These are the wives of your 15 favorite Latino hotties

There is nothing worse than being heartbroken by your crush… especially if that crush is a hot Latino celebrity who has no idea you exist. To throw even more salt in the wound, we’re here to tell you that some of your favorite Latinos are happily married. Sorry to ruin your day. But don’t worry, their wives are muy caliente too! Meet the wives of 15 of your favorite celebs – The Real Housewives of Latino Hotties, if you will.

1. Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes

Credit: Instagram @eddiecibrian

Cuban-American actor and silver fox Eddie Cibrian has been stealing hearts and fighting crime on your favorite shows like CSI: Miami and Third Watch. But who’s been stealing his heart? No other than the one and only singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes of course! The two have been happily married for 7 years and even had their own reality show together back in 2014 called LeAnn & Eddie. 

2. Benjamin Bratt  & Talisa Soto

Credit: Instagram @benjaminbratt

Meet smoking hot actress and former model Talisa Soto. She’s the wife of actor and veteran hottie Benjamin Bratt. They met on the set of the movie Piñero, and got married in 2002. This Latino duo is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

3. Adam Rodriguez & Grace Gail

Credit: Instagram @adamrodriguez

Adam Rodriguez aka Magic Mike hunk and CSI: Miami star married his gorgeous wife Grace in 2016. Former model Grace Gail is now the mom of two gorgeous babies. This little familia is giving us all the feels!

4. Enrique Palacios & Veronica Schneider

Credit: Twitter @VeroSchneider

You thought model Enrique Palacios was hot? You should see his wife! Actress and model Veronica Schneider – like her hubby – is of Venezuelan descent. She was crowned Miss Venezuela in 1998.

5. Gerard Piqué & Shakira

Credit: Instagram @shakira

Barcelona soccer star and mega-hottie Gerard Piqué scores more than just goals. He scored with his superstar wife, the one and only Shakira! The two married back in 2011 and have two beautiful children together.

6. Jay Hernandez & Daniella Deutscher

 Credit: Daniella Deutscher and Jay Hernandez at an event for Suicide Squad. Digital Image. IMDB. 2016.

Meet Daniella Deutscher. You may not know her, but I’m going to bet you’ll envy her after this. She is best known for her role on the late 90s show Hang Time, where she met her hunk of a husband and heartthrob actor Jay Hernandez. Do you hate her yet? In all seriousness though, how Crazy Beautiful is this couple?!

7. Mario Lopez & Courtney (Laine Mazza) Lopez

Credit: Instagram @courtneym_lopez

Saved By the Bell hottie Mario Lopez (*insert drooling emoji*) is happily married to Courtney Lopez, formerly known as Courtney Laine Mazza. This mama has two gorgeous babies named Gia and Nico along with a couple of fur babies. You want to hate her just a little bit for literally getting to sleep with Slater every night, but if you follow her on social media you’ll love her too!

Luis Fonsi & Águeda López

Credit: Instagram @luisfonsi

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi stole the hearts of people all over with his Reggaeton and Latin pop hits, like Despacito and Echame la Culpa. But one heart was stolen for good, his wife, Águeda López. Lopez is a drop-dead gorgeous Spanish model and mother of two. Talk about being el hombre más afortunado, Fonsi!

Aaron Diaz & Lola Ponce

Credit: Instagram @lolaponce

Telenovela star and ultimate Mexican hottie, Aaron Diaz is definitely drool-worthy. But our hearts shattered a little when we found out he was married the beautiful and talented Lola Ponce. This phenomenal woman is an Argentine singer-songwriter, composer, and actress. Not to mention she is a mother to two beautiful children with Diaz. She really does do it all!

Chayanne & Marilisa Maronesse

Credit: Instagram @lo_figueroa 

Who is this 80s glam doll? Venezuelan Mailisa Maronesse is a former lawyer, beauty queen and the wife of none other than our beloved love stong king, Chayanne. I know, I know. You (or most likely your mom) fantasized about Atado a Tu Amor being written for you, but unfortunately, this gorgeous couple has been happily married for 26 years!

Juanes & Karen Martinez

Credit: Instagram @lachechi

Meet Karen Martinez, Colombian actress, model and TV host. She married Colombian Rock en Espanol star, Juanes in 2004 and have been taking amazing pictures like this ever since. Okay but really though, this wifey even has her own fashion blog!

Cristián de la Fuente & Angelica Castro

Credit: Instagram @iamdelafuente

Is it hot in here, or is it just Cristian de La Fuente? This spicy Chilean actor isn’t the only one with good looks though. Meet his wife, Angelica Castro, Chilean TV personality, actress and model. Talk about #CoupleGoals, I mean do they even age?!

Nicholas Gonzalez & Kelsey Crane

Credit: Instagram @eltexmex

Paging Doctor Hottie! Actor Nicholas Gonzalez plays Dr. Melendez on the hit TV series The Good Doctor. I suddenly feel sick, do you? Unfortunately, this hunk is happily married to actress Kelsey Crane. The two have a beautiful baby girl named Ever Lee.

Danilo Carrera & Angelica Rincon

Credit: Univision 

Ecuadorean hottie Danilo Carrera is a TV personality, actor and model (if you couldn’t already tell), who has it all. Including the girl! Carrera is married to Mexican actress, Angelica Rincon. Both talented, in love and unbelievably guapos!

Carlos PenaVega & Alexa Vega

Credit: Instagram @therealcarlospena

We’ve been crushing on Nickelodeon star Carlos PenaVega for years, but do you know who he is married to? No other than SpyKids star herself, Alexa Vega. This couple is truly making all of our childhood dreams come true.

If you feel like we’ve crushed your hopes and dreams of marrying your favorite Latino celebrity, don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea AND plenty of hot single Latinos too! Did someone say, William Levy?

Credit: Instagram @willevy

You’re welcome.

17 Latinas That Have Modeled For Victoria's Secret


17 Latinas That Have Modeled For Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria’s Secret catalogue and Fashion Show, which has been an annual event since 1995, regularly features a bevy of gorgeous Latinas. Whether they’re catalogue models or have risen up the ranks to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, there are tons of Latinas that have achieved incredible success with this company. Today we’re going to explore some of our favorite Latina models that have posed or walked for Victoria’s Secret.  

1. Gisele Bündchen


Undoubtedly the most famous Angel of all time is Gisele Bündchen, who became one of the highest-paid models in the world after her debut with Victoria’s Secret in 2000. Born in Horizontina, in the south of Brazil, alongside a large family (she has five sisters!), she was discovered in a mall in Sao Paulo in 1993. Because of her gorgeous curves, she is credited with ending the era of super-skinny models, and ushering in a new age of voluptuous runway shows.

2. Arlenis Sosa 

Getty Images

Arlenis Sosa moved from the Dominican Republic to New York City in 2008, and started her modeling career immediately- she appeared at the Met Ball within a week of signing with an agency. She appeared in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where she wore an orange bra and panties with a modish fringe jacket. Since then, she has walked for incredible designers like Jason Wu and Anna Sui, and has been a spokesmodel for Lancôme for ten years.  

3. Adriana Lima 

Instagram @adrianalima

Adriana Lima is one of Victoria’s Secret’s most well-known models. She was hired as an Angel in 1999, and has been with the company ever since. Lima is so dedicated to her work as a model that she walked the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just two months after giving birth to her second child. Born in Salvador, Brazil, Lima is fluent in four languages- Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish. Unfortunately, she walked her 20th and last Victoria’s Secret show in November 2018.

4. Joan Smalls 

Instagram @joansmalls

Another highly-paid, extremely valuable model is Joan Smalls, a Puerto Rican model who first appeared in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2011. She was recently ranked the 8th-highest paid model in the world. Smalls grew up and attended university in Puerto Rico, then moved to NYC in 2007. She’s appeared in the VS Fashion Show six times between 2011 and 2016, and also appeared in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Swim Special. 

5. Alessandra Ambrosio

Instagram @alessandraambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio has walked in 17 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, and recently posted an emotional Instagram post about her decision to move on after being with the company for almost two decades. The Brazilian beauty wore the Fantasy bra twice, and once walked the show in the heaviest wings ever made- the Passion Play Fan Wings, which were covered in Swarovski crystals and weighed 30 pounds.

6. Ines Rivero 


Ines Rivero got her start at the age of 14, in a local fashion show in her hometown of Cordoba, Argentina. She signed with Victoria’s Secret in 1998, becoming one of the first generation of Angels alongside Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. In 2012, she decided to switch careers, and became a judge on the reality TV show Model Latina South Beach. 

7. Daniela Braga 

Instagram @daniela

Daniela Braga’s first VS Fashion Show was in 2014, and since then she’s appeared in the show four times. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Braga is the star of E! network’s Model Squad, a show that’s helping to bring awareness to the issue of diversity within the fashion industry.  

8. Sessilee Lopez


27-year-old Sessilee Lopez was born in Philly to parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic. She made her runway debut in 2004, but it took another four years to make it to the elite stage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Pro photographer Steven Meisel considers her his muse.

9. Barbara Fialho

Instagram @barbara

Barbara Fialho has walked in at least two segments of every Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show since her debut in 2012. This Brazilian bombshell most recently strutted the runway in a set of ‘wings’ made of metal stars, accompanied by studded thigh-high boots. In the same show, she also wore an orange-lined duster coat atop a silvery bra and panties.

10. Izabel Goulart

Instagram @izabelgoulart

Although her professional name is Izabel Goulart, this model was actually born Maria Izabel Goulart Dourado. Hailing from Sao Carlo, Brazil, she’s walked in an unbelievable 12 consecutive shows, from 2005 to 2016. Her very first outfit was a candy cane fantasy with red and white striped wings, and red stockings under silver stilettos. In 2016, she led the closing parade at the Rio Summer Olympics.

11. Helena Christensen


Helena Christensen was born to a Danish father and a Peruvian mom, and grew up speaking five languages- Danish, Spanish, English, French, and German. This multi-lingual stunner started her modeling career in Paris, and soon became one of the most popular supermodels of the 90s. She walked in both the 1997 and 1998 VS Fashion Shows.

12. Isabeli Fontana

Instagram @isabelifontana

35-year-old Isabeli Fontana was a fixture of the VS Fashion Show between 2003 and 2014. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, to Italian parents, she moved to Milan at the age of 14 to pursue a modeling career. She was only 16 when she first appeared in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, and as a result of the controversy, Victoria’s Secret promised not to use models that were under the age of 18.

13. Omahyra Mota 


Omahyra Mota is a Dominican model who walked in the 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Professionally, she’s often known by just her first name. After working as a model for several years, she transitioned into acting full time, appearing as Arclight in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006.

14. Janeice Dilone 

Instagram @_dilone

Janeice Dilone, who often goes by simply Dilone professionally, was born in New York City to a large family of Dominican heritage. Despite only being 24 years old, she’s walked in two consecutive VS Fashion Shows in 2016 and 2017. In her debut season, she walked in over 50 fashion shows. 

15. Lais Ribeiro

Instagram @laisribeiro

Born in Brazil, Lais Ribeiro dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel since she was little. The 6-foot nurse-turned-model first walked for VS in 2010, and has appeared in the VS Fashion Show seven times. In 2015, she wore the $2 million Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra, which was set with thousands of yellow diamonds, sapphires, and topaz.

16. Daniela de Jesus Cosio

Instagram @realdanielacosio

Born in Mexico, Daniela de Jesus Cosio’s career started when she placed second in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant in 2005. She’s represented by six separate modeling agencies, and splits her energy between runway shows and print advertisements. She’s appeared in Victoria’s Secret ad campaigns in addition to her work for Abercrombie & Fitch, L’Oreal, and Ralph Lauren.

17. Flavia de Oliveira 

Instagram @flaoliveiraofficial

Born in Londrina, Brazil, Flavia de Oliveira has walked in five VS Fashion Shows between 2006 and 2011. This green-eyed beauty only ever wore one pair of wings, which were made of pleated black tulle. Since her time with Victoria’s Secret, she’s walked shows for Missoni, Dior, and Chanel.

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