And this is the most hilarious one of all.

“My wife @chulaworldand I were both seeing the same guy (total 🐶) …… so when we found out about each other we met up! And we have LITERALLY been inseparable ever since. Married on 4/20/19.” –bunuelitas

Zoe Saldaña, Rosario Dawson & Other Actresses Slay In The ‘Boss B**** Fight Challenge’


Zoe Saldaña, Rosario Dawson & Other Actresses Slay In The ‘Boss B**** Fight Challenge’

Zoe Saldana / Instagram, Rosario Dawson / Instagram

With production companies putting full stops to some of our most anticipated watches of the season because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were pretty sure our hankering for some action-packed films would have to be assuaged by rewatches. Fortunately, actress and stuntwoman Zoë Bell had the brilliant idea to create the ultimate combating match!

In a recent short posted to her Instagram, Bell rounded up the top names in Hollywood for an incredible action-packed clip!

Bell’s five-minute-long action short titled “Boss Bitch Fight Challenge” features Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldaña.

The action-packed video features the likes of Zoe Saldaña, Rosario Dawson Halle Berry, Elle Driver, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Julia Butters, and Tamiko Brownlee. All of the celebrities in the film are fortunately taking part in social-distancing practices and features them from their homes.

In the clip, Bill kicks things off from her sofa before exclaiming “I am so bored. I just want to play with my friends.”

One of the bigger delights of the clip included a moment when Cameron Díaz made a return to acting.

Días who made her last film appearance in 2014 after announcing her retirement, surprised us when she joined in the fun and threw a few punches of her own.

“So much fun to participate in @therealzoebell’s #BossBitchFightChallenge. Fun way to fight boredom with some badass babes!” Díaz wrote in an Instagram caption of her post.

Check out the action-packed video below!