Thirty Years Later, This Woman Finally Celebrated The Quinceañera Of Her Dreams

There’s several reasons why 15 year olds never have a quinceañera. They might not be into the whole big dress and chambelan thing, they might not have the money for a huge party, or the timing is not right. But just because you didn’t have a quinceañera at 15 doesn’t mean you can’t have a quinceañera ever again.

Lorena Del Carmen Navarro celebrated her 45th birthday with a huge quinceañera for herself.

CREDIT: Twitter/@JoceyMarquez

“She has been dreaming about a quince since she was a young girl, but never got the chance to have one simply because she knew her parents couldn’t afford one,” her son Saúl Ramírez said. “She wanted to have one when she turned thirty but due to being in bed-rest while being pregnant with her second child, she couldn’t. Eventually, about three years ago, she decided to have the party at age 45.”

Her quinceañera was truly spectacular and very unique to how she wanted to celebrate.

CREDIT: Twitter/@JoceyMarquez

Her party include a special dance with her husband to her favorite song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Most quinceañera traditions includes parents giving their daughter her “ultima muñeca” — the last doll which signifies her transformation from child to adult. But Saúl said that instead of a doll she received her first walker! And rather than cake, guests were given Lorena’s favorite dessert, donuts from Krispy Kreme.

She also had five chambelans instead of one.

CREDIT: Twitter/@JoceyMarquez

“She had a main chambelan which was my dad, her husband and four others as well as their wives — her two sisters, best friend, and cousin — as the damas. So she had a full honor court,” Saúl said.

Lorena’s quince wasn’t just a party, however. She also had a Catholic quince mass that included padrinos and madrinas.

Her son Saúl also serenaded her with an original song he wrote just for her.

Something tells us we’re going to see a lot more women celebrate their quince at any age, thanks to Lorena.

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[Video] This Video Of A Teen At Her Quinceañera Sobbing For Her Father Is So Incredibly Sad


[Video] This Video Of A Teen At Her Quinceañera Sobbing For Her Father Is So Incredibly Sad

There seems to be no end to the horrifying stories we’ve been hearing that illustrate the fallout of the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy one which has been the hallmark of his presidency since he took office. Among the headlines that describe the effects of the immigration policy are those highlighting the sub-human conditions at the migrant-holding facilities at the border, or the those telling the terrifying stories of students being taken into ICE custody right before their high school graduation.

And the sad news doesn’t stop there.

Recently, a Latina’s Twitter post went viral when she shared the story of her niece being forced to dance el valz at her Quinceañera with her brother after her father was “taken” by immigration.

Twitter user @prisesaks took to Twitter on Monday to share a video of her young cousin dancing what is traditionally the father-daughter dance while holding her brother and crying. “So my uncle which is her dad was taken by immigration a week before her 15 and sadly he wasn’t able to be there,” @prisesaks said. “Her brother had to take his place in the father/daughter dance. It just broke my heart”.

The heart-tugging video shows the 15-year-old girl holding her brother while slow dancing with him. Her hand covers her mouth as she tries to hold back sobs. Her brother also looks visibly emotional.

The video and Tweet quickly went viral, racking up almost 3.5 million views, over 60,000 retweets, and almost 1,500 comments.

The traditional father/daughter dance at a Quinceañera is one of the most important parts of the birthday celebration and also a moment that many young Latinas look back on as a defining moment of transition from youth to adulthood. The fact that this Latina’s father could not be there to celebrate it with her is understandably upsetting for many people.

Twitter users responded to the video with a spectrum of emotions ranging from pity to outrage.

It’s understandable that such an emotionally-charged video can bring up a lot of feelings in people. Quinceañeras are supposed to be a day of celebration–a time in a Latina’s life when she gets to be “Queen for a Day” and she officially begins the transition from a child to a young woman. Unfortunately, this young woman’s entry into adulthood was much sadder than she had anticipated.

This Twitter user brought up a valid point about the difference between flashy headlines and the fact that people’s lives are actually being affected:

With all of the political tactics and clickbait articles that go around online, it’s easy to forget that there are humans beings involved in the immigration debate.

This Latina was heartbroken over the separation of a family:

After hearing stories of the appalling behavior of border control agents mocking migrant deaths and making fun of their pain, it’s easy to feel jaded towards immigration officials.

This Latina gave props to where props were due for the younger brother for stepping up for his sister:

The burden of family separation should not have to be placed on the shoulders of young ones.

Even the birthday girl’s older sister took to Twitter to express her appreciation that their story was being told:

Although their family’s situation is a tragedy, it’s a blessing that they have a platform to educate the world on the everyday realities of family separation.

This man educated the public on how important the father/daughter dance is to many young Latinas:

We can’t imagine how the young girl was feeling at the moment.

The video is just more evidence of how Trump’s policy of family separation has a real, lasting impact on Latino families. While statistics and news article tell a part of the story, the numbers and abstract policy discussion don’t illustrate the full picture like these small, intimate glimpses into the lives of Latinx families whose lives are forever changed by the Trump administration. Moments like these are formative in young adults’ lives, and this girl will forever have to look back on what was supposed to be a special day with bittersweet feelings.

These Quinceañera Fails Are Truly Any Latinas Worst Nightmare


These Quinceañera Fails Are Truly Any Latinas Worst Nightmare

There’s something about Quinceañeras that are just a recipe for disaster. Not only are you celebrating your official entry into womanhood, but you’re surrounded by your closest friends and family in the process. And surrounded by cameras. Lots and lots of cameras.

And with all the moving parts that throwing a party of this magnitude entails, its inevitable that one or two (or five) things are bound to go wrong. And with the addition of elaborate decorations, over-the-top dresses, and fancy cakes, the fails become all the more entertaining to watch. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of 20 quinceañera fails that are so bad they’re good. Take a peak below!

1. This girl was the victim of an overly-waxed floor.

via Youtube

Being the center of attention at your quinceañera is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’re the veritable princess for the day, and everyone is looking at you with admiration. On the other hand, everyone is looking at you–a situation that is ripe for ultra-embarrassing moments.

2. This cumpleañera had to re-take a test the day of her Quinceañera

@b_pajak /Twitter

Talk about horrible timing! However, we feel compelled to give this girl props for being equally committed to both her school work and her quinceañera. We can’t promise we would’ve done the same.

3. This girl literally ate dirt while filming her quince video

via Youtube

We know without even having to investigate that this videographer must’ve been a man. No woman would’ve put another girl through the torture of running (through grass!) in high heels and a ballgown. No bueno.

4. When the entertainment comes at the expense of the guest of honor

via Youtube

As if you needed another reason to be afraid of clowns, this girl was practically assaulted by an over-eager entertainer.

5. I’m sure this girl had something else in mind when she hoped her party would be “lit”.

via Youtube

Among the (many) problems with the big, poofy, traditional quinceañera ballgowns is the fact that they’re highly flammable. So, please: avoid carrying around a tray of drinks that are on fire.

6. This cake, that was obviously decorated by a gringo

via Pinterest

Pro-tip: hire someone with at least a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish when you’re looking for a baker, otherwise you might end up with cake-related fails like the one above.

7. This poor girl was let down by both her choreographer and the table that held her up

via Youtube

We miss the good old days when the baile principal was just a girl with her chambelan’s dancing to “Tiempo de Valz”. Now, you need a helmet and knee-pads just to get through all the dance moves without being injured.

8. The scariest última muñeca ever

@ 1111Ballet /Twitter

This girl received a Chucky doll as her última muñeca and we can’t tell if she’s genuinely happy about it or if she’s smiling through her disappointment.

9. This girl experienced an unfortunate incident involving her father and a pool.

via Youtube

One of the many things that can go wrong at quinceañeras is that normally responsible adults find it hard to even walk due to the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed.

10. Another “lift the birthday girl up in the air” fail

via Youtube

We hope this dance was choreographed to the tune of “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To”. Because we wouldn’t blame this girl for spending a few minutes in the bathroom getting herself together after this traumatic fail.

11. This girl was rightfully nervous about riding this horse.

via Youtube

We understand that a girl on a horse is a romantic vision for vaquero communities (especially in Texas), but at least make sure the horse is safe for the birthday girl to get on

12. This girl accidentally gave her party guests an eye-full.

via Youtube

This is why the concept of the dress rehearsal is so important. In this is also why it’s called a “dress rehearsal” and not an “underwear rehearsal”. Yikes.

13. This poor girl was another victim of ill-prepared chambelans.

via Youtube

It might be a good idea for the cumpleañera to insist that her chambelans commit to a P90x regimen before even attempting to hold her in the air

14. Unfortunately, the only place this cake ended up was the floor

via Youtube

We have mixed feelings about the face/cake-smashing tradition. It can be fun to watch and participate in (if the cumpleañera is willing), but it’s also messy and potentially disastrous.

15. This girl’s family had the brilliant idea of hanging her from the same rope as the piñata

via Youtube

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far, it’s that sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. When it comes to thebaile principal, a simple waltz will do.

16. You can tell this birthday girl knew the chair-lift wasn’t a good idea

via Youtube

We didn’t think it was possible, but lifting up the birthday-girl on a chair was possibly even more unsafe than the aforementioned “hand-lift” technique

17. The classic car-exit fail (we’ve all been there)

via Youtube

The quinceañera is traditionally the time when young women are supposed to wear the first pair of high-heels. It’s because of that you see so many slips and falls like this one. Walking in heels takes work.

18. This young lady couldn’t see her own chair underneath all that tulle

via Youtube

Yet another reason why we’re all in favor of a more slim-fitting evening gown that a princess-style ballgown.

19. This person experienced yet another failed attempt at an impressive lift

Can we all agree at this point not to lift the birthday girl up in the air? It may look cute in “Dirty Dancing”, but in reality, the cons out-weigh the pros.

20. These problematic chambelanoutfits

screenshot via Youtube

Three guesses as to why these chambelans look so miserable. Is it because they’re being forced to wear demeaning, stereotypical outfits? Nahh. Of course not.

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