Mexican Golfer is Using his Athletic Talent In Professional Golf

Some of the flashiest stars of golf today are mexican golfer; and quite a few of the legends of the past were also Latinos. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Also, there’s one in there that’s not even a pro golfer, but you’ll know why he’s included.

1. Camilo Villegas

camilovillegasofficial / Instagram

This Colombian player, known sometimes as the spider for his peculiarities on the green, took the PGA by storm in the early 2010s, but has slipped a few notches in the world rankings. Experts say he’s ready to rebound anytime soon.

2. Pat Perez

patperezgolf / Instagram

This Mexican American from Arizona is noticed from a distance because of his contagious smile. But he’s anything but friendly on the tee box, having won five times including three on the big tour. He is currently enjoying a resurgence in his game.

3. Jhonnattan Vegas

jhonnattanvegas / Instagram

Yes, that’s how he spells it… There aren’t that many players from Venezuela, but this young man who played collegiate golf in Texas is a multiple winner of the PGA Tour. His aggressive style also leads sometimes to erratic golf shots, but in his case, talent always wins.

4. Robert Gamez

bayhilljill / Instagram

Born in Las Vegas of Mexican descent, Robert was in his prime during the 90s, having won five times on tour. He holds the record for the longest time between winds, a drought that was ended in 2005 when he won the Texas Open. A motor vehicle accident almost ended his career in 1998.

5. Carlos Franco

mirianmingo / Instagram

Paraguay is not known for an abundance of any athlete beyond soccer, so when this golfer took the PGA by storm in the early aughts it became quite a surprise for most everyone. He has a total of 25 worldwide winds including five on the PGA Tour, where he now plays the Champions Tour.

6. Esteban Toledo

esteban_toledo / Instagram

Although he never won on the big tour, he once stood up to Tiger Woods himself until he imploded in the final holes of the BC Classic. He has finally come through on the champions tour, much to the pride of his fellow Baja Californians.

7. Lee Trevino

lee_trevino39 / Instagram

Perhaps no other golfer had the charisma of Trevino, from El Paso, Texas, who became one of the most personable golfers on the tour ever. Although he never won the Masters, he won each other major twice. Still today is known as “Super Tex”, deservedly so.

8. Angel Cabrera

angelcabreragolf / Instagram

Powerful off the tee, his two majors are a testament to his uncanny ability to resolve the most difficult golf courses in the world. He won the Masters and the British Open crowning a career full of important milestones for the Argentinian superstar.

9. Roberto Devicenzo

golfchannel.la / Instagram

His is one of the saddest stories in the history of golf, having lost the Masters by signing an erroneous scorecard in the 60s. And it is really sad for this Argentinian to be remembered for that incident instead of his greatness on the fairways. But, that’s life!

10. Andres Romero

golfchannel / Instagram

Another Argentinian golfer, he was named PGA Tour rookie of the year in 2008, having hoisted the trophy once in the USA along with another 18 victories worldwide. Unassuming, friendly and smiling, but one of the fiercest competitors out there.

11. Jose Coceres

manuaguir / Instagram

A two-time winner on the PGA Tour, this man from Argentina became somewhat of a late starter on tour having debuted at the age of 37. Add to that, an injury to his arm that hindered what could’ve been a great career. He still plays in the USA on the champions tour.

12. Emiliano Grillo

grillomiliano / Instagram

One of the newest imports from Argentina, this twentysomething blasted onto the golf scene with his victory in 2015 at the Las Vegas Open, setting the hopes high for an enduring career. He has a total of three wins worldwide but is concentrating his efforts on the PGA Tour in the USA.

13. Roberto Castro

taylormadegolf / Instagram

Another fine player from Texas, with roots in Peru and Costa Rica, Roberto was a standout collegiate golfer at Georgia Tech. At the PGA Tour level, Castro has not been in the winner’s circle although he has amassed six wins worldwide on other tours.

14. Carlos Ortiz

carlosortizgolf / Instagram

Young Mexican player from Guadalajara who played collegiate golf at the University of North Texas. He had an outstanding season at the Web.com tour earning him his full-time card to play at the PGA Tour where he has high hopes of someday hoisting a winner’s trophy.

15. Abraham Ancer

abrahamancer / Instagram

Another graduate from the Web.com tour, Abraham was born in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas although he resided in Mexico most of his youth. The last few years he has been grinding it out on the major tour still without any victories, but with interesting finishes close to the top.

16. Nancy Lopez

golfchannel / Instagram

By far, the most outstanding woman on the ladies’ tour in years. Out of New Mexico, she was only 21 when she debuted on the tour winning nine times in her rookie season. She also came out victorious in three major championships and is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. After retirement, she hosts many charity events.

17. Lorena Ochoa

cnijdegolf / Instagram

This Mexican phenom was at the height of her career, even number one in the world for a record shattering 3 years at the top, when she decided to call it quits to start a new life as a married woman. She won 30 times on tour, including two majors. She was born in Guadalajara.

18. George Lopez

rolandsmartin / Instagram

Okay, okay… The guy is not a professional golfer, but when he tees it up annually at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am every eye is on him because of his feisty nature during that important tournament in coastal California. The comedian is totally in love with golf, and makes no effort to hide it.

19. Lizette Salas

meileecondron / Instagram

Proudly hailing from Azusa, California, this young lady has been striping the fairways in the LPGA since 2012 when she earned her playing credentials. So far, she has one win on tour but is poised for many, many, more. She’s been in the top 25 for a major championship five times.

20. Gerina Piller

gerinampiller / Instagram

Originally from New Mexico, but now living in Fort Worth, Texas, she had a decorated career as a collegiate golfer, which obviously led toward gaining a spot at the LPGA tour. Still without any wins, she has been extremely close, and expects her day to come very soon.

21. Lee Lopez

@leelo03 / Twitter

An extremely talented lady from California, she started playing the LPGA tour in 2015 when she led all rookies in driving accuracy off the tee. She definitely has it for striping the fairways as she finished fifth in driving accuracy in 2017. There are no doubts that she will soon be in the winner’s circle.

22. Homero Blancas

golfaidreviews / Instagram

A legend from way back when golf among Latinos was almost unheard of. Blancas was born in Houston and was named rookie of the year at the PGA Tour in 1965 after being a stellar player for the University of Houston. He has a total of seven wins on tour and even represented the USA at the Ryder Cup in 1973.

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From COVID To Elections, Here’s Why Misinformation Targets Latinos

Things That Matter

From COVID To Elections, Here’s Why Misinformation Targets Latinos

One of the big surprises of the 2020 election was how even though most Latino voters across the U.S. voted for Joe Biden, in some counties of competitive states like Florida and Texas, a higher-than-expected percentage of Latinos supported Donald Trump. One factor that many believe played a role: online misinformation about the Democratic candidate.

Another important subject that’s been victim of a massive misinformation campaign is the Coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing vaccination program. But why does #fakenews so heavily target the Latino community?

Since the 2020 campaign, a large misinformation campaign has target Latinos.

Although fake news is nothing new, in the campaign leading up to the 2020 elections it morphed into something more sinister – a campaign to influence Latino voters with false information. The largely undetected movement helped depress turnout and spread disinformation about Democrat Joe Biden.

The effort showed how social media and other technology can be leveraged to spread misinformation so quickly that those trying to stop it cannot keep up. There were signs that it worked as Donald Trump swung large numbers of Latino votes in the 2020 presidential race in some areas that had been Democratic strongholds.

Videos and pictures were doctored. Quotes were taken out of context. Conspiracy theories were fanned, including that voting by mail was rigged, that the Black Lives Matter movement had ties to witchcraft and that Biden was beholden to a cabal of socialists.

That flow of misinformation has only intensified since Election Day, researchers and political analysts say, stoking Trump’s baseless claims that the election was stolen and false narratives around the mob that overran the Capitol. More recently, it has morphed into efforts to undermine vaccination efforts against the coronavirus.

The misinformation campaign could have major impacts on our politics.

Several misinformation researchers say there is an alarming amount of misinformation about voter fraud and Democratic leaders being shared in Latino social media communities. Biden is a popular target, with misinformation ranging from exaggerated claims that he embraces Fidel Castro-style socialism to more patently false and outlandish ones, for instance that the president-elect supports abortion minutes before a child’s birth or that he orchestrated a caravan of Cuban immigrants to infiltrate the US Southern border and disrupt the election process.

Democratic strategists looking ahead to the 2022 midterm elections are concerned about how this might sway Latino voters in the future. They acknowledge that conservatives in traditional media and the political establishment have pushed false narratives as well, but say that social media misinformation deserves special attention: It appears to be a growing problem, and it can be hard to track and understand.

Some believe that Latinos may be more likely to believe a message shared by friends, family members, or people from their cultural community in a WhatsApp or Telegram group rather than an arbitrary mainstream US news outlet; research has found that people believe news articles more when they’re shared by people they trust.

Fake news is also impacting our community’s response to the pandemic.

Vaccination programs work best when as many people as possible get vaccinated, but Latinos in the United States are getting inoculated at lower rates.

In Florida, for example, Latinos are 27% of the population but they’ve made up only about 17% of COVID-19 vaccinations so far, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. And Latinos are relying on social media and word-of-mouth for information on vaccines — even when it’s wrong. There’s myths circulating around the vaccine, whether you can trust it and the possible the long-term effects.

And it’s not just obstacles to getting information in Spanish, but also in many of the native Mayan indigenous languages that farmworkers speak in South Florida.

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Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win


Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win

Parents always find new ways to be proud of their children and how to tell the world how proud they are. This includes Julio Urías’ father who recently unveiled his newest tattoo in honor of his World Series-winning son.

Julio Urías’ dad is showing off just how proud he is of his son.

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A post shared by Andres Ortega Rojas (@ortega_ink)

Tattoo artist Andres Ortega Rojas posted photos on Instagram showing off the tattoo. Carlos Urías forever enshrined his sons victorious lunge after Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays while a tattoo on his left arm.

Rojas told TMZ that the tattoo took nine hours to complete and that is was Carlos’ first tattoo. The moment captured on Carlos’ arm is one that is etched into the brains of Dodgers fans. It was the first time the Dodger has won the World Series since 1988 ending a decades-long dry spell.

The tattoo is catching everyone’s attention.

People are loving the tribute made to his son with a tattoo. It being his first tattoo is even sweeter. We all know how much our parents are anti-tattoos so seeing this happen is extra touching. Julio is framed by the flags of the Commissioner’s Trophy in the tattoo marking what is clearly Carlos’ most proud moment.

The moment marks a culmination of a long journey to athletic stardom.

Julio first pitched for the Dodgers in 2015. The Mexican baseball player was called up to join the famed baseball team. Carlos and the family made a 13-hour road trip from the Mexican state of Sinaloa to Maryvale Park in Phoenix, Ariz. It was after that long trip that Carlos got to see Julio on the field pitching against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It just goes to show you that anything is possible and that, if you work towards your goals, they can come true.

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