20 Taurus Celebrities That Prove Los Toros Always Win

Here’s what we know about people born when the Sun is in Taurus:

  • Your birthday is between 4/20 and 5/20
  • They’re headstrong, down-to-earth, stable, and sensual.
  • They’re also stubborn, possessive, and have wicked tempers.

Meet the Taurus Latinos we love most, and you tell us which traits are because of zodiac and which are because #somosLatino.

1. Penélope Cruz

Taurus Celebrities
CREDIT: @penelopecruzoficial / Instagram

April 28, 1974- She’s beauty and she’s grace and, (let me help you do the math) she’s 44 years old. P.S.- Taurus’ are also known for being ambitious and sensual. Cruz proves you can be both.

2. George Lopez

CREDIT: @just_sweet_candy / Instagram

April 23, 1961- He’s 57 years young and his sharp Mexicano tongue just won’t quit. Taurus’ well known traits includes patience, but Lopez has run out for POTUS. His IG feed has all the jajas.

3. Miranda Cosgrove

CREDIT: @mirandacosgrove / Instagram

May 14, 1993- You know this mitad Mexicana from iCarly, where she was rumored to be the highest paid teenage actors at $180,000 p/episode. Classic ambitious taurus.

4. Jessica Alba

CREDIT: @jessicaalba / Instagram

April 28, 1981- Jessica Alba has played all kinds of roles, models for all kinds of brands, but, in a a very real Taurus way, has become an entrepreneur. She launched the company, Honest Company, which prioritizes social ethics and non-toxic products.

5. Enrique Iglesias

CREDIT: @enriqueiglesias / Instagram

May 8, 1976- A.K.A. the “King of Latin Pop,” Iglesias has sold over 170 million records, and essentially created the pop genre in Spanish-language music. His latest song “Move to Miami” ft Pitbull, must be about his latest residence in Miami. Increíble.

6. Prince Royce

CREDIT: @princeroyce / Instagram

May 11, 1989-Full name: Geoffrey Royce Rojas. Favorite food: donuts. Dominicano, talented, and giving us the gift of his Latin pop/R&B/bachata sounds.

7. Rosario Dawson

CREDIT: @rosariodawson / Instagram

May 9, 1979- Most of us remember obsessing with Rent star, and now, Jane the Virgin guest star Rosario Dawson. This year, she celebrated her 39th birthday in her birthday suit in protest of letting “gravity pull me down.” #TaurusAF

8. Danny Trejo

CREDIT: @officialdannytrejo / Instagram

May 16, 1944- I am shooketh that Danny Trejo is already 73 years old. Como un toro (and Rosario Dawson), he refuses to let age change his young spirit. Just a few years ago, he opened his own restaurant in Los Angeles! #Inspo

Plus, they celebrate together!

CREDIT: @officialdannytrejo2 / Instagram

Caption: “#TBT 2014 with the lovely @RosarioDawson! Happy Belated Birthday Mija! ????”

How cute is that?

9. Taoi Cruz

CREDIT: @taiocruz / Instagram

Cruz is most famous for his, “I came here to dance” 2009 single, “Dynamite.” His mom is Brazilian, but he was born and raised in England, and the Taurus really shines through with lyrics like, “I just want it all.”

10. Tito Puente

CREDIT: @eddiearanda9 / Instagram

April 20, 1923- When Tito Puente was just 7 years old, he was causing neighbors’ to file noise complaints because they could hear him banging on pots and pans. After his mom sent him for 25-cent piano lessons, the rest became history and Puerto Ricans everywhere call him “The Musical Pope.”

11. Farruko

CREDIT: @farrukoofficial / Instagram

May 2, 1991-Born as Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, you probably know him from his reggaeton hit Diles. He’s been working as a musician for many years before he got famous. Must be that stubborn Taurus work ethic that got him here. <3

12. Andrew Velasquez

CREDIT: @crowntheempire / Instagram

May 1, 1994- Andy is the lead vocalist for metalcore band “Crown the Empire”, and also plays some keyboard. He’s originally from Dallas, though his ancestry goes back to the Chibchas in Colombia.

13. Melanie Martinez

CREDIT: @softmel.mp4 / Instagram

April 28, 1995- Born in Queens, we know Melanie from Season 3 of The Voice. She’s Dominican and Puerto Rican and she’s got some creepy bangers.

14. Eddy Herrera

CREDIT: @periodycom / Twitter

April 30, 1964-Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, DR, Herrera left architecture school to work with Wilfrido Vargas, even though his mom protested. (Noticing a Taurus, headstrong pattern here? ja).  He is synonymous with Dominican merengue and has won more than seven Casandra Awards.

15. Gabriela Sabatini

CREDIT: @sabatinigaby / Instagram

You might recognize her as the Argentinian former professional tennis player in the ’90s. She won the women’s single US Open and doubles at Wimbledon. These days, she celebrates her birthdays between Buenos Aires and Boca Raton.

16. Felipe Massa

CREDIT: @MassaFelipe19 / Twitter

April 25, 1981- Born in São Paulo, Brazil, is a famous Formula One racing driver. You might be noticing a competitive trait in all these Taurus’? It’s as real as the Sun shines on them and their buena suerte.

17. Bianca Jagger

CREDIT: @biancajagger / Instagram

May 2, 1945-Born in Managua, Nicaragua as Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, she eventually traveled extensively in India before becoming an actress and involved with Mick Jagger. She has a daughter, Jade, with him.

18. Kaka, AKA Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite

CREDIT: @kaka / Instagram

April 22, 1982- born in Gama, Brazil, Kaka began playing for the Brazilian national team in 2002 before playing for Real Madrid until 2013. Plus, his younger brother is also a professional soccer player. It’s gotta be the genes.

19. Raul Jimenez

CREDIT: @raulalonsojimenez9 / Instagram

May 5, 1991- Born in Tepeji, Mexico, Jimenez has been playing for the Mexican national team since 2013. He also jumps really high.

20. Jonathan dos Santos

CREDIT: @jona2santos / Instagram

April 26, 1990- Born in Monterrey, this hottie is a midfielder whose been playing professionally since he was just 12yo. The stars really aligned for his family, because two of his brothers are also professional players.

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This Is The New Year’s Resolution For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


This Is The New Year’s Resolution For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Carol Yepes / Getty Images

The new year is the perfect time to set goals, make changes, and have a fresh start, but it can also be hard to figure out where to begin. Plus, 2021 isn’t just any new year – I mean take a look back at 2020, we have so much to turn the page from.

Well, one helpful place to start is to look to the stars. Based on their characteristics, every Zodiac sign has a potential goal they can work toward in 2021, despite whatever obstacles may be coming their way. Keep reading to find out about your sign’s resolutions, and cheers to a new year!



As one of the most restless signs, Aries are enthusiastic and can have a hard time sitting still. Lean into that need for stimulation and make a goal this year to find a new hobby — maybe playing a sport or learning an instrument — and see it all the way through to perfecting it. With Aries impatience, this may be difficult, but it’ll be worth the satisfaction when you accomplish it.



While you’re extremely strong and committed, this often can lead to stubbornness. In 2021, pick your battles. While your passion is admirable, sometimes compromise is necessary. Alleviate some stress by figuring out what is worth fighting for and what could be easily settled with mutual understanding.



A Gemini is known to be passionate but indecisive, and you tend to divide your focus among the variety of tasks you want to accomplish. This year, go easy on yourself! There’s no need to take on too many projects at once and get overwhelmed. Harness that passion towards something you really want, and work on that first.



People often rely on their Cancer friends for help with a problem since Cancers are incredibly empathetic. In 2021, don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself. It’s great that you love being there for others, but let others be there for you too every once in a while.



Leos have amazing confidence and bring a powerful presence to any room. In the new year, use that Leo energy toward a cause you feel passionate about. Plus, after the debacle of 2020, it would be a great time to get involved in your community and use your strong voice to make a change you’d like to see.



Virgos are incredibly organized and responsible, which are wonderful traits to have. But in 2021, in between scheduling and making to-do lists, remember to set aside at least a little bit of time each day to relax. It might be a challenge, but try not to sweat the small stuff, and instead put that energy toward some well-deserved self-care.



As a Libra, you’re constantly seeking balance, but you hate change and are prone to analysis paralysis. To help with that Libran indecision, get into the habit of making pros and cons lists. It’s a great way to put your natural skills in logic to good use, and can help you feel more confident about your choices.



As one of the most emotional signs, you can sometimes let your feelings get the best of you in the forms of jealousy and secrecy. In the new year, make sure your friends and family know that you care about them. Whether it’s a trip, a gift, or quality time, go out of your way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.



Being the most adventurous sign, a Sagittarius longs for freedom and exploration. Feed that restlessness by taking a trip this year to somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe it’s somewhere on another continent, or maybe it’s just the next town over, but find a place you’ve always wanted to check out to satisfy your constant wanderlust.



Capricorns are disciplined and responsible, which makes you among the most reliable signs. In 2021, feel free to try something spontaneous! The best memories can be made from something unplanned, which might sound crazy to you. But if the opportunity to seize the moment presents itself, take it and you won’t regret it.


New Year’s Resolution

While you love helping others, you rarely express your own emotions. This year, try to open up a little by keeping a journal. Jotting down some thoughts from time to time could be cathartic for the feelings you tend to keep to yourself, and might be the first step in having an easier time relaying your emotions to others.


New Year’s Resolution

The last New Year’s Resolution is for Pisces, They are among the most artistic signs. Is there an art project you’ve always dreamed of working on — maybe a painting, a short film, or an album? Make 2021 the year you make that dream a reality. You can tend to have your head in the clouds, but why not bring your fantasies to life through your art?

What do you think? Do you already have your resolutions all figured out for 2021?

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Maluma And J Balvin React To The Loss Of Armando Manzanero, Who Lost His Battle Against COVID-19


Maluma And J Balvin React To The Loss Of Armando Manzanero, Who Lost His Battle Against COVID-19

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

As if 2020 and Coronavirus haven’t taken enough from us, just days before we usher in a new year, the world is forced to say goodbye to Armando Manzanero.

The famed Mexican-Mayan artist lost his battle against COVID-19 and as news of his death began to circulate, reactions from stars all around the world have started to pour in.

Manzanero died like so many in 2020 – fighting the dangerous Coronavirus.

One of Mexico’s most iconic and beloved artists has passed at the age of 85 from complications related to COVID-19. Armando Manzanero had tested positive for the virus on December 17 and put into critical care just a few days later.

The Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM), of which Manzanero was president, announced his death, saying: “The romantic soul of Mexico and the world is in mourning.”

His family told Mexican newspaper El Universal that he was set to be extubated in the coming days, after his lung health had improved, but he then died by cardiac arrest.

Maluma took to social media to share his sadness over the immense loss.

Losing a man who is considered a symbol of Latin American music has left many artists shocked and in mourning. Reactions and memories from around the world quickly poured in to remember the man who helped put his country and culture on the global map.

Maluma shared to Instagram an emotional post, where he expressed his sadness for the departure of maestro Manzanero, “💔😭 RIP MASTER,” the post reads.

In the description, Maluma said “one of my greatest inspirations” had died but that he’d forever treasure the memory of having met Manzanero. The video shows when Maluma, visibly moved, meets Armando Manzanero for the first time. “A pleasure to meet you,” says the reggaetonero; Immediately afterwards, the Mexican singer hugs him while patting him on the back.

J Balvin also shared his condolences while also condemning COVID-19.

Another of the many celebs who showed their sadness over the death of the star was J Balvin. In his Instagram stories, Balvin posted a photo of Manzanero and wrote “Rest in peace, Armando Manzanero.” In addition, he wrote what so many of us are feeling after such a devastating year: “FUCK COVID.”

And Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, addressed Manzanero’s death during a press conference, per CNN. “Armando Manzanero was a sensitive man, a man of the people. That’s why I lament his death,” he said. “He was also a great composer.”

Manzanero was a famed Mexican-Mayan artist who helped bring visibility to his culture and community.

Credit: Medios Y Media / Getty Images

Manzanero was a romantic crooner who was often covered by artists from around the world. In fact, many of his tracks were translated into English and performed byartists including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Perry Como, and he was awarded a lifetime achievement Grammy in 2014.

He has since written more than 400 songs and released more than 30 albums, including nine since 2001, as Manzanero collaborated with a younger generation of Spanish-language romantic pop singers such as Alejandro Sanz, Luis Miguel and Lucero.

Manzanero’s impact on Latin music, especially romantic “bolero” songs, was widely recognized during his lifetime. He received Lifetime Achievement Awards from both the Latin Grammys in 2010 and the Grammys in 2014. Earlier this year, the Billboard Latin Music Awards recognized him with a Lifetime Achievement Award, with musicians including Luis Fonsi and Pablo Alborán performing a medley of hits as Manzanero accompanied on piano.

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