This Selena Tribute Is The One Thing That Slipped By Us At Super Bowl 51

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With all the hype around Lady Gaga’s performance during the Super Bowl 51, you may have missed one very special performance. Solange Knowles performed at the Pre-Super Bowl concert in Houston, Texas and warmed up the crowd ahead of the big game. During her performance, the Texas native pulled out a classic Selena hit and set the crowd on fire.

Here is Solange Knowles giving the crowd an “I Could Fall In Love” cover they didn’t expect.

This isn’t the first time Solange has given concertgoers a taste of the Tejano queen while on tour.

People loved her cover, even going so far as to say that Selena would love it too.

Though there was concern that the video would be Solange performing with Selena Gomez.

Which would have been just fine because Selena Gomez is a successful musician and all.

And this Texan couldn’t be prouder.

Tell us what you think about Solange’s cover.

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