Soccer Fans Across The Internet Are Showing Their Immense Pride After Witnessing Mexico’s Win Against Germany On Sunday

On Sunday, June 16, Mexico played against Germany in their first World Cup match. And to be honest, many Mexico fans were nervous about this match because they thought Germany would dominate and take the win. However, the tables turned and Mexico won the match 1-0, which left fans emotionally overwhelmed.

Here are just a few photos that show the immense joy fans felt after Mexico’s victory.

One of the very first celebrations that went viral across the internet was the one of Javier Hernández aka Chicharito.

CREDIT: @defzilla / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

As soon as the referee blew the whistle indicating the end of the game, Chicharito couldn’t help but break down in tears. Even though he did not score any goals in the match against Germany, as the well-known striker that he is, he still appreciated their well-earned victory.

With a black and white sombrero on his head, internet sensation Juanpa Zurita also showed his pride and excitement about Mexico’s victory.

CREDIT: @eljuanpazurita / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

In an Instagram post, Zurita shared, “Wow! Para todas las personas que decían que Mexico no iba a ganar, pues aquí lo tienen. Un esfuerzo, amor y pasión de un gran equipo poniendo todo en la cancha y una prueba de que con trabajo y dedicación todo se puede!”

Actor and director Edward James Olmos was also caught in the midst of his exciting celebration.

CREDIT: @losaltos_foods / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Olmos celebrated with his friends and family, and as you can tell by his reaction in the photo, he was overwhelmed with so much joy.

Actor Gael García Bernal joined in on the fun as well and shared an image of him wearing Mexico’s jersey above his head.

CREDIT: @gaelgarciab / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Along with this image, Bernal said, “Locos: lo hicieron y nos lo dedican. Qué felicidad. Qué triunfo suave pa nuestro país. Contra el campeón del mundo. Arre. ¡Ay, felicidad!”

Mexican actress and singer Paulina Rubio, showed her pride by waving Mexico’s flag high up in the air.

CREDIT: @paulinarubio / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Along with this picture, Rubio said, “Verde blanco y rojo pintan mi corazón Mexico Mexico.”

Similar to Chicharito, so many Mexico fans were undergoing an emotional rollercoaster.

CREDIT: @oldmancolin313 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This was all of my tíos during and after the game. Lol

All the way out in Russia, Mexico fans stood loud and proud in front of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

CREDIT: @culturecolectiva / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This dress coordination is on point. ????????

This group of guys dressed up as Frida Kahlo as they celebrated Mexico’s win.

CREDIT: @diegocastrod / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Those flower crowns are everything.

Overall, not one Mexico fan could hold in their excitement.

CREDIT: @heraldng / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

What made this moment so much more exciting is that a lot of people doubted Mexico’s win and predicted that they would lose against Germany.

From adults, to newborn babies, everyone celebrated this victory.

CREDIT: @my.life.with.triplets / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018


As a fun joke, some people dressed their German Shepherds in Mexican jerseys.

CREDIT: @cisnerosjose_me / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Such a beautiful portrait. Lol

Other dogs struck a more presidential pose.

CREDIT: @nagila_habibi / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Lmao. This is perfect.

Overall, every dog was rocking their Mexico jersey.

CREDIT: @benny_jerry_nyc / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

If you don’t think this is cute, we can’t be friends.

All types of little dogs were serving looks.

CREDIT: @pal_perritomid / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This dog looks better in the jersey than I did.

As some people would describe their excitement, Mexico’s win was cause for “puro desmadre.” In other words, it was time to party it up.

CREDIT: @rubenchargoy / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

I wish I was that guy.

Huge crowds of fans gathered together in Russia.

CREDIT: @eunigra / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Check out the guy in the center dressed as El Chapulín Colorado.

Amongst these crowds, there was lots of green, white and red sombreros.

CREDIT: @onthevolleyapparel / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

So much pride and spirit. ❤️????????

In addition to sombreros, fans also wore luchador masks.

CREDIT: @jlo_basilio / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This is so cool.

As you can tell by the look of these people’s faces, fans were thrilled about their team’s win.

CREDIT: @h_d_travel / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Such a beautiful candid shot.

All throughout the soccer stadium in Russia, you could spot a ton of Mexican pride.

CREDIT: @jlfontv / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This is amazing.

Not only did people wear their jerseys to celebrate, they also created badass makeup looks.

CREDIT: @nancyvg101 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

These makeup skills are on another level.

Ultimately, Mexico fans couldn’t be happier about this first amazing victory.

CREDIT: @chelso6 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

This was my exact reaction after Mexico scored.

And now, fans are anxiously waiting for the next match on Saturday.

CREDIT: @tamarindo468 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 18, 2018

Fingers crossed that Mexico puts on another strong performance.

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MLS Players Test Positive As Teams Travel To Florida To Start Tournament


MLS Players Test Positive As Teams Travel To Florida To Start Tournament

Patrick Smith / Getty Images

The numbers are startling. The number of COVID-19 infections in the U.S. is skyrocketing and breaking records for the number of infections almost daily. One of the hardest-hit states in Florida and the MLS is determined to bring their season back using Florida as their meeting ground.

MLS athletes and staff members are testing positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Florida.

Major League Soccer is one of the first sports to attempt to restart its season. Fans were excited about the decision to restart the sport and MLS officials set their sights on the Walt Disney World Resort. Teams were flown down to Orlando to create a bubble to restart the sport as safely as possible.

Florida is experiencing one of the most severe spikes in cases in the country and the MLS is not immune to the spread.

Florida recently reported more than 10,000 cases July 1, a record for the state, and within 1,000 infections from the nation’s record set in New York. Orange County, which is home to Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort, is facing one of the most devastating outbreaks in the state.

There is a lot of chatter about whether or not is possible for this bubble idea to work.

“So far, most guys have been sticking to their rooms, playing video games, FIFA and 2K. We’ve had the opportunity share meals together, which was nice because I haven’t eaten in a group in a long time,” San Jose defender Tommy Thompson told Tampa Bay Times. “It felt great to be back on the field. When we all got on that bus together and started to train with contact, it felt really good.”

Fans are questioning if this idea is going to work.

Some players have told the press that they do feel safe in the bubble as the teams practice and prepare for the MLS is Back Tournament.

“Everyone is wearing masks, some guys are wearing gloves, and I feel safe 100 percent,” Dallas midfielder Tanner Tessmann told Tampa Bay Times. “They separated us on the buses and on the plane. We are staying one to a room in the hotel. So, I feel really safe. They have good procedures in place, so everything should go smoothly.”

The MLS is Back Tournament is set to begin July 8, considering everything goes according to plan. The rest of the teams are expected to arrive this week with the first game between Inter Miami and Orlando City.

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This Is What Mexico Looks Like As It Reopens During A Global Pandemic

Things That Matter

This Is What Mexico Looks Like As It Reopens During A Global Pandemic

Hector Vivas / Getty Images

Step outside into Mexico’s capital (home to more than 20 million people) and you’d be forgiven for not realizing we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic that’s killed more than half a million people.

As of this week, several Mexican states have entered the initial phase of reopening and Mexicans are taking full advantage of the newly found sense of ‘freedom’ – visiting restaurants, cafés and shops in droves. However, experts warn that Mexico will likely follow the dangerous path of the United States – which opened prematurely and is now having to shut down businesses once again as cases reach record levels.

Here’s an inside look into the daily reality of Chilangos (as residents of Mexico City are called) and what the future holds for the country amid Coronavirus.

Mexico City – along with 17 other states – have entered the first phase of a gradual reopening.

Despite being home to the largest number of active cases across Mexico, the capital joined 17 other states in a phased reopening this week. Mexico City lowered its contagion risk from a level red (the most extreme) to level orange, which permits some businesses to reopen.

However, Mexico City – on the day of the reopening – saw a record 5,432 new cases and 638 confirmed deaths. Mayor Sheinbaum said that the switch to orange was possible because hospital occupancy levels are at 59% and trending downwards. But to many, the government is prioritizing the economy over public safety and health. Several government officials insisted that it was safe to proceed to the reduced warning level but health experts disagreed.

The mayor stressed that if hospital occupancy levels go above 65% again, red light restrictions will be reinstated. She urged residents to continue to take precautions to reduce the risk of infection. People should continue to stay at home as much as possible and the use of face masks in public places remains mandatory.

Along with Mexico City, 17 other states moved into the orange phase of reopening – including tourist hotspots of Jalisco, Veracruz, Quintana Roo, and Yucatan.

The federal government instituted a traffic light system to simplify the risk management of Covid-19

Credit: omgitsjustintime/ Instagram

Shortly after the Coronavirus outbreak began, the federal government instituted a color-coded risk management system to simplify its messaging. With red being the highest risk level and green being the lowest, every state until June 15th was still in the red level.

As of July 1, 18 states are now in the orange level. This means that restaurants, cafés, and shops can begin to reopen with reduced capacity. Hotels and markets will also be allowed to resume service, meaning that tourism will likely begin to pick up again very soon.

President AMLO has been eager to get the economy reopened after it was reported that at least one million formal jobs have been lost and the country’s economy is expected to shrink by 8.8% this year.

On the first day of reopening, shops in Mexico City’s historic center were jammed full of shoppers.

Credit: Raul Hidalgo / Getty Images

The city’s historical center is a hub of economic activity. You can literally find pretty much anything you could ever want in these cobblestones streets. The district is home to more than 27,000 businesses and as of this week they’re now permitted to open once again. And resident wasted no time in hitting the shops.

Long lines formed outside shops with few people wearing masks and most stores not truly enforcing social distancing requirements. Some offered antibacterial gel and took people’s temperatures before allowing them to enter.

Officially, shops and businesses with an odd street number are permitted to open three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whereas even-numbered shops can open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In order to prevent crowds from accumulating and promote social distancing, 31 streets were converted into pedestrian-only zones.

Restaurants, cafés, and shopping centers are all open for business – with some protective measurements in place.

Credit: omgitsjustintime/ Instagram

Even before the official change to semáforo naranja, several restaurants and cafés were already offering dine-in service. But now restaurants are officially allowed to operate at limited capacity, while staff are required to wear masks and shields, and restaurants are’s allowed to play music or issue reusable menus.

Street markets, known as tianguis, will also be allowed to restart which will help many of the city’s informal workers. And the following week, department stores and shopping malls will also be allowed to reopen at 30% capacity and with limited hours.

Mexico is hardly finished with the Coronavirus threat – in fact, cases have been reaching record levels.

Credit: Covid.gob.mx

Although not yet at the levels seen in the U.S. or Brazil, Mexico has been struggling with its response to the Coronavirus pandemic. As of July 1, the country has had more than 225,000 confirmed cases and almost 28,000 deaths, with Mexico City being the epicenter of the nation’s outbreak.

And the worst doesn’t appear to be over. In a Covid-19 situation report published Monday, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security noted that Mexico had reported a decreasing daily incidence for three consecutive days.

“However, Mexico does not yet appear to have reached its peak,” the report said. “Based on recent trends, we expect Mexico to report increasing daily incidence over the coming days. Mexico is currently No. 6 globally in terms of daily incidence,” it added.