Miguel And Natalia Lafourcade Teamed Up To Sing Together For The ‘Coco’ Soundtrack

Miguel and Lafourcade sound like they were made to sing together.

If you’re excited about the forthcoming Día de los Muertos-themed movie “Coco” by Disney/Pixar, here’s one more thing to get you hyped for its release. Disney/Pixar just released a lyric video for a pop version of “Remember Me” featuring Miguel and Mexican pop star Natalia Lafourcade. The song switches back and forth from English to Spanish and you’ll even get to hear Miguel throw in a Spanish word in there if you pay attention. “Coco” is the story of a young aspiring musician named Miguel Rivera who finds himself in the Land of the Dead during Día de los Muertos. The song “Remember Me” is the signature theme of Ernesto de la Cruz, the legendary Mexican singer who is idolized by Miguel Rivera. This version will be available on the “Coco” soundtrack but you may not hear it in the movie. The original version is a bolero-inspired song sung by actor Benjamin Bratt, the voice of Ernesto de la Cruz in “Coco.”

Listen to the Ernesto de la Cruz version of “Remember Me”:

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Sound The Alarm, Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Are On The New Song 'Motor Sport' With Migos


Sound The Alarm, Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Are On The New Song ‘Motor Sport’ With Migos

@NickiMinaj/ @IamCardiB/ Instagram


Credit: Motown Records/ YouTube

Guys, guys guys! Did you hear?! Nicki Minaj and Cardi B made a song together, and for some reason called it “Motor Sport.” Maybe I’m missing some dope hip-hop terminology or euphemism, because I have no idea why it’s called “Motor Sport,” but after months of people speculating that there’s beef between these two rap Queens, the two NYC natives hopped on the track and laid it down. Also on the track is Migos, who are cool right now, but really, the story here is NICKI MINAJ AND CARDI B ON A TRACK… TOGETHER. Sorry not sorry, but this is what we need in hip hop. Two strong, intelligent women rapping on the same track showing solidarity. It’s a beautiful moment in hip-hop. Also, Cardi B’s boyfriend Offset is on the track, which is fine, but Cardi B’s verse is fire, and so is Nicki’s [insert bull horn here]. ??? BONUS Fact: There may be a Beyoncé song in the works, too.

The above video is a bit of a lie and a tease, as it only plays the hook of the song. Please don’t sit through the 6 minutes of it like I did waiting for the beat to drop and for Cardi and Nicki to rap, because they don’t. For that, go to Migos’ website, where you can get links to all of your favorite music providers and find the one that best works for you. I’m using my little brother’s Apple music account, so I’m good. Thanks, bro! ?

Here’s Cardi B talking with Power 105.1. They ask her about her song with Nicki Minaj. Where also Migos says words, too.

Credit: Power 105.1/ YouTube

She also talks (and sings) about her break up (and make up) with Offset, her purple blanket, and her Instagram advocacy for strippers.

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