This Mariachi Version Of Grease’s ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ Will Make You Want A Latino ‘Grease’

Hopelessly Devoted To You – Mariachi Cover – MES

What’s up Grease fans!!!! We have come a long way since making our first recordings and I have learned a lot about this whole process. Hope you all enjoy our re recorded version of Hopelessly Devoted To You from the motion picture Grease.

Posted by Mariachi Entertainment System on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mariachi Entertainment System is nailing one cover after another.

Mariachi Entertainment System (MES) started with the objective to create mariachi covers of video game songs but that has quickly evolved. To date, MES has created covers of music from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Legend Of Zelda,” and, now, “Grease.” Their musical renditions of some of the most known songs garnered the group much attention with more than 29,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. Though they have strayed from the video game music idea they originally had, people aren’t mad that the band is giving “Hopelessly Devoted To You” the mariachi makeover.

Some people are calling the remake of the song better than the original.

CREDIT: Mariachi Entertainment System / Facebook

If only “Grease” would have been a Mexican production. Imagine the soundtrack that project would have created.

Their videos and choice of songs is earning them some dedicated fans.

CREDIT: Mariachi Entertainment System / Facebook

We all know that adding Latino flare to anything will always make it better.

They even have fans asking for them to release a full album.

CREDIT: Mariachi Entertainment System / Facebook

So, let us know.

You can watch the original “Grease” version of the song below.

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