Here’s How Mexico Fans Are Showing Their Love For South Korea In This Year’s World Cup

Before Mexico’s final group match against Sweden, Mexico fans were extremely anxious about the results of the game. Even though Mexico had won their first two games, they were still at risk of being eliminated from the World Cup with this match. After being defeated by Sweden with a score of 3-0, Mexico needed a Germany draw or a South Korea win to advance to the next round.

Late in the game, South Korea scored twice and defeated Germany, knocking the defending champions out of the tournament and putting Mexico through to the next round. In response to this win, Mexico fans across the internet praised South Korea with memes, GIFs and hilarious Tweets.

Here are just a few of the best ones:

One fan shared this GIF and said, “This was all Mexico fans before and after the Korea goals were announced.”

CREDIT: @keanustan / Twitter / June 27, 2018

LOL. This was me! 😂

Everyone’s emotions escalated as soon as South Korea scored those two very important goals.

CREDIT: @ejnoodles / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

It went from devastation to celebration in a span of just a few minutes.

Ultimately, South Korea was the push Mexico needed to advance to the next round.

CREDIT: @oss_contreras / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

As you can see, Mexico barely made it through. Nonetheless, they freakin’ made it.

South Korea was Mexico’s last spark of hope and they came through with full support.

CREDIT: @joeyrunjoey / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

If it wasn’t for South Korea, Mexico would’ve fallen down hard.

After South Korea’s win, all Mexico fans suddenly became South Korea fans as well.

CREDIT: @ElJeringasLoko / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

All of a sudden you start to hear chants like, “¡Vamos Korea!”

To sum it up, this is exactly what Mexico’s advance in the World Cup was like:

CREDIT: @alejandro_29 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

LMAO. So accurate.

Even though many Mexico fans put their faith in goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, it was South Korea all along that gave Mexico the miracle they needed.

CREDIT: @sugargaykarl / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

*On my way to buy a South Korea jersey*

One Mexico fan shared this GIF with the caption: “When they told Korea that if they win, Mexico advances, they said…”

CREDIT: @TheReal_Ramon / Twitter / June 27, 2018

Thank you a million times South Korea. 🙌🏾

Remember when Chicharito said this?

CREDIT: @lospeace / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Well now we know what he was referring to when he said “cosas chingonas.”

As a thank you to South Korea, some restaurants and bars are giving out free tacos.

CREDIT: @flako_tormenta / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Lol. This is everything. 🙌🏾🌮

In addition to free tacos, South Korea is also invited to the next family gathering.

CREDIT: We Are Mitú / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Scratch that. They’re invited to all of our parties and carne asadas for the rest of the year.

And if people are not celebrating with food, they’re celebrating with music.

CREDIT: @SOMEXICAN / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

This is exactly what one of my friends said after South Korea scored against Germany.

Some people are taking it all the way back to the K-pop hit “Gangnam Style.”

CREDIT: @elindiobotanasycerveza / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Who else has this song on repeat?

And it’s this exact level of energy from the “Gangnam Style” music video that Mexico fans are feeling after South Korea’s win.

CREDIT: @CeAsAr423 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

This is my mood for the day.

A few fans are using their Photoshop skills to make slight adjustments to the Mexico flag.

CREDIT: @YahairosilvaPro / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018


Soon after, some Mexico fans started making this image the wallpaper on their phones.

CREDIT: @Castro1021 / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Son Heung-min is our hero!

Overall, South Korea was the helping hand Mexico desperately needed.

CREDIT: @_PaulMoran / Twitter / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Forever grateful. 🙌🏾

Here’s a beautiful image that portrays the love Mexico fans felt for South Korea after this suspenseful match.

CREDIT: @djrick005 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

So beautiful.

Some people celebrated with kisses…

CREDIT: @betzabezumaya / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

The love is real.

…and others celebrated side by side with their country’s flags in their hands.

CREDIT: @monitosek / Instagram / Digital Image / June 27, 2018

Mil gracias South Korea. Good luck to all teams moving forward! 🙌🏾⚽️

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A 25-Year-Old Woman Was Murdered And Skinned, Then Mexican Newspapers Published Photos Of Her Body

Things That Matter

A 25-Year-Old Woman Was Murdered And Skinned, Then Mexican Newspapers Published Photos Of Her Body

SkyNews/ Twitter

In Mexico, the recent brutal mutilation and slaying of a 25-year-old woman are spurning conversations about the country’s efforts to prevent femicide and laws that protect victims from the media.

On Sunday, Mexican authorities revealed that they had discovered the body of Ingrid Escamilla.

According to reports, Escamilla was found lifeless with her body skinned and many of her organs missing. At the scene, a 46-year-old man was also discovered alive. His body was covered in bloodstains and he was arrested.

As of this story wasn’t troubling enough, local tabloids and websites managed to bring more tragedy to the victim and her family by splashing leaked graphic photos and videos of the victim’s body. In a terribly crafted headline, one paper by the name of Pasala printed the photos on its front page with the headline “It was Cupid’s fault.” The headline is a reference to the fact that the man found at the scene was Escamilla’s husband.

According to leaked video footage from the arrest scene, Escamilla’s husband admitted to stabbing his wife after a heated argument in which she threatened to kill him. He then claimed to have skinned her body to eliminate evidence.

Mexic City’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, revealed that prosecutors will demand the maximum sentence against the alleged perpetrator.

“Femicide is an absolutely condemnable crime. It is appalling when hatred reaches extremes like in the case of Ingrid Escamilla,” Sheinbaum wrote in a tweet according to CNN. According to reports, Mexico broke records in 2018 when its homicide record reached over 33,000 people that year.

The publication of Escamilla’s mutilated body has sparked discussions regarding the way in which reports about violence against women are handled.

Women’s rights organizations have lambasted the papers that originally published photos of Escamilla’s body and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also expressed criticism of the media’s response to the brutal slaying.

In a press conference on Thursday, President López Obrador expressed his determination to find and punish anyone responsible for the image leaks. “This is a crime, that needs to be punished, whoever it is,” he stated.

Conservationists At Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve Are Being Murdered And Investigators Aren’t Sure Why

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Conservationists At Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve Are Being Murdered And Investigators Aren’t Sure Why

Alan Ortega / Getty

Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve is one of the world’s most famous wildlife hotspots. Hundreds of thousands come each year to view the annual migration of millions of beautiful butterflies that call Mexico’s Michoacan state home during the winter.

However, this iconic and majestic habitat for one of the world’s most endangered animals is now the backdrop for a dramatic murder mystery that is unfolding in international headlines. Two conservationists have been discovered dead just days apart and investigators still aren’t sure why.

A second victim has been pronounced killed by authorities in Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly reserve.

Credit: Alan Ortega / Getty

One of the world’s most beautiful wildlife spots is now the backdrop for a dramatic double murder after two nature activists are discovered dead at Mexico’s El Rosario monarch butterfly sanctuary.

The deaths of Homero Gomez Gonzalez, manager of the butterfly reserve, and Raul Hernandez Romero, a tour guide at the sanctuary, have sent shockwaves across the world of wildlife conservation.

Hernandez Romero’s body was discovered on Saturday near the highest point of the mountainous sanctuary, which sits 9,000 feet above sea level in the state of Michoacan, about 130 miles west of Mexico City, according to a statement from the Michoacan state prosecutor’s office. Hernandez Romero’s family reported him missing on Friday, officials said.

The new victim was found just days after the first victim’s body was found after being missing for 16 days.

Credit: Alan Ortega / Getty

Authorities discovered his body about three days after the Hernandez Romero’s body was found in a pond near the Central Mexico town of El Soldado, prosecutors said.

An autopsy performed in the presence of State Human Rights Commission representatives determined Gomez Gonzalez died from “mechanical asphyxiation” after suffering head trauma and being submerged in water.

Gomez Gonzalez, whose family reported him missing two weeks ago, was one of the region’s most prominent conservation activists and a vocal defender of the monarch butterflies. He had launched a campaign against illegal logging that threatens the butterflies nesting grounds.

Although petty crime and theft is common in these parts of Mexico, authorities don’t believe this to be the case in Gonzalez’s death. He was found with about $9,000 pesos (or about $500 USD) on him when his body was discovered.

Mexico’s Monarch butterfly preserve is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Credit: omgitsjustintime / Instagram

Each winter, millions of monarch butterflies make their home at the El Rosario reserve in Mexico — one of the best places in the world to see them. Local guides lead tourists up the mountainside on foot and horseback to where the monarchs cluster in fir and pine trees. Their bright orange wings flit amid the mild weather of Michoacán, and signs ask for silence as visitors enter the nesting areas.

The El Rosario sanctuary is part of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, which was enshrined as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, calling the overwintering concentration of butterflies there “a superlative natural phenomenon.” It noted that more than half of overwintering colonies of the monarch butterfly’s eastern population are found in these specific areas of Mexico.

But the same forests that draw butterflies to migrate thousands of miles each winter are under threat from illegal logging and clandestine avocado farms.

Credit: omgitsjustintime / Instagram

Officials in the state of Michoacán said they were unsure if the two deaths were linked – or related to the men’s work in the butterfly reserve. The state has seen a rising tide of violence in recent years, and the region around the monarch butterfly reserve has been rife with illegal logging, despite a ban imposed to protect the monarchs, which winter in the pine- and fir-covered hills.

Some illegal clearcutting is also carried out to allow for the planting of avocado orchards – one of Mexico’s most lucrative crops and an important part of Michoacán’s economy.

The deaths again called attention to the disturbing trend in Mexico of environmental defenders being killed as they come into conflict with developers or local crime groups, who often have political and police protection.