Fans Are Losing Their Mind Over Lauren Jauregui’s New Single Because It Just Might Be About An Ex-Girlfriend

Lauren Jauregui’s new single is here and you won’t be able to stop listening to it.

Lauren Jauregui has gifted the world another collab single, this time with Halsey and people are losing their minds over the song. The single is called “Strangers” and deals with the very common topic of heartbreak and a relationship that has ended. However, what fans are most excited about is the use of pronouns that Jauregui and Halsey are using. They aren’t singing about the man who got away. They are singing about the woman who got away. This EDM track is something that you could imagine listening to in the desert during a music festival just as the sun is setting while you and your friends dance into the night.

Halsey has already teased us with a “hint” of what might be the music video.

OMG! This looks like a total brawl. What team will you choose?

Lauren Jauregui is clearly very happy with how fans are reacting to the newest, non-Fifth Harmony single.

Fans are lit right now as they get themselves familiarized with the song.

Like, if you can get Voldemort to dance, you must be doing something right.

Meanwhile, some people are coming to the realization that they love this duo.

One fan is giving people advice on what to do if you have some haters trying to harsh your Jauregui-induced, LGBTQ jam sesh.


Most importantly, people are thanking the women for giving the LGBTQ community some relatable music.

Heartbreak is pretty universal.

While others are just happy to finally have an LGBTQ anthem to share with the world.

Jauregui and Halsey didn’t mince words with the use of “she” in referring to the one that got away.

And, for some fans, the song is too powerful to express in words, just tears.

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J.Lo Showed Us Exactly What Drake Was Talking About When He Rapped About His Text Bouncing Back


J.Lo Showed Us Exactly What Drake Was Talking About When He Rapped About His Text Bouncing Back

Watch What Happens / BravoTV / jlo_rebecafromtheblock / Instagram

At her enormous Las Vegas production, Boricua queen of the big and small screen, Jennifer Lopez, did something that’s only slightly out of character for the megastar – she threw shade. Who’d she throw shots at? The original subliminal shot thrower, Drizzy-Drake himself. The two were reportedly dating recently, having made it social media official. They were seen dancing and kissing to a song they had been working on for his album “More Life.” After they broke up her vocals were removed from the song. Sounds a little shady to me. In a song, Drake made it sound like she curved him after he tried the “Hotline Bling” treatment on her. She didn’t forget it, reenacting the moment on stage. It was pretty amazing, if albeit brief.

Jennifer Lopez was on stage in Las Vegas, but took a moment from the show to stop and throw shade at her ex, Drake.

The “Hotline Bling” tone plays. One of her dancers pulls out a phone, she takes one look at it and goes “heh, booty call” and IGNORES THE CALL. I mean, you know it was Drake on the other end, right? Like, girl, answer that. But she’s J.Lo and she does what she wants.

She proceeded to kill the rest of the show and didn’t bother to take anymore jabs. Why not? She doesn’t need to. She’s Jenny from the block.

She kept it NYC all the way out in Vegas, rocking Timbs and a Yankee fitted hat – the NYC uniform.

And, don’t feel bad for J.Lo either. She wasn’t throwing shade because she’s lonely.

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My #MCM 💗

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

She’s doing alright.

Latinas always get the last laugh.

Jennifer Lopez Business GIF by American Idol - Find & Share on GIPHY

Don’t come for me, unless I send for you. ???

[H/T] Latina

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