The First Dominican Congressman Adriano Espaillat Had Jokes For Mero After Months Of Making Fun Of Him

Desus & Mero/ YouTube
Credit: Desus & Mero/ YouTube

“I think this might just be his uncle in a suit.”

Late night show “Desus & Mero” hosted Democratic congressman Adriano Espaillat of New York’s 13 District. Espaillat is famous for being the first Dominican-born elected congressman in U.S. history. Mero, also of Dominican descent, professed his pride in the 62-year-old congressman, who overcame great obstacles to ascend to congress.

“My daughter told me you was snapping on me,” replied Espaillat, explaining that he heard Mero was saying that Espaillat would go the capitol wearing chancletas. Mero, through laughter, tried to explain that he only meant that Espaillat was bringing the chancleta to whoop some ass and regulate. The jokes continued, with Desus asking Espaillat, “How often do you walk into a room and say ‘I can’t stand this person?” Espaillat, sharp as a tack, responded “It happens every day” before pointing at Mero and saying, “When I walked in and I saw him, it happened right there.” They all laughed. Ah, good times.

Check the rest of the interview out to find out how Espaillat feels about Trump in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, VA and how Espaillat feel’s Trump has given white supremacist the green light to spread hate.

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