Joseline Hernandez Is Using Her Past To Help Girls Better Their Lives Without Following Her Path

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Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta may be known as “The Puerto Rican Princess,” but her Cinderella story doesn’t rely on any Prince Charming. The 32-year-old rapper and television personality has been hustling since she was a young teenager and truly started from the bottom.

Here’s how she got to the top.

Joseline Hernandez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

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She didn’t move to the United States until she was 10 years old. She moved with her mother and five siblings to Florida. From there, she and her siblings were raised by her single mother.

Her youngest brother has autism.

CREDIT: @abbyiscoool / Instagram

He’s nonverbal and requires special care. She has an older sister Yanira, and four brothers, named Jorge, Hisael, Kermit and Luis Jr. That’s a big familia, but, then again, Latinos are known for their big familias.

She grew up in Puerto Rico’s public housing system.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

Caption: “#puertorico I’m almost with you!! I will reconstruct I will get my hands dirty I will do what I say I’m going to do. My Roots is time for a chance. Can’t wait. Just a girl with a dream”

Her father died of a heroin overdose.

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On a talk show panel with The Real, she talked about how drugs were rampant in the ’80s, and how familiar she was with heroin needles from a young age. She knew those needles killed her father.

She was even stuck by a heroin needle when she was a child.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

She told The Real that, “I went outside, and you know, we loved to go outside without any shoes, you know, Puerto Ricans, and we live by the beach, so everything is just like whatever, you know? So, I was running, but we lived in the projects… So, I remember one day I was running to go meet my home girl… and I got a needle stuck on my foot.”

Her mom just brought her upstairs, took it out of her foot, gave her un beso, and off she went with her day.

She started stripping when she was 16 years old to support her family.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

She told Global Grind, “Ever since I was 15, 16, I’ve been taking care of my brothers, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my mom, and dad — ever since I was 16 I’ve been giving my mom money. I’m talking about $600 a month, a thousand dollars a month; if you need food, if you need to pay for the mortgage.”

She turned to stripping to earn money for medicine for her brother.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

She’s said that she always felt bad for her family, and what they had to go through. Each person had one pair of shoes to last them the whole year.

“I got a brother, he has autism,” she told Global Grind. “He can’t even get no medicine. Who’s going to get the money? I have to do that. So that’s what really turned me into dancing. I knew that I didn’t want to do that. I want to be an artist. I want to be a singer. I want to be a rapper. I want to be a model. I want to be on TV, but, at that time, my family was struggling and I had to help.”

She was arrested twice under her stripper name Shenellica Bettencourt.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

She was arrested for “lewd and lascivious behavior,” though nobody knows exactly what went down that would warrant an arrest twice (in 2003 and 2007).

“Do not go in that strip club at all. It is a death trap.”

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

When Global Grind asked if she remembers the first time she got on stage, she just said, “Oh my gosh. I don’t even know what to tell you, because it was scary. You’re young, you’re trying to move so fast so you can help your family out. It’s just something that I feel young girls should not do. Do not go in that strip club at all. It is a death trap.”

She wants to start a foundation for young girls tempted by sex work.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

“I’m going to have a foundation for young girls,” she tells Global Grind. “We need that for young girls. We need to make this world a better place with these young girls. Go to school. Be a doctor. Be a lawyer. It’s not all about the fast money. We have to help the youth, so we can have a better tomorrow.”

When she arrived on Love & Hip Hop, people started dishing transphobic hate.

CREDIT: @CapriHakeem / Twitter

Ya girl is ripped and has breast implants, and people started speculating that she might have been born a man, which prompted her to tweet a naked picture to prove her genitalia is feminine.

“When they were saying ‘is she a women, or is she a man?’ I never in my life heard anything like that,” she told Global Grind. “It frustrated me. It depressed me. It drove me crazy to the point that I did that — send a picture of myself, humiliating myself even more, because I allowed people to get up under my skin.”

She was discovered by producer Stevie J at a club in Atlanta.

CREDIT: @EBONYMag / Twitter

He cast her in the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHH). It was during the show that it was revealed that the two had been having an affair, and girlfriend Mimi Faust was pissed. Their love triangle became the leading storyline and made it the highest rating installment of the franchise.

She and Stevie J faked a marriage for publicity.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

They claimed to have gotten married in 2013, but three years later, Stevie J admitted it was all a publicity stunt. The two split up on Season 5 of LHH.

Plot twist: Joseline gave birth to Stevie’s sixth child about a year after their ‘break up.’

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

They even had a spin-off series together Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood during the last year of their partnership.

During the show, she dropped some reggaeton singles and music videos.

CREDIT: @whyhatealliyah / Twitter

On LHH’s fourth season reunion, she performed the dancehall track live and it’s been well received by Boricua fans. They’re mostly sung in Spanish, ayy.

She quit LHH in the most dramatic way possible.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

At the season reunion, she told off the cameraman and said that she’s bigger than Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will ever be. What an exit.

Her Instagram is chock full of these deadpan mother-daughter shots.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

Honestly, someone needs to install an art exhibit. It’s a beautiful series of mother-daughter love int he modern/social media-obsessed age.

Her butt is real, in case you were wondering.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

Someone had to ask and we’re glad Global Grind did. “Yes, my butt is real. I work out a lot. I’m always doing lunges. You’ll see it, because I know you’re going to go to MsJoseline.com and get this DVD.” It’s the Puerto Rican booty.

She’s a Scorpio and it shows.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

Scorpios are known to be hot-tempered, highly sexual and able to access deeper emotions than most people. Joseline Hernandez is definitely a scorpion you don’t want to annoy.

Hernandez is openly bisexual.

CREDIT: @joseline / Instagram

A fan asked her how she feels about gay people and she was like, “”@zachary_brogdon: I wonder if @MsJoseline supports gay people..” Soy Bisexual!!!!” YAAAS, Princesa!!

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Demi Lovato Clapped Back At A Body Shaming Game App Advertisement On Instagram And We're All In


Demi Lovato Clapped Back At A Body Shaming Game App Advertisement On Instagram And We’re All In

ddlovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato may have started her rise to fame with Barney & Friends, but she’s grown into an incredibly strong woman with a platform of her own. The openness of her experiences with addiction, self-harm, and eating disorders have fueled some of her most meaningful songs and connections to Lovatics. Since her overdose in July, we’ve all been hungry to hear how she’s doing.

We know that she’s slowly recovering through rehab and has made a soft entrance back into social media with likes and comments on her friends’ posts. Until this happened.

Demi Lovato’s own posts since rehab have celebrated her voting in the midterm election, post-workouts y ya.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Caption: “Sweaty, messy jiu jitsu hair.. 😝💪🏻 #BJJ #bluebelt #nevergiveup 💙🥋”

Then she saw a pretty despicable ad on Instagram promoting an app that makes a game out of starving out ‘obese’ female characters. Dale, you’ll want to see this with your own eyes.

Then, she saw an ad for “Game of Sultans.”

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Prepare to get super duper pissed off right now, comadres. Let’s first notice that this game is premised off a beauty competition between your hija and your friend’s hija.

She immediately started breaking down why the game is problematic.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Let’s delve deeper here. ‘Obese’ is a clinical term that has been used colloquially in totally inappropriate ways. It’s based off the BMI which is set to the white normative of ‘healthy’ weight. You can be jacked with a ton of muscle mass and be clinically obese.

My point is that only medical professionals should be using that term.

As someone with a history of eating disorders, she knows that this game just validates mental illness.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Even more problematic is that the game separates ‘obese’ and ‘pretty’ as competing values. As if beauty only exists on the skinny side of the spectrum. That’s a fat no from me.

The white patriarchy has been trying to ‘control’ women’s weight for far too long.

Lovato went into activism gear, calling on Instagram to “keep this bullsh*t off” people’s feeds.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

It should be a total no-brainer to review this game and see how it could negatively impact users. Younger women and teenagers are especially vulnerable to this hella twisted mentality and eating disorders are far and above the most deadly mental illness.

Then, she took to Twitter to encourage fans to join her petition against Instagram.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Twitter

Of course, she reported the advertisement to Instagram and called it out to her 70 million followers, Instagram had to take notice.

Some people went to extremes to support her.

CREDIT: @queladillavivir / Twitter

You gotta love the dedication here, but her point was to first improve the app, not boycott it altogether. She wanted people to voice their complaints to Instagram as well so that way everyone else using the app won’t be harmed by the advertisement.

Others didn’t get it at all.

CREDIT: @LivingLoving314 / Twitter

Sure, it truly is ‘just an app game,’ but everything we see and expose ourselves to affects us, both subliminally and explicitly. It is important to remember that there are people are struggling with eating disorders and need compassion and help.

The vast majority of people were sincerely moved by Lovato’s efforts.

CREDIT: @BabesBlue / Twitter

For those of us who aren’t *quite* on the other side of recovery, this app can be super triggering. Someone came up with this idea, designers developed it and iTunes approved this app to reach the hands of young women. That is HUGELY problematic in a systemic way.

Like really moved.

CREDIT: @itsalyssarempe / Twitter

I mean, de acuerdo, mija. Who would disagree with that?

If 2018 was the year of #MeToo, 2019 is definitively a #TimesUp era.

CREDIT: @jayjohns1228 / Twitter

Last year, we all finally spoke the group conscience; that we’re all experiencing this explicit violence from men and the enabling of letting it all be normal. This year, women are done with that. Time to pay for the injustices of the past and more importantly, refuse to let this patriarchal toxicity to continue to infiltrate and disrupt women’s lives.

The seemingly small, but pervasive microaggressions against women will no longer be tolerated.

CREDIT: @BrandiniBee / Twitter

People should never be afraid to speak up when it comes to things that matter to them. Never.

While each of us can always call out things when we see it, a celebrity’s actions will have a huge ripple effect.

CREDIT: @Kassim_Lovatic / Twitter

Circus workers try like hell to keep animals in fear because when just one animal gets out of line and fights back, every other one will be reminded of who they truly are. The revolution can start with just one person. Why not you?

Apparently, people were already noticing how problematic the game is.

CREDIT: @proxima_butera / Twitter

How many of us were reporting the ad as abusive or harmful? Only Instagram knows. What we do know for sure is that Lovatics remembered that they have the power to report the ad as well and started using their voices.

Lovato es La Reina of taking painful experiences and using them for good.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

It’s so clear and obvious which version of Demi is happy, healthy, and free.

Since she shamed the fat-shaming app, she’s been all #bopo on her IG story:

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

The most helpful, empowering thing you can do for yourself is to follow people who exude positivity. Don’t fall into the trap of criticizing everything in this society that perpetuates negative images of women, because that will leave you feeling angry.

Beauty belongs to every single person.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Validate yourself on the daily. Write love letters to yourself (really, do it). Tell yourself how incredible you are and remember the full picture.

Demi will forever be an personal icon of recovery.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

The real goal isn’t to be skinny enough for someone else’s standards. It’s to live a happy life in the one body we’ve got; to nourish it, love it, and thank it for all it does for us. It’s not you against your body. It’s you for your body.

While Lovato is feeling blessed for her own sobriety.

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Twitter

We’ve missed you so much! Clearly, the world needs you, Demi, and there’s a reason your fans are diehard. Demi just makes you feel good about yourself. More buena gente like her, por favor.

Oh, and P.S. Instagram took down the advertisements for Sultran. So speak up and speak out, por siempre!

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Ayyyy, that’s right. You don’t have to be an international celebrity to make a difference. Remember, #TimesUp. This isn’t the year of having patience and tolerating BS. It’s the year that we all rise up and escape this ridiculous circus.

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