Listen To Camila Cabello Talk About How She Dealt With Online Hate For Leaving Fifth Harmony

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Camila Cabello explained how she still does social media without listening to the haters.

Please tell us your secret! Camila Cabello was on “Women Of The Hour With Lena Dunham” to talk about her break from Fifth Harmony. While she is grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the girl group, Cabello admits that she wasn’t totally being herself. As she says in the podcast, Fifth Harmony was a personality separate from all the members. She even elaborated by saying that even though she was in a group that didn’t write their own songs, it was her own personal writing that helped her find herself. When news broke that she was leaving Fifth Harmony, Cabello was inundated with negative, and somewhat hateful, social media responses blaming her for breaking up the group, mainly under #CamilaIsOverParty.

“I’m actually not on, like even thought I tweet and I go on social media and post, I don’t go on it as much as I used to because I’m a Pisces and I’m too sensitive for that,” Cabello told Dunham. “If I see one negative comment, I’ll just think about that for a long time. I can’t handle it.”

It’s not easy to recognize that. #Respect

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Dascha And Selenis Are Trading In Their Brown Jumpsuits To Play Puerto Rican Vecinas And It's Not For The Small Screen


Dascha And Selenis Are Trading In Their Brown Jumpsuits To Play Puerto Rican Vecinas And It’s Not For The Small Screen

Credit: OITNB / Netflix

Dascha Polanco and Selenis Leyva play jail mates on “Orange is the New Black”, but from January 11th to February 12th, they will be playing neighbors as part of the Atlantic Theater’s off-Broadway world premiere of “Tell Hector I Miss Him”, a play by Paola Lázaro.

The play is described like this:

You’re in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan. You’re a tourist, you walk down the stairs of this beautiful old fort built by the Spaniards. When you reach the bottom, you realize you’re in a hole. Welcome to the basement that lies under the tourism and behind the fort walls. You spend some days there, you don’t want to leave. Oh no, you’re addicted. “Tell Hector I Miss Him” unmasks a community built on the law of respect that keeps getting washed away but refuses to drown.

Aaah, Puerto Rico. ?

Polanco was cast as the character Malena and Leyva was cast as her neighbor, Samira. These lovely ladies are part of the 12-person cast that rounds out the show.

It’s all going down in New York City with previews starting on January 11th and opening night set for January 23rd.

Find out more about Tell Hector I Miss Him here.

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