As A Father It Makes Total Sense That Marc Anthony Released An Entire Album Just For Babies

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Sure, Marc Anthony gets your Puerto Rican flag waving, your hips shaking and your blood pumping, but now his music is putting your little kiddies to sleep. The New York born singer and the best selling Tropical Salsa artist of all time, announced recently that toned down, sleepy, lullaby versions of his hits would be released as a new album. He also shared on his Instagram that it’s now available for streaming on Spotify, Google Play and iTunes.

Salsa superstar, Marc Anthony released an album of his hits for babies.

He posted several clips to give parents a baby-food sized taste of what they would hear on the album.

Make no mistake, just because it’s for babies, doesn’t mean they took production lightly. They brought in singer and producer Ignacio “Nacho” Mendoza to executive produce.

The album is available on Spotify and iTunes, as well as Google Play, so all parents can access it.

The album has 10 tracks of Anthony’s biggest hits remixed and ready to go for your tiny tots.

Parents couldn’t be happier to have new music that is Latino and baby-appropriate.

This parent plans on playing it for her toddler – and the baby better like it! ?

Some just find it funny, but can’t stop listening.

Twitter user @annibels_311 posted: “Everyone please listen to Marc Anthony for Babies. I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve been laughing for 30 minutes.”

Others are proud to jam out to the kiddie album.

Twitter user @ellaabrera11 has no shame jamming to the album, writing: “ok now listening to this album for babies even though im not a baby anymore ?”

This Twitter user made a public service announcement about the album.

“PSA: there is an album on Spotify for all the Marc Anthony-lovin babies in your life (it’s worth a listen ?)” wrote @pflores21 on Twitter.

As a father of five and champion of children all over the world, it’s no surprise that Anthony would work on a project specifically for children.

Check the album out below and play it for the baby in your life.

You’ll be surprised that “No Me Ames,” essentially a break up song, sounds super sweet in this baby remix, it’ll put you and the baby nearest you right to *yawn* sleep. ?

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