The Quintanilla Family Is Selling Stuff With Selena’s Face On It Because Everyone Needs It

We are in the Golden Age of specialized and fast-fashion merchandise. Just like streaming services, companies, social media influencers, and celebrities are rushing to create stores to sell you the things you love. The same goes for the Quintanilla family who just launched their own merch store dedicated to selling all things with Selena on them.

You can finally buy (almost) all of your Selena needs thanks to the Quintanilla family’s new online store.

Credit: @SelenaLaLeyenda / Twitter

We didn’t know that we needed it but now people cannot live without it. The Quintanilla family is getting into the merch game and offering fans a chance to own clothing with the late Tejano singer’s face on it. This is not a drill.

People are freaking out because, well, anything for Selenassss.

Credit: @cleaningkenny / Twitter

She is literally speaking for the millions of Selena fans who are so excited to get their hands on this merch. The makeup line with MAC was cute but sold out so fast. Forever 21 bridged a gap for us for a while but getting it directly from the source is so much better.

The Quintanilla family is known to stopping unauthorized uses of Selena’s image so this is not too surprising.

Credit: @IBullockTorres / Twitter

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of bank accounts across the U.S. being drained of hard-earned cash to buy up all of the Selena merch fans can get their hands on.

Some women are already telling their boos what to get them for their birthdays.

Credit: @jayxrosee / Twitter

Pay attention, fellas. If your boo is asking you to buy her something for her birthday, just do it. She is not going to give you a hint if she is lukewarm about it. It’s best for you to just buy it.

Here’s some of the stuff you can expect.

The site did just launch so there isn’t a whole lot on the site right now. However, that does mean that you can beat all of your friends by getting all of the Selena merch you possibly can.

Get your watercolor Selena portrait sweater.

Credit: selena-official.com

Who wouldn’t want to rock this sweater on those chilly nights. You are guaranteed to be the hit of any party you go to while wearing this simple, yet charming, sweater.

How about a Selena Forever t-shirt for those comfy days?

Credit: selena-official.com

Get all of those 90s vibes we get when we thing of Selena with this “Saved By The Bell” style t-shirt. A plus side to the Quintanilla merch site is that everything is kind of reasonable. A sweater will set you back about $40 while t-shirts are $20.

Yet, some fans want more merch of the musical variety.

Credit: @r0bertg0nzalez / Twitter

This is something all Selena fans can get behind. Did you hear that, Quintanilla family?

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Selena Gomez Releases New Spanish-Language Single ‘De Una Vez’ and Teases Full Spanish Album: ‘I’m Targeting My Heritage’


Selena Gomez Releases New Spanish-Language Single ‘De Una Vez’ and Teases Full Spanish Album: ‘I’m Targeting My Heritage’

Photo via selenagomez/Instagram

Good news, Selenators! Word on the street is that Selena Gomez will soon be dropping her first-ever Spanish language album. The rumors started after Gomez dropped a surprising (and beautiful!) new Spanish-language single, “De Una Vez”.

Soon after the single dropped, rumors of a full Spanish-language studio album began to swirl when murals promoting “De Una Vez” and a yet-unreleased single “Baila Conmigo” popped up across, Mexico.

To make matters even better, Selena already dropped “De Una Vez”‘s music video.

The lush and imaginative video has been garnering praise for its inclusion of Latin American visuals and symbols. Gomez hired Tania Verduzco and Adrian Perez to direct her video–a husband and wife team who hail from Mexico and Spain, respectively and go by the moniker Los Pérez.

Of hiring Spanish speakers to direct her video, Gomez revealed to Vogue online that the decision was intentional. “If I was going to completely immerse myself into a project inspired by Latin culture, I wanted to work with native Spanish speaking creators,” she said.

And indeed, Verduzco and Perez tried to infuse as much Latin spirit into the video’s conception as possible.

“Magical realism has always been part of the Latin culture, whether it be in art or telenovelas,” Gomez told Vogue. “I wanted [to capture] that sense of a supernatural world.”

They accomplished this sense of magical realism by utilizing motifs from Mexican folk art, like Milagro, which is symbolized by the glowing heart that is beating within Gomez’s chest throughout the video.

“We wanted to play with powerful language and images. We designed the heart—we call it the Milagro in Mexican culture—and its light to be a metaphor for the healing throughout the story,” Verduzco told Vogue.

Selena Gomez fans are especially excited about this project because Gomez has long hinted at her desire to release a Spanish-language album.

Back in 2011, Gomez tweeted about her plans to eventually record an entire album in Spanish. “Can’t wait for y’all to hear the Spanish record;) it’s sounding so cool,” she wrote.

She retweeted the sentiment on Thursday with the comment: “I think it will be worth the wait”–which many fans took as confirmation that a full studio album is on its way.

It’s worth noting that Gomez has already dipped her toe into the Latin music scene with 2010’s “Un Año Sin Lluvia” and 2018’s DJ Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B collab, “Taki Taki”.

As for the difficulty of recording songs in a second language, Gomez said that it was a practice that came naturally.

“I actually think I sing better in Spanish. That was something I discovered,” she said in an interview for Apple Music. “It was a lot of work, and look, you cannot mispronounce anything. It is something that needed to be precise, and needed to be respected by the audience I’m going to release this for.”

She continued: “Of course I want everyone to enjoy the music, but I am targeting my fan base. I’m targeting my heritage, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

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Cardi B’s First Leading Movie Role Will Thrill ‘Sister Act’ And ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Fans


Cardi B’s First Leading Movie Role Will Thrill ‘Sister Act’ And ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Fans

Michael Kovac / Getty

For one of her upcoming projects, fans of Cardi B can expect a throwback to her older days. That’s right, Cardi B is stepping into a familiar role before the screen. The former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star has proven herself capable of making music bangers and in Hustlers she showed that she can hold her own when it comes to the big screen.

Now, the rapper is playing the lead in Paramount’s upcoming film Assisted Living.

Cardi was recently cast in the “raucous comedy” called Assisted Living.

According to Variety, the upcoming film “is being described as a ‘raucous comedy’ with ‘tremendous heart.’ Fans of Cardi can expect a film that looks quite a bit like Tootsie, Sister Act, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

The upcoming film follows Cardi B as Amber a small-time crook who gets herself into trouble when a heist goes wrong. “On the run from the cops and her former crew, she struggles to find anywhere to hide, reports Variety. “Running out of options, Amber disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in the one place no one will look — her estranged grandmother’s nursing home.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Cardi B has been in a major film.

In 2019 she appeared the blockbuster film Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Keke Palmer.

And of course, for some time fans were hopeful that Cardi would take on the titular role of a reboot of the ’90s sitcom “The Nanny.”

According to CNN, the reality star-turned-rapper has been in talks to play Fran Drescher’s daughter in a potential reboot of the ‘90s sitcom.

Speaking about a potential reboot in 2018, Fran Drescher told Extra in an interview “[I’m] talking to her representation. It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and it could be super fun.” Here’s hoping we get more Cardi B on screen!

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