Noah Centineo Is America’s And Latino’s New Heartthrob And Here’s Why

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Noah Centineo has been billed as America’s next up-and-coming A-list actor and he’s only 22 years old. You might recognize him as Latino heartthrobs in many TV shows and music videos, but we don’t want to spoil anything for you just yet.

For now, take a look at these smoldering pics of the goofy man version of Camila Cabello and ask yourself how to get in his personal space.

He’s totally 305-Til-I-Die.

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I mean, he hasn’t explicitly said it out loud, but we do know he was born and raised in Miami. If there is anything you should know about Miami is that people from Miami are so proud to be from Miami.

He went to BAK Middle School of the Arts.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Which is relevant if you, like me, pined for a spot at the too-cool-for-school escuela. All your friends who went to BAK had the most fun, spending their class time pirouetting, dropping a beat or becoming Noah Centineo.

His most memorable role was on Jennifer Lopez’s “The Fosters.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He replaced Jake T. Austin in Season 3 as Mariana’s twin brother, Jesus. The two of them struggle with their Latino identities adopted into a non-Latino family as they navigate their relationships with their moms and birth parents.

\Him and co-star Cierra Ramirez are tight.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

While the series came to a close months ago, the two still go on so many hikes together and their sibling vibes IRL are the cutest. We’re screaming to see them act in their adult lives on “The Fosters” spinoff “Good Trouble.”

Centineo most recently rose to fame for Netflix’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He plays Peter Kavinsky, a boy who accidentally received a love letter from Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), who he kissed in spin the bottle in middle school. The movie plays like a modern day, non-white, “Sixteen Candles,.”

He caused a stir by posting a picture of their most intimate scene.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Spoiler alert: In the movie, a jealous Kavinsky ex posts a video of the two of them making out in the jacuzzi, sparking Lara Jean to freak about her “accidental sex tape” before she even ever had sex. What’s your game, Centineo?

A video was recently released of him saying some non-abuelita approved stuff.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Tbh, it is pretty out there and while we won’t tell you what he said, we can’t stop you from looking it up. It is very NSFW.

Some are speculating that Centineo and actress Lana Condor are dating IRL.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

There’s a scene where Lara Jean’s lock screen is shown to be the two of them asleep and cuddling. Prepare yourselves because that 👏🏾 was 👏🏾 real. 👏🏾 The actors were found cat-napping in a puddle of cuddles.

Apparently he’s a “natural flirt.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Director Susan Johnson told Entertainment Tonight that the scene where Peter puts his hand in Lara Jean’s back pocket and twirls her around was actually Noah twirling Lana around. He completely improvised it and Johnson changed the scene to make it happen. She even said, “He’s a natural flirt so he knew what he was doing.”

In a Netflix exclusive interview, Noah tested his pickup lines on Lana and she liked it.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Listen to this: “Do I know you? You look a lot like my next girlfriend.” Talk about smooth. Is there any question why he is becoming such a heartthrob?

Plus, he’s going around on Instagram calling her “the love of his life.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to get that kind of reminder of love over and over again? Oh, and Lana has already confirmed the coupling. That makes all of those declarations of love so much more romantic and dreamboat-y.

Before he was heart eye’ing Lana, he had his eyes on Camila Cabello.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

Well, he played Cabello’s love interest in her music video for “Havana.” Apparently, he just got the call one day to show up later in the afternoon to her set and he screamed yes.

Did you know that Noah is a Disney boy?

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

He had minor roles on “Austin & Ally,” “Shake It Up,” and “Jessie.” He also played Jaden Stark in the Disney movie “How to Build a Better Boy.” You’ve aged well, amigo.

He was born on May 9, 1996, making him Taurus, but you know that.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Tauruses are known for being determined, witty, affectionate, gentle and brimming with self-confidence. If it looks like a Taurus and acts like a Taurus, he’s an ox.

Noah is exactly 6′ tall and that’s just fine.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

Some may call him the perfect man and that’s up to you to decide. He’s only 22 years old, making him prime for posters on every teenage boy and girl’s bedroom door.

When he was 16 years old, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

I mean, really solid decision there, Noah. He’s since been nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Male for his performance on “The Fosters.” Sadly, he didn’t win, but 2018 is looking pretty bright so far, no?

He calls Boca Raton, one of the places he grew up, “one of the top five most pretentious places on Earth.”

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

No offense to Boca Raton, Florida or anything but, okay. He did live there and it is clear he is not the pretentious type.

His dad used to be a pastor and is now an entrepreneur.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

His mama is a spin and yoga instructor, which explains the sweet, gooey soft side of Noah Centineo. And that father who’s a former pastor thing gives him that good boy gone bad vibe.

“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” is out now starring Centineo in case you need more time with him.

CREDIT: @ncentineo / Instagram

The film is basically a modern version of the “Cyrano de Bergerac” story. Good work, Noah. We can’t wait to see where your career goes.

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This Iconic Actor Is One Of The Funniest Memes On Twitter And Here Are The Best That Make Us JAJAJAJA


This Iconic Actor Is One Of The Funniest Memes On Twitter And Here Are The Best That Make Us JAJAJAJA

@diecproducciones / Instagram

If you grew up in a Latino family, particularly a Mexican family, chances are that you either grew up watching or have heard of Chabelo. He is Mexican pop culture royalty due to the long run of his show En Familia con Chabelo in which he personified childhood silliness.

Yes, he was a grown man dressed as a boy and talking in a high pitched voice.

Credit: servinmusic / Instagram

For the rest of the world this might seem a bit weird and even uncanny, but for Chabelo is a symbol of childhood and a reliable presence throughout our lives. Imagine if your dad, your kids, and your grandpa all watched the same show when little! In addition to this super successful show in which he sang and organized fun competitions, he has appeared in more than thirty films and at his height recorded more than thirty albums with kids songs.

Because he has been around for so long, Chabelo has also become an Internet celebrity.

Credit: canalestrellas / Instagram

Memes constantly pop up making fun of his longevity, but most do it in a very respectful manner BTW!  

So, yes, Chabelo was born in the United States, but he is currently a Mexican citizen.

Credit: canalestrellas / Instagram

Xavier López Rodríguez was born in Chicago, Illinois, from a couple who was originally from Leon, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Xavier was drafted by the U.S. Army when he turned 18 and was going to fight in the Korean War, but the conflict ended. He then moved to Mexico to study.

OK, let’s clarify something first: so how old is Chabelo? Really?

Credit: anapatriciacandiani / Instagram

He was born on February 17, 1935 (not at the beginning of time as the Internet claims!). He is only 84 years old, but his career as an actor has spanned over 60 years. Sure, there are actors and other celebrities that have worked for that long, but Chabelo has been a constant, weekly presence in Mexican television, so many viewers have actually grown up watching him. He says if his long presence in the public imagination: “My audience makes the difference, the one that participates, what has kept me viable, I thank the Mexican audience that has allowed me to do what I love and not have an actual job.”

He has been there for at least three generations of Latin American kids.

Credit: mcdavoo / Instagram

Chabelo started his career in 1952 and established himself as a reliant comedic voice. However, his big breakthrough happened in 1967, when his weekly show En Familia con Chabelo started airing on Mexican free to air television. The show ran for a total of 48 seasons and ended in December 2015 after 2495 episodes. He says about children: “Children are honest, marvelous and beautiful beings, one hundred percent of what a person should be”. 

He almost became a medical doctor, but his true passion took over! Gracias a Dios, cuates!

Credit: ely_4 / Instagram

Just like any father, Chabelo’s puso el grito en el cielo when his son told him he wanted to become an actor, especially because he “When I quit med school in second year my father thought I was making a big mistake, a sinful mistake, in abandoning my med career to be an actor. I knew, however, that being an actor was just as noble, dignified and important as being a doctor, so I had the obligation to study and I keep learning every day.”

He even shared the screen with the great late Cantinflas.

Credit: mundocantinflas / Instagram

Just look at that image: if you have Mexican heritage this will bring tears of joy and nostalgia! What a moment! It comes from the 1962 film El extra and you can watch the scene here.

He was a union leader for actors and was therefore spied on by the Mexican government!

Credit: grupolemongrass / Instagram

Chabelo has always looked after his peers and was a union leader for years until he became disenchanted with the political side of showbiz. However, as recently opened files reveal, he was a person of interest for intelligence agencies in Mexico. As NF News Center reports: “Several reports contained in the file of Xavier López Rodríguez, Chabelo, then press secretary and dissemination of the acting union, account for the meetings of unionized at the headquarters of the ANDA, such as the dissidence, led by Enrique Lizalde, in theaters Fru-Frú, Jorge Negrete and Café Colón.”  

The great Vero Castro was an aide in Chabelo’s show!

Credit: soyretromx / Instagram

As CE Noticias Financieras reports: “The image shows a very young Verónica Castro with the friend of all the children, who has long hair and holds a microphone. In 1969, Cristian Castro’s mother became the first aide for the program En familia con Chabelo, which had its first broadcast in 1967, and came to an end in December 2015”. True Mexican pop culture royalty here, folks! 

Everything you read from here on is actually NOT FACTUAL, well, it is just true in the wonderful world of Internet memes.

Credit: ferrmentar / Instagram

OMG, we would love to have this Loteria-themed T-shirt showcasing Chabelo as The Immortal.  Just look at that godlike, dignified look in his eyes! 

Two Mexi-Greek gods.

Credit: memexicoficial / Instagram

Chabelo is friends with generations of celebrities and politicians. Here, he is enjoying a drink at the beach with Luis Miguel. Is Chabelo the Father of Time? Is Luismi the Lord of The Sun? (his nickname is El Sol, remember?). 

Is Chabelo the true hero of the 1910 Mexican Revolution?

Credit: mile_narv / Instagram

He could have shared the battlefield with Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, according to Internet conspiracy theories! 

Chabelo is epic, magical, biblical!

Credit: karlosmeme / Instagram

Was he one of the first followers of Jesus back, back, back, back in the day? 

When we make any political choice, we gotta think of Chabelo’s future.

Credit: andytacvba_ / Instagram

This is a good one: “Before voting, think about the type of country we will leave behind for Chabelo”. Ha! 

Does Chabelo predate the mass dinosaur extinction?

Credit: monkofthesilence / Instagram

He could actually have been the inventor of selfies, when dinos were still roaming the Earth. 

Or perhaps he was born in the height of the Aztec Empire, before the Spanish made their fateful appearance on the coast of Veracruz?

Credit: yolacamontes / Instagram

We gotta admire the Photoshop skills on this one!

Nothing can stop the pop culture superteam of Chabelo and Luismi!

Credit: elfedefroy / Instagram

Chabelo is also a constant feature in Mexican street art. Just look at this amazing obra de arte in the streets of Oaxaca. 

When Stan Lee was a kid, Chabelo was already a TV celebrity.

Rest in Peace, Stan Lee!

He will outlive anyone, according to the Internet.

Credit: elindiobrayan / Instagram

Translation: “I never had any pets, they once tried to gift me a turtle. But they only live for 300 years, you grow fond of them but then they died”. 

Sorry, we just had to! This image was just too bizarre for us to let it pass! 

Credit: aurisalgado / Instagram

In fact, Chabelo is just 11 years older than Donald J. Trump and looks better! We are sure that Chabelo wouldn’t laugh if he saw this, though!

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The World Is Not Ready For This Man’s Talent And Looks But Thank You Anyway


The World Is Not Ready For This Man’s Talent And Looks But Thank You Anyway

@luisgerardom / Instagram

It has been more than a decade since Mexican actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna established themselves as power players in the Hollywood game. Other Mexican actors like Kuno Becker have also broken into the United States mainstream, but they are few and far apart. The new kid on the block is actor Luis Gerardo Mendez, an actor that has done it all in a few years: he has made indie films, a highly successful Netflix show, one of the most successful Mexican movies of all time and now films with Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and the new Charlie’s Angels team of kickass queens. 

He was born in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Contrary to what some might believe, not every Mexican actor comes from the capital Mexico City! Luis Gerardo was born in the city of Aguascalientes on March 8, 1982. 

Remember how Jude Law seemed to be on every single movie released in the early 2000s? Well, that is what the very prolific Luis Gerardo is for the Mexican film industry today.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

From the beginning of his career, he has been willing to work with anyone who wants to tell a story. He has collaborated with first-time directors such as Ivan Morales, whose film Sincronia is available on YouTube (it is a delightful film about love and loss). He has taken on peculiar projects such as Camino a Marte, where he plays an alien trapped in a human body. He doesn’t shy away from challenges, ever. 

BTW, you just can’t miss his Netflix film Time Share (Tiempo compartido).

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Time Share (2018) is a dark comedy that explores the sect-like practices of the tourism industry and how it lures clients to get lifelong commitments to spend holidays in particular all-inclusive resorts. Filmed in Acapulco, it starts as a comedy of errors and soon becomes a much darker film: a true indictment of capitalism and its deathly methods for controlling people through impossible dreams and promises of achieving a higher social status.

Fame and fortune no se la ha subido a la cabeza and he remains humble and con los pies bien puestos sobre la Tierra.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

We love his Instagram account, where you can follow his daily life (how cool is this shot from a nightclub toilet in grungy Berlin?), from his trips to life behind the sets of his movies and TV shows. 

He is a true supporter of Mexican cinema.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Luis Gerardo had one of the leading roles in the super successful film Nosotros los Nobles (The Noble Family), which tells the story of an upper-class family that suddenly sees its fortune evaporate. Luis Gerardo often collaborates with new and emerging directors and often takes an active role in the production. He believes in and loves the industry which saw him become one of the most recognizable of Latino filmmaking. 

We will always remember his character in Club de Cuervos, Salvador Iglesias Jr, Chava pa los cuates.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Some actors are always linked to certain characters, and that is the case of Luis Gerardo, who played the extravagant and frankly kinda dumb Chava Iglesias in the Netflix show Club de Cuervos, which explored the world of Mexican professional soccer. Mendez revealed himself as a comedic genius, navigating the thin line that separates slapstick and high-quality comedy. He gave an apparently shallow character multiple layers of both dramatic and comedic depth. 

We mean, no one has worn a vest better.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Chava Iglesias was so ridiculously full of himself that it was uncomfortably fun to watch! He left us plenty of memorable moments, such as successfully hiring the best soccer player in the world out of pure necedad!

He is an animal lover.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

The actor collaborates with PETA Latino, particularly in a campaign to treat domestic pets as they deserve: with care and respect. He particularly cares about dogs that are left alone in rooftops all day, a common practice in Mexico. 

He has his own collectible figurine!

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Once you have a Funko POP! toy made a tu imagen y semejanza you know you have made it! 

You can’t miss Bayoneta either (it’s on Netflix).

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

The outstanding boxing drama Bayoneta is also available on Netflix. It tells the sad story of a has-been fighter from Tijuana that makes a living in Finland by training young boxers. He gives a deep, challenging performance that was physically tough.  

His movie Murder Mystery has been one of the most watched Netflix originals.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

Yes, of course, it is mainly because of his costars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, but Mendez’ film was watched by more than 30 million people in the first three days after its release. That is much more than what many theatrical releases get. Streaming services are truly revolutionizing how movies are produced, distributed and watched, and are giving actors like Mendez a platform in which they can explore different genres. Netflix is very fond of Luis Gerardo, and we are sure we will see more of him in the years to come. 

Next up, a crazy scientist in the girl-power action film Charlie’s Angels.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

He will play a minor role, but he will give comedic relief to the highly anticipated remake directed by Elizabeth Banks. We just can’t wait to see him in this! 

His next project deals with US-Mexico relationships: Half Brother sounds truly amazing.

Credit: luisgerardom / Instagram

In an exclusive interview for Mitú, the film’s producer and writer, Eduardo Cisneros (one of the leading Latino voices in the industry), said about the actor: “When Jason Shuman and I started fleshing out this story, I immediately thought of Luis Gerardo, because there aren’t many people out there with all the qualities the role required. First of all, he’s a gifted actor, capable of giving a layered dramatic performance, but at the same time, he’s immensely adroit at comedy. We needed a redoubtable leading performer, the kind people come to expect from a Focus movie, but also someone who had a great appeal within the Mexican and Latinx moviegoers. We approached him at the early stages of the project, and little did we know he had a personal, almost autobiographical, connection to the story. So it was almost kismet. He came on board not only as a star but as an executive producer, so we are lucky to have his input and artistry in this movie”. 

Cisneros explains what this movie is all about: “Luis Gerardo Méndez stars as Renato, a successful Mexican private aviation entrepreneur based in San Miguel De Allende, who is shocked to discover he has an American half-brother he never knew about, the free-spirited Asher, played by Connor Del Rio. The two very different half-brothers are forced on a road journey together masterminded by their ailing father, tracing the path their father took as an undocumented immigrant from Mexico to the US.  The central idea of the movie is the need for learning how to see things from your neighbor’s perspective, which is kind of an allegory for what we’re going today in our global society.”

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