If Coachella’s Lineup Is Saying Anything It Is Saying That Latinos Are Going To Dominate The Music Industry In 2018

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Coachella is entering it’s last weekend and there have already been some major Latino moments. This truly is the time of the Latinos in entertainment and we are so here for it. Here are just a handful of the Latino stars dominating their performances in the desert.

1. Cardi B

Cardi B has had one of the greatest years on record. She has dominated the charts when it comes to her singles and album and her dominance spilled over to her Coachella performance. The pregnant rapper twerked on stage and left the crowd both shook and crazing more.

2. Kehlani

Kehlani is one of the fastest growing names in the business right now and is outspoken about things that matter to her. That being said, it should not have been a surprise that the woman who joined Cardi B for a song on her album would make a surprise appearance at one of the biggest music festival in the country. Oh, she also rocked the hell out of her performance.

3. Ibeyi

The French Afro-Cuban twins are no strangers to the Coachella experience, or Beyoncé after appearing on “Lemonade.” They totally owned the stage when they performed in 2016 and it was a performance to remember. This year was no different as they left the audience breathless after their set.

4. Miguel

? heat signature last night ?

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Miguel has gone through a metamorphosis with his look and sound recently. Gone are the days of super smooth and suave Miguel of “Adorn.” Instead we are now blessed to watch him give us party songs like “Sky Walker” and we couldn’t be happier.

5. Señor Kino

Gracias Coachella ??? @los_angeles_azules Viva México

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They were not shy about bringing their style of Mexican punk to the Sonora stage at Coachella. Who wouldn’t get into the sounds of “Verde Pastel” blowing in the desert breeze?

6. The Marias


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The Marias are thriving during their first tour and part of the tour took them through Indio Valley to Coachella. The Instagram posts around and during the festival are so grateful that it is adorable.

7. Los Ángeles Azules

This band is a perfect choice by the Coachella coordinators. Los Ángeles Azules are guaranteed to attract all kinds of listeners from young people to their parents and grandparents. Talk about an all ages show.

8. Cuco

Unforgettable… thank you @festivalceremonia

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Cuco has been a major name in the underground music scene in Los Angeles for quite some time now. It’s about time his talents get recognized and shared with a much larger and probably not ready audience.

9. Helado Negro

What better place to share your new music than at Coachella? Helado Negro was definitely on this tip and there is no question that his appearance at the festival will only add to his sales to come. ¡Bien hecho!

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13 Airbnb Treehouses & Bungalows For Your Next Trip To Latin America


13 Airbnb Treehouses & Bungalows For Your Next Trip To Latin America

Having a slumber party in a treehouse may sound like an activity for only kids, but Airbnb has made this accessible to adults too. From treehouses to cozy bungalows, here are some Airbnb homes across Latin America that will put you right in the middle of nature.

1. Sacred Geome Treehouse

CREDIT: Joseph / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse is located in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The geometric shaped treehouse can be booked for only $72 per night, offering one bedroom and one and a half baths. If you’re looking for a relaxing escape from technology and the city, this is definitely the place to be.

2. Treehouse, Manuel Antonio

CREDIT: Thomas + Lili / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse is also located in Costa Rica, but in a different city named Quepos. In this treehouse you get a view of the rainforest and all of the wildlife that comes with it, including monkeys, sloths and all sorts of birds. So if you’re an animal lover, you can book this Airbnb treehouse for only $52 per night.

3. Ocean View Luxury Treehouse Loft

CREDIT: Justin / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse loft is located in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica and can be reserved for only $58 a night. At walking distance from the beach, this loft offers one bedroom, one bath and a large outdoor canopy. The best feature, however, is the view of the sunset that you get along the Pacific Coast.

4. La Jungla Bungalows – Sulawesi

CREDIT: Amy & Morongo / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse-style bungalow is located in Mompiche, Ecuador and you can book it for $26 per night. Since Mompiche is such a tiny village, there is no hot water running, however, the tropical weather makes up for it.

5. Hacienda Chan Chan – Farm Bungalow

CREDIT: Hacienda / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

Also located in Ecuador, this wooden bungalow lies in the city of Chiquintad, a dairy farm by the mountains. And since this Airbnb is located in a dairy farm, the home offers complimentary yogurt, fruit and bread, all made fresh in the farm.

6. Dome Room in the Sacred Valley

CREDIT: Milagros Y Diego / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

Located in Písac, Ecuador, this dome-like bungalow offers one bedroom and one bath, along with spectacular views of the gardens and mountains that surround it. The Airbnb can be reserved for the small cost of $32 per night.

7. Eco Treehouse, Free Breakfast Included

CREDIT: Checkin Bocas / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This jungle house is located in Bastimento, Panama and be booked for $85 per night. In addition to the sights and sounds of the wildlife that surround the treehouse, you also get a beautiful view of the ocean.

8. Beach House in the Trees – Close to Town!

CREDIT: Chris / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

Located in Utila, Honduras, this Airbnb treehouse gives you a spot-on view of the Caribbean ocean. And with the ocean so close, you are able to take advantage of water activities such as snorkeling.

The cost of this Airbnb is $49 per night.

9. El Nido – Treehouse – The Nest

CREDIT: Martin / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This cozy treehouse is located in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. For a total of $79 per night, this Airbnb home gives you access to swings, hammocks and a pool.

10. Whimsical Treehouse on Cacao Farm in Dolphin Bay

CREDIT: Dorien & Papito / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse is located in Dolphin Bay on the island San Cristobal. If you’re interested in getting a view of dolphins, monkeys and sloths, this is the place to be. And you can reserve the home for only $60 per night.

11. The Potoo Tree House – Private 1 Bedroom Villa

CREDIT: Alexander / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This antique treehouse is located in Dominical, Costa Rica. As you can somewhat notice from the image above, this treehouse is entirely surrounded by the jungle, specifically 1,000 acres of jungle. I know, breathtaking!!

12. The Bird Tower, Nature Lovers Dream

CREDIT: Eric And Nick / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This treehouse is located in Mindo, Ecuador, in the middle of the Cloud Forest. If you’re a nature photographer looking for a new setting, this is the place to visit next. You can book the Airbnb for a total of $80 per night.

13. The Treehouse at Casa Motmot

CREDIT: Anne / Airbnb / Digital Image / April 18, 2018

This bamboo-framed treehouse is located in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. The Guatemalan paradise property offers one bedroom, one bath, and a beautiful view of the forest and lake. You can reserve this Airbnb for only $35 per night.

So, which treehouse or bungalow will you be staying at next? 

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