Quick! Get Your RV’s Down To The Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-Up Shop In Downtown LA and NYC!

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With “Better Call Saul” season three right around the corner, dropping April 10th on AMC, the show is doing some pretty serious marketing for the show. The show surprised us all with news that the bone-chilling character Gustavo Fring was returning this season via a trailer that was a commercial for the fictional restaurant “Pollos Hermanos.” Now they’ve gone a step further, erecting pop-up shop slash restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles and in New York City.

The “Pollos Hermanos” restaurant from “Breaking Bad” has a pop-up shop currently in LA and is coming soon to NYC. It’s outfitted to look exactly like the fictional franchise.

They’re even going so far as to serve actual food. Unfortunately, based on reporting via LAist, there won’t be any chicken, just curly fries and dipping sauces. And hopefully some cool “Better Call Saul” swag and some amazing Instagram photo opportunities.

You definitely want to hurry as the lines are already getting crazy. Like, really crazy.

You think this is sped up, but it’s not. If the lines are any indicator of the show’s fan base, this season is going to be huge.

Several months ago AMC teased the return of Gustavo Fring, who fans know is a bad man in the “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” world, with this fake commercial viral video.

“Taste The Family” definitely gives off some Sweeney Todd vibes.

Hopefully Gus and Saul show up the way they did at a similar pop-up shop at SXSW this year in Austin, TX.

Fans of the show know when these two are together bad things happen. “Breaking Bad” things. Rim-shot!

They’ve spared no expense, hiring a team of servers and even a performer to rock the hell out of a chicken costume.

almost open for business! i want my curly fries and pollo! #bettercallsaul#breakingbad#polloshermanos

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They’re promoting the event on Facebook as well.

Los Pollos Hermanos

If this poor guy only knew how dangerous working for Gus Fring was, he’d be out of there. Run man! Save yourself!

The restaurant slash pop-up shop is coming to a city near you.


LOS ANGELES – 1345 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90021

  • Wednesday, March 29th from 12pm – 10pm
  • Thursday, March 30th from 12pm – 10pm

NEW YORK CITY – 243 Pearl Street, New York, NY, 10038

  • Sunday, April 9th from 11am – 8pm
  • Monday, April 10th from 10am – 8pm
Credit: Yahoo

It’s only around for a short time, so act fast.

Are you planning on checking out the pop-up shop?

You too could have your very own prison-style photo with a chicken suit wearing human.

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Kate Del Castillo Wants All Of Us To See A Different Side Of Mexico In New Netflix Show "Ingobernable"


Kate Del Castillo Wants All Of Us To See A Different Side Of Mexico In New Netflix Show “Ingobernable”

Ingobernable / Netflix

In the new Netflix series, only the second original one to be completely in Spanish (the first was “Club de Cuervos”), “Ingobernable” follows Mexico’s First Lady, Emilia Urquiza (Kate Del Castillo) as she is being chased for the assassination of her husband, the President of Mexico Diego Nava (Erik Hayser).

The trailer shows the high power couple in a relationship in decline, tumbling down in tumultuous fashion.

Credit: Netlfix

With a divorce looming, and what appear to be one too many drinks, a body goes flying off a roof several floors down, crushing the roof of a government issued SUV like a soda can. The body? That of Diego Nava Martinez, the young handsome president of Mexico.

Emilia then disappears and sets out on the run from the law, using her security expertise to evade officials.

Struggling to find anyone who would believe it wasn’t her, she attempts to clear her name, while also trying to remain free. Thus begins the story of “Ingobernable.”

“Ingobernable” is the Spanish word for “ungovernable” or “unmanageable,” which seems totally appropriate for Castillo who is no stranger to controversy.

Credit: ABC News

If she doesn’t look familiar – even though she’s been on “Jane The Virgin” and “Weeds” – her name might ring a bell for you. Castillo was allegedly at the heart of the controversy surrounding Sean Penn’s infamous, and probably strangest of all time, interview with El Chapo.

Recently Castillo sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss the new action packed show and talk (as much as she legally can), about her feelings on the El Chapo debacle.

In the Vanity Fair interview she mentions her frustrations around legal issues with the infamous El Chapo meeting.

“It’s been a hard year for me. Of course, it was crazy. Still is. I still can’t go back to Mexico, and legally, I am still working that out, and have charges still. And you know, I’m a woman, and if I was not a woman, this wouldn’t be happening, for sure. Where is Sean Penn; where are the other two? Why am I the only one who’s being charged?”

Despite her legal battles, she’s excited for viewers to see Mexico in a new light.

Of the political climate between the U.S. and Mexico and how she sees her show having an impact there, she says: “They’re gonna see the Mexico that they don’t know,” in the article she continues: “This wealthy, powerful, beautiful, cultural Mexico. And exactly the opposite. Those contrasts, I think it’s appealing for everybody.”

In a line from the trailer she says “If you think you’ve seen me fight, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Credit: Netflix US & Canada / Youtube

Hearing it from Castillo, it’s hard to tell whether that’s coming from her character Emilia Urquiza, or from her personally.

“Ingobernable” is available to stream on Netflix now.

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