20 Taurus Celebrities That Prove Los Toros Always Win

Here’s what we know about people born when the Sun is in Taurus:

  • Your birthday is between 4/20 and 5/20
  • They’re headstrong, down-to-earth, stable, and sensual.
  • They’re also stubborn, possessive, and have wicked tempers.

Meet the Taurus Latinos we love most, and you tell us which traits are because of zodiac and which are because #somosLatino.

1. Penélope Cruz

Taurus Celebrities
CREDIT: @penelopecruzoficial / Instagram

April 28, 1974- She’s beauty and she’s grace and, (let me help you do the math) she’s 44 years old. P.S.- Taurus’ are also known for being ambitious and sensual. Cruz proves you can be both.

2. George Lopez

CREDIT: @just_sweet_candy / Instagram

April 23, 1961- He’s 57 years young and his sharp Mexicano tongue just won’t quit. Taurus’ well known traits includes patience, but Lopez has run out for POTUS. His IG feed has all the jajas.

3. Miranda Cosgrove

CREDIT: @mirandacosgrove / Instagram

May 14, 1993- You know this mitad Mexicana from iCarly, where she was rumored to be the highest paid teenage actors at $180,000 p/episode. Classic ambitious taurus.

4. Jessica Alba

CREDIT: @jessicaalba / Instagram

April 28, 1981- Jessica Alba has played all kinds of roles, models for all kinds of brands, but, in a a very real Taurus way, has become an entrepreneur. She launched the company, Honest Company, which prioritizes social ethics and non-toxic products.

5. Enrique Iglesias

CREDIT: @enriqueiglesias / Instagram

May 8, 1976- A.K.A. the “King of Latin Pop,” Iglesias has sold over 170 million records, and essentially created the pop genre in Spanish-language music. His latest song “Move to Miami” ft Pitbull, must be about his latest residence in Miami. Increíble.

6. Prince Royce

CREDIT: @princeroyce / Instagram

May 11, 1989-Full name: Geoffrey Royce Rojas. Favorite food: donuts. Dominicano, talented, and giving us the gift of his Latin pop/R&B/bachata sounds.

7. Rosario Dawson

CREDIT: @rosariodawson / Instagram

May 9, 1979- Most of us remember obsessing with Rent star, and now, Jane the Virgin guest star Rosario Dawson. This year, she celebrated her 39th birthday in her birthday suit in protest of letting “gravity pull me down.” #TaurusAF

8. Danny Trejo

CREDIT: @officialdannytrejo / Instagram

May 16, 1944- I am shooketh that Danny Trejo is already 73 years old. Como un toro (and Rosario Dawson), he refuses to let age change his young spirit. Just a few years ago, he opened his own restaurant in Los Angeles! #Inspo

Plus, they celebrate together!

CREDIT: @officialdannytrejo2 / Instagram

Caption: “#TBT 2014 with the lovely @RosarioDawson! Happy Belated Birthday Mija! ????”

How cute is that?

9. Taoi Cruz

CREDIT: @taiocruz / Instagram

Cruz is most famous for his, “I came here to dance” 2009 single, “Dynamite.” His mom is Brazilian, but he was born and raised in England, and the Taurus really shines through with lyrics like, “I just want it all.”

10. Tito Puente

CREDIT: @eddiearanda9 / Instagram

April 20, 1923- When Tito Puente was just 7 years old, he was causing neighbors’ to file noise complaints because they could hear him banging on pots and pans. After his mom sent him for 25-cent piano lessons, the rest became history and Puerto Ricans everywhere call him “The Musical Pope.”

11. Farruko

CREDIT: @farrukoofficial / Instagram

May 2, 1991-Born as Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, you probably know him from his reggaeton hit Diles. He’s been working as a musician for many years before he got famous. Must be that stubborn Taurus work ethic that got him here. <3

12. Andrew Velasquez

CREDIT: @crowntheempire / Instagram

May 1, 1994- Andy is the lead vocalist for metalcore band “Crown the Empire”, and also plays some keyboard. He’s originally from Dallas, though his ancestry goes back to the Chibchas in Colombia.

13. Melanie Martinez

CREDIT: @softmel.mp4 / Instagram

April 28, 1995- Born in Queens, we know Melanie from Season 3 of The Voice. She’s Dominican and Puerto Rican and she’s got some creepy bangers.

14. Eddy Herrera

CREDIT: @periodycom / Twitter

April 30, 1964-Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, DR, Herrera left architecture school to work with Wilfrido Vargas, even though his mom protested. (Noticing a Taurus, headstrong pattern here? ja).  He is synonymous with Dominican merengue and has won more than seven Casandra Awards.

15. Gabriela Sabatini

CREDIT: @sabatinigaby / Instagram

You might recognize her as the Argentinian former professional tennis player in the ’90s. She won the women’s single US Open and doubles at Wimbledon. These days, she celebrates her birthdays between Buenos Aires and Boca Raton.

16. Felipe Massa

CREDIT: @MassaFelipe19 / Twitter

April 25, 1981- Born in São Paulo, Brazil, is a famous Formula One racing driver. You might be noticing a competitive trait in all these Taurus’? It’s as real as the Sun shines on them and their buena suerte.

17. Bianca Jagger

CREDIT: @biancajagger / Instagram

May 2, 1945-Born in Managua, Nicaragua as Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, she eventually traveled extensively in India before becoming an actress and involved with Mick Jagger. She has a daughter, Jade, with him.

18. Kaka, AKA Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite

CREDIT: @kaka / Instagram

April 22, 1982- born in Gama, Brazil, Kaka began playing for the Brazilian national team in 2002 before playing for Real Madrid until 2013. Plus, his younger brother is also a professional soccer player. It’s gotta be the genes.

19. Raul Jimenez

CREDIT: @raulalonsojimenez9 / Instagram

May 5, 1991- Born in Tepeji, Mexico, Jimenez has been playing for the Mexican national team since 2013. He also jumps really high.

20. Jonathan dos Santos

CREDIT: @jona2santos / Instagram

April 26, 1990- Born in Monterrey, this hottie is a midfielder whose been playing professionally since he was just 12yo. The stars really aligned for his family, because two of his brothers are also professional players.

A Growing Number Of Celebs Have Tested Positive For Covid-19, Reminding Us All We’re Still In The Middle Of A Pandemic


A Growing Number Of Celebs Have Tested Positive For Covid-19, Reminding Us All We’re Still In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Matt Winklemeyer / Getty Images

As beaches, restaurants, and even bars and clubs started to reopen, it was easy to forget that we are still in the midst of a global health crisis – one that continues to hit the Latino community, in particular, very hard. And stars, they really are just like us. Celebrities are also at risk of contracting Covid-19 and over the last few days we’ve learned that several of Latin music’s biggest stars have in fact been infected with the virus.

The news comes just as states like Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas set new records with sky high infection rates. It’s an important reminder that nobody is immune to this pandemic and that we all need to do our part to keep our communities safe.

Several major Latin music stars have recently announced they’ve tested positive for Covid-19.

As if a reminder that stars, they’re just like us, several of Latin music’s biggest celebrities have announced that they’ve tested positive for Covid-19. Karol G, Prince Royce, and Chiquita Rivera have all shared their positive diagnosis for the virus and are urging fans to stay home and use masks when they have to go out.

Karol G took to Instagram Live to share the news of her infection with her fans.

During an Instagram live watched by more than 100,000, the “Tusa” singer said that she tested positive two or three weeks ago but had not made it public so her parents wouldn’t worry. “First of all, thank you to all the people that have reached out to me. I hadn’t said anything because my parents are far away and I didn’t want them to worry about me,” she says.

“Because my new single was coming out, I didn’t want coronavirus to be the news. Now that the news is out, my parents are very nervous and if it was under any other circumstance, they’d be here by my side.”

Karol G went on to say that she is feeling well compared to others who have been diagnosed positive. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago with her friend and sister, and decided to isolate away from Anuel, who she confirmed tested negative. “I feel well. Today, I got another test and hoping this one will be negative.”

Chiquita Rivera also announced that her and her husband have also tested positive for the virus.

Just last week, Mexican-American singer Chiquis Rivera, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, revealed she and her husband Lorenzo Méndez tested positive for COVID-19. Also in an Instagram video, Rivera said “We’re contagious so we have to be responsible and we are going to quarantine.”

And Dominican Prince Royce announced he too had contracted Covid-19.

Prince Royce was one of the first celebrities to reveal his diagnosis. he shared he had tested positive for the virus shortly before the 4th of July holiday weekend and urged people to take precautions and be safe – for themselves and others.

In an Instagram video, he shared that he had gone out to restaurants since things had started to open up. He added: “Well, Florida hasn’t been so bad, and New York is the one with the problem. I fell for that and I think many people can fall for that and will fall for that. Don’t be selfish and make the same mistakes that I probably did.”

He urged his fans to do the responsible thing and stay at home.

“I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and I am on day number 12 since my symptoms began,” he wrote on Instagram. “My case has been mild and I am feeling well. I share this with you today to ask you please not let down your guard — this virus is very real and we can have it and spread it without even knowing. I didn’t think I had it as I didn’t feel that bad and had I not gotten tested I would be spreading it to others.”

His caption also added, “For younger people, this is more than just about taking care of ourselves, it is about taking care of others, older people and those with compromised immune systems. Please let’s take this seriously and act responsibly and with compassion. Let’s all take care of each other.”

Their infections come as the virus is raging out of control across the country.

New records are being set everyday across the United States, as severe all states see the virus rage out of control. For the first time ever in the U.S., Florida saw more than 15,000 new cases in just one day. Meanwhile, in Arizona – the per capita infection rate is higher than it was at the peak of New York’s battle against the virus.

As of July 15, the U.S. has 3.48 million confirmed cases and almost 140,000 deaths due to Covid-19 infection. Those numbers are expected to continue to climb as many Americans refuse to follow simple preventive measures, including wearing a mask and staying at home.

Fans Are Worried After Bad Bunny Was Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery


Fans Are Worried After Bad Bunny Was Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery

Victor Chavez / Getty Images

The year 2020 just won’t stop. Now it’s trying to come for San Benito – and his stans aren’t having any of it. In the same week that we find out Naya Rivera went missing (her remains have since been recovered) and a once cherished brand, Goya Foods, is now under a full scale boycott for heaping praise on Donald Trump, we find out that Bad Bunny went into emergency surgery over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Bad Bunny was rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery.

According to El Heraldo de México, the El Conejo Malo was hospitalized on Friday for an emergency operation due to severe appendicitis. The paper reported that the star was admitted to the Doctors Center in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan.

According to the outlet, he will need to stay in the hospital for another four or five days to recover from his emergency surgery, which was reportedly performed within the first hours of his admission to the hospital.

Bad Bunny’s publicist confirmed to Telemundo that “Bad Bunny had an emergency appendicitis surgery yesterday. This is why he was taken into the hospital. He’s doing well and is currently recovering at the hospital.” The publicist told Telemundo that the singer is expected to recover and be fine.

The reggaetónero hasn’t posted on social media since mid-May, making it all the more difficult for fans to piece together the events that led to his hospital admission. Once news broke that he had been admitted to the hospital, rumors started to fly that the “Yo Perreo Sola” singer had contracted the COVID-19 virus. Although appendicitis is no fun and a very serious matter, fans were thankful it wasn’t Coronavirus.

Just last week, San Benito was making history on the cover of Playboy.

Credit: SKILLZ / Playboy

Bad Bunny’s hospitalization comes just days after he graced the cover of Playboy magazine in all his glory – making history in the process. He was the first ever man (aside from magazine founder Hugh Hefner) to land the cover unaccompanied.

Fans were eating it up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… perfection!” one fan wrote about his Playboy appearance, while another emphasized the magazine spread and accompanying interview were “everything I need.”

The collective reaction on Twitter was one of shock and disappointment.

As if 2020 – hell, even the past week – couldn’t get more intense, Bad Unny had to be hospitalized. Many just can’t comprehend the epic disaster that is 2020. One person on Twitter summed up the last few days succinctly saying: “Naya Rivera is missing. Tiktok is possibly being banned. A Trump supporter disrespectfully put a MAGA hat on Selena’s statue. Goya’s cancelled. Bad Bunny is at the hospital. All in one day. WE GET IT 2020 YOU’RE CHAOTIC AS HELL. STOP DOING THIS TO US.”

But fans from across the world are sending Bad Bunny good vibras.

Twitter erupted with messages of love and support for San Benito.

“Where do I sign up to give a limb, lung whatever he needs bruh,” one devoted fan wrote on the platform upon learning of the star’s health condition.

“Bad Bunny in the f–king hospital,” another lamented, adding that “2020 can’t get any worse.”

“If he goes, I go!” wrote another of Bad Bunny’s ride-or-dies, though we are here to inform that no one has to go anywhere since it appears the singer is in recovery, and should be heading back out and about into the world in a matter of days. 

Get well soon Bad Bunny!