Here’s The Ultimate Recap From Last Season To Prepare You For The New Season Of OITNB

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You don’t need to rewatch Season 5 of “Orange is the New Black” (OITNB) to watch the latest release (July 27) of Season 6, because I already did that for you. And a lot happened to some of our favorite women in the series, with Daya and Gloria at the center of it all. In case you forgot, there was a prison riot, a corrections officer was shot and killed and there was even a talent show.

The next 25 screengrabs will tell you everything you need to remember about last season in less than 3 minutes. Ready, set, dale.

Season 5 started where Season 4 left off with Daya holding a gun at a guard.

CREDIT: Netflix

Season 4’s cliffhanger was right after Poussey Washington was killed by an untrained guard who suffocated her to death. The prison erupted in chaos and Daya was able to grab the gun of one of the most sadistic guards in television history.

Daya ended up shooting him in the thigh. He was sent to medics, but eventually had a stroke from loss of blood and died towards the end of the season.

Taystee led an online revolution to get justice for Poussey.

CREDIT: Netflix

With the prison taken over by the inmates, Taystee took advantage of Internet access and posted the truth about what happened to her very best friend. No officer was being held accountable for Poussey’s death, and the anger Taystee shows during this entire season is representative of all of black and brown America.

The girls held a seance for Poussey.

CREDIT: Netflix

It was a little creepy. They sat in a circle on the ground where Poussey died. Basically, nothing happened except for Taystee and Poussey’s girlfriend, Soso, getting into a fight.

The next day, Soso built an art installation in Poussey’s honor.

CREDIT: Netflix

Poussey loved the library and loved to read. We all were crying at this point in the season, and if you weren’t, then you weren’t paying attention.

Meanwhile, Spanish Harlem took over the prison.

CREDIT: Netflix

Because if you have the gun, then you’re in charge. Daya had the gun. Maria especially had nothing to lose after shady officer Piscatella told her she was getting another 5 years added to her sentence. Sh*t was cray.

But then, the meth-heads got the gun and sh*t got even scarier.

CREDIT: Netflix

They’re not the most steady people, and have some pretty high-flying emotions about cough syrup and whether people should speak Spanish or English. 😒

7. Meanwhile, Taystee was taking hostage photos of the prison guards and Warden Caputo.

CREDIT: Netflix

While Taystee and her crew was trying to negotiate with MCC (the private prison company that took over Litchfield) and the Governor for simple rights, like health care, pay for labor, and edible food, the meth heads had other priorities.

The inmates forced the hostages to hold a talent show.

CREDIT: Netflix

Yup, the officers put on a talent show of singing, dancing and magic tricks. They didn’t say what the prize would be, but you definitely want to please criminals with a gun, especially after one of your own was shot. It’s Talent Under Duress, fun!

OK, but it actually was entertaining.

CREDIT: Netflix

Magic Mike over here had some other extracurricular talents outside of his prison guard training that in the end, made one of the girls jealous and the whole situation even more unstable.

Eventually, one of the officers, who was in hiding, was able to grab the gun and make his escape.

Maritza and Flaca became internet famous.

CREDIT: Netflix

There are a lot of ways to use a toilet plunger, tu sabes? I’m obsessed with how quickly these two turned their prison uniforms into some very cute Halloween costumes. Please @ us if you dressed like them for Halloween last year?!

Flaca shared her DIY prison makeup ritual, which included Sazón Adobo.

CREDIT: Netflix

I appreciate that, really. You just need some cinnamon, cumin and Goya Sazón Adobo to get that “DIY fly” contour look. Their love story was the only one that matters.

But Poussey and Soso tears me up hard.

The duo went around giving prisoners makeovers.

CREDIT: Netflix

I mean, initially, Piper asked them to beautify the actual prison space, but they took it upon themselves to beautify the prisoners. They care about the human, OK. 😛

On a more serious note, Taystee ended up hosting her own media conference.

CREDIT: Netflix

The revolutionaries came up with a list of demands, which included Takis and hot Cheetos, and posted it to the door of the prison, and online. This is what launched their negotiations with the Governor.

The governor delivered on Takis and Cheetos.

CREDIT: Netflix

Once the girls felt like their needs were being heard, they started to feel like they were winning and celebrated like winners. 😍

But when they found out that this was all they would get, they burned it to the ground.

CREDIT: Netflix

Literally. Also, in public, on television. I so desperately want Taystee to go become a spokesperson for prison rights when she gets out. Whose with me?

Daya finally came to terms with her reality.

CREDIT: Netflix

But not without the help of Gloria, who made it abundantly clear to her that none of this is her mother, Aleida’s, fault. She pulled the trigger on that gun. This was on her.

Aleida, soaked up a little fame on TV.

CREDIT: Netflix

Eventually, Aleida’s appearance is what made the shooting come out to the public. Daya was going down.

Daya turned herself in during the riot to help the negotiations.

CREDIT: Netflix

We don’t know exactly what is going to happen to her in Season 6, but we imagine that she’ll spend the rest of her life in max.

Gloria had her own stuff to deal with, like her son in the hospital.

CREDIT: Netflix

She even came up with a plan to move the hostages into the port-a-potties so that she could cut a hole into the fence and release them in an effort to get authorities to work with her in exchange for her part.

Unfortunately, Maria found out and did it before Gloria had the chance to take the last step.

CREDIT: Netflix

When her fellow inmates found out Gloria was going to betray them and the negotiations, they locked her up with the remaining officers.

We don’t know if Maria is even going to get out.

CREDIT: Netflix

Essentially, the governor’s aid told her that she can’t make any promises. Maria was able to get a few minutes with her baby though. We have no clue what will happen next for her.

Piscatella broke into the prison and tortured Red and her crew.

CREDIT: Netflix

Which was one of the scariest parts of the entire season. He shaved the top of Red’s head off and terrorized the girls until other women heard them screaming and sedated and tied Piscatella up.

Once the hostages were released, the negotiations went south.

CREDIT: Netflix

The governor wouldn’t budge on honoring Poussey’s death as a murder and Taystee wouldn’t budge on getting justice. Because of Maria’s move, the negotiations completely fell apart and SWAT showed up in riot gear and started manhandling the women.

Maritza and Flaca were separated. 💔

CREDIT: Netflix

Again, the only love story we care about and all we know is that the two are sent to different prisons, making the riot their last hurrah (as far as we know).

The season ended with an explosion.

CREDIT: Netflix

The remaining girls left in the prison were hiding out in an emptied out pool. They know that the men injure any women who try to resist, so they hold hands and stand in peace and dignity. We know that the Governor gave orders to remove them “by all means necessary.”

The last thing we heard was an explosion at the door. The only way to know what happens next is to get into your piyamas, fry up some tostones and Netflix and binge. ✌️

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Los Espookys Episode 2: “El Espanto de la Herencia”


Los Espookys Episode 2: “El Espanto de la Herencia”


On June 13 2019, HBO premiered “Los Espookys,” it’s Spanish-language horror comedy from the mind of Fred Armisen. Needless to say, we were immediate fans. Between the subtly hilarious script and its impeccable delivery, the series proved from episode one that it’s worth the watch. Don’t even get us started on how much we love the horror elements we’ve seen so far.

The second episode of “Los Espookys” is just as addictive and entertaining as the first. Titled “El Espanto de la Herencia,” the episode is so good, it demands a recap.

Here are some of the most spooky and most hysterical parts of “Los Espookys” episode two.

Last week, we met Renaldo, Úrsula, Tati and Andrés, four friends bonded by their love of horror.


The gang was encouraged by Renaldo’s uncle, Tio Tico, to pursue that passion and turn it into a career. Calling themselves Los Espookys, they were approached by a mysterious woman who wants to use their terrifying talents. With this in mind, it’s time to brainstorm how they’ll approach this next job.

However, before we can check in with Los Espookys, the series introduces us to the US Ambassador.

Horror DNA

Her name is US Ambassador Melanie Gibbons and she’s received an important letter. The letter — which is in Spanish, not coded as she first suspects — informs her that her friend Ignacio Ferracuti has died. However, he’s left his 18.9 billion peso fortune to whoever can survive a night in his haunted mansion.

To borrow Ambassador Gibbons words, “Okay, twist!” She’s been chosen as one of five strangers to compete for his fortune. It’s all very exciting for her.

Similarily, Los Espookys are excited for this upcoming challenge.

Horror DNA

We finally get to see to the official Los Espookys headquarters — which happens to be Renaldo’s garage. While Andrés pushes for avant-garde and challanging tricks, Renaldo wants to stick to the basics. Úrsula just wants confirmation that they’re going to be paid.

Meanwhile, back in LA, Tio Tico is in an unusual situation.

Horror DNA

Following last week’s encounter at a major celebrity party, Tico has been mistaken for an elusive artist. Due to this mix-up, he’s been roped into speaking at an art panel. The whole thing has snowballed and Tio Tico is just along for the ride.

Unfortunately, Andrés is finding it hard to balance his life as Prince of Chocolate and his spooky calling.


Being the heir to a chocolate fortune is hard. As his boyfriend reminds him, Andrés has duties he needs to commit to or else he will be removed as heir. However, the curious man is preoccupied with uncovering the mystery of his birth and his new side gig. What is a Chocolate Prince to do?

Finally, it’s the big night!

Horror DNA

Too bad Renaldo has been ditched by the other members of Los Espookys. Andrés, Úrsula y Tati have all shown up last minute, leaving Renaldo to set up. What’s worse, nobody hired the actors they need so Renaldo has to step in as the creepy butler. Let’s just say, the role is out of his range.

Still, the goal of the haunted house is to get rid of one contestant in particular. The Mysterious Woman announces to Los Espookys that Sr. Ferracuti’s son is a contestant and must not win. However, he seems impossible to shake with the frankly unimpressive scares.

Los Espookys are in a funk and they need some serious rallying.


Andrés is obsessed with the dead ends he keeps getting in his search for his origin. Úrsula is obsessed with getting paid. Tati is obsessed with Snap Chatting her shady internet boyfriend.

Renaldo is about to give up but some unexpectedly good advise from Tati inspires him. After a rallying call from Renaldo, Los Espookys are back. They’re going to pull off the scariest trick they can.

We don’t want to give away the ending, but the episode wraps up with the possibility of more jobs in their future.


Will Tati continue her internet relationship? Will Andrés learn the origins of his birth? What sort of adventure will Los Spookys get into next week? We’ll have to watch to find out.

HBO’s New Spanish-Language Series Is Exploring Another Widely-Held Love Within Our Culture


HBO’s New Spanish-Language Series Is Exploring Another Widely-Held Love Within Our Culture


There are certain universal similarities throughout the Latinidad that binds us to one another. We don’t mean stereotypes, but things that we honest to goodness all love. For example, our appreciation for cafecito and a rhythmic beat are accurate clichés tied to Latinx folk. Similarly, HBO’s new Spanish-language series is exploring another widely-held love within our culture.

On July 14th, the television network debuted its new series “Los Espookys” and it’s “horror” theme is very close to our hearts.

Twitter / @HBO

“Los Espookys” is a mostly Spanish-language comedy that includes a healthy dose of horror and camp. Created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega and Fred Armisen, the series takes place in an undisclosed city in Latin America. It follows a group of friends —Renaldo, Andrés, Úrsula and Tati — as they turn their hobby of horror and special effects into a business of their very own creation.

While the show’s mix of comedy and horror is completely engaging, “Los Espookys” is also groundbreaking. As mentioned, the series is mostly in Spanish with English subtitles. The portions that aren’t in Español utilize slang and English with Spanish subtitles to communicate to its audience. For a large network like HBO to carry a Spanish language series and air it in primetime is a huge deal. Even more, it reflects how much confidence the “Game of Thrones” network has in the new show.

The premiere of “Los Espookys” opens with a super intense quinceanera. If you think you’ve been to some scary quinces before, just wait until you see this spook-tastic party. As it turns out, everything from the entrails cake to the mutilated waiters is the work of Renaldo and his crew. The party impresses everyone, including Renaldo’s uncle, Tio Tico (played by Armisen). Expressing his support, his uncle encourages the spooky connoisseur to pursue his passion — even if that passion is monsters and mayhem.

The friends get the chance to do just that when the local priest makes an unusual request of the group’s special skills.

Twitter / @HBOPR

Episode One also reveals more about the group of self-proclaimed “horror technicians.” The black-clad unofficial leader of the group is Renaldo and his life-long friend is Andrés. The electric blue-haired Andrés is the heir to a chocolate company. Called the “Prince of Chocolate,” he is a genuinely intriguing dude with dramatic past. (Note the intense telenovela music that plays whenever he gets contemplative.)

Rounding out the group is a pair of unusual sisters. Úrsula is a dental hygienist with the soul of an artist who is happiest when she’s making something terrifying. Her sister is the odd and unintentionally funny Tita. We first meet Tita when she is hand-spinning the blades of an electric fan to cool down her boss, the priest. Fortunately for us, she only gets more bizarre as the episode goes on.

The cast delivers some great lines but that’s not the only thing that makes “Los Espookys” so entertaining. Improbable situations, subtle humor, and references to popular Latinx culture all add to the series’s appeal, too.

However, it’s the focus on the characters’ love of horror that will really resonate with Latinx viewers — and for a valid reason.

Twitter / WigWurq

Whether it’s the scary legends of La Llarona y El Cucuy or the movies of Guermillo del Toro, the Latinidad loves horror. After all, we have an entire holiday completely devoted to honoring the dead. If you need additional proof of this love, look no further than our children — the future of our culture.

In early June 2019, 3-year-old Lucia Brown went viral for her very scary birthday theme. The birthday girl insisted on a party that included Valak, the satanic sister from “The Nun.” It wasn’t just Lucia that enjoyed the theme; her friends also painted their face in black and gave into the darkness.

Yet, a love of horror isn’t something we simply grow out of; it grows with us.

Twitter / @BlairGuild

When we become teens and start to explore our own independence, we strike out towards our own styles. This often means we explore music and clothing to find what best suits us. In these two subjects, we still see marked examples of our cultural love of horror.

The Emo and Goth subcultures have been notably popular with Latinx teens and young adults since its birth. Both categories are usually associated with teens who are not of color and can appear to be at odds with the colorful traditions of the Latinidad. However, there’s something about the Emo and Goth lifestyles that resonate with Latinx folk.

These categories are often hard to describe but most people can place the look when they see it. Both Emo and Goth subgroups focus on self-expression by embracing dark fashions and the mentality of “the individual.” These subcultures also incorporate a healthy dose of horror — using zombies, monsters and the occult in their fashion and art.

Music is the heart of the Emo and Goth subcultures and is what most links the Latinidad to the lifestyle.

Twitter / @missbreton
Twitter / @_smromero

Emo and Goth music often explore dark and emotional topics in their lyrics and evoke feeling with their music. Bands like Morrissey, Joy Division and The Cure led the way for this type of music in the 80’s and 90’s. Later, groups including AFI, My Chemical Romance and The Used became the modern voice of their genre.

For these bands, Morrissey especially has become beloved to Latinx Goths and Emos. Maria Hinojosa’s exploration of this love — entitled “Goths: Latinos on the Dark Side” is an interesting episode of Latino USA that explores this topic.

In it, a guest explains, “For whatever reason, Latinos love Morrissey and no one really knows why. I think it’s the melodrama.”

It could be argued that melodrama is also the reason the Latinidad loves horror.

Many have expressed a sense of community in finding these subgenres so maybe that’s the real reason Latinx folk feel so at home with them.

Twitter / @llavvves

Often times, Latinos and Latinas feel excluded from the larger communities we’re a part of. Sometimes we’re marginalized by income level. Sometimes it’s our nationality or citizen status that isolates us from others. We can even be excluded from others within our own Latinx community.

However, a shared appreciation of the Emo and Goth subgenres and all things horror unites us in a mutual love. In a world where we can feel so alone, we can go to a Guermillo del Toro film and feel connected. When feeling as though no one understands us, we can listen to Morrissey and hear our feelings in his words.

In this way, “Los Espookys” also has the potential to unite our Latinidad with something we’ll love. Though we’ve only seen one of the six episodes of this season, the response online has been more than positive. Obviously, the hilarious script combined with the characters’ love of horror makes for a combination that audiences relate to. We can’t wait to see what spooky surprises “Los Espookys” has in store for us still.

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