Here’s How Mexico Fans Are Showing Their Love For South Korea In This Year’s World Cup

Before Mexico’s final group match against Sweden, Mexico fans were extremely anxious about the results of the game. Even though Mexico had won their first two games, they were still at risk of being eliminated from the World Cup with this match. After being defeated by Sweden with a score of 3-0, Mexico needed a Germany draw or a South Korea win to advance to the next round.

Late in the game, South Korea scored twice and defeated Germany, knocking the defending champions out of the tournament and putting Mexico through to the next round. In response to this win, Mexico fans across the internet praised South Korea with memes, GIFs and hilarious Tweets.

Here are just a few of the best ones:

One fan shared this GIF and said, “This was all Mexico fans before and after the Korea goals were announced.”

@keanustan / Twitter / June 27, 2018

LOL. This was me! ????

Everyone’s emotions escalated as soon as South Korea scored those two very important goals.

@ejnoodles / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

It went from devastation to celebration in a span of just a few minutes.

Ultimately, South Korea was the push Mexico needed to advance to the next round.

@oss_contreras / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

As you can see, Mexico barely made it through. Nonetheless, they freakin’ made it.

South Korea was Mexico’s last spark of hope and they came through with full support.

@joeyrunjoey / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

If it wasn’t for South Korea, Mexico would’ve fallen down hard.

After South Korea’s win, all Mexico fans suddenly became South Korea fans as well.

@ElJeringasLoko / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

All of a sudden you start to hear chants like, “¡Vamos Korea!”

To sum it up, this is exactly what Mexico’s advance in the World Cup was like:

@alejandro_29 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

LMAO. So accurate.

Even though many Mexico fans put their faith in goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, it was South Korea all along that gave Mexico the miracle they needed.

@sugargaykarl / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

*On my way to buy a South Korea jersey*

One Mexico fan shared this GIF with the caption: “When they told Korea that if they win, Mexico advances, they said…”

@TheReal_Ramon / Twitter / June 27, 2018

Thank you a million times South Korea. ????????

Remember when Chicharito said this?

@lospeace / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Well now we know what he was referring to when he said “cosas chingonas.”

As a thank you to South Korea, some restaurants and bars are giving out free tacos.

@flako_tormenta / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Lol. This is everything. ????????????

In addition to free tacos, South Korea is also invited to the next family gathering.

We Are Mitú / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Scratch that. They’re invited to all of our parties and carne asadas for the rest of the year.

And if people are not celebrating with food, they’re celebrating with music.

@SOMEXICAN / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

This is exactly what one of my friends said after South Korea scored against Germany.

Some people are taking it all the way back to the K-pop hit “Gangnam Style.”

@elindiobotanasycerveza / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Who else has this song on repeat?

And it’s this exact level of energy from the “Gangnam Style” music video that Mexico fans are feeling after South Korea’s win.

@CeAsAr423 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

This is my mood for the day.

A few fans are using their Photoshop skills to make slight adjustments to the Mexico flag.

@YahairosilvaPro / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018


Soon after, some Mexico fans started making this image the wallpaper on their phones.

@Castro1021 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Son Heung-min is our hero!

Overall, South Korea was the helping hand Mexico desperately needed.

@_PaulMoran / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Forever grateful. ????????

Here’s a beautiful image that portrays the love Mexico fans felt for South Korea after this suspenseful match.

@djrick005 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

So beautiful.

Some people celebrated with kisses…

@betzabezumaya / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

The love is real.

…and others celebrated side by side with their country’s flags in their hands.

@monitosek / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Mil gracias South Korea. Good luck to all teams moving forward! ????????⚽️

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An Alleged Rapist Is Running For Governor In Mexico And Still Has The Support Of President AMLO

Things That Matter

An Alleged Rapist Is Running For Governor In Mexico And Still Has The Support Of President AMLO

For years, Mexicans have been taking to the streets to denounce violence against women and to demand accountability from their leaders. However, much of that messaging doesn’t seem to have reached the very top as President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) continues to support a candidate for governor facing multiple allegations of sexual assault.

A candidate for governor faces multiple sexual assault allegations and still enjoys widespread support.

Félix Salgado Macedonio, a federal senator (currently on leave) is accused of sexually assaulting five women and yet is still in the running for governor of Guerrero.

Despite the accusations he faces, 64-year-old Salgado, has maintained the support of President AMLO, who has claimed that the allegations are politically motivated, and other high-ranking party officials including national party president Mario Delgado. He was considered the frontrunner in the election for governor.

AMLO came to the candidates defense, calling on people to stop politicking and avoid “media lynchings” and asserting that people should trust the party process that was used to select Salgado as candidate.

“We have to have confidence in the people, it’s the people who decide. If polls are taken and and the people say ‘I agree with this colleague [being candidate],’ I think that must be respected. Politics is a matter for everyone, not just the elites,” López Obrador said.

The MORENA party has committed to reselecting its candidate for governor but Salgado is still in the running.

Officials from the MORENA party announced that they would conduct a new selection process to find a contender for the June 6 election. The party’s honesty and justice commission said its members had voted unanimously to order a repeat of the selection process.

While the honesty and justice commission has ordered a new candidate selection process, Salgado was not precluded from participating in it. He indicated in a social media post on Friday night that he planned to seek the party’s backing for a second time.

“Cheer up colleagues! There is [still fight in the] bull,” Salgado wrote on Facebook.

Activists continue to fight back against his candidacy and the president’s support for an alleged rapist.

Women have protested in Mexico City and Guerrero state capital Chilpancingo and the hashtag #NingúnVioladorSeráGobernador (No Rapist Will be Governor) has been used countless times on Twitter.

Yolitzin Jaimes, a member of the feminist collective Las Revueltas, said the withdrawal of Salgado’s candidacy is a positive first step but urged the authorities to continue investigating the rape allegations.

“… He has to go to jail, … he mustn’t return to the Senate and he mustn’t be nominated [for governor] by any political party because … it’s very probable that he’s seeking to go to the Labor Party [a Morena ally],” she said.

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Americans Are Flocking To Mexico Amid The Pandemic And Being Terrible Tourists In The Process

Things That Matter

Americans Are Flocking To Mexico Amid The Pandemic And Being Terrible Tourists In The Process

Despite being one of the world’s hardest hit countries by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mexico never once closed its doors to international tourism. In fact, the country has worked hard to lure travelers from the U.S. as Americans faced increasingly tough restrictions at home. This has had a profound impact on the country’s experience with Covid-19, with so many Mexicans either falling ill themselves or knowing someone who has.

With so many Mexicans having first hand experience with the virus, it makes sense why so many have strong opinions about tourist’s behaviors while visiting the country.

Tourists are still welcomed in Mexico but their bad behavior is not.

Most Mexicans agree with their government’s open borders approach during the pandemic, since the alternative would have meant even worse economic situation for a country already suffering record levels of poverty. But the influx of tourists to the country has brought with it a level of resentment at those who fail to follow local health guidelines while on vacation.

Mexico never closed its airports to tourists and one walk down a block in Mexico City’s popular Condesa or Roma neighborhoods and you’ll spot American tourists within minutes – many failing to wear a mask. The problem is even more severe in popular tourist destinations like Oaxaca.

There, tourists often travel from the bustling city of Oaxaca into remote villages where Indigenous residents have even less access to proper medical care.

Residents fear that tourists feel they are exempt from local Covid-19 guidelines.

Many residents who have had their own personal experience with the coronavirus has made them sensitive to the pandemic situation in their community. As case numbers continued to rise, many noticed more tourists defying widely practiced public-health protocols, like wearing face masks in public.

On Feb. 25, a popular photographer from Oaxaca, Frank Coronado, posted a plea to his 171,000 Instagram followers: “Dear travelers, you are welcome in Oaxaca, but you should ALWAYS wear a mask when you are in public places.”

He wanted to publicly address the issue and encourage visitors to do better — particularly foreigners who travel from Oaxaca City into smaller rural villages, where artisans are even more vulnerable. He told the Washington Post, “I get mad because I already went through [covid-19] and know how bad it feels. I don’t want my people, the people of Oaxaca, to get sick.”

With an economy based on services, many don’t have the freedom to work from home.

Many in Mexico don’t have the luxury of isolating from tourists — such as Aurora Tostado, who owns the downtown coffee shop Marito & Moglie with her husband.

“People in Mexico, we have to get out of our homes to work. It’s not like we can work remotely like most of the people in the U.S.,” Tostado told the Washington Post. Like others in hospitality, Tostado benefits financially from having tourists, and she is happy to welcome them back, she says. She just hopes they will consider the chain reaction of their behavior as they enjoy the culture that makes her city special

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