Here Are Some Reality Stars Who Are A Better Follow Than Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with the Kardashians means keeping up with Kanye and I don’t need that kind of instability in my life, no shade to Kim. Keep your feed fresh with these fierce, unapologetically Latino reality stars that are just trying to make it in this world, like you.

Hint: Netflix is your new home for your more diverse reality TV needs. Meet the influencers that will become your 2019 obsession.

Cardi B

CREDIT: @iamcardib / Instagram

Claro, we’re all following “Love & Hip Hop” star Cardi B. With almost 40 million followers, she’s still like 80 million followers short of Kim K, but Latino follows should count twice as much, because we’ll savagely defend her to all the haters.

Follow @iamcardib to see a Dominican bruja stay real, get glam, and be totally chill to live stream in her pajamas without makeup on. 🙏🙏🙏

Amara La Negra

CREDIT: @amaralanegraaln / Instagram

Another “Love & Hip Hop” alumnus, Amara La Negra’s mere existence on the show has raised awareness around Afro-Latinos. Latinos on the show itself were trying to tell her she can only be one: Black or Latina. Amara’s artistry is all over Spotify and you can support and enjoy her glam feed @amaralanegraALN.

Carmen Carrera

CREDIT: @carmen_carrera / Instagram

She first came into our empty lives on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” before she transitioned, and has transitioned in the public eye. That’s a wildly vulnerable and courageous act of activism. Follow @carmen_carrera to watch this babe walk the catwalk, model on magazine covers, and slay.

Karamo Brown

CREDIT: @karamo / Instagram

Another activist babe, Karamo Brown blew up at the start of 2018 with Netflixs reboot of “Queer Eye.” Brown is a retired social worker and activist and plays the “culture expert” on the show. Basically, he’ll melt your heart onscreen.

Taz Zavala

CREDIT: @tazzavalaofficial / Instagram

Netflix’s recent release of “Westside,” a music reality series, features nine young musicians coming together for a local production. We get to know Zavala, who is open about her struggles to gain approval from her family for her career path. Her story is so relatable. Follow @tazzavalaofficial for all the bella and talent you need.


CREDIT: @anitta / Instagram

Anitta is one of the most famous Brazilian pop stars of all time, and now, she has her own reality show on Netflix called “Vai Anitta.” Trust, it’s worth a watch and you definitely follow her.

Laurie Hernandez

CREDIT: @lauriehernandez / Instagram

The Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez was a celebrity dancer on “Dancing with the Stars.” Spoiler: she’s just as sweet and kind as she looks. No drama here, but lots of wild gymnastic moves on her feed.

Andrea Espada

CREDIT: @andreaespadatv / Instagram

Don’t be fooled by her babeliness. Andrea Espada is the mother in chief of the self-made reality show “The Royalty Family” on YouTube, and she’s funny. Follow @andreaespadatv for prank videos, dumb skits, and all around beauty.

Christina Milian

CREDIT: @christinamilian / Instagram

Milian has been in the spotlight since we were little. She is in the music industry. She has acted alongside Uma Thurman and John Travolta in “Be Cool.” She was a cheerleader in “Bring it On: Fight to the Finish.” Who can forget her own reality show “Christina Milian Turned Up” and her appearance on “The Voice”?

Follow @christinamilian for her best festival looks, cute baby pic throwbacks, and proof that Latinas don’t age.

Bianca Espada

CREDIT: @biancaespada / Instagram

Mexican Espada made it on “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and her feed is exactly what you would expect. Imagine “Pretty Little Liars” made Mexican, and just as fabulous. Truly, her fashion is Blake Lively iconic and upsetting.

Kelvin Peña

CREDIT: @kelv / Instagram

Peña became Instafamous by just straight talking to the deer in his backyard. Watch him on Netflix’s reality show “Inst@famous to meet his deer squad, named Money, Baby Mama, Lola, Lil Bambi, Money June, Canela y Tequila. Or just follow him @kelv to meet all the other animals he’s befriended.

Chrissy Lampkin

CREDIT: @chrissylampkin / Instagram

Lampkin was gifted to us by “Love & Hip Hop NY.” The Afro-Cuban beauty won her own show featuring her and decades-long rapper boyfriend Mr. Jones, called “Chrissy and Mr.Jones.”

Luis Ernesto Franco

CREDIT: @guerofranco / Instagram

Luis Ernesto Franco started out as a telenovela star, but he did host Netflix’s “Ultimate Beastmaster” fitness competition reality television show for México’s competitors. His feed is basically him looking beautiful always. De nada.

Evelyn Lozada

CREDIT: @evelynlozada / Instagram

Lozada was made famous in VH1’s “Basketball Wives” all five and soon to be six seasons. The Nuyorican now has her own television series, “Livin’ Lozada.” Follow @evelynlozada to see her hang with Khloe, her fitness regime, and trips a Puerto Rico.

Niurka Marcos

CREDIT: @niurkamarcostv / Instagram

Cuban-Mexican Niurka Marcos started her career as a telenovela star in “Velo de Novia,” where she played an erotic dancer named Karicia. Today, @niurkamarcostv has her own shows “Espactularmente Niurka” and “El Show de Niurka” under her belt and has been with “Rica Famosa Latina” for the last three seasons.

Liz Woodburn

CREDIT: @lizwoodburn / Instagram

The Chilean-American food blogger is now big on Netflix’s recent reality TV series “Made in Mexico.” Follow @lizwoodburn for very cute puppy pics and Dia de los Muertos inspo for 2019.

Follow @felizfoodie támbien!

CREDIT: @felizfoodie / Instagram

Woodburn followed her Mexicano husband to Mexico City and posts all the incredible food of the city on her separate, but just as worthwhile account @felizfoodie.

WARNING: Do not follow when hungry.

Kitzia Mitre Jimenez-O’Farrill

CREDIT: @kitziamitre / Instagram

Kitzia Mitre is basically Mexican royalty, descended from Gustavo Baz Prada, and, as a fashion designer, her feed is just chic. Find her on Netflix’s Made in Mexico or just read the Mexican press, which has featured her wedding photos, son’s baptism photos y mas.

Follow @kitziamitre to meet her horse, dog, pony and two llamas.

Patricia de Leon

CREDIT: @patriciadeleonb / Instagram

Panamanian beauty queen, host, actress and now “Rica Famosa Latina” TV star, Patricia de Leon will give you all the beauty and drama you need in the new year. Remember when she broke a glass on castmate Luzelba Mansour and Mansour needed 30 stitches?

Well, whatever the new year brings, @patriciadeleonb will guarantee to bring you a feed of beauty and gratitude.

Joseline Hernandez

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” queen has six seasons of reality TV drama under her belt, and while she started life out in Puerto Rico’s public housing, @joseline will give you a bit of booty and a bit of her adorable family life today.


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This Chilean Competition Show Featured Juanga And Chente Impersonators And They Did Not Disappoint


This Chilean Competition Show Featured Juanga And Chente Impersonators And They Did Not Disappoint

Chilevision / Instagram

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, you are well aware that Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández are two of the biggest stars in Mexican musical history. For your abuelas and tías, and perhaps for you as well, they are like Elvis, Lady Gaga and the Pope combined. This duo has basically drawn the emotional X-ray of generations of Latinos. The scene feels like home: the smell of mole on the stove and the radio blasting a ranchera. 

We know that Juanga shockingly died in 2016 (please, let him rest in peace and ignore the ridiculous claims that he is still alive, don’t go all Pedro Infante conspiracy theory on us!). In that same year Chente announced his retirement after an epic concert in Mexico City. But a television homage brought them back for a fleeting instant. Ay, dolor!

Yo Soy is a popular television show where impersonators compete against each other.

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

The show is produced by Chilevision and is a local version of the European program I Am. Three judges chose the best impersonators based on physical appearance, singing ability and of course stage presence. There are other Latin American versions. In Peru, for example, contestants have brought to life the likes of Roberto Carlos, Emmanuel, Adele, Leo Dan and pero por supuesto Luis Miguel. 

This year four great ones came face to face in the record-breaking final: Juanga, Chente, Gustavo Cerati and Aretha Franklin.

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

The season was full of nostalgia for Latin Americans. Besides Chente and Juanga, who we will never hear live again, the Argentinian rockstar Gustavo Cerati, the lead singer of Soda Stereo, was one of the finalists. Cerati is rock royalty. He died in 2014, four years after falling into a coma. If you are a fan, you can’t miss this great performance by the contestant (but you gotta sing “Persiana americana”). 

But right away Vicente Monsalves impressed everyone basically bringing Juanga back to life.

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentevozdejuanga

This young man is hoping to become a veterinarian. He has a stage presence that reminded us of the younger years of “El Divo de Juarez”. Of course, he performed a variety of greatest hits throughout the season, including “Hasta que te conocí”, “Se me olvidó otra vez” and “El Noa Noa”. Get a taste here

His ability to channel all those Juanga vibes got people talking.

Credit: Twitter. @_tennieten

We are sure the similarity brought some to tears. Thread carefully if you wanna show this video to your abuelita

But Cristofer Mera, aka Chente, no se quedó atrás

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

Mexican mariachi music is extremely popular in South America. In countries like Chile, films from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema featuring the likes of Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante constantly air on public television. So it is no surprise that Cristofer did such a great job capturing the strong but somewhat vulnerable masculinity of a true ranchera singer. Of course, “El Rey” brought the audience to a climax, but this performance of the classic “Volver, volver” brought the audience to their feet. 

But could he beat the Juanga sassiness of the other Vicente? 

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentelavozdejuanga

It was uncanny to see Vicente Monsalves serving us that devilish Juanga smile and adopting his mannerisms onstage. Did Juanga resurrect like a modern Mexican kitsch messiah?

Twitter sent all kinds of good juju to the contestants!

Credit: Twitter. @maiki485

That sure looks like a powerful varita mágica. But did it work?

Chente also got some good old Internet encouragement.

Credit: Twitter. @ingcivilubb

 This charro cantor had a lot of viewers feeding out of his hand. 

But of course there could only be one winner… Juanga! Queridaaaaaaaa!

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentelavozdejuanga 

Look at that face. He won $12 million Chilean pesos, which translates into roughly 17k USD. Not bad at all! He will use the money to pay for his university fees. Muy bien muchachito, muy bien.

Fans were of course pleased.

Credit: Twitter. @hillbilliees

Awww… that’s cute. A bit too many emoticons, though. 

Some called for a national celebration.

Credit: Twitter. @JavierSapbe69

OK, this dude was just being a bit dramatic, people didn’t actually congregate in downtown Santiago. 

But Twitter also had strong negative reactions to Juanga’s win.

Credit: Twitter. @elias_putrefakto

Some didn’t take the result very well at all. Cerati had some pretty committed fans and took on Twitter to voice their enojo. There will always be some controversy in a show like this, that is exactly what makes TV contests such a delightful guilty pleasure!

You can’t keep everyone happy. Did the best contestant win?

Credit: Twitter. @abarca_patricia

Some Twitter users argued that Juan Gabriel won because of his acting abilities, and that Vicente Fernández and Gustavo Cerati were far more musically talented. But what is done is done, and Yo Soy history has been written. 

Erika Jayne Of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Has Been Low-Key Serving Up Latina Realness Right Under Our Noses


Erika Jayne Of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Has Been Low-Key Serving Up Latina Realness Right Under Our Noses

@theprettymess | Instagram

Since the reality show boom in the late 1990s, we have been fascinated by watching seemingly normal people doing outrageous stuff on television or being put in extreme situations. We have also found a not so guilty pleasure in seeing the rich and famous in their everyday, mundane lives. Producers try hard to sell an illusion of reality, but in fact, much of what you see on television is at least partly scripted. Companies like the Dutch powerhouse Endemol and the US channel Bravo have tried it all. Titles like “Big Brother,” “A Simple Life “(that sensational show in which Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were “forced” to work in a farm), “Survivor” and “The Osbournes” permeated popular culture and redefined what celebrity is.

But perhaps one of the most endurable formats is the “Real Housewives of…” formula. It is simple: you choose a set of women who are uber rich and who have the potential to produce the most amount of pan y circo (in short, dramarama) for audiences who are hungry for extravagant personalities and near-fistfight, as well as plenty of chisme with the occasional tear-jerker of a reconciliation. Besides some clear issues in terms of gender representation (women are housewives by nature, really? Pardon our French pero no mamen) and the sense of privilege that the cast seems to have, there are some pretty inspirational stories of women who embrace just causes and have worked really hard for what they have. One of these women is Erika Jaymes, the already established singer who has become an Insta sensation and an all-around estrella due to her honest and exorbitante personalidad. Here’s what you need to know about this güeraza who has gotten a second round at fame!

1. Her full name is Erika Nay Girardi (her maiden last name is Chahoy)

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

And she was born on July 110, 1971. She is a proud daughter of Atlanta, Georgia.

2. She is a bestselling author

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Yes, her autobiography, Pretty Mess, has been on the top of the lists of The New York Times bestsellers. The publisher describes it as follows: “In Pretty Mess, Erika spills on every aspect of her life: from her rise to fame as a daring and fiery pop/dance performer and singer; to her decision to accept a role on reality television; to the ups and downs of family life (including her marriage to famed lawyer Tom Girardi, thirty-three years her senior)”. Wow, what a rollercoaster of a life!

3. For years she has had to tell haters to F-off! 

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Leave Erika alone! No, seriously, if you are one of those individuals who goes online to trash other people’s lives, just stop. Erika has been brave enough not only to remain classy in the onslaught of online hate but also on making it public, which is a way to put herself out there. Bien.

4. From high school talent to a billboard on Times Square!

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

She first got in touch with her ample talents during her stay in North Atlanta High School. She joined the musical theater group and did roles such as Val from “A Chorus Line.” She also did great versions of “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton and Madonna’s “Into The Groove”. And, to be honest, she has kept that Dolly Parton vibe, hasn’t she?

5. She moved to New York when she was 18, in search of a musical career

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Hundreds of young people move to New York and Los Angeles each year hoping to break into the music industry, but only a few are successful. Our girl moved to the Big Apple and soon became part of several girl groups such as the I-Dolls.

6. She married her first husband in 1991

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

While starting her career in the entertainment industry she met Thomas Zizzo, a DJ. They got married at St Patrick’s Cathedral and had a son, Thomas Zizzo Jr. The couple divorced in 1996 and she moved to Los Angeles to reignite her career.

7. She married her second and current husband in 1999

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

She met a powerful attorney, Thomas Girardi, and they married in 1999. He is 33 years her senior. During the first years of her second marriage, she played the role of what she describes as “a lawyer’s wife”. She went to dinners, met powerful people and basically learn how the upper echelons of power work.

8. But being a housewife wasn’t enough: 2007 is the year of Erika Jayne

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Erika decided that marriage was not going to stop her from having a musical career. She launched her first dance music single, “Roller Coaster”, in 2007. Her rise to the top of the Billboard charts was explosive: she reached number one at the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Her second single, “Stars”, held the same position in the Billboard Dance Play chart. And, as they say, a star was born.

9. She has her own record label: Pretty Mess Records

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Under this label, she has released collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as rapper Flo Rida, with whom she released “Get It Tonight” in 2013.

10. 2015: The year of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Erika joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for the show’s sixth season. She soon became one of the favorite drama queens on television!

11. She has had roles in film and television ever since! 

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

She had some minor roles on television early in her career (before her first marriage), but the huge fame that Real Housewives brought to her life has lead her to roles in the telenovela gringa “The Young and the Restless” (she appeared with her “Housewives” co-star Eileen Davidson) and in the B-movie sensation “Sharnado: The 4th Awakens,” She also appeared in Animal Planet’s show “Tanked.”

12. After the Real Housewives comes “XXpens$ive”!

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Her experience in the reality show she released this single on January 4, 2017, during the show “Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen.” The song is a hymn to materialism and entertainment.

13. So how has she accomplished so much? Well, she got her resilience and her talent from her santa madre

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Her mom is Renne Chahoy, who was an 18-year-old classically trained pianist and actress when she had her daughter, suddenly became single when Erika wasn’t even one year old.

14. So she didn’t meet her biological father until she was 25 years old

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Erika was adopted by her stepfather, but she never really met her biological dad while growing up. The first encounter happened when she was a young independent 25-year-old woman. She describes the encounter as “meeting a stranger”.

15. She also appeared in “Dancing with the Stars”

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

The 24th season of the show (yes, 24th!) had her as one of the main competitors, and she was paired with pro dancer Gleb Savchenko.

16. She has collaborated with make up brands

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Her ultra famous public persona and her fierce femininity has led her to collaborate with brands BeautyBlender and Too Faced Cosmetics. From Atlanta to Sephora!

17. She has also collaborated with shoe brand ShoeDazzle!

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Remember that epic Times Square billboard? Well, it was part of her campaign with the famous shoe brand. She released a collection of 12 of her favorite shoes. We want them all.

18. She is a fashion trendsetter 

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

What Erika Jayne does is replicated in dozens of dance clubs around the country. We are not sure about this Tigresa del Oriente outfit, though!

19. She is a philanthropist 

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Erika and her husband contribute to the betterment of their community through charity work, particularly towards the empowerment of young girls.

20. She is a queer icon

Credit: Instagram. @theprettymess

Jayne is vastly popular in queer culture due to her fierceness and all around extravagant awesomeness! Yasssss!