Major Lazer Music Video Is For All Those Kids That Fantasized About Chasing Their Musical Dreams

majorlazer / YouTube

Camila Cabello’s solo career shows no signs of slowing down.

Major Lazer’s new song, “Know No Better,” featuring Camila Cabello, Travis Scott, and Quavo finally has a music video and it is all about fantasy meeting reality. The video shows a young dude in two situations. One timeline features the guy living a super fancy and expensive lifestyle with personal trainers, gold-plated everything, and a personal driver. The other timeline features the teenage boy living in a normal home with a sister who likes to antagonize him and dreams of becoming something bigger. According to Idolator, this concept was born out of the director of the music video Philip Andelman finally achieving his own daydream: directing a video for Major Lazer.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work with [Major Lazer] and be included in their insane canon,” Andelman told Idolator. “Which is where the idea for the video started, with a daydream. I used to space out all through high school about being the sickest guitarist in the world to impress girls. I thought it could be fun to do a video that married a kid’s daydream of being a Major Lazer backup dancer with the reality of quotidian ass-kickings and unbearable siblings.”

If you are hoping to see Cabello in the video, you need to keep your eyes peeled. Unfortunately for hardcore Camelizers, she and the rest of the musicians are in the video for a very short amount of time. If you blink at the wrong time, you might miss her.

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After Releasing Clips For Her 'Sorry Not Sorry' Music Video Demi Lovatos Fans Are Going Crazy


After Releasing Clips For Her ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Music Video Demi Lovatos Fans Are Going Crazy

@breatheheavycom / Twitter

Earlier this week, Demi Lovato dropped a snippet of her upcoming music video for the song “Sorry Not Sorry.” The track bangs and will serve as a summer anthem for those who DGAF. The “Lovatics,” as her fans are called, all flocked to Twitter to collectively freak out.

Late on Monday night, when none of the creatures were stirring, Demi Lovato blessed her fans with the gift of new music.


Those first lyrics may not be kid friendly, but this isn’t Demi Lovato from her Camp-Rock-Disney-Channel-days. She’s grown, cursing and she’s #SorryNotSorry. Duh.

In these behind-the-scenes photos, it looks like we can expect an epic bubble party when the full video drops.

Lovato fans quickly started freaking out about the new music, which released across all music platforms the night the clip dropped.

This Twitter user thought the song was literally perfect and used all-caps to show it.

Twitter user @Demisgorgeous got their life snatched by the song, writing “THE CHOIR,THE VOCALS,THE BEA, JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT SORRY NOT SORRY IS SO GOOD!! @ddlovato HAS SNATCHED MY LIFE.”

Fans used all the Lovato memes to show approval.

This Twitter user’s shook level was ‘Shakespeare.’

Twitter user @iflyselenagomez wrote “I’M SHOOKETH” just like William Shakespeare did in his classic play “Romeo Santos And Julietta.”

The song’s lyrics seem perfect for anyone who may be looking for some quick one-liners to use on their ex.

Clearly, people were emotional that Lovato was bringing her fans new music.

Fans expected nothing but perfection from Lovato…

And they clearly feel like this song IS perfect.

Lovato retweeted a mashup video of people losing their minds at her high note in the song.

Her fans are definitely doing the most, but hey, we all like someone’s music this much, right?

We can’t wait to see the whole video.


Get it, Demi!

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