There Are Just A Few Hours Left To Shop Our Insane Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

The rush and anxiety-filled time is here! We know better than anyone else that Latinos have a history of being late to everything — even holiday gifting. Let’s make a pact to end that stereotype and get ahead of the game. To achieve this goal, we made this extensive list with our best Black Friday deals to make sure you check off everyone on your gifting list. Not only did we do your homework for you but the best part is that you can get all your shopping done from your bed. Scroll through and click the little add to cart button on every product you wish to purchase, it’s that simple. And when it comes to giving gifts, we promise everyone will smile when they see the unique gift you gave them. Happy shopping!

mitú Magic Ocho Ball

We may not have the answer to most questions in life, but this ball has the answer to everything. With responses like “ponte las pilas,” “no pos wow” and “no manches” the Ocho Ball will steer your life in the right direction. This little bolita has the answer to all of life’s questions (in Spanish).

Guacardo Healthy Fats 14″ Big Plushie

As if anyone needed a reminder that avocados (and Guacardos) are made of healthy fats, you have this adorable 14″ plushie to let you know. This huggable gift is a delicious treat for anyone you know.

Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa Tee… And every other tee.

Give your mom a gift that will make her smile and maybe roll her eyes a little. You heard this phrase about 13 million times when you were growing up, now you don’t have to hear it anymore. Now your mom can tell you and your siblings how she really feels without saying a word as she sips her cafecito silently and judges how she doesn’t think you do enough to help her around the house.

PS — ALL of our shirts are on sale. Grab one for your mom, dad, sister, brother, padrino y hasta para el vecino.

Entire Sweatshirt Collection

One time I saw Regina George wearing a concha boobie shirt so I had to get a concha boobie shirt. Okay, that actually never happened but this is a sweeter twist to Regina’s shirt. Every time I wear this I get asked where I bought it, so you’ll basically become a trendsetter just like Regina. This is perfect for your fashion-forward friends.

If conchas aren’t your thing, you should know that ALL sweatshirts are on sale this Black Friday.

Mijo/a Sweaters 

You’ve probably been called this all your life, and really, is there anything more comforting than hearing your parents or abuelita — or even a random señora call you mijo or mija? Pass that cozy feeling on to your favorite people with this best selling sweatshirt.

Guacardo Arroz & Frijoles 14″ Big Plushie 

You asked for it, so we made it! Our BIG Guacardo plushie comes dressed in one of our best-selling shirts. Now you and your favorite plushie can match in the same outfit.

Every Cozy Blanket

Truth is, while family is visiting and everyone else is out shopping all we want to do is wrap up in a blanket. Finally there’s an entire collection of blankets that speak to us like, San Marcos print blankets, concha blankets and even cozy Guacardo blankets. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy this cozy blanket that’ll give you all the feels.

Sana Sana Mug… and every single mug ever created by mitú.

Winter is mocoso season which means chances are really high that you’ll get sick. Although there is no liquid vaporú we can drink to make us feel better — yet, we can sip our most feel-better tea from this Sana Sana Mug that we’ll make us feel at least a teeny bit better. Ship this over to your friends who are feeling homesick or sick period and lift their spirits instantly.

PS — we have a wide selection of mugs and they’re all marked down for our Black Friday sale.

Beanies & Hats

Let’s face it: doing your hair sucks. The only way to get away with dirty, messy hair is by covering it with a cute hat or beanie. Save yourself and your friends from wasting time washing and combing and just throw one of these cute hats on. Also, it’s just the perfect gift for yourself and others to keep your cabecita warm.

Mijito Guacardo

Let’s face it, Guacardo is everyone’s favorite mijito. He’s adorable, he’s got sass and he never talks back. Your favorite now comes dressed in our best-selling mijito shirt, perfect for you two to match.

Bonus: every purchase during our Black Friday sale comes with this free set of tattoos your mom will hate.

You can prank your parents with these temporary tattoos while supplies last.

Here Are A Few Products To Show Your Love For La Virgen de Guadalupe


Here Are A Few Products To Show Your Love For La Virgen de Guadalupe

Once a year on Dec. 12, Guadalupanos gather all over the world to honor their patron, La Virgen de Guadalupe. In Mexico City, the Basílica of Guadalupe hosts thousands of devotees to throw what is probably the biggest party for la morenita complete with dozens of indigenous dancers, the most celebrated Mexican singers and only the best mariachis. Across the U.S. there are hundreds of mañanitas that take place on a smaller scale, but still as touching. Regardless of where people attend, attendees show up to these celebrations wearing their favorite pieces with the Virgen de Guadalupe. If you are a believer but don’t own any pieces with La Virgen on them, here are a few you can purchase from our mitú Shop.

Virgencita de Guadalupe Necklace

This necklace is an exclusive from our collaboration with Colombian jewelry designer, Mercedes Salazar. Take the Virgen with you anywhere you go with this gold-plated design that is small enough to wear under any outfit and just big enough to make a statement. This also works well layered with other necklaces. Perfect for someone who likes to accessorize or someone who is looking for their first Virgen piece.

Maria Is My Homegirl Sweatshirt

No matter how big or small your circle gets, there is one homegirl who will always have your back and her name is Maria. Cozy up in her mantel this winter in this ultra soft sweatshirt that will give you all of her celestial vibes.

Guadalupe Socks

Just like the necklace, these Guadalupe socks are subtle enough to wear even to the office but also a statement maker. Keep your little patitas warm with the coziness that only the Virgen can give you.

Guadalupe: First Words

Books are a great way to educate younger generations with the traditions we were raised on. This Lil’ Libros book will teach youngins who the Virgen de Guadalupe is and why she is such a prominent figure in our culture.

Maria Is My Homegirl Pin

Take a little bit of the Virgencita everywhere you go with this multi-colored Virgen pin. Whether you’re someone who makes the sign of the cross every time you’re about to drive onto the freeway or you just like the Virgen because it reminds you of home, this is a sweet gift for anyone — or yourself.

mitú’s Cyber Monday Deals Are So Good, Even The Most Codo Will Want In On It


mitú’s Cyber Monday Deals Are So Good, Even The Most Codo Will Want In On It

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be pretty overwhelming we admit. There are people shoving and pushing everywhere you look but what we do love about these commercial holidays is that even the most codos, we’re talking the cheapest people you know, can snag their holiday gifts at a fraction of the price. Scroll below to get all of your holiday shopping for way cheap.

All pins are on sale. If you buy three, you get one free.

If you don’t know what to get someone in your family or a coworker, let me recommend a pin, or two, or three. They’re an adorable reflection of anyone’s personality, easy to wear… and very inexpensive.

Note: This sale does not include pin packs.

Help a friend out and get them an ugly Christmas sweater to rock to your holiday party.

There’s always that procrastinator who shows up to the ugly Xmas sweater party without an ugly Xmas sweater! Who does that? Now it doesn’t have to be anyone in your circle if you help them out and cop one of our ugly Xmas sweaters that are now on sale.

Guacardo is so bougie he almost never goes on sale… until now.

Fancy things in life like Chanel, Dior and Gucci never go on sale because they’re too bougie to lower their prices. Same goes for Guacardo… until now. The sassy avocado dressed in his Remember Me outfit is lowering his price to ensure every Guacardo lover gets him as a gift.

You can now remind someone she is meant to be a congresswoman at a lower price.

If you have a sobrina, a colleague, a bestie who you know is meant for greatness, you can tell her what you think of her without breaking the bank. Inspired by one of our favorite Latina, hoop-wearing Congresswomen, these earrings will put anyone in the spirit to achieve greatness.

If poderosa is more what you use to describe that goal-driven friend, this ID bracelet would make the perfect gift, and it’s also on sale.

Most of us grew up with the ID bracelets that were given to us with so much love by our family members. Now you can add another powerful bracelet to your best friend’s collection. This one has the word Poderosa scribed on the plate to remind her she can do anything. The bracelet is 14 karat gold plated brass and nickel and cadmium free — perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It is delivered in this beautiful box and ready for gifting…or to keep for yourself.

This Cyber Monday sale also has you covered when it comes to gifts for the most important woman in your life.

Most of us never know what to give the woman who gave everything for us. This two-part necklace set is a sweet gift for the main woman in our life. This necklace is double-stacked. You get a separate cubic zirconia pendant perfectly paired with a Mami necklace and each chain is a different design. Both are 14 karat gold plated brass and nickel and cadmium free — perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. Both necklaces are packaged in this beautiful box and ready for gifting.

The holidays aren’t always easy for someone who is newly single. Take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale and give this special message.

Mom used to tell us “Mejor sola que mal acompañada” and sometimes we need a reminder that we are better off alone than in bad company. You may need this reminder or this might be the perfect gift for a girlfriend who is going through a recent breakup. This will give her the reassurance she needs to let go of baggage and move on with her head high.

Glam someone up with this hairpin set that only looks expensive.

We’ve seen plenty of hairpins hit the market but not many that speak to us. In this set you get two rhinestone pins and two others that say Latina and Jefa. They come conveniently packaged in this cute box so your chances of losing them are slim. These are great for stacking or wearing individually, perfect for a regular day at work, an important meeting or a night out…or to keep for yourself.

Remember when we used to give our best friends jewelry? You can do that again with this cute ID bracelet and while keeping your piggy bank nice and full.

Best friend jewelry is making a comeback. Let your bestie know that you’ll be gossiping and chatting it up until 3 a.m. until you’re 97 years old with this Chismosas For Life bracelet. The bracelet is 14 karat gold plated brass and nickel and cadmium free — perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It is delivered in this beautiful box and ready for gifting…or to keep for yourself. Tip: It’s even cuter if you both wear a matching set.