Shakira Is One Of The Most Iconic Musicians And These 25 Music Videos Prove Why She’ll Never Stop

Shakira is without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces in Latin pop. The Colombian singer and songwriter has been making bodies move since she was still singing in Spanish throughout Latin America and her crossover to English only amplified her strong musical influence. Here are her top 25 music videos of her career ranked.

25. “No”

CREDIT: ShakiraVEVO / YouTube

Shakira strips it all the way down with this music video. We get up close and personal with the singer as the camera zooms into her face rocking a barely there make up look. Tied with the lyrics of heartbreak, this video will make you feel the emotion like no one else.

24. “Ciega, Sordomuda”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This is some old-school Shakira sh*t right here. Before she was blonde, Shakira was a grunge, brunette rocking out with fun and crazy video concepts. Seeing her as a wig mannequin is still super trippy.

23. “Dare (La La La)”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Shakira proves why a multi colored and patterned wall should never be overlooked. It is such a simple yet impactful concept to dance in front of a graphically pleasing wall. It definitely worked out here.

22. “Give It Up To Me”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This will give you so much nostalgia for early 2000s pop music videos. The graphics are not the best and really don’t make any sense but they will still get you hyped. This was a very specific time in music video aesthetic.

21. “Antologia”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

We all know and love Shakira for her impressive dance moves but that is not all she can do. She is, after all, a true singer. That’s why the music video for “Antologia” is in the top 25. She is so pure and her in this performance that it is so easy to understand why she is the performer she is.

20. “Trap”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Low key, we still don’t get what is going on in this video. Are they in a sauna or a spa? What is with all of the steam and the milky bath? Also, why is Maluma just hanging out in the steam waiting to approach Shakira? It might be weird and makes people uncomfortable, but that’s why it is still so good.

19. “Gitana”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This post-apocalyptic goddess form of Shakira is everything. The video literally starts with Shakira walking on air in the sky over all of us mortals and it just makes sense. She is even humble enough to fall in love with a fallen human and that takes courage. Kudos!

18. “Sale El Sol”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Once again, we are drawn to this singer’s raw and real talent with vocals. There is no fuss and no muss with this simple and beautiful video. All she needs is a black background, a microphone, and it is enough to take us all away.

17. “Las De La Intuición”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Wigs! Who doesn’t love wigs? Shakira was totally channeling her childhood, or yours, when playing dress up in this video. The emotions don’t match the fun color wig she is rocking but that doesn’t matter because it is still so fun to watch.

Quiz: We’ll Show You Her Hair And You Have To Guess Which Music Video It’s From

16. “Empire”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Some times a woman is too busy building her empire to settle down and Shakira perfectly captured this sentiment in this video. What is supposed to be a beautiful wedding turns into a wake up call for Shakira who runs for the hills after seeing the husband-to-be at the end of the aisle. Do you, woman!

15. “Objection”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

There is just no way you can ever get tired to Shakira’s dancing. it is so phenomenal that it just keeps on captivating us time after time. Doesn’t matter if she is by herself or surrounded by hundreds of dancers, Shakira always slays.

14. “Addicted To You”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

A little femme fatale with a lot of sexy. Shakira is the woman of your dreams, and nightmares, rolled into one intense lover in this video. Tbh, it is so disturbing that it makes for one hell of a music video.

13. “Rabiosa”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

With the title of “Rabid” you might expect some crazy kind of music video but that’s not quite what we got. Instead, Shakira is an intense partygoer and the whole video is just a series of bizarre and fun looking moments from what looks like an incredible party.

12. “She Wolf”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

You have definitely seen this music video several times. How could you not? The song is already amazing and will get your attention every time. This video shows Shakira in a cage and it is so stunning that the image will stick with you for years.

11. “La Tortura”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

There is a careful balance in this video of fun and sexy. The beginning is her crying and when you start to feel bad for her, you realize that she is just chopping some onions. The longer the video plats the more interesting things become with a mystery lover and the rest is up to you to watch.

10. “Whenever, Wherever”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This video played nonstop on MTV when it was first released and it was Shakira’s big break into the English-speaking music fanbase. She rolls around in the mud and every Latino parent gasped because we were definitely not allowed to get that dirty no matter what Shakira did.

9. “Try Everything”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Never underestimate the potential success of a song recorded for a kid’s movie. The kids will fall in love with any singing animal and that translate into parents having to buy, and listen to, these songs over and over. It only make sense that the parents would eventually become fans of these songs as well.

8. “Loca”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Shakira in gold on the beach is enough of a draw to get anyone to watch, tbh. The fact that the song is called “Loca” is even more exciting because you don’t think of Shakira as crazy. But, you realize quickly that the video is just her doing things that people, like our parents, would consider crazy.

7. “Perro Fiel”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This video is one of the greatest reason so many people play with painting their bodies. There is something os decadent and interesting about Shakira covered in gold paint that made youthink you could do it too.

6. “Hips Don’t Lie”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This is another smash hit that we are still referencing all these years later. Anytime anyone brings up anything about hips, this is the first joke out of everyone’s mouth. It is fun until it happens multiple times in one day, then it is just kind of annoying.

5. “Me Enamoré”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

How many times did you and your girlfriends watch this video thinking about your boyfriends? Too many to count, huh? That makes sense since the video is literally just about her being followed by someone so in love with her. Meanwhile, some of us are still waiting for this kind of love.

4. “Can’t Remember To Forget You”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

This video shook so many people to the core when it first come out. Shakira shed that little innocent look and vibe and we right to work with Rihanna to make a super sexualized video that was that talk of the country. These boss women were seriously in full control during this video and it is a masterpiece.

3. “La La La”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

While original songs for the artistic sake is the most powerful stuff Shakira has done, this one is all about the World Cup and it is great. She totally nails the emotions surrounding the biggest day in professional soccer. The dancing is pretty amazing too.

2. “Waka Waka”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

She is so good at these World Cup songs that she has more than one under her belt. Once again, she delivered with the dancing, the emotion, and the musical talent. She truly is a wonder to behold.

1. “Chantaje”

CREDIT: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Shakira + Maluma = Perfection. Seriously. This video will give you everything you never knew you needed from the two of them teaming up.

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