Lin-Manuel Miranda Created His Own ‘Meet My Dad’ Meme To Give A Shout Out To His Father

@Lin_Manuel / Twitter

On March 28, college student Collin Hayslett from Ohio tweeted that he was proud of his dad for launching into a whole new career world. Cute, right? Well, his intention was lovely. However, the tweet turned into a viral meme and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s take is so much better tha even Hayslett could have hoped for.

Here’s the tweet that went viral and started the “meet my dad” meme.

The tweet, which has been liked more than 300,000 times, took off not only because his dad is hot, but also because others wanted to give props to their own dads.

People started using the #meetmydad hashtag to promote their own cool dads who do it all. One of those people was a very familiar person.

Lin-Manuel Miranda took this opportunity to brag about his own dad.

“I’ve been training all my life for this meme okay goodbye,” Lin tweeted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lin’s dad, Luis A. Miranda, Jr. isn’t starting a modeling career, but has a stellar career of his own.

He is the Managing Partner of The MirRam Group and has served in three New York City mayoral administrations. He is also the founder and former President of the Hispanic Federation. Not too shabby. No wonder Lin is so proud of his dad.

Lin’s dad wanted to return the compliment by highlighting his own “meet my dad” tweet.

This is so cute! We love that he used the most silly pictures of Lin. They must have a really special father/son relationship.

@starksgoatee tweeted, “This is peak family goals right here.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Lin also tweeted that his dad said, “My dad on the phone just now: ‘did you see my mimeh?'” Mimeh! LOL!!

People kept the meme going by giving love to all kinds of celebrity daddies, like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Honestly, who hasn’t already fallen in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda? He is the most chill and loveable daddy in entertainment today. That isn’t an exaggeration and the collective love people have for him is proof that we cannot get enough of him.

Of course, someone gave Pitbull a lot of love.

Mr. Worldwide has definitely reached all of his dreams with his wildly successful career. He has taken his music and Cuban culture to every corner of the planet and continues to do things to help his community. He has built schools and donated money for so many causes definitely getting him to that daddy level.

Even William Levy got some love during the “meet my dad” challenge.

Levy is a certifiable zaddy. No doubt about that. He is one man who has kept men and women drooling for decades since he started in telenovelas. Just one look in his eyes and it is so hard not to get lost forever.

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California Artist Using Expired Cheese To Build Border Wall


California Artist Using Expired Cheese To Build Border Wall

A California artist is helping President Trump build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. Cosimo Cavallaro, the Los Angeles-based artist, is trying to do his part in creating a “barrier”. But instead of using fencing and barbed wire, Cavallaro is using spoiled cotija cheese. Cavallaro started building a competing wall (6 feet high, made entirely of $100 cheese blocks) on Monday in Tecate, California, near the Mexico border. Now he’s asking for donations to buy more cheese slabs and make the barrier as long as possible.

The art isn’t meant to be political but rather a reaction to the current American climate when it comes to the border wall.

@artaboveground / Instagram

“To spend all this money to keep dividing the countries, I think is a waste,” Cavallaro told the Los Angeles Times. “You see the waste in my wall, but you can’t see the waste in [Trump’s] $10-billion wall, which in time will be removed?”

As well as putting together his cheese wall, Cavallaro is selling shirts to raise funds, including one showing an image of a cheese grater to make the pun “Make America Grate Again”, which is a play on President Trump’s campaign slogan.

Cavallaro says he is building the cheese structure with perishable components to show the decadent nature of material objects. It’s also to demonstrate the ludicrous purpose and meaning of the border wall.

“This has been on my mind for many years, but when he became president, it became obvious that was the place to do it.” Cavallaro said.

This isn’t the first time he’s made art out of food.

Cavallaro has worked on similar projects in the past that have included other perishable foods (cheese and chocolate) as an artistic gesture. That includes “My Sweet Lord”, a six-foot-tall, Jesus sculpted from milk chocolate and Room 114 at the Washington Jefferson Hotel in New York City, which he smothered in 1,000 lb of melted mozzarella.

“A lot of art is just an object in space. You take it, you move it, you move it here, you move it there. But when you cover a room in cheese or in ketchup or in food, you can’t rip that off anymore. That experience is so visceral, so real. And it lives in your mind. ” Cavallaro said in a video on the project’s website.

Cavallaro, who grew up in Canada and has roots in Italy, is following his previous projects theme in trying to make a statement through perishable foods. Cavallaro leased the property where he is building the project for a year and he plans to add to the wall as more donations come in.

For Cavallaro, the artwork represents how absurd and “cheesy” the time we are currently living in has become.

@artaboveground / Instagram

While the border wall continues to be a divisive issue, Cavallaro hopes this brings people together. More than $2,000 has already been raised to complete the art work and has received national attention for the project.

For those pitching in for the wall, there is also some incentive. The Gofundme page says if an individual donates $1000 they will receive “a full cheese wall brick signed and vacuum packed after the art installation is completed.”

Cavallaro hopes his project doesn’t come off as political rather an artisitc statement of how turbulent times are right now. He says he hopes he gets people involved with art to try to create something positive.

“The idea is to get people involved in building this installation,” Cavallaro told the Sacramento Bee. “It’s about borders. It’s about overcoming that boundary. I believe that as humans that’s what we’re here to experience. We come up against them, we overcome them and we keep growing.”

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