Here Are The Remarks Meghan Markle Made About Preferring To Be Heard Than Loved That Have Sparked Debate

According to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle it is better to be heard and not loved. 

There’s no denying that Meghan Markle, a woman of color, who quickly rose and fell in the face of British public opinion since her early days of courtship with Prince Harry has been harsh. The new Royal family member faced a brief stint of adoration amongst the public before they quickly turned on her, lighting her up for criticisms related to her race and family. Still, amidst the scrutiny, Markle is proving that it’s better to keep your chin up than let your shoulders sag.

In a new interview published by the British news outlet the Telegraph, the former “Suits” actress expressed that she will not seek special treatment or expect an outpour of love from the world that is watching her.

According to The Telegraph, the Duchess simply wants to be heard, particularly when it comes to her newfound platform which she hopes to use to advance the causes with which she is most concerned

The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon spoke to Markle during a recent visit and reported that she is living in a world where she lives “in the solution, not the problem.”

“She told me that she didn’t want people to love her—she just wanted them to be able to hear her,” Gordon reported in her article for The Telegraph.

According to her essay, Gordon attended the opening of the second branch of Luminary Bakery, a UK-based charity and training center which offers disadvantaged women professional baking lessons and skills, alongside Markle. There the two women spoke about Markle’s role in the Royal family and the former actress also gave a speech to attendees.

Speaking at the event, Godron says Markle adressed the women in the audience saying that “One of the things I have realized since being here is that people have an expectation when I’m coming somewhere, so I’m like, let’s just be really relaxed, keep everyone nice and chilled, because at the end of the day we’re all just women… We all have a story to tell, and I feel honoured that I am getting to hear yours.”

Lately, Markle’s experience as a newly minted member of the Royal family has gained even more attention born out of her own openness and honesty with reporters.

In an ITV documentary called “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey,” which aired in the United States on Oct. 23, Markle admitted to struggling under the intense public scrutiny of her role as a new wife and mother.

Speaking to the film’s host Tom Bradby, Markle claimed that while she had been warned by British friends to not pursue a serious relationship with Harry because of the British tabloids, Markle did not think it would be quiet as bad as they had claimed.

But it wasn’t until Bradby asked Markle how she was holding up amidst the new changes in her life that began to tear up and she was granted more sympathy.

“Thank you for asking because not many people have asked if I’m okay, but it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes,” Markle replied through stifled tears during the interview. “I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a ‘stiff upper lip.’ I really tried, but I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging. I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair. And that’s the part that’s really hard to reconcile.”

In the same documentary, Markle’s husband Prince Harry admitted that public scrutiny of his wife brought back the trauma of his late mother, Princess Diana’s, 1997 death.

In response to Markle’s heartbreaking interview, fans of the duchess offered their support with the hashtag #WeLoveYouMeghan.

The interview quickly sparked a discussion about Tabloid culture and the unfair treatment of women. 

Others pointed out how the good that Markle has done so far in her short term as a duchess has been remarkably overlooked.

“Duchess Meghan has done so much good for the UK economy, tourism, charities, etc. that has benefited the country in less than 2 years. So it’s about time those in the government support her against the racism, lies, & misogyny she’s faced from the British press. #WeLoveYouMeghan,”  Twitter user ERikk_the_Dane replied.

In support of Markle, the twitter account Meghanpedia commented that “#DuchessMeghan has American values of redemption and second chances. Where you can overcome obstacles & rise above your circumstances. She is bringing her optimism; hope & CAN DO ATTITUDE; helping to build confidence in women who need a hand held.”

There’s no denying that Markle’s work has, so far, generated quite a bit of good.

Before her very public relationship with her current husband, the 38-year-old former actress worked as a counselor for the international charity One Young World and spoke out against gender inequality and modern-day slavery.  As a duchess, Markle has inserted herself into the royal family’s various foundations and worked with the Hubb Community Kitchen, which was founded by the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. In support, she helped to publish a cookbook for funding called Together: Our Community Cookbook, which became her first charity project as Duchess of Sussex.

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In Total Telenovela Style, Spain’s Former King Is Forced Into Exile But Don’t Feel Too Bad For Him

Things That Matter

In Total Telenovela Style, Spain’s Former King Is Forced Into Exile But Don’t Feel Too Bad For Him

Daniel Perez / Getty Images

In news that totally seems to be made for TV, the former king of Spain – Juan Carlos – has been forced to flee the country and to live in exile as allegations of corruption emerge.

Juan Carlos had been a very popular and well-liked king until he was forced to abdicate in 2014. He had been on an elephant hunting trip in Botswana as Spain grappled with the very worst of the Great Recession and unemployment hit 24%.

Since his abdication, allegations of corruption and money laundering have chased him and harmed the Spanish monarchy, including his son, Felipe, who is the current reigning king.

Spain is reeling after their former king, Juan Carlos, has fled the country to live in exile abroad.

For a royal scandal with a dash of shock and awe, this week we look to Spain, where its former king has fled the country under a cloud of corruption allegations. This is the same former king who was accused of having a thing for Princess Diana.

Juan Carlos, who ruled for 39 years from 1975 to 2014, has fled the country following a series of allegations he pocketed tens of millions of dollars from a Saudi Arabian deal in an offshore Swiss bank account. He dropped the news to son and current rule King Felipe via a letter published this week.

The former king had become plagued with scandal after scandal and it was beginning to impact his son Felipe, the current reigning king.

Credit: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Although he had several small scale scandals during his reign, Juan Carlos appeared set to go down in history as the leader who helped guide Spain from a deadly dictatorship to a healthy democracy after the death of Gen. Franco in 1975.

However, once his. 2014 abdication of the throne, new allegations of corruption and shady financial deals have followed him. As a result, the former king’s son – King Felipe – has led a very austere personal life in a country where the monarchy does not enjoy high levels of support. 

Many experts say that the whole situation has cast a shadow on the future of Spain’s monarchy. The emergence of shocking allegations of corruption and money laundering against former Spanish King Juan Carlos have cast doubt over the very future of the monarchy, under his son King Felipe

Meanwhile, officials actually have no idea where the former king is currently at.

Credit: Daniel Perez / Getty Images

Since the former king first published his letter detailing his plan to live in exile, outside of Spain, there has been intense speculation about where he would go. Turns out: we still don’t know for sure.

His letter gave no details about his destination but many media outlets reported he would be going to the Caribbean – perhaps the Dominican Republic. However, officials there said they had no information that he was coming. 

A spokeswoman for the Caribbean nation’s immigration service said he had not entered the country, despite reports that he had arrived on Tuesday. But she said he had been there for a few days from late February to early March.

Media in Portugal have reported that he is in a Portuguese resort town, but few outlets have actually been able to confirm these reports.

So with all this drama what could happen to the former king next?

As a royal, Juan Carlos still enjoys some level of immunity from prosecution. However, in Switzerland, which is investigating alleged money laundering, the former king has no immunity, regardless of the date of any possible crimes. So it’s possible that Swiss prosecutors could attempt to bring charges against him.

Regarding the Spanish Supreme Court inquiry, most experts believe the former king will avoid charges as most of the possible crimes took place before his abdication.

Spain’s Congress too has so far voted against a minority of left-wing and regional parties that wish to hold an investigative commission into the origin of Juan Carlos’s offshore fortune.

But what of King Felipe’s future in a country that polls suggest is split fairly evenly down the middle on remaining a monarchy? Some argue that Felipe needs to take greater steps towards a clean break with the past. The Prime Minister has admitted that he is in favor of reforming the constitutional concept of absolute immunity for Spain’s head of state. 

While a prominent supporter of Spain’s monarchy, José Antonio Zarzalejos, told the BBC that King Felipe should take further steps to secure his future on the throne, including the “physical removal” of Juan Carlos from Zarzuela palace.

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Meghan Markle Spoke Spanish During A Volunteer Visit To An L.A. Charity That Taught Her How To Make Tamales Twenty Years AGo


Meghan Markle Spoke Spanish During A Volunteer Visit To An L.A. Charity That Taught Her How To Make Tamales Twenty Years AGo

WPA Pool / Getty

Meghan Markle is impressive no doubt about it.

On top of studying French for six years, the Duchess of Sussex completed an internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires while attending Northwestern University. There, according to the royal family’s website, she learned to speak Spanish.

It turns out, the Royal put her Spanish skills to the test during a visit to a charity organization in Los Angeles.

Markle surprised people at Homeboy Industries when she put her Spanish skills to good use.

While working with the organization which supports people moving on after incarceration or gang involvement, Markle and her husband Prince Harry, baked goods alongside group members while learning about their backgrounds. According to People, “To the surprise of the room, Meghan, 38, also began speaking in Spanish with one of the participants.”

“She spoke Spanish perfectly with one young woman,” the group’s founder, Father Greg Boyle, told People in an interview. “She just went right into Spanish, which was a revelation — and it was very good.”

According to Boyle, Meghan and Harry “were completely engaged and very informal” during their volunteer visit. Boyle added that soon after George Floyd’s death, the Duchess of Sussex called him to arrange a visit to volunteer with Homeboy Industries.

“She didn’t want to have a long-table discussion or presentation or even a tour,” Boyle explained. “They knew we pivoted our organization to help address food insecurity in the county and that was intriguing to her, so she said, ‘We want to come and put an apron on,’ and that’s what they did. It was quite wonderful.”

While preparing croissants and baked goods, the couple wore masks and connected with the community.

According to a source that spoke to People it’s not her first time working with Boyle, who has worked at times with her alma mater (Immaculate Heart High School). Years ago, Meghan and her mother Doria Ragland, joined Boyle for a cooking workshop, and Marke “remembers the tamale recipe she learned there to this day.”

According to Boyle, “We were joking about that and she said, ‘I don’t even think Harry even had a tamale before!”

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