Not To Brag, But Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Only Practicing When He Rapped The First 16 Bars Of ‘Hamilton’ To The Obamas

Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers / Youtube

“I stumbled on the origin story of the United States… you know, the United States was bitten by a radioactive spider.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda sat with “Late Night” host Seth Meyers to discuss the epic journey that the Broadway smash hit ‘Hamilton’ has taken since it first debuted in 2015. Miranda said he’s gone from feeling like the show’s parent — taking care of it as his own little baby — to now being a grandparent. That means he’s “accepting and loving the show” wherever it goes and however it performs. Miranda also recounted the first couple of lines he wrote for the show when it was just an idea in his head. Calling it a “hot 16 bars,” his first performance of those few lines quickly went viral after he rapped them at President Obama’s request. This was, of course, all before he knew they’d turn into the show that is still sold out to this very day. Meyers joked at how wild of an idea it is that at the time Miranda was just “workshopping” at the White House. Some practice session, huh?

Miranda and Meyers also discussed his #Ham4All campaign.

Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers / Youtube

He launched the campaign to raise money for the “Immigrants: We Get The Job Done” coalition. In this clip, he also discusses what it was like to find out he was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while hanging out with his buddy “Weird Al” Yankovic, check it out.

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La Santa Cecilia's 'México Americano' Is The Anthem For All American Latinos Who Love Their Whole Identity


La Santa Cecilia’s ‘México Americano’ Is The Anthem For All American Latinos Who Love Their Whole Identity

“Por mi madre yo soy Mexicano / Por destino soy Americano.”

La Santa Cecilia has never shied away from examining the complex duality of being a Latino and American. The Los Angeles band has released songs that deal with the fear of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the immigrant community (“Ice, El Hielo“) and they’ve also covered some of the songs that you probably heard your parents listening to as you were growing up. With “México Americano,” La Santa Cecilia celebrates all the things that make Mexican-Americans who they are. For all the non-Mexicans out there, it is really simple to relate, especially if you’ve ever felt like you’ve lived between two worlds. This song is about loving all the different things that make you a unique and multicultural person. As they say in the song: “Dos idiomas y dos piases / Dos culturas tengo yo / En mi suerte tengo orgullo / Porque así lo manda Díos.” “Two languages and two countries / I have two cultures / Luckily I have my pride / Because that is what God commands.”

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