Juan Gabriel’s Son Is Suing Univision And Telemundo For $100 Million


In Florida this morning, the son and daughter-in-law of the late Juan Gabriel filed a lawsuit against Univision and Telemundo for $100 million. Ivan Aguilera and his wife Simona allege that both Spanish-language networks broadcasted “fictitious, defamatory stories” about them, which included multiple stories on Joao Aguilera, who claimed to be the son of Juan Gabriel.

Ivan states that these networks profited off the legacy of his late father by exploiting lies and damaging their reputation, Fortune reports.

The lawsuit states that “Joao was not part of Juan Gabriel’s family unit during Gabriel’s life, did not participate in any family functions during Gabriel’s life, and waited more than 25 years, until Gabriel passed away, to say anything about his supposed relationship to Gabriel. Joao has come forward in the press and the courts to make a dubious posthumous claim that Gabriel was his biological father.”

Several programs produced by Univision, including “Primer Impacto,” are listed in the lawsuit.

One of the allegations by Joao that is listed in the lawsuit states that Ivan, cremated his father – against his wishes, “because they wanted to get rid of the body to avoid DNA testing.” Ivan claims that “In reality, Gabriel instructed in writing that his body be cremated.”

“Univision published a series of sensationalistic stories, covering Joao’s claims as if it were a soap opera or Spanish ‘telenovela,’ and broadcasting them for their value in generating ratings and clicks, and titillating Univision’s viewers and readers, despite the incredible and knowingly false nature of the claims. Any responsible journalist would carefully check allegations, such as that the Plaintiffs are thieves, or that they had no relationship with Gabriel, before publishing them,” the lawsuit states.

To read the court document filed by Ivan Aguilera click here.

[H/T] Juan Gabriel’s Son Files $100M Defamation Suit Against Univision And Telemundo

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Finally, A Mexican Superhero Film Is On The Way


Finally, A Mexican Superhero Film Is On The Way

The son of the late Roberto Gómez Bolaños (aka Chespirito) has announced that a film based on “El Chapulín Colorado,” one of his dad’s most famous characters, is being developed.

Two weeks ago, in an interview at panel with Notimex in Querétaro, Mexico, Roberto Gómez Fernández, the son of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, said that after the release of an animated version of “El Chapulín Colorado,” the next progression is definitely a feature film.

Gómez Fernández said the movie will be based on an idea that his own father had years ago.

It has something to do with some notes my father made about a possible Chapulín movie in the ‘80s, but it wasn’t made because there wasn’t a budget for it,” he said, according to People En Español.

Gómez Fernández also pledged to make a legit feature film that would be “100% Mexican.” However, it won’t be completed for three years!

People En español reports that the film will be in 3D and be filmed at the Metacube studios in Guadalajara, México.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with El Chapulín Colorado, here’s a brief explainer about this iconic character.

Credit: Televisa

Created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the early ’70s, the character’s name literally means “red grasshopper.” But he’s not an insect — he’s a clumsy superhero who believes he’s much stronger, faster and smarter than he actually is.

Although El Chapulín was one of the many characters featured on the show “Chespirito,” the red grasshopper also starred in a show of his own.

Posted by Roberto Gómez Bolaños on Monday, October 10, 2016

“El Chapulín Colorado” aired for eight seasons and El Chapulín went on to become a beloved icon, not just in Mexico, but throughout Latin America.

Credit: Televisa

His quirky sensibility and hilarious antics made El Chapulín so special.

Decades after the end of the show, and even the passing of Bolaños, El Chapulín Colorado continues to be loved by a new generation of fans.

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