Latin Instagram Models You’ll Wish You Had Noticed Sooner

Dolly Castro

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Dolly Castro has created her own empire of sportswear and web-based fitness out of her 5.9 million Instagram followers. Standing at 5’5”, this Nicaraguan model is curvy and proud. Backed by the unwavering support of her family, she moved to Miami, Florida to pursue her modeling career and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Yovanna Ventura

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Born in Miami, Florida, Yovanna is a 21-year-old Instagram fitness model with 5.2 million followers and a bit of a scandalous romantic history with none other than pop sensation Justin Bieber. She is also a lover of animals, and has worked with the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation to protect big cats. Many of the photos on her Instagram page show her with tiger or lion cubs, along with other grown up wild animals.

Arianny Celeste

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Best known for being a UFC ring girl, Arianny Celeste is a wildly successful model and celebrity personality. She is the co-host on the TV show Overhaulin’, and has modeled for such big-name brands as Playboymagazine, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated. She has her own website and sells everything from T-shirts to personalized video messages, climbing a little higher on the ladder of success every day.

Erika Canela

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Brazilian model Erika Canela holds the title of Miss BumBum 2016. The Brazil pageant’s winnings included about $14,900 in prize money and a lucrative modeling contract, thus beginning her career in the business of being photographed. She now has around 305k Instagram followers and is on her way to the badonkadonk hall of fame!

Paula Fernandes

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Paula Fernandes is a famous Brazilian singer and songwriter, and her Instagram account follows her life on the road with over 1,000 posts. You’ll find nothing but respectable photos on her page, but they definitely won’t disappoint. She has done duets with such big names as Shania Twain and Taylor Swift.

Winifer Fernández

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You may recognize Winifer Fernández from the 2016 Olympics, as one of the star players on the Dominican Republic volleyball team. She is an inspirational athlete in addition to having multiple (possibly fake) accounts on Instagram dedicated to her many “good sides.”

Lais Ribeiro

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Victoria’s Secret Angel and Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro has strolled the catwalk for heavyweight designers such as Chanel, Shiatzy Chen, Versace, and appeared in Brazilian Vogue numerous times, even gracing the cover. When she’s not traveling from country to country, the 6’1” Angel gets her kick in with MMA training.

Carmen Ortega

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Carmen Ortega proves that big things can come in fun-sized wrappers. This 5’2” Illinois-born Colombian-American is the full package. When she’s not modeling, Ortega is working on her singing career or working on fashion design.

Gracie Carvalho

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When fitness model Gracie Carvalho isn’t going on shoots, she’s known to pull out the gloves. Marshawn Lynch just signed the Brazilian powerhouse for a Muay Thai kickboxing collaboration with his label Beast Mode. When she’s not training, Carvalho enjoys taking dance workshops and spending time with her family.


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Known for being the Cuban Kim Kardashian, Kathy Ferreiro’s Miami life is all but boring. Her Instagram page is brimming with fitness photos and puppy love.

Tatiana Duran

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Motivational model Tatiana Duran won over the hearts of her followers after documenting her 130-pound weight loss journey. She’s known for spreading body positivity and training tips to help others discover the best version of themselves.

Beatriz Fernández

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Wilhelmina model Beatriz Fernández has dipped her pedicured toes in everything from acting to music. She even studied podiatry before transitioning to modeling full time. The Spain-born, Miami-living brunette usually follows her workouts with a bit of karaoke.

Lisa Morales

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Lisa Morales has a solid 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why! She is a TV personality in addition to a successful model who has graced the pages of Maxim and Sports Illustrated. She is recently married and has a Cuban background, and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Thássia Naves

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Globetrotting Brazilian fashionista Thássia Naves is known for her flawless fashion and beauty blogging. Her highbrow page is the picture of sophistication. Her travelogues and tutorials have earned her over 160,000 YouTube subscribers alone.

Jimena Sanchez

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The host of Lo Mejor de Fox Sports in Mexico is often referred to as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, thanks to her shocking resemblance to the celebrity. There’s no faking the funk either. You can’t scroll through Sanchez’s page without stumbling on a sports related photo.

Christina Milian

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Singer, actress, and mommy are all titles Christina Milian wears well. Maybe that’s how she earned her 4.2 million Instagram followers. The Cuban-American made her claim to fame when she signed to Def Jam in 2000. When she’s not getting glammed up, Milian enjoys spending her downtime with her family, especially with Violet, daughter to her and singer The-Dream.

Stephanie Rao

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Fitness model Stephanie Rao is a Puerto Rican-Italian from Miami, Florida with a host of titles under her belt. The 25-year-old brand ambassador has built her fame on maintaining a firm figure and now assists others in tightening their physique through her training and nutrition plans.

Patricia De Leon

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At 39 years old, the former Miss Panama has worked every job from weather woman to Hollywood actress. The never-aging model has her vegetarian lifestyle to thank for her youthful skin. Most recently the philanthropist has assisted with campaigns for PETA in the Hispanic community.

Daisy Marie

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Daisy Marie is a model, dancer, actress and spokeswoman for brands such as Flat Tummy Tea. She currently has only 257K followers, but is working on expanding her following.

Anllela Sagra

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This fitness model has reached almost 10 million followers and it’s not hard to see why. She has crafted the perfect fitness regime to sculpt and tone your body and even created an app so that you can do it too!

Stephanie Del Valle

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Stephanie Del Valle has won a title that most women could only dream of. She was the 2016 Miss World champion. These days, you’ll find her traveling the world, documenting her journey and work as a humanitarian.

Jessica Burciaga

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This California born and raised model may only come in at 5’2”, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Her resume boasts working for well-known names such as StuffMaxim, and Glamour. She was also a Playboy Playmate and blackjack dealer in The Playboy Club.

Natalia Velez

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An aspiring actress and model, Natalia Velez has starred in campaigns for GoDaddy, Pepsi, Samsung, Coca Cola, and Avon. Her love for the environment and qualification as a product designer inspires her to create eco-friendly products as well.

Angelica Hernandez

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Angelica is all about health and fitness and is a ProSupps official athlete. She balances her workout regime with her love for music, DJing, and raising her two beautiful children.

Rosa Acosta

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Rosa Acosta is a Latin model, ballet dancer, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. She created her own fragrance line and proudly promotes her signature scent “ROSA” by Rosa Acosta with her 1.4 million followers.

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America Ferrera Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Working On ‘Gotta Kick It Up’ With Sweet IG Post


America Ferrera Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Working On ‘Gotta Kick It Up’ With Sweet IG Post

It has been 20 years since America Ferrera’s dream of becoming an actor back true. She took to Instagram to reflect on the moment that her dream started to come true and it is a sweet reminder that anyone can chase their dreams.

America Ferrera shared a sweet post reflecting on the 20th anniversary of working on “Gotta Kick It Up!”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by America Ferrera (@americaferrera)

“Gotta Kick It Up!” was one of the earliest examples of Latino representation so many of us remember. The movie follows a school dance team trying to be the very best they could possibly be. The team was down on their luck but a new teacher introduces them to a different kind of music to get them going again.

After being introduced to Latin beats, the dance team is renewed. It taps into a cultural moment for the Latinas on the team and the authenticity of the music makes their performances some of the best.

While the movie meant so much to Latino children seeing their culture represented for the first time, the work was a major moment for Ferrera. In the Instagram post, she gushes over the celebrities she saw on the lot she was working on. Of course, anyone would be excited to see Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt hanging out. Yet, what stands out the most is Ferrera’s own excitement to realize that she can make money doing what she loves most.

“I wish I could go back and tell this little baby America that the next 20 years of her life will be filled with unbelievable opportunity to express her talent and plenty of challenges that will allow her to grow into a person, actress, producer, director, activist that she is very proud and grateful to be. We did it baby girl. I’m proud of us,” Ferrera reflects.

Watch the trailer for “Gotta Kick It Up!” here.

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This Artist Has Been Breaking Barriers As A Non-Traditional Mariachi


This Artist Has Been Breaking Barriers As A Non-Traditional Mariachi

On a recent episode of ABC’s game show To Tell The Truth, three celebrity panelists were tasked to uncover the identity of a real mariachi singer.

Each contender embodied “non-traditional” attributes of mariachi culture either through physical appearance or language barriers, leaving the panelists stumped.

When it came time for the big reveal, with a humble smile 53-year-old Timoteo “El Charro Negro” stood up wowing everyone. Marveled by his talents, Timoteo was asked to perform unveiling his smooth baritone voice.

While not a household name in the U.S., his career spans over 25 years thriving on the catharsis of music.

Timoteo “El Charro Negro” performing “Chiquilla Linda” on Dante Night Show in 2017.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Timoteo, born Timothy Pollard, moved to Long Beach, California with his family when he was eight years old. The move to California exposed Pollard to Latin culture, as the only Black family in a Mexican neighborhood.

As a child, he recalled watching Cantinflas because he reminded him of comedian Jerry Lewis, but musically he “got exposed to the legends by chance.”

“I was bombarded by all the 1960s, ’70s, and ’50s ranchera music,” Timoteo recalls to mitú.

The unequivocal passion mariachi artists like Javier Solis and Vicente Fernandez possessed heavily resonated with him.

“[The neighbors] always played nostalgic music, oldies but goodies, and that’s one thing I noticed about Mexicans,” Timoteo says. “They can be in their 20s but because they’ve grown up listening to the oldies it’s still very dear to them. That’s how they party.”

For as long as he can remember, Pollard “was born with the genetic disposition to love music,” knowing that his future would align with the arts.

After hearing Vicente Fernandez sing “Lástima Que Seas Ajena,” an awakening occurred in Pollard. While genres like hip-hop and rap were on the rise, Pollard’s passion for ranchera music grew. It was a moment when he realized that this genre best suited his big voice.

Enamored, Pollard began to pursue a career as a Spanish-language vocalist.

El Charro Negro
Photo courtesy of Timothy Pollard.

At 28, Timoteo began learning Spanish by listening and singing along to those artists he adored in his youth.

“When I decided that I wanted to be a mariachi, I didn’t think it was fair to exploit the culture and not understand the language,” he says. “If I’m going to sing, I need to be able to communicate with my audience and engage with them. I need to understand what I’m saying because it was about honor and respect.”

Pollard began performing local gigs after picking up the language in a matter of months. He soon attracted the attention of “Big Boy” Radio that adorned him the name Timoteo “El Charro Negro.”

Embellishing his sound to highlight his Black heritage, Pollard included African instruments like congas and bongos in his orchestra. Faintly putting his own spin on a niche genre, Pollard avoided over-saturating the genre’s sound early in his career.

Embraced by his community as a beloved mariachi, “El Charro Negro” still encountered race-related obstacles as a Black man in the genre.

“There are those [in the industry] who are not in the least bit thrilled to this day. They won’t answer my phone calls, my emails, my text messages I’ve sent,” he says. “The public at large hasn’t a problem with it, but a lot of the time it’s those at the helm of decision making who want to keep [the genre] exclusively Mexican.”

“El Charro Negro” persisted, slowly attracting fans worldwide while promoting a message of harmony through his music.

In 2007, 12 years into his career, Pollard received a golden ticket opportunity.

El Charro Negro
Pollard (left) seen with legendary Mexican artist Vicente Fernandez (right) in 2007. Photo courtesy of Timothy Pollard.

In a by-chance encounter with a stagehand working on Fernandez’s tour, Pollard was offered the chance to perform onstage. The singer was skeptical that the offer was legit. After all, what are the chances?

The next day Pollard went to his day job at the time and said, “a voice in my head, which I believe was God said, ‘wear your blue velvet traje tonight.'”

That evening Pollard went to a sold-out Stockton Area where he met his idol. As he walked on the stage, Pollard recalls Fernandez insisting that he use his personal mic and band to perform “De Que Manera Te Olvido.”

“[Fernandez] said he did not even want to join me,” he recollects about the show. “He just was kind and generous enough to let me sing that song on his stage with his audience.”

The crowd applauded thunderously, which for Pollard was a sign of good things to come.

El Charro Negro
Timoteo “El Charro Negro” with Don Francisco on Don Francisco Presenta in 2011. Photo courtesy of Timothy Pollard.

In 2010, he released his debut album “Me Regalo Contigo.” In perfect Spanish, Pollard sings with great conviction replicating the soft tones of old-school boleros.

Unraveling the rollercoaster of relationships, heart-wrenchingly beautiful ballads like “Me Regalo Contigo” and “Celos” are his most streamed songs. One hidden gem that has caught the listener’s attention is “El Medio Morir.”

As soon as the track begins it is unlike the others. Timoteo delivers a ’90s R&B love ballad in Spanish, singing with gumption as his riffs and belts encapsulate his unique sound and story.

Having appeared on shows like Sabado Gigante, Don Francisco Presenta, and Caso Cerrado in 2011, Timoteo’s career prospered.

Timoteo hasn’t released an album since 2010 but he keeps his passion alive. The singer has continued to perform, even during the Covid pandemic. He has high hopes for future success and original releases, choosing to not slow down from his destined musical journey.

“If God is with me, who can be against me? It may not happen in a quick period of time, but God will make my enemies my footstool,” he said.

“I’ve continued to be successful and do some of the things I want to do; maybe not in a particular way or in particular events, but I live in a very happy and fulfilled existence.”

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