Peru Qualified For The World Cup For The First Time In 36 Years And People Went Nuts

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Last month, after a wild final day of World Cup qualifying matches in CONMEBOL (South America’s soccer confederation), four teams booked a direct ticket to the 2018 World Cup in Russia: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. Copa America champs Chile were eliminated, while Peru, a country that hadn’t made it to the World Cup since 1982, qualified for a two-game playoff against New Zealand to fight for one of the final spots in Russia.

Earlier this week, the teams played to a 0-0 draw in New Zealand, setting up a dramatic second leg in Peru. Here’s how it went down.

The Estadio Nacional de Lima was absolutely packed with fans ready to be a part of history.

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Before the match began, fans sang together to hype up La Blanquirroja.

Early in the first half, Jefferson Farfan shot a rocket past New Zealand goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic to give Peru a 1-0 lead. Everyone in the stadium, including the TV announcers, went absolutely nuts.

During his celebration, Farfan held up the jersey of teammate Paolo Guerrero, who scored a crucial goal last month that kept Peru’s World Cup hopes alive. Guerrero was suspended from both matches after previously testing positive for banned substances.

After the goal, Peru’s 36-year World Cup drought looked to be over, if La Blanquirroja could hold on to the lead. “Se rompió el maleficio (The curse has been broken),” exclaimed one of the announcers.

Things got so raucous in Lima that a seismic activity monitor was activated during the celebration of the first goal.

“INCREDIBLE. Alarm from seismic detector was activated in the District of Lima due to the celebration of the goal from Peru against New Zealand,” wrote Sismologia Chile.

In the second half, Christian Ramos gave Peru breathing room with this goal:

After 90 minutes, New Zealand couldn’t muster up enough offense to score any goals. As the final whistle neared, the stadium was ready to erupt. And it did.

In the middle of the pandemonium, Peru coach Ricardo Gareca smiled, looking more relieved that anything else.

The celebration continued into the locker room…

… In the stadium…

… And onto the streets.

Some fans couldn’t help but shed a tear after the historic victory…

While others took part in, um, NSFW celebrations.

Peru fans from different generations were able to celebrate the historic moment together.

Peru’s President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, congratulated the team via Twitter.

And Kuczynski declared the following day a public holiday so people could continue to celebrate (or recover from all the post-match partying).

Congratulations, Peru! See you at the World Cup.

CREDIT: SeleccionPeru / Twitter

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She Has Amassed A Number Of Haters Online But In This Interview Cardi B Proves She's Unfazed


She Has Amassed A Number Of Haters Online But In This Interview Cardi B Proves She’s Unfazed

New York Magazine/ YouTube

“Knock knock. Who’s there? My mixtape. Listen to it.”

For many looking in from the outside, the emergence of trap music in popular culture has signaled a decline in what many consider “conscious” or “intelligent” rap. If this is your first time hearing about “trap” music, it’s a genre of music that originated from Southern hip-hop that uses layered kick drums and layered synthesizers, which has been made popular by artists like Future, Travis Scott, and Lil’ Yachty.

While much of trap music glorifies high spending, drug use, promiscuity and all the things we don’t want to “teach our children” – these topics have been part of rap for a hot minute. We conflate mumble rap, trap artists and rappers who don’t (or can’t) freestyle with being uneducated in the rap cannon and undeserving of their fame.

Take a quick peek at Twitter, for example, and you’ll see there is no shortage of people proclaiming how “dumb” Cardi B is, among many other disparaging remarks. Her hit “Bodak Yellow” is very much a trap song, but it also feels very New York.

But time and time again, youth continue to coalesce around the music of the time. Remember when rock and roll was the devil? Or how about when everyone wanted Disco music to die? Or better yet, remember when Ray Charles threw romantic lyrics on a gospel tune and it was considered blasphemy?

Well, the same thing is happening with trap.

Cardi B graces the cover of this month’s “New York Magazine” and in an interview with their sister site, Vulture, she let us know how smart of a hustler she actually is.


Growing up in the Golden Age of gangster rap, I listened to the legends. I witnessed the Tupac and Biggie beef, then Jay-Z and Nas, then Fifty Cent and Eminem against literally everybody else. I’ve seen at least 20 years of hip hop, grow, change and morph.

What we have now are artist like Migos, who many will say, “well they mumble and I don’t know what they’re talking about, so they’re dumb and therefore bad.” But Migos is one of the biggest rap groups of the last several years, grandpa. And, in my opinion, a force that will only continue to grow.

What you find in this musical evolution, is that artists who work hard enough and are sharp, will not only make catchy music, but will tap into the zeitgeist of the moment. These artists have always been smarter than we give them credit for, especially at the height of their popularity.

I mean, just look back at anything Tupac said. I’ll wait…

Cardi B shows that not only is she talented and hard working, but smart and that’s been the killer combination for her.


In the interview Cardi B lays out with detail how it took her years to become an overnight success. She talks about all the important things that we all kind-of, sort-of know about success and how to achieve it. The one big difference for Cardi B: she did it and stuck to it. It’s easy to say rappers, especially the ones of the moment, are “dumb,” but to hear Cardi B explain it, is to prove that assumption entirely all wrong.

Cardi B is an artist who knew her potential and used common sense, good judgement, and hard work to see it through.


She can rap about whatever she wants in my book. Mumble, twerk, make up words (Bodak?) whatever. At the end of the day, she’s out there making money moves, and we’re all out here buying.

Who’s dumb now?

[H/T] Vulture

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