She Had Been Dropping Hints On IG For A Minute But It’s Confirmed: ‘Cars 3’ Has A Latina Lead!

Pixar / Walt Disney Studios

Cristela Alonzo has been having a phenomenal year. The stand up comedian and actor had a successful Netflix special, “Lower Classy,” drop back in January. Her observations are so sharp and universal, but also culturally relevant to her Mexican-American experience, that you’ll be rolling on the floor if you’re not already laugh-crying. She also has a pilot in the works at ABC.

Today, her career took a cool step in a different direction with the launch of the official U.S. trailer of her next project: “Cars 3.”

The trailer to  “Cars 3” just dropped, and to our pleasant surprise, Alonzo is playing a lead role.

Credit: Disney•Pixar / Youtube

Alonzo is the voice of Cruz Ramirez, a yellow sports car whose job is to train Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and get him back on his feet (wheels?) after a huge loss. It’s nice to see a fast Latino animated character who isn’t Speedy Gonzalez.

Of course, if you’d been paying attention to her Instagram you’d already know her character was a “Latina car.”

Cruz is a car who, although struggling with her own self-esteem, is helping McQueen learn how to get back to his previous greatness after what looks like a crash that puts him out of commission and knocks him off the top spot.

The “Cars” official Facebook paged dropped a video introducing us to the new car-acter (get it?) back in January.

Cruz isn’t just a trainer for McQueen, she’s got some speed on her, too.

Alonzo has been having a blast with her character, posting on social media about her whenever she can.

She posed with this life-sized version of her character from the movie at the Daytona 500.

They’ve even turned her character into a toy.

She feels so connected to her character she’s been posting an equation about it “Cristela + Cruz = #Cruztela.”

Alonzo posed with her toy-self for the ‘gram.

This is me. This is me as a car. #Cruztela #Cars3

A post shared by Cristela Alonzo (@cristela9) on

Imagine how cool it would be to have a toy car made in your image? I’d never stop posting about it.

Check out the full trailer below!

Credit: Disney•Pixar/ Youtube

We can’t wait to see Alonzo in “Cars 3” releasing this June 16. ??

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We're All Waiting With A Tub Of Popcorn To See If Eva Longoria's And Taraji P. Henson's Characters Pop Off On "Empire"


We’re All Waiting With A Tub Of Popcorn To See If Eva Longoria’s And Taraji P. Henson’s Characters Pop Off On “Empire”

Empire / Youtube

In this behind the scenes video posted to Empire’s Youtube page, TV star Eva Longoria dished on her new character for the hit show entering its third season on FOX. According to Longoria, she plays a stuffy Sara Palin-esque character by the name of Charlotte Frost, who gives off cold shoulder vibes. In the show, Frost is the head of the Las Vegas gaming commission. Longoria reveals what may be a major plot point when she says “I do have a scene where I slap somebody so, get ready for that. I won’t tell you who, but it is a lion.” The video then displays some possible people it may be, and Taraji P. Henderson’s fierce character Cookie, who no one would argue against calling “a lion,” is one of those possibilities. Folks in the comments section had lots to say about it.

This Youtube user was basically taking bets.

Cookie 3

We kinda wanna see how it goes down, too.

Another thought she didn’t stand a chance.

Cookie 2
Credit: Briana Robertson / Youtube

True, Cookie is fierce.

These Empire fans will bring up the show’s entire history in the comments section.

Cookie 1

I don’t know what Antoinette is talking about, but she clearly knows her stuff.

All in all, we’re as excited to see Longoria on the show as she is.

If she doesn’t survive the slap, we got your back, girl.

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