These Poets Flipped The Script And Held Up A Mirror To Conservative White America And The Atrocities Committed

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Write About Now is a collective of poets been that gives other poets a platform to spread their message. Poets of color have used their slam nights to air their grievances, push the envelope with their words and to silence crowds into submission with their powerful performances. This time, four poets of color teamed up to create a poem directed at the America they have felt attacked by — they did not hold back. This is “American Horror Story.”

The poets first listed people that had been oppressed by conservative, white America, namely:

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“They’re coming for you / If they happen to possess one or more of these qualities / You are f*cked.”

“There’s no stopping them / If a river made by God couldn’t drown them…”

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The poets use the analogy of using silver bullets to end the lives of the “wicked” but iterate that nothing can silence those who use their voices.

They also make reference to conservative, white America’s longing to purge the country of people who are different.

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“Because it is 2017 and we are still vilified and demonized and made out to be monsters / Lurking on street corners / Or hiding in a closet / Are you more afraid of black bodies / Or the ghosts you turn them into,” they say.

They mention how oppressed minorities are seen as bloodsuckers whose “hardworking hands turn into fangs…”

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The poets talk about how people of color are often made to feel like they have to whitewash themselves to make others comfortable. Yet, after that, they are still seen as undesirable and treated like a virus.

Then, the poets flip the script. They put themselves in the shoes of colonizers to show how much damage they’ve done.

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“Watch their bloody bodies sacrifice / Then silence their voices / We will strap down your children / And burn their hands as they’re forced to watch the sins of straight couples / Till they blister and bleed the straight away / We will storm white Wall Street / Set buildings ablaze / Noose white necks / Watch them sing in an amber lit sunset,” the group rants as they flip the script.

But they catch themselves as they make “them” too uncomfortable. Maybe they went too far by painting a picture of white bodies experiencing the abuse of brown and black bodies.

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“The scariest thing is / We might be your worst nightmare / But you’re still our reality,” the group ends and the crowd erupts in applause.

You can watch the full poem below.

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Fans Are Confused About Miguel's New Sound And Not In A Good Way


Fans Are Confused About Miguel’s New Sound And Not In A Good Way

MiguelVEVO / YouTube

“I’m Luke Skywalking on the haters.”

A few years ago, Miguel melted the hearts R&B fans with the release of the hit song “Adorn.” The song proved that the Afro-Mexican-American singer was going to be a heartthrob throughout his career and, for the most part, he has been. But, his newest song, “Sky Walker” has left his fans a little confused. Not only has be changed up his look, his sound is noticeably different. Gone are the days of the smooth, psychedelic crooner with a crisp and entrancing voice — at least according to this song. “Sky Walker” seems more aligned with recent singles that utilize a trap beat with spoken word-like vocals that float over the beat. Although some fans are confused, others are totally supporting the change in aesthetic and sound. Give it a listen above.

Some fans are in full support of Miguel’s new approach to his music.

CREDIT: MiguelVEVO / YouTube

You do have to appreciate his ability to switch things up.

Other people were open about focusing on the featured guest.

CREDIT: MiguelVEVO / YouTube


A few think that Miguel has gone a little too far with this one.

CREDIT: MiguelVEVO / YouTube

The fans want what the fans want.


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