These Latinos Are Using Their Athletic Talents In Professional Golf

Some of the flashiest stars of golf today are Latinos; and quite a few of the legends of the past were also Latinos. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Also, there’s one in there that’s not even a pro golfer, but you’ll know why he’s included.

1. Camilo Villegas

CREDIT: camilovillegasofficial / Instagram

This Colombian player, known sometimes as the spider for his peculiarities on the green, took the PGA by storm in the early 2010s, but has slipped a few notches in the world rankings. Experts say he’s ready to rebound anytime soon.

2. Pat Perez

CREDIT: patperezgolf / Instagram

This Mexican American from Arizona is noticed from a distance because of his contagious smile. But he’s anything but friendly on the tee box, having won five times including three on the big tour. He is currently enjoying a resurgence in his game.

3. Jhonnattan Vegas

CREDIT: jhonnattanvegas / Instagram

Yes, that’s how he spells it… There aren’t that many players from Venezuela, but this young man who played collegiate golf in Texas is a multiple winner of the PGA Tour. His aggressive style also leads sometimes to erratic golf shots, but in his case, talent always wins.

4. Robert Gamez

CREDIT: bayhilljill / Instagram

Born in Las Vegas of Mexican descent, Robert was in his prime during the 90s, having won five times on tour. He holds the record for the longest time between winds, a drought that was ended in 2005 when he won the Texas Open. A motor vehicle accident almost ended his career in 1998.

5. Carlos Franco

CREDIT: mirianmingo / Instagram

Paraguay is not known for an abundance of any athlete beyond soccer, so when this golfer took the PGA by storm in the early aughts it became quite a surprise for most everyone. He has a total of 25 worldwide winds including five on the PGA Tour, where he now plays the Champions Tour.

6. Esteban Toledo

CREDIT: esteban_toledo / Instagram

Although he never won on the big tour, he once stood up to Tiger Woods himself until he imploded in the final holes of the BC Classic. He has finally come through on the champions tour, much to the pride of his fellow Baja Californians.

7. Lee Trevino

CREDIT: lee_trevino39 / Instagram

Perhaps no other golfer had the charisma of Trevino, from El Paso, Texas, who became one of the most personable golfers on the tour ever. Although he never won the Masters, he won each other major twice. Still today is known as “Super Tex”, deservedly so.

8. Angel Cabrera

CREDIT: angelcabreragolf / Instagram

Powerful off the tee, his two majors are a testament to his uncanny ability to resolve the most difficult golf courses in the world. He won the Masters and the British Open crowning a career full of important milestones for the Argentinian superstar.

9. Roberto Devicenzo

CREDIT: golfchannel.la / Instagram

His is one of the saddest stories in the history of golf, having lost the Masters by signing an erroneous scorecard in the 60s. And it is really sad for this Argentinian to be remembered for that incident instead of his greatness on the fairways. But, that’s life!

10. Andres Romero

CREDIT: golfchannel / Instagram

Another Argentinian golfer, he was named PGA Tour rookie of the year in 2008, having hoisted the trophy once in the USA along with another 18 victories worldwide. Unassuming, friendly and smiling, but one of the fiercest competitors out there.

11. Jose Coceres

CREDIT: manuaguir / Instagram

A two-time winner on the PGA Tour, this man from Argentina became somewhat of a late starter on tour having debuted at the age of 37. Add to that, an injury to his arm that hindered what could’ve been a great career. He still plays in the USA on the champions tour.

12. Emiliano Grillo

CREDIT: grillomiliano / Instagram

One of the newest imports from Argentina, this twentysomething blasted onto the golf scene with his victory in 2015 at the Las Vegas Open, setting the hopes high for an enduring career. He has a total of three wins worldwide but is concentrating his efforts on the PGA Tour in the USA.

13. Roberto Castro

CREDIT: taylormadegolf / Instagram

Another fine player from Texas, with roots in Peru and Costa Rica, Roberto was a standout collegiate golfer at Georgia Tech. At the PGA Tour level, Castro has not been in the winner’s circle although he has amassed six wins worldwide on other tours.

14. Carlos Ortiz

CREDIT: carlosortizgolf / Instagram

Young Mexican player from Guadalajara who played collegiate golf at the University of North Texas. He had an outstanding season at the Web.com tour earning him his full-time card to play at the PGA Tour where he has high hopes of someday hoisting a winner’s trophy.

15. Abraham Ancer

CREDIT: abrahamancer / Instagram

Another graduate from the Web.com tour, Abraham was born in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas although he resided in Mexico most of his youth. The last few years he has been grinding it out on the major tour still without any victories, but with interesting finishes close to the top.

16. Nancy Lopez

CREDIT: golfchannel / Instagram

By far, the most outstanding woman on the ladies’ tour in years. Out of New Mexico, she was only 21 when she debuted on the tour winning nine times in her rookie season. She also came out victorious in three major championships and is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. After retirement, she hosts many charity events.

17. Lorena Ochoa

CREDIT: cnijdegolf / Instagram

This Mexican phenom was at the height of her career, even number one in the world for a record shattering 3 years at the top, when she decided to call it quits to start a new life as a married woman. She won 30 times on tour, including two majors. She was born in Guadalajara.

18. George Lopez

CREDIT: rolandsmartin / Instagram

Okay, okay… The guy is not a professional golfer, but when he tees it up annually at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am every eye is on him because of his feisty nature during that important tournament in coastal California. The comedian is totally in love with golf, and makes no effort to hide it.

19. Lizette Salas

CREDIT: meileecondron / Instagram

Proudly hailing from Azusa, California, this young lady has been striping the fairways in the LPGA since 2012 when she earned her playing credentials. So far, she has one win on tour but is poised for many, many, more. She’s been in the top 25 for a major championship five times.

20. Gerina Piller

CREDIT: gerinampiller / Instagram

Originally from New Mexico, but now living in Fort Worth, Texas, she had a decorated career as a collegiate golfer, which obviously led toward gaining a spot at the LPGA tour. Still without any wins, she has been extremely close, and expects her day to come very soon.

21. Lee Lopez

CREDIT: @leelo03 / Twitter

An extremely talented lady from California, she started playing the LPGA tour in 2015 when she led all rookies in driving accuracy off the tee. She definitely has it for striping the fairways as she finished fifth in driving accuracy in 2017. There are no doubts that she will soon be in the winner’s circle.

22. Homero Blancas

CREDIT: golfaidreviews / Instagram

A legend from way back when golf among Latinos was almost unheard of. Blancas was born in Houston and was named rookie of the year at the PGA Tour in 1965 after being a stellar player for the University of Houston. He has a total of seven wins on tour and even represented the USA at the Ryder Cup in 1973.

Simone Biles Slayed During The U.S. Gymnastics Championships And Made History Twice And Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal


Simone Biles Slayed During The U.S. Gymnastics Championships And Made History Twice And Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

To say, American gymnast, Simone Biles can’t practice her athletic art form under pressure is to completely misunderstand her strength. The 22-year-old from Colombus, Ohio, has already accomplished what many can’t even fathom. This week the Olympic gold medalist made history on the competitive mat just a couple of days after she confronted the USA Gymnastics for failing to protect her, and more than 150 women, from a sexual predator. 

On August 11, Simone Biles landed perfectly after doing a triple-double at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City. 

Let us break down what that actually means because it truly is a thing of beauty. Biles successful jumped into the air and completed two flips and three full twists and stuck the landing. She tried to do this exact move on Friday but failed on the landing. This time, however, Biles landed it amazingly. She’s the first woman to have ever completed this move. 

This move is no easy fete for the 4’8 gymnast. As someone on social media noted, Biles, at the peak of her jump, is close to 10 feet off the mat, which is two feet higher than the high jump world record. Insanity!!

On Friday, she also made history by pulling off a double-double dismount off the balance beam. 

That means she did two twists and two somersaults like its no one’s business. All of these historic firsts garnered Biles a record-tying sixth all-around title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. So who could possibly have the same title as Biles? No one in the past several decades, that’s for sure. In the 1940s and 1950s, American gymnast Clara Schroth Lomady also received the same honor of sixth all-around. 

After her historical landing, Biles was quite pleased with her performance. 

Credit: Instagram/@simonebiles

“That feeling when you make history…. twice,” she said on Instagram. And this is all build-up to the main event. Biles, of course, is headed to Tokyo next year for the 2020 Olympics, where’s she’s naturally going to add on to her gold medals, but no pressure. (!!!)

Her incredible routine is quite impressive when you consider that the star athlete is competing for organizers who were enablers in her own sexual abuse.

Last year, a Michigan judge sentenced Dr. Larry Nassar, a physical therapist, 40 to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing more than a hundred gymnasts some were as young as six years old. The abuse lasted for decades, and Biles was one of his victims. 

On August 7, Biles told reporters that it was the U.S. Gymnastics Championships and other institutions that assisted Nassar in his abuse by protecting him.

“You had one job. You literally had one job, and you couldn’t protect us,” Biles said in her addressed statement to USA Gymnastics, according to CNN. ‘It’s hard coming here for an organization, having had them fail us so many times. We had one goal. We have done everything that they asked us for, even when we didn’t want to, and they couldn’t do one damn job.”

Despite Biles’ horrific abuse she endured, her moves on the mat show her incredible strength and dedication to the sport.

Credit: Instagram/@simonebiles

The Texan native said she wasn’t sure if she’d succeed in those now-groundbreaking landings. She said, however, that she was striving for ultimate perfection, even if that meant failing the first time. Sounds like she’s a firm believer of the motto, “if at first, you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.” 

“I feel like I compete for perfection,” she told the Olympic Channel days before her competition, “so whenever I don’t do that, it really irritates me.” 

Biles also told the network that she doesn’t even think about her titles and records until someone brings it up to her in conversation. Talk about humble. If Biles doesn’t do the bragging, her friends and fans will do it for her. 

Several fans, including celebs, touted her magical moves on Twitter.

As for the future of gymnastics in the U.S., and their beloved athletes, Li Li Leung, the president, and chief executive of USA Gymnastics, told CNN, that understand they are to blame for their part in their abuse and are doing everything they can to change the culture of silence. 

“One of our goals is for our athletes to feel comfortable in speaking up and sharing their opinions, and we are listening to what they have to say,” Leung said. “We will continue to work hard to demonstrate to Simone and all of our athletes, members, community, and fans that we are working to foster a safe, positive and encouraging environment where athlete voices are heard.” 

Now on to the Olympics!

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This Colombian Has Made History As He Becomes The First Latino To Win The Tour De France And The World Is So Proud


This Colombian Has Made History As He Becomes The First Latino To Win The Tour De France And The World Is So Proud

Marca Claro Colombia / Twitter

The Tour de France is the biking world’s biggest event. It’s basically cycling’s Copa Mundial, it’s huge. So the fact that a Colombian is totally owning this championship race is a major deal and Latinos around the world, but especially Colombians, are celebrating extra fuerte because this year a Colombian is set to win cycling’s biggest race. 

Egan Bernal is making history as the first Latino to win the Tour de France and we stan.

Credit: @CNN / Twitter

Egan Bernal, a 22-year-old from Colombia, is set to be crowned the winner of this year’s Tour de France. Not only will be the first Latino and first Colombian to win the race but he’ll also be the youngest winner since 1909 – yes, 110 years ago.

This is amazing. 

Obviously, all of Colombia is supporting his victory over hundreds of other riders. Bernal’s victory has seemed to come pretty easy to him. He’s sailed through the competition leading most of the race segments. And since the Tour de France winner is selected based upon their overall times per race segment, Bernal is all but guaranteed to win.

“We still have to make it to Paris,” Bernal told reporters covering the Tour. “I can’t understand what’s happening. I will need a few days — it’s incredible. It’ll take a few days to realize what I have achieved,” he continued. “To be honest, I was feeling good today. I kept thinking 5km, 4km, 3km. One less, one less to go, each time.“

If there is any surprise at Bernal’s win, it is that it has taken so long for a Colombian to top the podium and he could now dominate for years to come.

But this year has scene the rise of many Colombians. This year alone, three of them – Rigoberto Uran, Nairo Quintana, and Bernal – finished within the top 10.

And yea, it’s true, Bernal isn’t only the first Colombian to win he race he’s also the first Latino.

Credit: @BruceCarlson75 / Twitter

Mr Bernal’s journey from a humble upbringing has become a symbol in Colombia, a country that has produced many famed cyclists.

He’s shattering records – he’ll also be the youngest winner, at 22, since 1909!

Credit: @BBCSport / Twitter

Yup, not in 110 years has someone as young as Bernal won the Tour de France. And not only that, Bernal is the third youngest winner in the race’s 116 year history.

Like many young Latinos, Bernal almost entered the world of futbol.

Credit: @KissMyArsenal / Twitter

But apparently, Bernal wasn’t a fan of the sport. He dropped it shortly after starting it and took up cycling instead.

Colombia is a well-known cycling country with many champions competing in tournaments around the world. However, none has ever risen to the level of success that Bernal will have achieved after winning the Tour de France.

For both young and old, emotions were running high in Bernal’s hometown of Zipaquira.

Credit: @AFP_Sport / Twitter

In his hometown of Zipaquira, hundreds came to the “Plaza of Hope” to watch the final stage of the Tour in Paris, beamed across a giant screen. A graffiti mural of the champion was unveiled in the town over a week ago.

Bernal’s victory has resonated especially with Colombians from modest backgrounds, many of whom are from the same deprived, largely indigenous areas of Colombia’s Andes mountains.

Basically all the Colombians in France, and probably from Colombia too, came out to celebrate on the streets of Paris.

One Twitter user pointed out that they didn’t even think there were any Colombians left in Colombia because they all seemed to have arrived in Paris to celebrate the exact moment that Bernal crosses that finish line.

Bernal also seemed to be getting in on the celebrations.

Credit: @PimientoFutbol / Twitter

Can’t say we blame him. Aside from the adrenaline and pride that comes from his accomplishment, it’s also been extremely hot in France. As the Tour de France has been taking place, record temperatures have been taking place all over the country – including in Paris where the city reached its all time high temperature on Friday of 108º F.

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