Soccer Fans Across The Internet Are Showing Their Immense Pride After Witnessing Mexico’s Win Against Germany On Sunday

On Sunday, June 16, Mexico played against Germany in their first World Cup match. And to be honest, many Mexico fans were nervous about this match because they thought Germany would dominate and take the win. However, the tables turned and Mexico won the match 1-0, which left fans emotionally overwhelmed.

Here are just a few photos that show the immense joy fans felt after Mexico’s victory.

One of the very first celebrations that went viral across the internet was the one of Javier Hernández aka Chicharito.

CREDIT: @defzilla / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

As soon as the referee blew the whistle indicating the end of the game, Chicharito couldn’t help but break down in tears. Even though he did not score any goals in the match against Germany, as the well-known striker that he is, he still appreciated their well-earned victory.

With a black and white sombrero on his head, internet sensation Juanpa Zurita also showed his pride and excitement about Mexico’s victory.

CREDIT: @eljuanpazurita / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

In an Instagram post, Zurita shared, “Wow! Para todas las personas que decían que Mexico no iba a ganar, pues aquí lo tienen. Un esfuerzo, amor y pasión de un gran equipo poniendo todo en la cancha y una prueba de que con trabajo y dedicación todo se puede!”

Actor and director Edward James Olmos was also caught in the midst of his exciting celebration.

CREDIT: @losaltos_foods / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Olmos celebrated with his friends and family, and as you can tell by his reaction in the photo, he was overwhelmed with so much joy.

Actor Gael García Bernal joined in on the fun as well and shared an image of him wearing Mexico’s jersey above his head.

CREDIT: @gaelgarciab / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Along with this image, Bernal said, “Locos: lo hicieron y nos lo dedican. Qué felicidad. Qué triunfo suave pa nuestro país. Contra el campeón del mundo. Arre. ¡Ay, felicidad!”

Mexican actress and singer Paulina Rubio, showed her pride by waving Mexico’s flag high up in the air.

CREDIT: @paulinarubio / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Along with this picture, Rubio said, “Verde blanco y rojo pintan mi corazón Mexico Mexico.”

Similar to Chicharito, so many Mexico fans were undergoing an emotional rollercoaster.

CREDIT: @oldmancolin313 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This was all of my tíos during and after the game. Lol

All the way out in Russia, Mexico fans stood loud and proud in front of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

CREDIT: @culturecolectiva / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This dress coordination is on point. 👌🏽

This group of guys dressed up as Frida Kahlo as they celebrated Mexico’s win.

CREDIT: @diegocastrod / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Those flower crowns are everything.

Overall, not one Mexico fan could hold in their excitement.

CREDIT: @heraldng / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

What made this moment so much more exciting is that a lot of people doubted Mexico’s win and predicted that they would lose against Germany.

From adults, to newborn babies, everyone celebrated this victory.

CREDIT: @my.life.with.triplets / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018


As a fun joke, some people dressed their German Shepherds in Mexican jerseys.

CREDIT: @cisnerosjose_me / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Such a beautiful portrait. Lol

Other dogs struck a more presidential pose.

CREDIT: @nagila_habibi / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Lmao. This is perfect.

Overall, every dog was rocking their Mexico jersey.

CREDIT: @benny_jerry_nyc / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

If you don’t think this is cute, we can’t be friends.

All types of little dogs were serving looks.

CREDIT: @pal_perritomid / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This dog looks better in the jersey than I did.

As some people would describe their excitement, Mexico’s win was cause for “puro desmadre.” In other words, it was time to party it up.

CREDIT: @rubenchargoy / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

I wish I was that guy.

Huge crowds of fans gathered together in Russia.

CREDIT: @eunigra / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Check out the guy in the center dressed as El Chapulín Colorado.

Amongst these crowds, there was lots of green, white and red sombreros.

CREDIT: @onthevolleyapparel / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

So much pride and spirit. ❤️🇲🇽

In addition to sombreros, fans also wore luchador masks.

CREDIT: @jlo_basilio / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This is so cool.

As you can tell by the look of these people’s faces, fans were thrilled about their team’s win.

CREDIT: @h_d_travel / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Such a beautiful candid shot.

All throughout the soccer stadium in Russia, you could spot a ton of Mexican pride.

CREDIT: @jlfontv / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This is amazing.

Not only did people wear their jerseys to celebrate, they also created badass makeup looks.

CREDIT: @nancyvg101 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

These makeup skills are on another level.

Ultimately, Mexico fans couldn’t be happier about this first amazing victory.

CREDIT: @chelso6 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This was my exact reaction after Mexico scored.

And now, fans are anxiously waiting for the next match on Saturday.

CREDIT: @tamarindo468 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Fingers crossed that Mexico puts on another strong performance.

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Some People Are Blaming The Actions Of The Women At Mexico City’s March For The Attack On A Reporter

Things That Matter

Some People Are Blaming The Actions Of The Women At Mexico City’s March For The Attack On A Reporter

@adn40 / Twitter

Hundreds of women in Mexico took to the streets to demand justice after two teenage girls reported being raped by police officers. The protests filled Mexico City and women were not going to silent as they demanded justice. One reporter covering the protest was attacked on camera and the blame game is in full force as people try to find out who started it.

ADN40 reporter Juan Manuel Jiménez was covering the anti-rape protest in Mexico City when he was attacked by a random man.

Credit: @adn40 / Twitter

The video shows Jiménez reporting from the protest as protest participants threw glitter and other items at the reporter. The entire time, Jiménez mentioned that the women were angry at the injustice women face against Mexican police. When he mentioned going to another location to continue his reporting, that’s when a man walked behind in and sucker-punched him.

The man had spent time standing next to the reporter and was caught on camera, despite him trying to hide his face later.

Credit: @v_altamirano / Twitter

“This idiot el the coward,” tweeted @v_altamirano. “@juanmapregunta I hope they find him @SSP_CDMA @PGFJD_CDMX have his FIRST and LAST name.”

The man was seen standing near the reporter for some time as Jiménez was talking to the camera. Then, he retreated into the crowd and started talking to two people that were marching. After speaking with the two people, the attacker made his way back to the reporter and attacked him from behind.

The footage has angered people who are tired of the violence in Mexico and see the attack as lessening the protest.

Credit: dianamoon0506 / Twitter

“I am a mother, sister, and daughter and I do not approve this display, NO TO VIOLENCE,” tweeted @dianamoon0506. “The women started the violence. We will never advance humanity like this. All of my support to @juanmapregunta.”

Some women said the feminists marching defended the reporter and that it was a random man who attacked Jiménez.

Credit: @mickeydobbss / Twitter

After Jiménez was knocked to the ground, the video shows women cornering the attacker and attempting to detain the man. The man pushed the women off and ran into the crowd to get away from those pursuing him.

A lot of people are blaming the women who first started to attack Jiménez for creating the atmosphere.

Credit: @Omar_ca_P / Twitter

“They didn’t defend anyone, those who did ‘attack’ the aggressor and scream ‘it was him’ because they knew that this kind of thing damages their image and they want to distance themselves from blame,” tweeted @Omar_ca_P. “They too attacked the reporter, not with punches but they attacked.”

Another video posted showed some of the protesters stopping to care for Jiménez after he was knocked to the ground.

The people caring for Jiménez helped him wake up and are shown in the video caring for him. This all happened after he was knocked to the ground and the attacker ran away.

You can watch the full video below.

What do you think about the attack and the blame game happening with the march?

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Puerto Vallarta Has Long Been An LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Destination And Here’s Why


Puerto Vallarta Has Long Been An LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Destination And Here’s Why

ThatGayGringo / Instagram

Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite Mexican tourist destinations of the LGBT community. There are hotels, bars, nightclubs, beaches, and even drinks specifically for LGBT travelers, and due to the safety and welcoming environment for these guests, it is the first city in Mexico to receive the Gay Travel Approved distinction by GayTravel.com.

But why PV? What made Vallarta Mexico’s top gay destination?

Let’s start back at the beginning.

Credit: thatgaygringo / Instagram

In the south of Puerto Vallarta you will find the “Old Town,” also called “The Romantic Zone,” the tourist area favored by expats and foreigners who want to soak up local traditions. The Old Puerto Vallarta is also considered the gay neighborhood since 1980, when the gay community and retired Canadians and Americans bought land and properties in order to create gay-friendly businesses. Today there’s a wide variety of attractions with this focus, including bars, restaurants, stores, nightclubs, and both budget and boutique hotels.

In this zone is nestled the popular beach Playa de los Muertos, which, although not exclusively gay, for the last 20 years has been known as a gay-friendly beach (also called Blue Chairs, because of the many blue chairs placed by a gay resort which bears the same name), mainly in the high season, from November to March.

Why is this pristine beach the LBGT meeting point? Because the gay-friendly beachfront hotels in the area causes—and guarantees—a concentration of LGBT tourists, bringing a multicultural ambience where members of this community will be respected without discrimination. In the morning they can socialize and enjoy the party atmosphere, and in the afternoon walk holding hands under the dazzling sunset, in a romantic atmosphere free of hostility. Such is the high demand for LGBT-friendly vacation spots that the area has been extended to include the green chairs and as far as the north coast, in the elegant Oceano Sapphire Beach Club, owned by gays.

But it’s about more than just the beach.

Credit: David Stanley / Flickr

Unlike certain countries, laws against homosexuality never existed in Mexico. There is, however, a strong macho culture and religious influence which disapproves it—nonetheless the locals show respect. Under these circumstances, the growing community has led LGBT organizations to work to promote a change of culture in the pursuit of equality. Their work has gotten results: they have achieved recognition of gay rights, and implemented laws against the provocation and incitement of hate or violence against LGBTs, and also to guarantee equality in employment and public accomodation and services. Even more, in 2013 Puerto Vallarta legalized civil union between LGBT couples, followed by same-sex marriage in 2016.

This city organized its first Gay Pride March, and has hosted the Pink & Proud Women’s Party—the equivalent lesbian celebration—for the last four years, with assistance from the local Canadian and American communities. The multiple events in support of the LGBT community have marked out Puerto Vallarta as the “Mexican San Francisco.”

Now, there’s a giant and flourishing LGBTQ tourism industry that welcomes people from around the world.

Credit: Kristopher Roller / Unsplash

For the last 10 years, the number of LGBT visitors has increased in Puerto Vallarta and Jalisco, and in order to meet demand, the number of LGBT-friendly resorts and touristic attractions has also increased. Now three of every 10 hotels in Puerto Vallarta are LGBT-friendly, and most also offer weddings and other symbolic ceremonies.

Bars, nightclubs and other amenities are already focused on this market, and there are also tours—like the Gay VIP Bars Tour—and even drinks—like the Gay Tequila and the Gay Energy Drink—to make these guests feel extra welcome. As a result, Puerto Vallarta now hosts International LGBT Business Expos, with important conferences and events, including fashions shows, beach parties and music festivals to celebrate this booming market.

Puerto Vallarta remains the gateway to Mexico for many LGBTQ travelers.

Credit: kwhigam / Flickr

Some other cities have recognized the demand, and are now attempting to attract LGBT tourism to their destinations. Puerto Vallarta is not letting it happen: diverse businesses—no matter the sexual preference—are joining forces to create organizations to promote this targeted brand of tourism. The market gives consumers what they want, and they have identified this growing target and will not let it go.

Beyond the marketing, Puerto Vallarta became a platform to support gay rights, and the LGBT community knows it and feels welcome here. What really keeps the LGBT community hitting Puerto Vallarta is the activism, respect, and freedom they find in this beautiful paradise.

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