The Quintanilla Family Is Selling Stuff With Selena’s Face On It Because Everyone Needs It

We are in the Golden Age of specialized and fast-fashion merchandise. Just like streaming services, companies, social media influencers, and celebrities are rushing to create stores to sell you the things you love. The same goes for the Quintanilla family who just launched their own merch store dedicated to selling all things with Selena on them.

You can finally buy (almost) all of your Selena needs thanks to the Quintanilla family’s new online store.

Credit: @SelenaLaLeyenda / Twitter

We didn’t know that we needed it but now people cannot live without it. The Quintanilla family is getting into the merch game and offering fans a chance to own clothing with the late Tejano singer’s face on it. This is not a drill.

People are freaking out because, well, anything for Selenassss.

Credit: @cleaningkenny / Twitter

She is literally speaking for the millions of Selena fans who are so excited to get their hands on this merch. The makeup line with MAC was cute but sold out so fast. Forever 21 bridged a gap for us for a while but getting it directly from the source is so much better.

The Quintanilla family is known to stopping unauthorized uses of Selena’s image so this is not too surprising.

Credit: @IBullockTorres / Twitter

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of bank accounts across the U.S. being drained of hard-earned cash to buy up all of the Selena merch fans can get their hands on.

Some women are already telling their boos what to get them for their birthdays.

Credit: @jayxrosee / Twitter

Pay attention, fellas. If your boo is asking you to buy her something for her birthday, just do it. She is not going to give you a hint if she is lukewarm about it. It’s best for you to just buy it.

Here’s some of the stuff you can expect.

The site did just launch so there isn’t a whole lot on the site right now. However, that does mean that you can beat all of your friends by getting all of the Selena merch you possibly can.

Get your watercolor Selena portrait sweater.

Credit: selena-official.com

Who wouldn’t want to rock this sweater on those chilly nights. You are guaranteed to be the hit of any party you go to while wearing this simple, yet charming, sweater.

How about a Selena Forever t-shirt for those comfy days?

Credit: selena-official.com

Get all of those 90s vibes we get when we thing of Selena with this “Saved By The Bell” style t-shirt. A plus side to the Quintanilla merch site is that everything is kind of reasonable. A sweater will set you back about $40 while t-shirts are $20.

Yet, some fans want more merch of the musical variety.

Credit: @r0bertg0nzalez / Twitter

This is something all Selena fans can get behind. Did you hear that, Quintanilla family?

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Dimelo Flow Talks Career Beginnings, Working With Sech, Daddy Yankee and Representing Panamá at The Global Music Stage


Dimelo Flow Talks Career Beginnings, Working With Sech, Daddy Yankee and Representing Panamá at The Global Music Stage

Welcome to Spotlight, where we do a deep dive in the careers of artists, producers, songwriters and more people making an impact in the Latin music industry.

Dimelo Flow, the Panamanian producer behind hits like “Relación Remix” and “Otro Trago“, talked to us about how he started off as a basketball prospect turned club DJ, and how his love for music led him to become a producer. Now he’s not only working with the biggest names in Reggaeton like Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny, but has his sights on making global records and putting Panamá on the map.

Watch the full interview below:

During our Spotlight interview, Dimelo also talked to us about his creative process, knowing exactly how to craft the perfect remix and where to locate each artist to create the perfect synergy on a track.

Dimelo also touched on reinventing his sound and collaborating with fellow Panamian artist Sech for his upcoming album ‘42.’

The Avengers project cemented Dimelo Flow, Sech, Dalex, Justin Quiles, Feid and Lenny Tavarez as a force in reggaeton and took their careers to new heights. Dimelo said that they are already working on a follow-up to The Academy.

He talked to us about sliding into Tyga’s DM’s and now he wants to produce for mainstream artists, naming his dream collabs to work with Post Malone, Drake, and Travis Scott.

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Chris Pérez and Joe Ojeda Have Mini Los Dinos Reunion With Empowering Corrido “Nuestra Tierra”


Chris Pérez and Joe Ojeda Have Mini Los Dinos Reunion With Empowering Corrido “Nuestra Tierra”

Chris Pérez, the widower of Selena, is back with his first taste of new music in over a decade. The Mexican-American musician regroups with his old Los Dinos bandmate Joe Ojeda for the new single “Nuestra Tierra.” The song also features Victoria La Mala and Yorch.

“Nuestra Tierra” is a song that reflects on the Mexican immigrant experience.

Chris Pérez’s last musical project was with Kumbia All-Starz. They teamed up for the song “La Vida De Un Genio” in 2010. He returns to the music scene in “Nuestra Tierra.” The corrido reflects on the life of a Mexican immigrant moving to the US in search of the American Dream.

“I love this song because it truly reflects the times that we’re living in as immigrants in this country,” Victoria La Mala said in a statement. “We come here looking for a better life, but we sacrifice and leave so much behind. It was so incredible to have the opportunity to work with people that I’ve admired and looked up to for years like Chris and Joe. Yorch is also super talented and like me and so many people, moved to this country looking to follow our dreams and search for more opportunities.”

“Nuestra Tierra” is filled with Mexican talent like Victoria La Mala and Yorch.

Pérez played the guitar on the empowering “Nuestra Tierra” while Ojeda and Roberto “Bobbo” Gómez handled the production duties. Victoria La Mala and Yorch trade verses about the struggle Mexican immigrants face while trying to find a better life in the U.S.

“Bobbo, Joe, and myself came up with the chord structure, the arrangement basically,” Pérez said. “Jorge Eduardo [Yorch] and Victoria were doing their thing, scribbling away like crazy on their notepads. I wasn’t quite sure what they were coming up with but the second I heard them singing their part, well, it was like magic. And to be a part of something like that is a rarity these days, so I am truly proud of the song.”

The song also marks a reunion between two old Los Dinos bandmates.

“Nuestra Tierra” also marks a mini-reunion between two of Selena’s Los Dino band members, Chris Pérez and Ojeda. The two say this song was created “on the fly” during downtime in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The song’s power and message moved us all,” Ojeda said. “This song really focuses on us, los Mexicanos, los Paisanos, especially La Raza that is still living ‘on the other side’ and simply wanting a better life for their families. And isn’t that what we all want? My hope for this song is that it resonates with a lot of people and that everyone understands its message.”

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