The 20 Best Thalia Songs Ranked

Thalia is an icon of Latin pop, and there’s a reason for it. Her songs are fun, catchy as hell and often have that touch of tropical that gets all the tias shaking their asses at wedding, quinces, and backyard parties. What can I say? Palomas and Thalia get the party started! For all of you Thalia fans, we did the research and used a five-point system to rank her 20 best songs. JK it’s completely objective. Here are the 20 best Thalia songs ranked!

20. “Todo – Poso Se Thelo”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Decades into her career, Thalia proved she wasn’t afraid of a little reinvention. She dropped this reggaeton-infused club banger with an assist from OMI and Jacob Forever, and you can almost here the green laser lights bouncing off the walls. Raise your Henny in the air and shake that ass!

19. “Pena Negra”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

The awesome thing about Thalia is how often she tips a hat to classic Latin music. Here she delivers a sensual tango with a whole lot of sass and sex appeal. It’s the kind of song that makes you swivel your hips and hold a red rose between your teeth as you call your boo over.

18. “I Want You”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

In the early 00’s during the whole Latin explosion, every major Latin pop star attempted to crossover into the English-language market. Thalia was one of them with this R&B/Hip-Hop jam that brings heavy “Still Not A Player” vibes. It’s even got Fat Joe on it. It tries a bit too hard but still bops. 

17. “A Quien Le Importa”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

This song is actually a cover from 80s pop stars Alaska y Dinarama, and became an anthem in the queer community because of its dance-pop style and lyrics, “A quien le importa lo que yo haga, a quien lo que yo diga, yo soy asi!” It gave the community an song to chant and show their pride.

16. “Rosalinda”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

The first telenovela theme song entry on this list comes from the Thalia-starring telenovela “Rosalinda.” It’s salsa flavor, horns and guitars give it a quintessential Latin feel. I don’t even remember what the novela was about but I know this song top to bottom. Ayy amor! Ayy amor!

15. “Tiki Tiki Ta”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

This fun little bop is actually a Spanish-language cover of a Greek song called  “I Pio Orea Stin Ellada.” Thalia heard the Greek version while in the country and fell in love with it, so she reached out to the singer and songwriter for permission to record her own version. The rest is tiki tiki history!

14. “Todavia Te Quiero”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

This reggaton pop jam that features De La Ghetto is the perfect soundtrack to hanging in the backyard and dancing with your boo. Or if you’re feeling brave, the song to send to the one that got away and you want back. The hook is catchy AF so there’s a very good chance they’d take you back.

13. “Te Perdiste Mi Amor”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Thalia called in her dear friend Prince Royce to make this slow salsa song happen. Nothing like telling the person that ruined your relationship they missed out on your love in two languages, from two Latin pop powerhouses.

12. “Maria la del Barrio”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Ahh a classic! This telenovela theme song became a huge hit, probably because it absolutely bangs. The salsa songs has it all! And could’ve been a Celia Cruz song in another life. Not only does it tell a story but just when you think it’s going to be over it builds even bigger, and then ends with a bang.

11. “La Movidita”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Even Thalia’s deep cuts and seemingly throwaway album fillers are total bops. This song never got the attention or dance floor love it deserved, like some of hr bigger hits. But it needs to be up there along with the greatest hits. It’s so so good! Classic sexy Thalia!

10. “Arrasando”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

This dance pop song starts off with a bang! You know you’re in for a rager with “Arrasando.” This is literally the song that makes Zumba classes go off. I don’t think Thalia has ever been able to sing this live because of its lightning speed singing, but that’s ok. As long as the DJ pops this party starter on it’s all good. What does it mean to be “arrasando” anyway?

9. “Como Tu No Hay Dos”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

With a little help from her young friend Becky G, Thalia drops a fire pop jam with a lot of attitude. Though most of that comes from BG. This could have easily been just another okay pop song, but Becky brings it up to banger status.

8. “Sangre”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

And now a slow one. A slow one, in fact, from Thalia’s early days on the pop scene. This ballad is all about feeling love and the sensation to hold the person you love in your blood. Like dang. It’s a sweet and sultry song that has held up over the years.

7. “Poquita Fe”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

A little throwback style from Thalia, who proves she can even handle something a bit more classic. The horns and violins swell and pairs well with her coquettish singing. This is the kind of song your abuelitos slow dance to, and would make the whole room cry.

6. “Desde Esa Noche”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Just when we needed it, Thalia brings in Maluma (baby) for a autotuned jammer that can get any bar popping. It’s super catchy and fun, with lots of slow reggaton goodness to get the shoulders swerving and hips swaying. That accordion too! It’s flame.

5. “Marimar”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Maaa-ri-mar! OW!! Costeñita soy! The one that really kicked off Thalia as the telenovela mega star she’d come to be. And really set up the sound that would come to be quintessentially Thalia. Sexy, sassy, cute, with lots of salsa flavor. Every one of her novela theme songs would just be a carbon copy (banger carbon copies but still) of this original one, because like the others would eventually do, it was a huge hit. No que no!

4. “Gracias a Dios”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

Thalia. Doing reggae. Listen, there could be a lot wrong with this song. It could have been embarrassing, but it wasn’t. In fact, it’s super good! Arguably one of her best, which is why it’s so high up on this list. And it’s even held up over the many years since it came out. The romantic upbeat ballad is all about thanking the Lord up in the attic for bringing love to her life. It has that signature Thalia cuteness that comes through in her music.

3. “Amor a la Mexicana”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

This song became a total anthem for Mexican pride, to honor the history, the sounds and scents, the flavors of Mexico. It’s got Thalia’s signature sex appeal as she sings about wanting passionate, ravenous love making. Caballo, bota y sombrero included. And some tequil, tabaco y ron to top it all off. The song pays reverence to Mexican men, in all their manly glory. While the song can play up machismo a little more than I’d like, it always gets the party started.

2. “Piel Morena”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

A song with a bit of fetishizing in it, Thalia sings about wanting to get it on with a dark skinned man. She sultrily coos about her desire, imagining their sexy times and describing his body. The honey-like feeling of his tenderness, which sounds straight out of a romance novel. And really that’s what this is –  a sexy romance novel with a dope beat.

1. “Mujer Latina”

CREDIT: Thalia / Instagram

The ultimate Thalia jam! Right here! Everyone can stop arguing because it’s Mujer Latina! A total dance floor banger that celebrates the beauty, culture, blood, and badassery of Latinx women, all to a killer salsa beat. Like this is Thalia at her top level! Peak Thalia, if you will! Put this on and watch it go off! Y estoy re’buena!

While there are way more than 20 best Thalia songs to bump out of the speakers at the quince, these are a great place to start, If you think you know better, which ones would you add?

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You’ll want to see J. Lo’s on-stage wardrobe changes and some pure magic that happened with Camila Cabello.

1. J. Lo only knows how to stun.

Billboard Music Awards
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It’s like, the block has changed a whole lot but Jenny just won’t quit. She stole the red carpet with not just her burgundy velvet jacket, snakeskin-patterned skirt and stiletto boots.

2. She actually wore a real $100 bill on her nails.

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We expected to see J.Lo do something extra for her performance of “Dinero” with DJ Khaled, and this was just right.

3. J.Lo walked onto the stage like this.

CREDIT: @jlo / Instagram

But then, girl wore black velvet gloves on stage! Those nails were just for her, not for the stage. #Queen

4. But eventually stripped down to this bejeweled body suit.

CREDIT: @fairytale.cabello.mendes.1d / Twitter

You cannot compete with Jenny from the Block. You just can’t. I really felt for everyone who had to grace that stage after her.

5. Demi Lovato went wild.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

I mean, at least the print on her dress really was wild. Demi was the poised, fierce presence as she ever is, and had an on-stage performance of her own…

6. With none other than Christina Aguilera!

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

The duo just released a music video together called, “Fall in Line,” and their message to the patriarchy was p a l p a b l e in their live performance.

7. Christina left her mark on the red carpet.

CREDIT: @xtina / Instagram

Redefining the meaning of feminine authority with a pinstripe suit cape, and stilettos that only a boss could manage.

8. And her rehearsal attire was just as epic.

CREDIT: @xtina / Instagram

She teased her fans the night before the show with this one and I’ll be wearing my french braids and big hoops for the rest of the week.

9. “Fall in Line” is my new feminist anthem.

CREDIT: @ddlevato / Twitter

Their live performance was surrounded by dancers dressed as soldiers who flanked each diva until they broke free and joined in a duet.

Warning: if you’re a bleeding heart Latino, you will cry.

10. Camila Cabello walked the carpet like she owned it.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Decked in Chopard and knowing exactly how impeccable she looks, she was kind enough to pose for some pics.

Pro tip: Google her and find all the normal dorky Camila gifs gracing the carpet.

11. Cabello & Pharrell performed the encore.

CREDIT: @BBMAs / Twitter

Her sultry voice and vampirish outfit change was the only way to close out the night. #POCFTW

12. Plus, you guys #Normila is back.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. People. 23 May 2018.

After two years of not speaking since Camila left Fifth Harmony, the two reunited for the very first time and all looks more than amicable…

13. They gave us this gold.

CREDIT: @Aryansa_Stark / Twitter

We know that this pose was meant to ship the other’s accomplishments, but it has become a treasure to The Internet.

14. Behold, the best meme we could dig up.

CREDIT: @mahfaveiswaifu / Twitter

So glad these two are back together at least. Where you at Third Harmony? Pray with me for a Fifth Harmony reunion, fam. 🙏

15. Luis Fonsi took home 5 awards for “Despacito.”

CREDIT: @AP_Espectaculos / Twitter

The song is the #1 Billboard award achieving Latin song in history!

Honestly, 2017 wouldn’t have been the same without “Despacito.”

16. Do you think he knew he’d be breaking a record when he walked the carpet?

CREDIT: “Luis Fonsi.” Digital Image. Vogue. 23 May 2018.

Fonsi has won many Latin Billboard awards, but he just went from 0 to 5 Billboard awards in one night, putting him as third most-winning Latin artist behind Shakira.

17. We applaud Hailey Baldwin’s red carpet look. 👏👏👏

CREDIT: @siroitoikiga @haileybaldwin / Twitter

This Brazilian model donned a gown from Alexandre Vauthier’s 2018 collection and golden Jimmy Choo’s to match everything she touches (get it? because it turns to gold?).

18. Z Lala didn’t disappoint this year.

CREDIT: @z_lala / Instagram

Esa Boricua is known for her wild hair/hat styles and ensuring that whatever she wears, it is a work of art worthy of museums. Don’t ask me how she got in the car that drove her there though.

19. Ozuna won Latin Artist of the Year!

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Billboard. 23 May 2018.

Which is a never been done feat in one year, given that he won the same award at the Latin Billboard Awards just last month. We leave you here to bask in the single album that has claimed his fame, Odisea.