This YouTuber Gives You Her Mexican Playlist That Will Put You In Your Feels On Valentine’s Day

“I’m bringing you guys my playlist para todos los enamorados, for the people who are heartbroken and for those of you who are heart breakers.”

From corridos, to banda, norteñas and more, YouTuber Blanca gives you a list of her favorite love songs for this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in love, have your heart broken, or need to get over an ex and move on, this Mexican playlist will put you in your feels. These songs range from slow and sad tempos, to upbeat and motivating beats. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a player, in a relationship, or single – there’s a song in this playlist for every one of you.

Check out the list of songs below and for the full playlist, go to Spotify here.

1. “Te Deseo Lo Mejor” by Alta Consigna


2. “Queda Restringido” by Perdidos de Sinaloa


3. “Sería Un Error” by Regulo Caro


4. “Siempre Te Voy A Querer” by Calibre 50


5. “Me Va A Pesar” by La Arrolladora Banda El Limón


6. “No Te Vallas” by Perdidos De Sinaloa


7. “Diselo” by Alta Consigna


8. “Te Falle” by Christian Nodal


9. “Huapangos Perros” by La Zenda Norteña


10. “Te Voy A Olvidar” by Christian Nodal


11. “¿Porqué Me Enamoré? by Ulices Chaidez Y Sus Plebes


12. “Te Vas” by Perdidos de Sinaloa


13. “No La Hagas Sufrir” by Perdidos de Sinaloa


14. “Gente de Accionar” by Grupo Codiciado


What other songs do you think should be in this playlist?

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Solomon Ray Is One Of The Hottest Musicians On Scene Right Now And These Pics Prove It


Solomon Ray Is One Of The Hottest Musicians On Scene Right Now And These Pics Prove It

solomonraymusic / Instagram

Solomon Ray is one of the hottest artists in music right now. The young man is delivering music and lewks that we didn’t know we needed. Let’s take a moment to admire the artist who si giving us some new music.

This is Solomon Ray and he is not shy about showing off who he is.

One of the most iconic quotes from Juan Gabriel and it still rings true today. How many times has someone in your family asked about your sexuality? Like, obviously it is what you suspect it to be so why the third-degree, tía?

He’s a Britney stan, which is still so very important.

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A post shared by Solomon Ray 🌹 (@solomonraymusic) on

She might have one of the most bizarre Instagram accounts ever created, but that’s just part of her. Britney is an American treasure and should be protected and honored at all times no matter what. It’s a good thing that Ray understands the importance of loving the pop icon.

He knows how to give you all of those rancho vibes.

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No puedo decidir. La primera foto o la segunda?

A post shared by Solomon Ray 🌹 (@solomonraymusic) on

Those chains against the hairy chest are really just everything. Honestly, we should be thanking him for being able to serve us such diverse lewks. We should aspire to have a man that can do both.

Ray even does the thing when he is at work.

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🎶 🎼 🎵

A post shared by Solomon Ray 🌹 (@solomonraymusic) on

Just like mami always said, “You can never be overdressed.” Mom instilled in us the importance of always being well put together no matter what. We dress up to hang out in the living room to hang out when the family comes over. Seems like Ray would be the perfect man to bring around.

Look at him being all chill with Mariah Carey.

Like, we get it. You have famous friends and know people who are just incredibly awesome. Well, if you do know Mariah Carey, let’s go ahead and plan a dinner date. You know, for networking.

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Chiquis And Becky G Release Video For Spanish-Language Version Of Dolly Parton’s Hit Song ‘Jolene’


Chiquis And Becky G Release Video For Spanish-Language Version Of Dolly Parton’s Hit Song ‘Jolene’

ChiquisOnline / YouTube

Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is arguably one of the most iconic songs in American music. We have all heard bits and pieces of the song growing up because it is just that iconic. After almost 50 years, “Jolene” has another Spanish-language cover brought to us by Becky G and Chiquis.

Spanish-speaking country music fans have a new cover to celebrate.

Becky G and Chiquis have released the music video for their Spanish-language cover of the American classic song “Jolene.” Originally released by Dolly Parton in 1973, “Jolene” is one of those songs that have become a timeless classic of American music.

Country music is quickly becoming a favorite genre in the Latino community. There has been a 25 percent increase in Latino support of country music. When you consider how many Latinos live in the south in states like Texas, it kind of makes sense.

Rolling Stone magazine claimed that it was the first Spanish-language cover of the song.

The magazine got called out on Twitter after claiming that this was the first Spanish-language cover of “Jolene.” The cover by regional Mexican music divas Becky G and Chiquis is good but it is not the first.

The first Spanish-language cover of “Jolene” is by Las Chicas del Can.

The Dominican group recorded “Youlin” in 1985 and the merengue take on the song is really fun to listen to. The version from the girl group is a very different take and feel on the song as compared to Becky G and Chiquis. The two songs are very different and both are very fun to listen to.

Either way, fans of country and regional Mexican music are here for this.

The music video is an animated rollercoaster with Becky G and Chiquis playing tough mujeres doing their thing. The music video is set up like a comic book because we all know that the most amazing superhero stories are comic books. Tbh, these two looked perfect in their tough acting roles.

If you want to listen to the original “Jolene,” here it is.

Truly, this will probably remain one of the greatest American classics of all time.

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