Noah Centineo Is America’s And Latino’s New Heartthrob And Here’s Why

Noah Centineo has been billed as America’s next up-and-coming A-list actor and he’s 24 years old. You might recognize him as Latino heartthrobs in many TV shows and music videos, but we don’t want to spoil anything for you just yet.

For now, take a look at these smoldering pics of the goofy man version of Camila Cabello and ask yourself how to get in his personal space.

He’s totally 305-Til-I-Die.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

I mean, he hasn’t explicitly said it out loud, but we do know he was born and raised in Miami. If there is anything you should know about Miami is that people from Miami are so proud to be from Miami.

He went to BAK Middle School of the Arts.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Which is relevant if you, like me, pined for a spot at the too-cool-for-school escuela. All your friends who went to BAK had the most fun, spending their class time pirouetting, dropping a beat or becoming Noah Centineo.

His most memorable role was on Jennifer Lopez’s “The Fosters.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He replaced Jake T. Austin in Season 3 as Mariana’s twin brother, Jesus. The two of them struggle with their Latino identities adopted into a non-Latino family as they navigate their relationships with their moms and birth parents.

\Him and co-star Cierra Ramirez are tight.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

While the series came to a close months ago, the two still go on so many hikes together and their sibling vibes IRL are the cutest. We’re screaming to see them act in their adult lives on “The Fosters” spinoff “Good Trouble.”

Centineo most recently rose to fame for Netflix’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He plays Peter Kavinsky, a boy who accidentally received a love letter from Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), who he kissed in spin the bottle in middle school. The movie plays like a modern day, non-white, “Sixteen Candles,.”

He caused a stir by posting a picture of their most intimate scene.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Spoiler alert: In the movie, a jealous Kavinsky ex posts a video of the two of them making out in the jacuzzi, sparking Lara Jean to freak about her “accidental sex tape” before she even ever had sex. What’s your game, Centineo?

A video was recently released of him saying some non-abuelita approved stuff.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Tbh, it is pretty out there and while we won’t tell you what he said, we can’t stop you from looking it up. It is very NSFW.

Some are speculating that Centineo and actress Lana Condor are dating IRL.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

There’s a scene where Lara Jean’s lock screen is shown to be the two of them asleep and cuddling. Prepare yourselves because that ???????? was ???????? real. ???????? The actors were found cat-napping in a puddle of cuddles.

Apparently he’s a “natural flirt.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Director Susan Johnson told Entertainment Tonight that the scene where Peter puts his hand in Lara Jean’s back pocket and twirls her around was actually Noah twirling Lana around. He completely improvised it and Johnson changed the scene to make it happen. She even said, “He’s a natural flirt so he knew what he was doing.”

In a Netflix exclusive interview, Noah tested his pickup lines on Lana and she liked it.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Listen to this: “Do I know you? You look a lot like my next girlfriend.” Talk about smooth. Is there any question why he is becoming such a heartthrob?

Plus, he’s going around on Instagram calling her “the love of his life.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to get that kind of reminder of love over and over again? Oh, and Lana has already confirmed the coupling. That makes all of those declarations of love so much more romantic and dreamboat-y.

Before he was heart eye’ing Lana, he had his eyes on Camila Cabello.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

Well, he played Cabello’s love interest in her music video for “Havana.” Apparently, he just got the call one day to show up later in the afternoon to her set and he screamed yes.

Did you know that Noah is a Disney boy?

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He had minor roles on “Austin & Ally,” “Shake It Up,” and “Jessie.” He also played Jaden Stark in the Disney movie “How to Build a Better Boy.” You’ve aged well, amigo.

He was born on May 9, 1996, making him Taurus, but you know that.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Tauruses are known for being determined, witty, affectionate, gentle and brimming with self-confidence. If it looks like a Taurus and acts like a Taurus, he’s an ox.

Noah is exactly 6′ tall and that’s just fine.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Some may call him the perfect man and that’s up to you to decide. He’s only 22 years old, making him prime for posters on every teenage boy and girl’s bedroom door.

When he was 16 years old, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

I mean, really solid decision there, Noah. He’s since been nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Male for his performance on “The Fosters.” Sadly, he didn’t win, but 2018 is looking pretty bright so far, no?

He calls Boca Raton, one of the places he grew up, “one of the top five most pretentious places on Earth.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

No offense to Boca Raton, Florida or anything but, okay. He did live there and it is clear he is not the pretentious type.

His dad used to be a pastor and is now an entrepreneur.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

His mama is a spin and yoga instructor, which explains the sweet, gooey soft side of Noah Centineo. And that father who’s a former pastor thing gives him that good boy gone bad vibe.

“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” is out now starring Centineo in case you need more time with him.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

The film is basically a modern version of the “Cyrano de Bergerac” story. Good work, Noah. We can’t wait to see where your career goes.

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The Story Behind ‘To All the Boys’ Star Noah Centineo’s Scar On His Face


The Story Behind ‘To All the Boys’ Star Noah Centineo’s Scar On His Face


Since it was announced that Netflix would grace fans of the wildly successful To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with a sequel, we’ve all waited with bated breath. Now the second part of our beloved film is finally here and once again Peter Kavinsky is back on our tv screens.

Speaking Peter Kavinzky and his beautiful face…

The man behind the high school jock, Noah Centineo, has sparked conversations online once again about the scar on his face. Fans of the teen romantic comedy series, have begun to dig into the origins of the tragically beautiful scar that marks the side of his mouth and after some sleuthing, we’ve discovered the truth behind the scar.

Speaking to Buzzfeed in a 2018 interview that profiled the original “To All The Boys I Loved Before” Centineo (who has been described as having Puerto Rican ancestry, explained that he got his famous scar when he was a child. “I got attacked when I was six years old by a Mastiff,” he explained. “He ripped a hole in my face, so you could see my teeth, my gums, and all the way through my tongue to the other side. There was a massive, gaping hole.”

Centineo went onto emphasize his belief that the dog didn’t totally understand what had happened. “I specifically remember him lunging, being pulled away from him, and then looking back and seeing him cock his head like he didn’t really understand what happened. Some people were like, ‘Do you wanna put the dog down’ I was crying, like, ‘No, he didn’t mean to do it!'”

In response to Centineo’s story, Brandi Hunter, Vice President, Public Relations and Communications for the American Kennel Club explained to Teen Vogue that Mastiffs are typically a more relaxed and gentle breed of dog. “Mastiffs are one of the most laidback breeds,” she shared. “They are protective, but they’re a very sweet breed.” Hunter also explained that some dogs became dangerous when an interaction between humans can go wrong. She went onto explain to Teen Vogue that when it comes to interacting with any dog, it’s always best to ensure that a dog feels safe and not threatened by allowing the dog to approach and sniff you first.

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Andrea Arruti, The Mexican Actress Who Lent Her Voice To ‘Frozen’ In Spanish, Died At 21 Years Of Age


Andrea Arruti, The Mexican Actress Who Lent Her Voice To ‘Frozen’ In Spanish, Died At 21 Years Of Age

Andy AV / Facebook / frozendisney / Instagram

The young actress who lent her voice to the Spanish version of Elsa in “Frozen”, Diamond Tiara in “My Little Pony,” Neeko in “League of Legends,” among other characters, died this week and the Mexican entertainment industry is mourning the loss of a talented young voice actress. 

Actress Andrea Arruti who lent her voice to the Spanish-language version of Elsa in “Frozen,” died.

Mexican actress Andrea Arruti, died following a respiratory complication, which slowly debilitated her body over the course of several months. She was the voice behind many’s favorite characters in the Spanish version of animated series and films, such as “Anne with an E,” “My Little Pony,” “Phineas and Ferb,” and “League of Legends.” One of her most popular characters was Elsa in “Frozen.”

She reportedly died on Jan. 3.

The death of the 21-year-old actress occurred during the first days of the year, but the information wasn’t confirmed until this weekend, when several companies who worked with Arruti, expressed condolences.

The family shared official news of Andrea’s passing to appease rumors.

Credit: Andy AV / Facebook

Arruti’s family shared the news on her Facebook page and felt the need to be transparent about the young actress’s cause of death following false rumors.  “In the name of Andy Arruti’s family, we want to express our sincere gratitude for all the love and solidarity we have received after her passing in a hospital of Mexico City. After noticing some speculation around her death —in the media as well as in social media—we wanted to note that Andrea died due to a respiratory complication that weakened her body throughout the last months.”

The Arruti family made it clear that Andy ’had no addictions’ and that she was ‘an exemplary person’.

View this post on Instagram

La más bonita.???????? @andyarruti

A post shared by Andrea Arruti.???????? (@team_andy_arruti) on

“Throughout this period it was sought for their well-being and was duly attended by specialists.“ the Facebook post reads. “For her part, she did everything in her power to meet her health status and fulfill her family, school and professional commitments in a normal way. Andrea was an exemplary person who had no addiction and those who knew her can realize that she was always a cheerful young woman.”

“League of Legends” expressed their condolences.

“We regret the death of Andrea Arruti, who lent her voice to Neeko, and we extend our condolences to her loved ones,” wrote the official video game “League of Legends'” Twitter account. 

Those in the Mexican entertainment industry have been paying their respects via social media.

So far, the actress’s family has not revealed the exact cause of death just stating an unnamed respiratory problem. However, on social media, fans and colleagues have lamented the news and remember her as a cheerful and talented person.

Her close friend and colleague Emilio Trevino also shared a loving message.

View this post on Instagram

Sin duda a veces la vida nos sorprende de maneras fuertes e inesperadas…buscar un porque o para que es absurdo pues son respuestas que realmente nunca tendremos y no espero tenerlas. Sin embargo creo que hoy para mi es más importante recordar todas aquellas cosas hermosas que viví contigo…pues esas son las que al final de todo realmente importan. ¿Qué te puedo decir? Tantos años…crecimos juntos…tantas experiencias y sueños compartidos que no se por donde empezar. Gracias por todas las noches desvelándonos platicando sobre nuestros sueños y como llegaríamos a ellos. Gracias por acompañarme a ver mi película favorita al cine y escucharme hablar de Philippe Petit por horas con tanto amor como tu lo sabias hacer, me acuerdo que pesaba “wow realmente me está escuchando , esta niña es diferente”. Ese momento en el que a la mitad de la película nos quedamos viendo uno al otro por instantes sin decir nada pero realmente decíamos todo…fue simplemente hermoso. Gracias por todas las videollamadas cantando juntos. Gracias por hablar conmigo de Harry Potter por horas hasta cansarnos. Gracias por hacer una fiesta de disfraces en la cual solo fuimos disfrazados tu y yo jajaja. Gracias por platicar conmigo de todos los misterios del mundo como los grandes detectives que nos sentíamos querida Señorita Adler y gracias por darme el nombramiento de Sherlock Holmes. Gracias por introducirme a la lectura y tenerme paciencia aunque nunca fui un muy buen lector…perdóname por perder el libro que me prestaste jajaja. Gracias por volar conmigo en el país de Nunca Jamás…jamás olvidaré cuando grabamos juntos esa serie…era tan bonito escucharte y sentir que me acompañabas en cada aventura, y gracias por compartir tu polvillo de hadas conmigo. Gracias por enseñarme a bailar y a reír sin parar cuando grabábamos Trolls…eres la Poppy más hermosa de todas. Gracias por vivir conmigo una historia de amor tan incondicional, mágica, sincera, divertida y vulnerable cuando grabamos “Anne with an E”….escucharte en cada toma era muy especial para mi. Sin duda ese personaje reflejaba gran parte de ti. Tu sabes que siempre serás mi única e irreemplazable Anne❤️. ……continua abajo

A post shared by Emilio Treviño Oficial (@emiliotrevino_) on

“Life undoubtedly surprises us in tough and unexpected ways, sometimes,” wrote Trevino, a young man who shared many projects with Andrea. “Te voy a extrañar mucho,” “I’ll miss you a lot,” he added in the caption of his Instagram post. 

Despite her young age, Andrea Arruti had been working in the entertainment industry for a long time.

In addition to interpreting the Spanish version of Elsa in “Frozen,” Arruti was a part of other projects such as “Phineas and Ferb” where she played the role of Brigette.

Andrea’s voice has been immortalized in other projects like “Detective Pikachu,” “Goosebumps 2,” “Zombies,” “Powerful Minds,” “World War Z” and many many more.

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