Here’s How Luis Suarez Pissed Off His Former Team During A Semi-Final Match

Luis Suárez had himself a day he won’t surely forget. The Barcelona star had one of the most memorable goals of his career during the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. Suárez, while playing against his former club Liverpool, hit the back of the net at the 26th minute. While a goal in the semi-final game would have been enough reason to celebrate, the 32-year-old stuck it to his former team by celebrating the goal. He even appeared to point up to the traveling fans in the stadium and laugh. Let’s just say that didn’t sit right with Liverpool fans who took to social media to vent their frustrations with his celebration.

Here’s the goal that upset some of Suárez’s former Liverpool fans.

Suárez got the first score of the what would be a decisive 3-0 win over Liverpool. Yet, it was that arrogant slide and celebration after the goal that would light up the internet. Even ahead of the match, Suárez said he would celebrate if he scored against his former team.

“In the build-up to the game, it’s nice to talk about how massively grateful I am to Liverpool for all they gave me,” Suárez told the Daily Mail.“But, you know me, once I’m on the pitch there will be no friendships, no companions, no thought for all the lovely moments.”

He was once a fan favorite while playing for Liverpool, but probably not anymore.

This fan says he lost “all respect” for Suárez after the celebration and was taken back since so many fans still admire him. That may have changed after seeing this game.

“Traitor” is the last thing Liverpool fans would have thought they’d ever call Suárez.

Suárez is known for his personality and his crazy antics on the field. He is most famous for biting rival players during games. However, being called a traitor may be a new one for him.

You can see him here pointing at his Liverpool fans after the goal.

It’s no surprise the gesture didn’t sit well with fans and now many are calling the celebration “disgraceful.” Suárez might see it as just a friendly rivalry between two good clubs but the gesture is pretty pointed, especially given his quote.

For some fans, the goal hits hard for them in their hearts.

It happens a lot in sports. A fan favorite leaves his team and when they face off against his former team, it’s never the same. Just imagine that happening in the playoffs. Yeah, that stings a bit more for Liverpool fans.

Some fans didn’t hold back when describing Suárez.

This fan called Suárez “inexcusably disgraceful” to the game of football. He even noted that Suárez said a few insensitive things to some fans on the sidelines that didn’t sit well with him.

I think it’s safe to say the Suárez won’t be receiving any more fan mail from Liverpool fans after this game.

Players build bonds with fans and when the relationship is broken, there’s no going back. Suárez might be the most hated players in the game, but at least he went out in style against his former club. Whatever fans call him, there’s no denying he knows how to get fans riled up.

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Mexican Steeler Nation Rejoice: The Steelers Might Be Playing Their International Game In Mexico City


Mexican Steeler Nation Rejoice: The Steelers Might Be Playing Their International Game In Mexico City

steelers / Instagram

It’s official, the Steelers will have their international game this year, but the place is not yet confirmed. Previous exhibition games were held in Montreal, Barcelona, London, and Tokyo. It’s been years since the team competed directly south of the border. And since Mexico is the home to one of largest fan bases of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they want to play their international game against the Jacksonville Jaguars south of the border

This time, the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking forward to playing in Mexico. 

The Steelers are happy to play an international game, but they have a clear preference for where that game would be. The president of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney, said, “We continue to raise our hand and say we’re interested in playing a game in Mexico.”  

The Steelers are expected to have an international game this year like they have in previous years.

One of them is their match against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meanwhile, it has been rumored that the Jaguars will have a game in London sometime this year.

People are already showing their excitement on social media because who doesn’t want to see the Steelers playing in Mexico.

“I need the best seat for the event of the year” tweeted one user. “I’ll sell my soul to be there,” wrote another die-hard fan. 

Mexico is home to a large portion of the Steeler Nation.

Steeler Nation, as their fans call themselves, proudly wear black and gold in Mexico. Fernando Camacho, a Mexican fan shared this saying in Spanish in an interview with ‘Behind the Steel curtain’, “Mi Corazon y mi alma son Amarillo y negro pero mi pasion y mi orgullo son de acero.” (My heart and soul are Black and Gold, but my passion and pride are made of steel.)

So naturally, the team’s first choice for an international game is to play in Mexico.

Rooney added during an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that, “They have to work out the logistics and all the pieces of the puzzle to have a game down there. Our first choice would be to play a game in Mexico if we have an international trip.” 

The Steelers have a history with Mexico that runs deep.

The Steelers played the Vikings in London in 2013, but have a longer history with Mexico. They played an exhibition game there in 2000, and have conducted clinics there in the past to try to drum up interest. They’ve also played in exhibition games in Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Dublin. Rooney said that they prefer to have it in Mexico where they have a large number of fans. Mexico is also a neutral ground for both teams. 

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Fans Crowded Around LAX To Welcome Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez To Los Angeles And His New Soccer Team


Fans Crowded Around LAX To Welcome Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez To Los Angeles And His New Soccer Team

lagalaxy / Instagram

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is one of the greatest soccer players right now. Some might even argue that he is one of the most beloved on the pitch. Now, Los Angeles will get a chance to watch Chicharito work his magic for the L.A. Galaxy.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is joining Major League Soccer to play for the L.A. Galaxy.

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Imaginémonos cosas chingonas.

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Chicharito is the highest-paid MLS player since David Beckham was recruited into the North American soccer league. The L.A. Galaxy reportedly paid a $9.4 million fee to Sevilla to transfer Chicharito to their time and his guaranteed annual salary will be $6 million.

Fans of soccer and Chicharito are looking forward to what the star player will bring to the new team.

Credit: lagalaxy / Instagram

“Chicharito is an outstanding player,” Yon de Luisa, the president of the Mexican Football Federation, told CNN.”He’s the Mexican national team’s leading scorer historically and I am sure he is going to have an outstanding participation here in LA.”He’s going to develop a magnificent rivalry against Carlos Vela, who is his friend, and they will be playing head-to-head in this civil war in LA,” added De Luisa, referring to Hernandez’s Mexican international teammate who plays for rival Los Angeles FC.”I really think it’s going to be a good thing for the city, for MLS and for us as well to have Chicharito closer to the national team.”

The move from the European league to the North American league was not an easy decision for Chicharito.

In an emotional video that is going around social media, Chicharito calls his parents and talks to them about his decision to move to MLS. During the call, the global soccer star breaks down in tears telling his parents about his journey in making the decision.

“It’s the start of the process of retiring, you know,” Chicharito said in the emotional video. When his dad pushes back, Chicharito says, “No, no, Dad, but what I want…I’m saying goodbye – and we’re saying goodbye – to a career in which we worked a lot and I know you guys feel it as well and we’re going to see the positive side and it’s going to be amazing. But if we want it or not, we’re now retiring from the European dream.”

The video is a touching and humble reminder that the superheroes we see on the field are people just like the rest of us.

Credit: @Kyndrasports / Twitter

We’ve all been there before. There is something so grounding and necessary about calling your parents when you need advice or are going through a hard time. We’ve all cried to our parents about different issues throughout our lives. Who doesn’t have a memory of crying to their parents over a hard decision and feeling better after the phone call?

Fans in Los Angeles couldn’t wait to welcome Chicharito to his new city and team.

Chicharito stans learned when he was arriving at Los Angeles International Airport so they showed up and gave him a hero’s welcome. For those of you who have ever traveled in and out of LAX you know how hard it is to get in and out of the airport with the traffic. That just goes to show how much Chicharito is truly loved by those who have followed his career.

Some fans are just happy that Chivas’s loss is their gain.

Credit: @NELAWOLF323 / Twitter

It is kind of incredible that the Mexican soccer team hasn’t tried harder to bring back one of the best players. Perhaps there isn’t enough money or Chicharito just doesn’t feel like going back just yet.

Welcome to Los Angeles, Chicharito. We are happy to have you!

Who’s excited to see Chicharito play in L.A.?

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