Johnny Lopez’ Story Of Coming Out Is Definitely Going To Be Part Of ‘The Riveras’ Season Three

“Can I stop hiding?”

“The Riveras” is a celebrity-driven reality show following the family of late-singer Jenni Rivera. The cameras follow Jenni’s children Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Mikey, and Juan Angel as they navigate through life with each other for support. The family has grown a lot since the show first started airing in October 2016. Recently, Johnny Lopez came out as bisexual after photos of he and his boyfriend went viral. The show released a special clip of Johnny talking to the camera with Chiquis’ support about the importance of him coming out and not hiding anymore. The trailer for season three lets the fans know that there will definitely be more about this very topic when Jenni’s youngest son looks to the camera and asks, “Can I stop hiding?”

All of the children ask questions about changes they want to make to their personality. Chiquis asks, “Can I be vulnerable?” While Mikey is worried about the kind of example he is setting for his daughter in the way he behaves. The children of Jenni are really in for a season full of growth on “The Riveras”, according to the trailer.

After watching the trailer, fans are trying to make time move faster so they can start enjoying this show already.

The show is going to be airing starting March 11. Until then, people will just have to wait patiently.

But most of all, fans are pumped to see their favorite family once again.

All the children seem to be setting themselves up for some decent growth this season. They are all taking a look inward and deciding what are the things that can be improved in their own lives. Only time will tell just how far the family will change this season.

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Georgel is Bringing Light to Latin R&B with Valentine’s Day-ready EP ‘Claro’


Georgel is Bringing Light to Latin R&B with Valentine’s Day-ready EP ‘Claro’

Not only is Georgel one of the artists leading the Latin R&B movement, he’s also got the perfect batch of love songs for your Valentine’s Day. The Mexican singer-songwriter released his debut EP Claro on Feb. 12 and he talked exclusively with Latido Music about it.

Georgel says Claro is an EP of “clarity and healing.”

“I started my project as a way to bring some clarity and healing after a lot of darkness, so what you hear in Claro is a letter of hope to myself, to cherish the luminosity of my soul and accepting that I deserve good!” Georgel tells us. “That life is good and incredibly worth living.”

Georgel started out as a songwriter for Mexican superstars like Gloria Trevi and Chiquis Rivera. In 2018, he released his debut single “Meteorito” that he co-wrote with his husband, music executive Guillermo Rosas. He came out as gay to the industry in the music video that featured their wedding footage.

“He’s such an inspiring force of love in my universe,” Georgel says. “My favorite collaboration with him is ‘Meteorito’ because it tells the story of how I remember the day we got married.”

On Claro, he embraces R&B en español.

In the lead-up to Claro, Georgel spent the past few years raising his profile as an artist. In 2019, he notably teamed up with openly gay singer Esteman, who hails from Colombia, for their cover of Juan Gabriel’s “Noa Noa.” Later electrocumbia king Raymix, who wasn’t out yet, joined them on the remix.

In 2020, Georgel found his groove in Latin R&B, a genre that’s emerging in today’s Latin music scene. He’s following in the footsteps of Girl Ultra, Mexico’s rising R&B star. In reggaeton music, Panama’s Sech and Puerto Rico’s Rauw Alejandro are two big names giving that genre an R&B spin.

Georgel embraced R&B with the sexy “Adrenalina” featuring Colombian rapper Nanpa Básica and the serene “Míranos” featuring Mexican-American artist Monogem. Both songs are featured in the 5-track EP.

“I feel like R&B in Spanish is a genre with many creative avenues to explore still and that excites me!” Georgel says. “There are so many new things we can play with within the soul music realm. There are so many melodies and so many ways.”

Georgel uses his music as a platform to support other indie artists.

With the release of Claro, Georgel also premiered the music video for his feel-good bop “Casa” that was produced by Latin Grammy-winner Juan Pablo Vega. Georgel shares the song with indie singer Katzù Oso. The two artists bask in the beauty of nature in the vintage-like visual. It’s timely with people staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m at home and, at the same time, how does it feel to be home,” Georgel says about the inspiration for the song. “That warmth that no building comes with, but the arms or the company of someone can give you.”

As for what’s next, Georgel is getting ready for Valentine’s day with his hubby. “As you might’ve noticed my husband and I are absolute suckers for romance!” he says. “After 10 years being together, it’s kind of an unspoken surprise that we have something planned for each other. I think this time I’m setting up a candlelight path to a bonfire by the river.”

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Here Are The Shows And Movies We Couldn’t Get Enough Of In 2020


Here Are The Shows And Movies We Couldn’t Get Enough Of In 2020

This year has been a great time to get intimately acquainted with your apartment and home. It was also a time to get very familiar with what there is to watch on your streaming platforms. Here’s what we spent the year of quarantine binge watching.

“The Queen’s Gambit”

“The Queen’s Gambit” was one of the most popular shows of the year. The limited series was all about chess and a young woman’s journey to become the best in the world. She learns while in an orphanage and eventually starts to become a mastermind of chess. The show has brought a lot of attention to chess and more people than ever are interested in the board game. Anya Taylor-Joy as the main character is one of the best performances of the year.

“The Mandalorian”

“The Mandalorian” is the Star Wars show that everyone can’t stop talking about. Pedro Pascal brings the Latino essence to the show without even knowing it. The Star Wars universe is never-ending and this show proves that the fans will show up whenever there is anything Star Wars.

“Los Espookys”

The HBO series is giving you all of the dry, senseless humor you can stand. It is worth watching the show just to get some much needed laughs after this dumpster fire of a year. Let yourself be lost in the hilarity that is Julio Torres.


Afro-Latino queer ballroom culture takes center stage in the FX original show “Pose.” So much of queer culture is thanks to queer people of color and this show honors them. It is one of the best queer shows to ever hit a streaming platform and will open your eyes to a part of the queer community that is often ignored and overlooked.

“Happiest Season”

Another brilliant queer production, “Happiest Season” is all about lesbian love and coming out of the closet. Aubrey Plaza, while not a leading character, plays an important role in helping Abby and Harper’s relationship move to the next level. Harper is left trying to decide if it is worth coming out to her family during the holidays and the result is everything you hoped for.

“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”

“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” a young robotics genius is living her teenage life with all of the awkward moments you would expect. The show was definitely a sleeper but it makes the list because of the wonderful representation. It isn’t often that you see young Latinas in tech or robotics in media. It’s worth a watch just to fill you with all kinds of good feels.

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