‘Modern Family’ Has Pushed Society To Change And These Facts Will Make You Love The Series Even More

It has been a shockingly fast eleven years since ABC Family’s “Modern Family” first hit the airs in 2009. Back then, it was a little racy to have a gay couple in a family sitcom, and it was the first time Sofia Vergara hit mainstream American televisions. The show has helped change the way our culture views diverse families and has evolved along with public pressure.

Sofía Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV because of “Modern Family.”

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Season 4 of the show was actually postponed after the cast took legal action (that worked) to get substantial raises. Sofía Vergara, who plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell), Eric Stonestreet (Cam), ty Burrel (Phil) and Julie Bowen (Claire), each make at least $200,000-$250,000 per episode.

The show has won 22 Primetime Emmy Awards.

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It also won a GLSEN Respect Award for “positive images and storylines that reflect a diverse America.” If you’re reading this, you already know that the show has strong Latino, Asian-American, LGBT and French Bulldog representation.

Sofía Vergara grew up watching Ed O’Neill in “Married With Children.”

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When she met him, she thought he would be able to speak Spanish until she realized she was watching a Spanish dubbed version of the show. ???? Weird to think that he would later become her on-screen husband.

O’Neill has been reading the same newspaper for 30 years.

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Literally, it’s the same paper from “Married With Children.” Many shows use this same exact paper because all the images and text have already been legally approved to show on air for commercial purposes.

Rico Rodriguez was told to audition as “Antonio Banderas stuck in a 12 year old’s body.”

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Apparently, lil Rico just went, “Oh, okay!” and crushed the audition. In interviews, he’s made it super clear that he’s nothing like his on-screen version of Manny Delgado. He’s always been super shy and only decided to try acting after his sister gave it a shot and he thought it looked fun.

Noland Gould is an actual certified genius.

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He plays “dumb” Luke Dunphy on screen but by the time he was on television at 6 years old, he was already a member of MENSA (an organization of the highest IQ people in the world). He graduated high school when he was 13 and has been taking college classes ever since.

The two have grown up like brothers. Noland taught Rico how to shave.

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It sort of seems like the whole cast is its own little family. If you follow Vergara on Instagram, then you already know.

Ever since Season 1, the cast made a pact to never have a lead role.

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They always submit themselves as “Supporting Actors” so that they maintain solidarity and nobody gets too cocky. Genius.

A set of twins played baby Lily.


Apparently, they hated it so much that the parents decided it wasn’t worth the $35,000 per episode. Their mom told Woman’s Day, “Halfway through season two their personalities had started to develop, and it was really clear to us that they weren’t enjoying their time on set. So we told the producers the girls wouldn’t be coming back.”

This gave Aubrey Anderson-Emmons her lucky break.

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She joined the show for Season 3 and has been crushing it ever since. Apparently, when she was still a toddler, she was a hit or miss on the show. Sometimes, she’d impromptu say something priceless and other times she just wasn’t having it.

Writers wrote in Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s real life father-son relationship as Mitchell and Jay’s.

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Ferguson apparently had to come out to his father three times before he acknowledged that his son was gay. You can’t make this up, and so the writers went with it for the show, too.

A 2010 petition is what prompted Mitch and Cam’s first kiss on air.


It happened in a background scene but we’re so glad it finally happened. Since then, they’ve been smacking lips on screen all over the place. Remember when I said those were racier days? I don’t miss them.

Julie Bowen was due to give birth any day during the pilot episode.

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She was pregnant with twins, mind you. They hid her big belly with laundry baskets and cereal boxes. Sneaky. Oh, and her first son broke her first Emmy from the show.

Vergara says she plans to steal the ugly black and white vase from the set when the show is over.


She told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s been thinking about what prop she would steal from the show, with rumors of its series ending going around. She landed on the “ugly” black and white vase. Why not?

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There’s a reason it’s mockumentary style.

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I mean, it was definitely trendy alongside “The Office,” but they actually created a character named Geert Floortje, a Dutch filmmaker who returns to the U.S. to film the family he stayed with as a foreign exchange student, The Pritchetts. The directors decided his role wasn’t necessary and they cut him before production.

Eric Stonestreet really was Fizbo the clown as a kid.

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Pretty much everything Cam says on the show about Fizbo is true story. He told The Kansas City Star, “It was my way then as a young man to express my desire to entertain and perform.” Long live Fizbo.

Writers have told the public that a “significant character” is going to die this season.

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Vergara told Ellen that she wasn’t worried when she heard that. “If they said someone was going to get deported…” Touché, Sofía.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was Gloria’s dog trainer!


This was four years before “Hamilton” took over Broadway. Apparently, Manuel-Miranda got the job after he made it clear he belonged. Director Jeff Greenberg told The Observer, “He came in and quoted episode after episode, line after line, joke after joke, and we loved him.”

“Thank God we did [cast him] because now he gets me ‘Hamilton’ tickets!”

Some people think Jay may be on his way out.

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I don’t buy it though. That would free up Vergara to marry a chiseled hunk of a guy. Maybe named Joe?

My guess is it’s all Stella.

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You’re cute, and we did notice that you were swapped out after a couple seasons by a more smiley Frenchy. I’m ready for the conspiracy theories friends! Dale!

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Sofia Vergara Finally Breaks Silence About When Ellen DeGeneres Disrespected Her Accent


Sofia Vergara Finally Breaks Silence About When Ellen DeGeneres Disrespected Her Accent

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Updated August 24, 2020.

Given the recent string of allegations against Ellen DeGeneres, many of her fans are taking inventory of her jokes and viewing them in a new light. Weighing and measuring the jokes DeGeneres has made in the past, fans are finding the comedian guilty of mean-spiritedness. Particularly when it comes to her treatment of her frequent show guest Sofia Vergara over the years.

Over the last decade, DeGeneres has had time to host Vergara on her talk show various times. Whether Vergara was herself or when she was sitting alongside the rest of the cast of her old show “Modern Family.” And despite the very many things DeGeneres could have talked to or celebrated Vergara for while hosting her, the Colombian actress was often subject to some of the worst jokes by DeGeneres.

All because of her thick accent.

Recently fans compiled clips of DeGeneres’s interviews with Vergara and it’s pretty not great.

In clips circulating on Twitter, DeGeneres can be seen jeering Vergara for her accent. During one interview, DeGeneres remarks hat Vergara’s “English has gotten worse, not better,” over the course of her time on “Modern Family.” Users on Twitter were quick to point out that DeGeneres often made jokes about Vergara’s English and often tried to make games out of her English-speaking abilities. In several incidents during the interviews, it seems pretty evident that Vergara might have been hurt by DeGeneres’ jokes.

Recently, Vergara addressed claims that DeGeneres was being racist towards her.

In response to allegations that DeGeneres was being racist, Vergara commented “Two comedians having fun with each other to entertain,” in a tweet going on to say “I was never a victim guys, I was always in on the joke.”

In response to Vergara’s message fans have pointed out that whether done with the intention of being racist towards Vergara specifically, DeGeneres’ jokes at the time were still hurtful to others.

“My parents, who have heavy spanish accents, didn’t have the option to be in on the joke.’ Instead, they were the butt of jokes,” one user wrote. “And as a child of immigrants, I was always picked on because of that. Your ‘entertainment’ may lead to some to think they have a free pass to ridicule.”

“Me too, my poor mom took classes to try to reduce her accent despite being perfectly understandable. The discrimination was even worse in the 80s but Ellen keeps it alive,” another Twitter user commented. “It’s the lowest form of humor, the put down towards the other person. It’s non funny peoples humor.”

DeGeneres has yet to comment on the clips that have resurfaced.

But they’re pretty damning.

Tons of people are commenting on the clips being shared of the actresses time together.

And it’s pretty heartbreaking how hurtful DeGeneres’ comments are.

And of course, you might remember this terrible offense.

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This Is A Story All About How A Viral Youtube Video Became The Next ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’


This Is A Story All About How A Viral Youtube Video Became The Next ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’


That’s right the 90s classic starring Will Smith is being flipped-turned upside down into a dramatic television series.

You might remember a year ago when a creative YouTube trailer of a dramatic version of the beloved series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” went viral. When the original trailer first came out, fans could not stop talking about the accurate POV the series presented of the original NBC comedy. The fresh trailer clipped out the goofy and playful nature that a young Will Smith presented in the original series and revealed a much more dramatic reimagining of the series about a street-wise teen who moved from West Philadelphia to Bel Air, California. The trailer was such a success among fans that it went so far as to capture the attention of the original star of the series.

Now, the series that catapulted Will Smith to stardom is getting a remake.

The new series called “Bel-Air” is described as a “dramatic take” on the former series that ran for six seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series has been in the works for well over a year after the four-minute trailer went viral last March. The creator behind the series, Morgan Cooper, has been a longtime Fresh Prince fan and directed and posted the trailer which reimagined the series with much darker undertones. Cooper will produce the series alongside the original Will Smith. He will also co-write and direct.

What’s more, the new series is headed back home

Just a month ago the repackaged drama is being shopped to streamers and will be co-produced by Smith’s Westbrook Studios and the original producer of the series: Universal TV.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Peacock, Netflix and HBO Max were some of the top streamers bidding on the series. “HBO Max is the current streaming home for the original series,” THR reports. “Bel-Air is described as an hourlong dramatic retelling of the beloved ’90s sitcom that leans into the original premise of Will’s complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the gated mansions of Bel-Air. With a reimagined vision, Bel-Air will dive deeper into the inherent conflicts, emotions and biases of what it means to be a Black man in America today, while still delivering the swagger and fun nods to the original show.”

Earlier this week, Will Smith announced on his YouTube Channel that the new series has been signed to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

“We have just officially closed the deal with Peacock with an unprecedented two-season order from a pitch,” Smith announced in the video. “I’ve been in this business for 30 years, and that does not happen.”

Speaking about his excitement over seeing his classic series get a modern twist, Smith said “The Carlton character — a Black, young Republican, modern-day? The heat that will be stirred up between these characters. It’s like, what’s the Hilary character in a world of Instagram and social media?”

Besides Smith, the new series will see original participants such as Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, and creators Andy & Susan Borowitzreturn return as executive producers.

You may remember that the original “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” series ran for six seasons from 1990-1996 on NBC. At the time it was produced by Jones and Warner Bros. TV and it starred young Will Smith as the titular character “Will Smith” and featured actors James Avery, Alfonso Ribeiro, Karyn Parsons, Tatyana M. Ali, Joseph Marcell, Janet Hubert-Whitten and Daphne Maxwell Reid.

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